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Dipping my toes in.

I am not getting up from this computer until something is written.

I guess that last sentence would have qualified, but I know that I want more. It's been a long hiatus, this blog and I- the longest it has ever been. It's high time that I found my way back.

In the nearly-a-year that it's been since I sat down in this space, there have been so many changes, both for me and my little family as a whole. The first change is that back in September we bought our first home. It was heart-wrenching to leave our little apartment and our little town. It was the place we began our marriage, where we brought home our newborn son. We had grown friendships and has always assumed it would be where we planted our permanent roots. But, our issues with the school district became too great to conquer. There was just no place for PJ.

So we packed up and moved 11 miles away, to a much bigger town with a much different vibe, but with a place for my son to learn. The move was hard on PJ. He was …