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The New Face of #Xfinity

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So, real talk, peeps.

Comcast has not been known for spreading happiness. If I talked to my friends about Comcast, I often heard tales of poor customer service- the kind of poor service that has reached internet meme status.

Often it can seem like those kinds of complaints reach deaf ears. But, guess what? Comcast heard you, and Comcast has made changes that will blow your mind in the best possible way!

When I first got the call to join the #XfinityMoms for a presentation at the Comcast Xfinity Store in Willow Grove, PA...well, I almost RSVPed "no." My experience with Comcast stores was kind of bleak. Long lines, bullet-proof glass, and cranky staff. Thankfully, I was highly impressed with the first change I saw Comcast had made- I arrived at a sleek, gorgeous, welcoming store where a cute guy named Maurice held the door open to welcome me!

I glanced around the store and saw all of the amazing options #XfinityHome has to offer. It was, frankly, pretty cool! Video monitoring, thermostat controls, home security systems and ways to access all of that from your home or from the road! During our demo, our #Xfinity rep Ander used his own device to show us how he could turn the lights and televisions on and off in his home! It was, I have to say, pretty cool!

All of the cool bells and whistles that #Xfinity customers can provide to keep your home connected and safe are pretty amazing, but let's face it- I just want to talk about how I can enhance my tv watching experience! Does #Xfinity have a way to make vegging out on my couch, watching "A League of Their Own" for the millionth time, even better?

Oh, yes. Yes they do.

Let's just start with the fact that I don't even have to be on my couch! I can access my favorite shows and movies thought the Xfinity TV app! Just a free download to my phone means that I can watch a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon  while standing outside watching an actual marathon (And while I'm mentioning apps, there are a suite of #Xfinity apps to help you access your e-mail, change the channel on the TV, locate an #Xfinity hot spot, and manage your home security systems!)!

But the crux of TV watching, being on your couch, has been brought to new heights with all of the things #Xfinity X1 has to offer. Let's start with that magic wand of TV watching, the remote. The new Xfinity Voice Remote gives you the power to search for TV shows, change the channel, set your DVR, and find out what's on Xfinity On Demand!

Have kiddos? You can use the Kid Zone to make sure that anything your child dials up to watch is safe and appropriate, yet still able to be independently accessed! So, yes, it means your kid might watch Caillou, but he won't accidentally stumble on the RHONY reunion show!

Are you home alone and jonesing for some Chaning Tatum? It's Chaning O'clock somewhere! A quick query of his name into the remote and BOOM. Instant hotness on your screen.

And my favorite feature of the the Xfinity remote? You can say a line from a movie and the remote will find the movie! What kind of sorcery is this (that quote would actually lead you to a few different movies)? That means that when my sister and I start speaking our love language of movie quotes to each other, we could watch the correlating movie together afterwards!

Mic. Drop. Except don't actually drop the remote because that thing is kind of magical.

I could go on and on about all of the cool things I learned about at the Xfinity Store, but to truly see what there is to offer, you need to mosey on down to your local Xfinity Store location, grab a seat on one of those cute benches, and just take in the show. I went in a skeptic, but I've changed my tune!

And to help you change that song you've been singing, Xfinity is offering you the change to win a NEST Learning Thermostat System! This thing is amazing, and you want one. Trust me.

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-This post was sponsored by #Xfinity. I was compensated for my time, but everything written here is my own, non-coerced opinion. I mean, could I make up that stuff about the movie quotes? No. I could not. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 


I am totally down with a NEST thermostat.

The remote will find a movie? Technology is awesome.

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