Meet Breezy

Photo credit: Tracey from Hidden Cupcakes
 Hi, I'm Brie! Thanks for coming by!

I am the mama of a sweet, wonderful, hilarious son named Peter, named after his father and my husband, who is almost as sweet and wonderful! ;-) Pete is a Registered Nurse and a volunteer firefighter, and right now I am a SAHM! PJ is 6 years old and the love of our lives! In January of 2012, PJ was diagnosed with Autism. PJ's diagnosis is something that has changed our lives and is often a focal topic on my blog.

I like to write about all of my life's adventures, from parenthood to family, from diapers potty training, from Cheeze-It binges to dieting, from happiness to sadness. It's a very ordinary life I lead, but it's mine and I am thankful to have a way to record it all, and so thankful to you for reading!

My work has been seen at Mom Babble, Today Parents, Mamalode, Jersey Moms Blog, The Good Mother Project, The SITS Girls, and Beyond Your Blog. I am a regular contributor to South Jersey Mom Magazine and recently joined the Shop Rite Pot Luck Blog panel of writers!

I really am so very glad that you are here! Please feel free to contact me at
to say hello!