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...seems like it's always understood this time of year.

The GIVEAWAY for VIP PASSES to Jenkinson's Boardwalk ends at MIDNIGHT *TONIGHT* (8/27) ClickHERE for your chance to enter- this one is not to be missed!!  **************************
I can kick and scream all I want, but summer is coming to an end.

I have said before that, while I have always loved summer, it has far more magic since I became a mother. As soon as the weather is warm, my adventurous boy likes to drink in everything that summer has in its cup, and watching him do so has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood.

This summer was different. Pete and I made the decision to pass on the summer program offered by our school district (a meager four days a week, two hours a day) in favor of a full-day, much more intensive program that took us through the  entire summer. With PJ's negative behaviors rising (along with our continued difficulty in finding a productive means to address those behaviors via the school system) we knew it was time to find something different. Wh…

If you just realize what I just realized...

I have never been a "girls girl." I imagine that this is due to my crippling self-esteem issues and general social awkwardness, but I have always been one who gravitated towards guy friends. Mind you, the boys really did just want to be friends. There were no secret crushes or any stealthy coveting of my early-20's B-cups. We were just friends.

So fast-forward ten twenty years and into my Facebook messages, where an invitation to a mixer for moms with kids going into Kindergarten sits. It seems harmless, even nice. It's a chance for the moms to meet up and get to know each other. At this young age, it really is up to the parents to facilitate the friendships of our children, so this is a fun, gracious, welcoming way for the host to ensure that everyone gets to know each other. But, for some reason, the invitation all but paralyzed me with anxiety.

In my old age, I have come to appreciate female friendships. I treasure the close friends I have and the fledgling friend…

Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof...

It's been a while for the blog and I. I know. Bad Blogger {raps wrist with ruler}

Our summer has been full and most nights, I fall on the couch to watch tv, too tired to do much more than wield the remote, much less blog and use my brain. But while my brain might be a little tired, my body has been going, following my son on any adventure he can find and because of that, it's been a full, fun summer.

Last week was no exception as Pete, PJ and I , along with our nephew Robbie, set out to conquer Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ. We were invited as part of program, in conjunction with my amazing friends at Jersey Moms Blog, to visit the beach and boardwalk as a Jenkinson's Memory Maker. As such, we had the honor of being provided with wristbands that were our ticket to all things Jenks- the beach, the boardwalk, the amusements and more! We didn't get to everything (the curse of a day at the beach with small children!) but we left tired and happy.

We started…