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Showing posts from July, 2014 done made me have to get in my bag.

What's In My Bag?

I have seen this post all over the internets (and sometimes in US Weekly!) and have always wanted to write one myself. I don't know why, as it's kind of self-serving and not at all inspiring or informative...but it's fun, right? Plus, it's summer, which means I have been toting around my favorite summer bag, a cotton hobo bag from Old Navy that I just lovelovelove!

1. Keys
2. pretty red Coach wallet I got as a birthday gift a few years ago
3. crumpled money that should be in the wallet but never is
4. Lady Products. I'm always prepared.
5. Checkbook.
6. Lip gloss. I've never been a lipstick girl, I've always preferred a lighter gloss!
7. A roll of tokens for a local arcade. We got them at a birthday party but didn't use them.
8. My trusty iPhone ensconced in my trusty OtterBox.
9. Sunglasses. If I'm not wearing my contacts, this is replaced by my prescription sunglasses.
10. My Erin Condren planner. I never leave home without i…

I'm so excited!

It's a Time for Mom linkup!

{stream of consciousness}

Yesterday was nearly perfect.
The weather was lovely.
PJ's behavior was outstanding.
I finally got the phone call about the start of ABA therapy for PJ,
   Something that was a project over a year in the making.
I found out a short piece I submitted to an online magazine was accepted.
Dinner came out good and looked pretty- a braided stromboli with homemade dough.
PJ and I enjoyed an after-dinner treat at Friendly's and some evening playground time.
PJ took his medicine like a champ,
  Then snuggled down to sleep with a new friend tucked in with him.
One would think that a child who owns seventy zillion Thomas trains
might start to feel a little indifferent to them.
This particular train has been on his wish list for a while and last week
  while PJ laid in my lap, feverish and sad, I caved in and ordered it.
The package arrived and we opened it together.
PJ practically vibrated with joy.
Someday, my son will understand …

...and I won't judge you 'cause it could get ugly.

Things That Make Me Judgey

I am have been trying, of late, to put aside some of my expectations and attitudes about other people and how they should or should not be living. A lot of this is based on trying to heal my marriage, but it has expanded to include healing me, and finding the part of me that I love- spending time with my friends, putting out a productive, positive energy, and being happy. Emphasis on the latter.

All of that crap sounds great, of course, and I really am working on it. Really. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and there are still a few things that humans do that make me lose my Goddamn mind.

1. Not putting seat belts on your child- oh, no. No, no, no. I will not only judge the ever-loving shit out of you if I see this, but I will also call the cops.

2. Being noisy when it's too late or you have been noisy too long? Come on. Things like dogs and babies that don't have a volume button? Not a problem. I can't get upset about an upset animal or a cry…

...and you complete the heart of me.

It's a Time for Mom linkup!

Summer time is such a special season for me. For most of my life I have lived just a little over an hour from the beach, and if you could somehow hold my heart up to your ear, you might hear the roar of the ocean.

Summer isn't just about the ocean. It's also about the neighborhood pool and water ice and staying out as late as the daylight lasts. I am twenty-nine thirty-seven and I still delight in seeing the last of the sun clinging to the sky at nearly 9pm.

I'm not a kid anymore. I'm a mom now, and although I didn't think it could be possible, summer holds even more magic and fun as I experience it with my son. From the first moment we put his toes in the ocean, PJ fell into a deep, meaningful love with all things summer.

 There are some things for PJ still to learn- the euphoria or counting down the last second of the Adult Swim and leaping into the pool; spontaneous ice cream because Mr. Softee happened to come by, catching the tr…

Lost a few pounds and my waist for ya....

{drumroll} It's Friday, bitches!

ONE: As far as raunchy, inappropriate songs with a good beat go, Missy Elliot's "Work It" is far superior to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines". I re-discovered that dirty little gem on Amazon Music the other day and forgot how great that song is! Feel free to discuss.

TWO: PJ is back to school this week for Extended School Year and the return to a school routine was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. He only had two weeks off, but it was enough time to squeeze in plenty of fun and let our bedtime routine go to complete shit! Getting back into the swing of early mornings was tough this week, but I think by next week we should be back to "normal!"

THREE: We have been enjoying many afternoons at our local pool. PJ loves the water and swimming is good, heavy work to counter the chaos he feels in his body sometimes. The pool is clean, nearby, and inexpensive- the summertime trifecta! But, it's als…

You dig everything of which I'm ashamed...and you're still here.

Friday was the 4th of July, and it was also our 6th wedding anniversary!

I remember, strangely, sleeping very well the night before. Marla and I spent the night at our apartment and Pete had one last night at his parents. We had decided not to see each other until we met at the alter.

The day was a blur- my (very large) bridal party at the salon, where there was a cake made for myself and the other July 4th bride and her  party! It was a whirl of little girls, makeup, and hair extensions but finally, we were all beautified, my veil in place.  Getting to the ballroom, screaming when I saw my cake (good screams, of course! Plus, OMG GIANT CAKE!), pictures and happiness and lugging my eleventy-billion pound dress around until 4am because I couldn't bear to take it off. There were speeches and eating and dancing and tears- all pretty typical wedding stuff, except it feels anything but typical when it's your day.

Our wedding meant so much to me. I wasn't a happy bride when it c…

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?

Yesterday, I shared the results of my Summer Goals. Some were conquered, some were not. There were a few that earned an admirable effort and a few that were epic fails. All in all, I am pleased with my first shot at setting seasonal goals. The idea of coming though the change of season having made changes to yourself appeals to me.

I think my goals this time as a little more lofty, and they should be. I think to do this right, I need to raise the bar each time, even if it's a tiny bit. The goals are still simple, but they are also important, and I am hoping to give it a good showing.

So....{trumpets blare}

Summer 2014 Goals June 21st-September 22nd
1. Stick to the Weight Watchers plan: This one should be easy. I actually find that I eat yummier food when I am using WW. My problem is more time management- I forget to eat, become manically hangry, and then eat Swiss Rolls and root beer for lunch because it's quick. That's just stupidity, and it can't continue if I don'…

Here's where the story ends...

Spring is officially over- in fact, it has been for about two weeks. We were kept busy with all of the End of the School Year Things, so I am just now able to sit down and revisit my Spring Goals. 
I got the idea from Steph, who writes a favorite read of mine over at Life According To Steph. I loved the idea of a seasonal set of goals, so I shamelessly copied her idea. And now, a season has passed and it's time to reflect on the goal I set and if I met them. There were some wins and some fails, so stuff I conquered and some things I really should have made priority. The good news is that I can weigh all of that as I decide what my goals for the summer should be (stop by tomorrow for that). In the meantime, let's take a look-see: 

*93 Days of Spring*  (March 20th-June 20th) Run in a second 5k, in addition to the one I am running next month with Randi. And admitting I want to do this in no way means that I like running. The fact that I can now run without wanting to die after 40 fee…

So I'm gonna give all my secrets away...

The True Confessions of a New Jersey Mommy a Time for Mom Linkup 
1. Target Fruit Snacks? Love 'em. I can seriously eat four packs in a sitting. They are delicious blobs of opaque goodness.

2. I have been told a number of times that when PJ has a public meltdown I stay remarkably composed. The truth is that being in public in and of itself is the only thing that keeps me from crying/yelling/trying to sell him to a passerby. But, really, what else can I do when he's coming apart at the seams in Target? If I lose it, too, it will just make the spectacle that much more horrifying.

3. I have watched Peg + Cat alone. As in, without a child in the room. That show cracks me up!

4. The answer to "PJ have a book?" is always "Yes."

5. PJ has slept the entire night in his bed for two nights in a row...and I am a little bummed out about that.

6. We hit Dunkin' Donuts about 4-5 times a week. It's horrible, but it is also our lifeline sometimes. I have found few p…