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I've been searching for something...

Things That Won The Internet (for me) In 2014
As a certified insomniac, I spend a lot of time surfing the Internets. It's a drug, and I'm addicted. The Internet is good for looking up all kind of amazing information, but sometimes, I just like to troll for the funny stuff. With just a few more days left in 2014, I thought I would share this list of some of my favorite fruits from the internet tree! 
1. 39 Renaissance Babies Who Just Can't Even: A creepy compilation of Renaissance renderings of babies that will give you nightmares. I could not stop looking at it! The captions has me in hysterics- "Staaaaaaaaaahp!" Buzzfeed is one of my favorite internet stops and this one was a winner for me! I still look it over and crack up! I know it was a brilliant artistic period and all, but, really. What is the hell was wrong with the artists of the Renaissance? And why was there always so much baby penis involved? 

2. Weird Things All Couples Fight About: I am seriously afr…

I believe that God has a plan for all of us...

The other night, Pete asked if we could get an Elf on the Shelf for PJ. I immediately bristled because I think those stupid things are creepy as hell, and I did't want the pressure of finding new antics for the Elf to get into every night.  I wasn't even sure that PJ would get it- would he give two craps if an Elf action figure got into his Apple Jacks or pilfered his train collection?

"C'mon, Brie," Pete implored. "I want him to have as much magic as possible. Who knows how long he will believe in this kind of thing."

The subject of the elf was never revisited (and I sure as hell am not going to bring it up! Sorry!), but it's given me pause over the last few days as I think about the things I do want PJ to believe in. Is it so important that PJ find his magic in a fat dude who breaks into people's houses? Does that particular page of the magic book really speak to what the Christmas holiday is about?

As it turns out, yes. It does. I do want PJ…

You're a mean one...

Our little apartment is finally being holiday-fied, just in time for the 1st night of Hanukkah tomorrow. With two religions to decorate for, our place is shining with Christmas balls, twinkling lights, and a variety of ornaments mixed in with my menorahs and bowls of gelt. We're not quite done yet, but my living room is already glowing with the warmth and sweetness of the holidays.

Truth be told, it drives me a little crazy, but before you get out your holiday sticks to beat down the bitchy Grinch-Jew, hear me out.

I love the holidays. I love giving gifts and being with family and receiving stacks of holiday cards in the mail. I adore holiday food and I freaking LOVE holiday baked goods. I love the magic of Christmas Eve and the excitement of Christmas morning, especially now that I have a son. Oh, and houses covered in lights. Swoon.

That whole week that contains Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Years Day? Love it, along with the eight nights of Hanukkah, whic…

Yeah, it seems like yesterday.

The day before Thanksgiving, this guy turned 5.

It feels like five years have gone by so slowly, and in the blink of an eye at the same time. Sometimes, when he deigns to give me a hug, I think about this big boy I have my arms around and how his entire body could nestle into my chest when he was a newborn.

Four was quite a year for us. It often felt like PJ was living out his Terrible Twos and Even Worse Threes in the body of a great big four year old. There were a few moments that made me afraid one of us wasn't going to make it to the Five Year Road Marker. But, we've done it. My best guy has started full-day school, just received his first actual, in an envelope report card, and had a big-kid birthday party at a trampoline park. Last night, he read his bed time story to me. My baby is five years old. Next year, he will need a second hand to display his age in fingers.

I usually am a person of many words, but it's so hard to find the right ones to properly express just …

The beat goes on and on and on and on and...

It's been radio silence here on my blog for the past two weeks.
There were a few times that I sat down to write
  and just had nothing,
mainly because I was tired.
But's it's been a very busy few weeks,
 full of celebrations,
long weekends,
  and a few kind-of-scary-yet-exciting things.
PJ turned 5 years old, and we celebrated with our families.
I can not believe that my son is 5.
How did that happen?
We enjoyed Thanksgiving with my parents,
  Marla and Steve,
 and my Aunt Sandi.
Pete was even able to enjoy dinner before he headed to work.
PJ performed songs from his newly-acquired repertoire of
 Songs About Turkeys.
The long weekend was a busy one.
Monday arrived.
PJ went back to school,
 everyone went back to work,
and my sister was admitted to the hospital
for a double mastectomy.
The surgery was "easy"
 in that there were no surprises,
her body cooperated,
and all of her pathology reports came back clean.
A huge decision that will hopefully have a …

Create in me a miracle, something clean and something beautiful...

Burst of Creativity
I have always been a creative person, rather than a pragmatic one. I grew up a little dreamy, and loved to give in to the urge to write a poem or sing a song. As I grew, I learned to balance all of that with a more practical side of myself, but I never stopped loving the joy of creativity.
Now that I am a grown-up, a wife and a mother, it can sometimes be difficult to find moments to express creativity just for the sheer joy of it. Women in particular, and of any age, are so busy and carry so many roles. We have ample opportunity to create, to make Valentines for your child’s classmates or put together a Halloween costume. We use our creative muscles to keep our family’s lives going every day. As a woman, my place in my life allows me the chance to share my creativity with the people I love which is an amazing thing! But it’s finding the time to create for no other reason than the sake of creativity that can be elusive.
If you are a creative person, the chance to …

There’ll be magic, there’ll be fun!

Just a quick note tonight...

PJ had his first show tonight with cheer team, the South Jersey Storm. We are back for a second season and so happy to be there! PJ needs me less now- last season, I had to be out on the floor with him for practice. This year, he can be out there with his coach and team and learned his routine all by himself. The routine seems to get better and fine-tuned as the season moves along, so it's likely that tonight's show was just a preview for what we'll see as the year moves along. But all of that aside, there's nothing in the world that can beat watching my son be part of group that loves him so much, and that he loves back.

In fact, they love him so much that they all leap up to chase him when he decides to be a brat face and make a run for it!!

This weekend was filled, from start to finish, with so much love and happiness and celebration (more on that later) and this performance was the perfect way to cap it off. I can go to bed tonight (and…

God only knows what I'd be without you...

I got to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes today- being alone in the car, blasting music. It's a rare thing for me since I became a mother. With PJ in the car I have to watch the content and the volume of the music choices but when I'm alone, I love to blast whatever music is playing and sing at the top of my lungs. I set my iPhone on "Shuffle" and the car filled with "America" by Simon and Garfunkel, "Levon" by Elton John, "Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys. It was mixed in with some LL Cool J, Britney Spears, and the soundtrack to the movie "Pitch Perfect." 
As the songs ticked by, I started thinking about my taste in music and where it came from. The answer to that is, largely, from my parents. I can score the entire soundtrack of my childhood with the music my parents listened to in the car. My parents had control over the radio, and the music from two Philadelphia stations (Oldies 98 and WMGK Magic 103) would flood the c…

You talk, talk, talk about it...

I wrote this post a few months ago, a little bit on PJ and some of our favorite PJ-isms. Because of Autism, his speech has significant delays but as his skills have improved, he will replace a word he doesn't know with one that makes sense to him. It can be very specific and it always cracks us up! 

"Green and Orange Cereal" Lately, he has added "Jack Apples" to his repertoire, but usually, he asks for these by color. 
"Thirty Ten" Because, duh. That's what comes after thirty nine. 

"Blue Toy Story" If you just suggest Toy Story, he will correct you. 

"One grilled cheese" This can mean that he wants a grilled cheese sandwich (a favorite), but it can also mean that he wants a slice of cheese. Heaven forbid if I don't know which he means. 

"Green and orange tissues" He has a thing for green and orange. Either way, if you approach his nose with anything other than one of these, there will be no boogie wiping. 

Check these…

It's all a part of me, it's who I am.

I'm over at the Northeast Bloggers Network talking about the things that inspire me as a writer! Stop by and check out my piece, and stay to read the work of some fantastic bloggers!
My friend Mary Beth brought me into the literary folds of a writing group that meets monthly. Hosted by a sweet woman named Debbie, it is a chance to share and talk and write with other women who like to share and talk and write. Ironically, Debbie's home always makes me wish I had brought my camera- nestled on the edge of a wood along a lovely stream, the property is exceedingly beautiful and lends itself to serene creativity. I always have the urge to take a photo rather than write about it's beauty.

We sat at the table and a stack of envelopes was passed around, each one containing a writing prompt. I slid my card out and read the topic question:

What roles do love and affection play in your life?

Oh, for God's sake. I sighed and considered slipping the envelope back into the pile and ch…

I don't know how you keep on giving...

 ~ Treat Your Teachers ~
“Just because” gifts are my favorite kind of present. The holidays are amazing, and birthdays are so much fun, but there is something so joyful about a little surprise on an ordinary day. It’s a little bit of unexpected love when you least expect it.
Who is more deserving of a little pick-me-up than your child’s teacher? The people who wake up early every day to preside over classrooms full of young learners often receive the least amount of positive feedback for their efforts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or spend hours trolling Pinterest and wielding a glue gun to say “Hey, teacher! Nice job! Thank you!” Instead, try out one of these simple, thoughtful treats: School supplies- Teachers often pay out-of-pocket to keep their classroom stocked with essentials for learning. A bundle of pencils tied with curling ribbon, sheets of stickers, and marble notebooks with a pretty pen attached- all are inexpensive gifts that will ensure your child’s classroom is…

We did the Mash...

I'm over at Central Avenue Chryster/Jeep talking about how being alone in the car is the New Vacation when you become a parent! Stop by and check it out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Our Halloween was a good one! It was a perfect fall day- cool and cloudy, but not so cold that the kids needed winter jackets over their costumes. Remember those days?? 
The day began with the Halloween parade and parties at PJ's school. PJ was not thrilled to be wearing his costume. He took it off so many times I started telling people he was going at Stripper Buzz in the hopes that someone would start throwing dollar bills. But the parade was adorable, despite all of PJ's attempts to turn back into a real boy. The classes all marched by in varying levels of cuteness, the highlight being when the 5th graders broke out in the Thriller dance. After the parade, the kids returned to their classrooms, where many snacks were enjoyed and much noise was made. 
The tradition, si…