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Seasons change...

Spring has sprung, bitches!

Even though there is snow in the forecast, winter is officially over, and I am letting that declaration sink in right down to my bones.

Stephanie, from Life According to Steph, not only writes one of my favorite blogs but has become an "IRL" friends thanks to an introduction via my sister. Steph's sharp-tongued observations on life and amazing organizational tips keep me laughing and inspire me to try and make my place look less like a cesspool and more like a place that actual humans inhabit (she also has a pack of pugs that produce a lot of  "Awwwww!" on the daily). Steph writes a blog worth reading, so like any blogger worth her salt, I am totally stealing one of her ideas. Complete thievery.

Life According to StephOver the winter, Steph laid out a set of goals that she wanted to reach by the seasons end, and this week, dutifully revealed her many successes and very few missed marks. She also created a new set of goals to strive towards for the spring. I loved her honesty, and I loved the idea of setting goals to be met over the course of a season. To everything, turn, turn, turn, and all of that. New Years has its moment, but Spring, particularly, has a air of being reborn, of sprouting new buds, thus making it a perfect pocket of time to try and make a few things bloom in my life.

And with that, using a stolen packet of seeds, the little garden I hope to grow this Spring:

*93 Days of Spring*
 (March 20th-June 20th)
  • Run in a second 5k, in addition to the one I am running next month with Randi. And admitting I want to do this in no way means that I like running. The fact that I can now run without wanting to die after 40 feet feels like something I should keep striving for. Just don't go flapping your gums to Randi about my wanting to keep this running thing going, or else she'll think she inspired me or something.
  • Get rid of a bag of crap every week: There are approximately 13 weeks in the season, and I hope to purge a bag-full per week. The bag will be, at least, the size of a grocery bag, a rule I need to put in place so I don't try to puss out and fill a sandwich bag. We have way. too. much. stuff. The time has come. 
  • Get PJ's spring/summer clothes set and get his winter stuff packed away and stored, not just folded into a bag in his closet. 
  • Join Steph and Marla in the April Spending Freeze.
  • Deep clean all of the rooms.
  • Get back into reading fiction. I have been on a memoir/non-fiction kick for a while and I want to mix things up a bit. 
  • Use the crock-pot once a week, and set aside a night to prep for two nights worth of dinners. With Pete working nights there is, really, no point in doing nay more prep than that. Making dinner for PJ and I is pretty easy. 
  • Go on two (budgeted) date nights with Pete. "Date" will be a just the two of us outing, any group outings do not count. Also, I know that two is kind of a lame goal for 96 days, but I want this to be attainable. Between our schedules and our budgeting goals, getting out can be difficult. 
(Okay, peeps. PJ just woke up and needs me, so this will be continued tomorrow! )

Poor PJ, he woke up last night with a stuffy nose and a case of Ineedmymommyitis. I had to abandon the blog to go lay down with him...but that's not really such a hassle. :-)

As for my list of goals, I tried to keep it relatively modest. This is my first attempt at seasonal change and I don't want to set myself up for failure. Believe me, I am a person that is highly capable of failure. But this "Spring Cleaning" idea is something that I can get on board with, so we're going to give it a go. Plus, now anyone that reads this blog can keep me culpable. If you see me on the street with a Twinkie in my hand or something, feel free to slap it to the ground and shout "AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING, FATASS?"

I actually wish I could just pay someone to do that all of the time.

Anyway. Putting this out there is a bit of a risk, since keeping my goals to myself means that nobody will know if I don't meet them. But I am feeling inspired by the people around me, and hoping that some of that good vibe will ooze over to me. So, with that, bring it on, Spring! 


Thanks so much for the kind words.

I really have a much better time meeting my goals when I do them seasonally...a month seems a little too short and a year is too long, I lose sight of them.

Good luck with yours!

Can't wait to be ladies who lunch and do pottery things next week!

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