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Here's where the story ends...

Spring is officially over- in fact, it has been for about two weeks. We were kept busy with all of the End of the School Year Things, so I am just now able to sit down and revisit my Spring Goals. 

I got the idea from Steph, who writes a favorite read of mine over at Life According To Steph. I loved the idea of a seasonal set of goals, so I shamelessly copied her idea. And now, a season has passed and it's time to reflect on the goal I set and if I met them. There were some wins and some fails, so stuff I conquered and some things I really should have made priority. The good news is that I can weigh all of that as I decide what my goals for the summer should be (stop by tomorrow for that). In the meantime, let's take a look-see: 

*93 Days of Spring*
 (March 20th-June 20th)
  • Run in a second 5k, in addition to the one I am running next month with Randi. And admitting I want to do this in no way means that I like running. The fact that I can now run without wanting to die after 40 feet feels like something I should keep striving for. Just don't go flapping your gums to Randi about my wanting to keep this running thing going, or else she'll think she inspired me or something.

This one I actually did, running in the ROC Race 5k in Philly with Randi in June. This one wasn't just a 5k, but an obstacle course filled with giant inflatable obstacles. We climbed over walls, slid through foam, skittered across a catwalk as wrecking balls swung by us, and scaled the "World's Largest Inflatable Water Slide". I laughed so hard getting through the obstacles that it made it hard to run! It was a damn blast and a reminder of why running is good for me....or, at least, having fun is good for me! The race also yielded this EPIC picture from the photo booth after the race. We stood in front of a green screen and they told us to pretend the wrecking ball was coming right for us:


  • Get rid of a bag of crap every week. 
I did okay on this one, getting rid of 6 bags (my goal was 13- one for every week of spring) of clothing and a big stack of books. I still have a huge amount of things that gots to get, so I might have to extend this goal to my summer list! 

  • Get PJ's spring/summer clothes set and get his winter stuff packed away and stored, not just folded into a bag in his closet. 
This one was easy-peasy! PJ's winter stuff is all packed away and stored in the basement, leaving plenty of room for his ridiculous summer wardrobe! 

  • Join Steph and Marla in the April Spending Freeze.
Oh, my lord. Fail, fail, fail. April turned out to be the dumbest possible month to try to make this work. I did think very hard about any money that went out, but out it went. This was pretty epic as far as fails go. 

  • Deep clean all of the rooms.
Got all of these except out bedroom. PJ recently developed a habit of getting out of bed at night to play with his toys instead of going to sleep. Every night, we were clearing out PJ's toys and putting them in our room. PJ has a lot of toys, so this created a mess that we had to carefully navigate. So, this one wasn't a complete win. 

  • Get back into reading fiction. I have been on a memoir/non-fiction kick for a while and I want to mix things up a bit. 
I managed to read two fiction works- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and This Is Where I Leave You by Johnathan Tropper. I just sank right into them and soaked them up. I looooooved both of them, and it ignited my passion for fiction again. Now, I have a book list a mile long! 

  • Use the crock-pot once a week, and set aside a night to prep for two nights worth of dinners.
Fail. I managed 4 crock pot meals out of 13 weeks. This is another one I should consider revisiting, especially with summer upon us. Nobody likes to cook in the heat. 

  • Go on two (budgeted) date nights with Pete.
Another fail. We made it out on one date to the movies. We did manage to grab breakfast a few times while PJ was at school, but for the most part, this was a goal I really should have worked towards and fell short.

This was a really good exercise for me- writing out my goals and keeping up with them. I didn't meet every goal, but I certainly thought about them quite a bit. I am eager to share my summer goals, a bit branched out and daring after this first attempt. 

Here's to new seasons! 


MarlaJan said…
Do-Do-Do-Do you have it? GUTS!!!!!

So proud of you! Goals are meant to be broken. Or maybe that's promises. Or neither. LOL, I need sugar. Either way, be proud of the shit you made happen! Baby steps <3

Upside Down.
I hate cooking in the summer. I should crockpot more often too, it's just not my favorite method of cooking.

I think you did pretty solid! I always have some type of organizing/purging goal on my lists so I say extend away!

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