Saturday, January 18, 2014

If I don't get some shelter, oh, yeah. I'm gonna fade away.


...was one of those lazy, snuggly, stay-in-our-pajamas-all-day type of days. We don't get too many of those, and I relished every slow, relaxed second of it. Erin Condren planner arrived! You should know that I made it get here with my mind, because every day after I ordered it, I would stalk it on her website. The shipping date was listed as January 20th, but I obviously was able to bring it here with the power of my wills because today is January 18th and it's here! It's here, and it's awesome. It's so pretty and practical and I spent a blissful hour organizing my schedule into it. I am pretty sure that there is no other appropriate way to record one's schedule and I don't know how I ever existed without it. I'm sure my sister wishes I would wax this poetic over makeup, but, eh. It's all about the planner. Amen.  *nerd alert*

...I loved spending time with PJ. I have my days where, by five o'clock, I am desperately counting the seconds until bedtime. With his new penchant for throwing things in the toilet, those days come more often then I'd like to admit. Today, he made me smile. Lately, despite the fact that he threw my favorite moisturizer, my bath scrub, and a pair of my earrings into the toilet, I find myself constantly entertained by this personality that is developing. PJ is so funny and loving and even in his limited ways comes up with stuff that just slays me, like when he started singing R. Kelly's Remix to Ignition the other day. Inappropriate? Yes. Hilarious? Totes.


...I let PJ stay up past him bedtime so that we could watch a movie (Chicken Little) and "camp out" in his dinosaur tent. I don't know that I have found any greater bliss then having my freshly bathed, clean pajama-ed son snuggled up to me. With PJ being four, I wonder how much longer the hugs and cuddles and kisses every time I request them will last.

...I watched "20 Feet From Stardom" again. Pete and I watched it last night and I found myself riveted by the stories of these women. If you are a fan of music, then it is very likely you know so many of these voices, and yet you might never know their name. Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fisher. Powerful voices just floating from these amazingly charismatic women and by some twist of fate, they ended up behind the stars. This was a beautifully done piece of film, and I would say that if you are someone who loves music, this is not one to miss. Listen to this clip of Merry Clayton's isolated backing vocals to the iconic Rolling Stones hit "Gimme Shelter". Chills.

...I am thankful that it's a long weekend for PJ, and that Pete has Monday off. Even though he will need come time to sleep off his shift from Sunday night, it will be nice to have some family time. We talked about what kind of plans we could make for PJ's next long weekend and his spring break. It's still a very fine thread we balance on within my little family, but there's still a future to make plans for. Yay for hard work. I see its paybacks in little ways, more and more, every day.


...will be here before I know it, so it's time to get to sleep.
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