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Baby, baby, how was I supposed to know?

Our weekend was a busy one, full of soccer and parties and walks. We ran from one thing to the next with little break, but although it was busy, it was wonderful. We got the chance to celebrate the birthdays of friends we love, and spent lots of time with family and loved ones.

My cousin Matt and I are a week apart (he's older, hee hee!). I have known him every day of my life, and my childhood was punctuated by playing with him and his brothers during family gatherings at my Mom Mom's house or brunch at a place called Food-O-Rama in Philadelphia. He is my son's "Jewish Godfather."

On Saturday, we drove over to his home to celebrate the second birthday of his second born! Matt and his gorgeous wife Colleen are parents to nearly four-year-old Braelyn and now two-year-old Paxton. We watched our babies play, much the same way we used to:

It's so crazy that my baby plays with the babies of the people I was a baby with. Crazy and joyful! The people who have been th…

...I'd build a tree-fort in our yard!

{Friday Five}

Five Things I Would Do With An Extra $100

1. Buy PJ some huge, ridiculous Thomas the Train toy. Now, to be honest, the really big mamba jambas cost a lot more than $100, but it would take a big chunk out of some big, important train....thing and make PJ a very happy kid!

2. Do this to my hair:

LOVE that!!! Yeah, it's purple!! And it's gorgeous! Hair like that needs to be splurged on!

3. Book store shopping spree!!! Is that nerdy? A little bit. But there is nothing I love more than a big stack of brand new books that will make that "crack!" sound when you first open them! 
4. Endless Candy Crush lives. Don't you judge me!!! It's a drug and I'm addicted. I love that crunch sound it makes when you clear a square! 
5. Cheese and Onion enchiladas from Don Pablo's every night for a week! And I wouldn't get tired of it- I could eat those every day of my life! Whenever my sister and I go to Don Pablo's, we always swear we are going to tr…

There is a crack in everything...

{...things on thursday}

I am about to throw a whole lot of random at you. And away we go... insomnia is getting out of hand, and it is making my mood very, very dark. Pete was home Monday night, so I was able to get in a few hours of uninterrupted sleep thanks to Benedryl. On the nights that it is just PJ and I, I am hesitant to take anything, lest I be unable to wake if PJ needs me. So I run on little sleep and a lot of cranky these days. And coffee. God bless coffee.

...PJ still does not have a Halloween costume. We have chosen who he will dress as, but we still need to make that purchase. At this rate, he may go as a nudist (which, truthfully, wouldn't really be a stretch for him. Dude loves to be naked.). update: we just ran out and grabbed his costume!

...Speaking of PJ, we were at CHOP for speech therapy when he decided to throw a fit in the parking lot. If you're a parent, you know the fit- the flop on the floor and go limp fit. Of all the fits to throw, it is my …

Time falls away but these small hours....

Hi folks! I did some writing for East Hills Jeep, sharing one of my favorite day trip destinations! Stop by and checkout my post, and be on the lookout for more of my road trip favorites at East Hills Jeep! ***********************************************************
It is so lovely here in our little part of New Jersey. I bitch a lot about the cost of living here, but, there's this:

This, somehow, makes it okay.

Our weekend was equal parts busy and lazy, which is my favorite way to be. It was Pete's weekend to work, so it was just me and my intrepid little warrior sidekick let to conquer the weekend on our own. We started off our Saturday with soccer, which continues to be wonderful. PJ was the most engaged, by far, than he has been all season, running drills with his teammates, with nearly all of the thanks going to his two sweet buddies, Nick and Anthony. They have been with PJ all season and have guided him with patience and gentleness that belies their young age. These two …

Lids down, I count sheep. I count heartbeats. The only thing that counts is that I can't sleep.

I have had insomnia like whoa over this past week. It's not an uncommon thing for me; for some reason, I get terrible insomnia when the season changes. I go to bed exhausted only to toss and turn, finally fall asleep, and then wake up an hour or two later. Two more hours, then more light sleep until it's time to get up. Today, I can feel my body actually hum with fatigue. I am hesitant to take a sleep aid, since it's just PJ and I most nights but with Pete home tonight, it's Two Benedryl City for me. I'm hoping to straight up pass out.

I remembered an essay I had written years ago about the very subject and dug it up. It's from my youthful early-30's, but it's still the same story. I. Can't. Sleep. Some things never change.

I did all of the things I was told, but sleep still eluded me.

I am 31 years old, and I have had trouble sleeping since I left my teens. Before that, I was a typical teen- if sleeping had been an Olympic sport, I would have been th…

If you don't scrub that kitchen floor...

Five Chores I Loathe

It's not a secret that I am not exactly the Queen of Domesticity. I am more like the Queen of Just Leave the Goddamn Dishes Until Tomorrow. Keeping up with the housework is a constant struggle for me. It Just. Never. Ends!!! I have a hard time believing that doing the dishes once doesn't mean that they are done for all time.

So, I have always been messy, but I met my match in PJ. PJ can destroy a room in 12 seconds, and as the phrase goes, it's like shoveling shit against the tide to try and keep up. But being a gown up means that it's my responsibility to clean the things, lest we end up on Hoarders or on the news.

My housekeeping skills, while not perfect, have improved exponentially, but there are a few chores that I have to grit my teeth through every single time.

1. Unloading the dishwasher: I don't know why I hate this so much, but I haaaaaaaaaaate it! I will happily load the dishwasher, and I have even been known to wash dishes by hand t…

...and that's the way it is.

Updates: {things on thursday...}

....School update: School is in full swing and is truly going much better than I expected. I thought the transition to full-day school would create a lot of chaos as PJ got used to the new demands on him, but it has been a relatively smooth change. There are a few things I would tweak where his program is concerned (extra staff support in the afternoon, better communication from OT) but, on the whole, I think this is going to be a great year for PJ.

...Therapy update: After a slow, frustrating start, we are finally in a great place where PJ's ABA therapy is concerned. Getting to this place involved a lot of angry phone calls and a fired therapist, but now we have a fantastic team in place to work with PJ. Something I have discovered is that securing much-needed care and therapies for a child with Autism can be a huge, shouty, head-bangingly frustrating pain in the ass. And, to be honest, we have it good compared to other families. It was worth it t…

Let it go, let it go...

Did you guys see my guest post over at The Northeast Bloggers Network this week? Stop by and check it out! And keep stopping in- there's a new featured post every day!
Halloween is coming up fast, and PJ still does not have a costume.

Choosing a costume for PJ has been one of my favorite parts of parenting. Even though PJ is a little young for Halloween, and still does not connect with the idea of choosing a costume and playing pretend, I love the theatrics and creative spirit of Halloween.

When we celebrated PJ's first Halloween, he was not even a year old. He hadn't taken his first steps and wasn't allowed to eat the few pieces of candy he gathered- he didn't have any teeth yet! In fact, I am pretty sure he fells asleep in his stroller, resplendent in his costume as spaghetti and meatballs. The idea, stolen from a parenting magazine, consumed my evenings in the two weeks before Trick or Treating was upon us. I sewed a little muslin romper and stitched thick, white…

It's you and me in the summertime...

Fall is finally upon us, and I could not be happier! The trees are starting to give over to the explosion of color they will become, the nights are chilly, and my Uggs are out. It's my favorite time of year, and I am thrilled it is upon us!

With Fall here and school in full swing, summer seems like a thousand years ago. We quickly fell in to our new routine and the lazy, hot days of summer are replaced with morning alarms, school clothes, and new television shows.

Before summer ended, we spend a week in Ocean City, Maryland with our family. I was going through some of the pictures from the trip, thinking about how lucky PJ is to live so close to the ocean and how much fun it was to escape beach-side for a week. PJ absorbed all that the vacation had to offer.

Huge ocean waves...

Beach snuggles with Daddy...

Loading the cargo cars in the hotel room... (and, whenever we took our eyes off of him, throwing things off the balcony)

Ski-Ball in the arcade, where everything reminded him of…