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Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

{stream of consciousness}

I am, truly, the Worst Blogger Ever. I know that I am prone to falling off the writing wagon, but this time, I fell off and rolled down the hill (thanks, Savanah Guthrie, for that expression!). I have often said that when I drift away from writing that the only person I hurt is myself, and that's the truth. I let all of my thoughts and expression and get clogged up until nothing can flow. It leaves me grumpy and anxious and I should stop doing that.

Either way, the Stanley Cup Finals are over which means summer is officially here! PJ finished his last day of pre-school and is ready to start a whole new adventure in Kindergarten. We still have a long road to go before we know for sure what that will look like for PJ, but there is no rest for Pete and I until we know that PJ is best able to reach all of the potential we know he has.

Before school begins, though, we have our summer. Summer has always been so special to me since PJ was born. Summer his when P…

Dollar bills, y'all!

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I used to be a work-a-holic in my life before motherhood. I worked as many as three jobs and was busy seven days a week. It made my cash flow more of a river than a stream, but despite all of that, I wasn't much of a saver.

Now I am married with a child and dreams of the future for my son. I want him to have an education, a house, a car, and the means to live his life however he see fit. Right now, PJ is only five, but his father and I work hard to set aside a little bit of money for him each month, and plan on teaching him good saving habits. Right now, those habits extend to PJ's penchant for saving loose change in his beloved piggy banks! Seriously. Don't drop spare change around PJ if you want it back. He will scoop it up in the blink of an eye, saying, "Let's put this in my piggy bank!"

As PJ gets older, we hope to give him a firm start in saving money. When he becomes a teen, it's likely that he might pick up an odd job here and the…