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'Twas the Day After Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas, our duties were few.  Just Pete and just PJ and just me, the Jew.  The presents, now unwrapped, were strewn 'bout the place.
PJ played with contentment, a smile on his face.  A day as relaxed as the robe I was wearing- 'Till the Eagles came on and Pete started swearing.  There was coffee to sip, Christmas candy to nosh And after our baking, dishes to wash.  After all of the jolly, after Santa had come,  After presents were given out to everyone We all sat around and that was just fine.  The presents, some coffee, this family of mine.  In between restful moments PJ needed help As he gleefully pulled his new toys off the shelf "Play with trains! Build Lego's!" he commanded sans care Resplendent in his new Super Mario Bros underwear.  Our Day After Christmas turned out pretty swell. 'Twas a day to relax and to reflect as well.  To think of the moments from Christmas that shone All the people I loved gathered inside one home.  …

But what kind of heart doesn't look back?

{things on thursday}

...I used to attend a writing group, hosted at the beautiful home of a sweet woman named Debbie. We would sit at a table in her sun room, overlooking a creek and a lovely bit of treed land. Her coaching and encouragement and friendship inspired my writing, and gave it life at a time when I was having a hard time begin inspired. When my sister had her mastectomy, Debbie brought Marla and Steve a delicious meal. Writers group was something I looked forward to monthly. Today, Debbie lost her newly-married, 30 year old son, Eli. A NJ State Trooper, he was responding to a call when his car veered off the road in the downpours we had all day today. I am thinking of Debbie and her kindness, of how she spoke of raising her boys with love and bemusement, of how gracious she was with her home and heart and I am heartbroken for her. Losing your baby is the most horrific things I can imagine, and it's punctuated by this season that is supposed to be so joyful. I deal in w…

It's just another ordinary miracle...

{stream of consciousness}

I have sat down at the computer so may times in the past few weeks, ready to pour out all of the things that have been in my heart and on my mind. It happens to me a lot- I become like a clogged pipe, with lots to move through and no way to do it. A good friend of mine is a screenwriter, and he once told me that they key to beating writers block is to just sit down and type. Just write and write and write and, much like Drano down the kitchen sink, things will start to drain again.

On Thanksgiving Day, my one and only baby turned six. Six is a big deal. Six is a two hand age. It's 2,190 days that somehow went by in the blink of an eye and in a lifetime. PJ is still quite a bit like that puff of air they handed me at 4:17 in the morning in 2009. He is still blonde, still all arms and legs, and still has the tiniest butt I have ever seen (Truly. It's ridiculous and I don't know how he sits and he gets it from his father). He is still stubborn (Lord h…

She blinded me with science!

When I think about being a parent, I can come up with a lot of way to describe my particular parenting skills. Hot mess generally comes to mind, but on a good day I remember that I am trying. Trying is good, right? Parenting can be hit or miss- it's not like I have this crap down to a science!

Thankfully, there's someone out there who gets it! I mean, all mothers get it, but since these mothers happen to be published, it gives us some credibility when there's an explanation in print for why it seems to take eleventy-thousand years to complete a game of Candy Land, or why you are ready to sit shivah for McDonald's cheeseburgers because pregnancy nausea rendered them dead to you. How getting to shower is a privileged, not a right, and that when your child is at group play, it will be obvious that he or she is a genius. And the poop. So much poop.

So what is this mystical book of parental understanding and painfully honest truth-telling? Who has penned this treatise of ch…