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...and ain't this position familiar, darling?

{and then she spewed out a bunch of random crap...}

Morning. Trains. Sunlight. 
...We just got back from spending a weekend in the Poconos. Pete's parents own a little house in a very pretty mountain community, so earlier last week, when we realized that we had a three-day weekend looming ahead, we decided to make our way upward. 

The weekend was very relaxing- we took PJ to the pool, did some outlet shopping (Holy. Holiday. Shopping. Crowds. Never again.Plus, some of my clutch stores yielded an uncharacteristic lack of things for PJ), took walks and played on the back deck where PJ happily shoved crispy leaves through the gaps in the wood. On our second night there Pete and I watched the movie "42". I was a little nervous about letting Pete pick out another movie with a number in the title after the "Movie 43" mess I had to sit through, but this movie was very, very good. All in all, it was low-key and mellow, a change of scene my little family needed. It's still a little awkward and strained sometimes, this business of trying to put our marriage back together, but being a family is what we want, so we'll just hope that time can heal some of our cuts and scratches. 

...I am not a huge football fan, but right now, Eagles wins equal a free Dunkin' Donuts coffee the next day. Yup! FREEEEE!!! So, football gets a "meh" but free coffee because of football gets a big "HELL, YEAH!". Nothing like a cash-free way to feed the beast! 

...Last week, a bunch of chicks gathered for a great cause, to raise money for the Lupus Walk! Marla spearheaded a girl's night at a local paint-your-own-pottery place, with all of the sitting fees going towards her walk. She expected a handful of girls, but instead, over twenty people crowded into tables to paint coffee mugs, Halloween figures, plates, vases, etc. We let our creative juices flow while we noshed on snacks, sipped on wine and beer, and laughed our heads off! I trolled Pinterest for some creative ideas and came up with this: 

I can't wait to pick him up! 

...Cheer practice continues to go well for PJ! As he gets more time under his belt, his behavior and compliance continues to improve. He still needs quite a bit of guidance and prompting, but he's learning the routines, taking part in stretching exercises, and making friends. One of the older girls has a particular way with PJ, and she helps to guide him through practice with a sweetness and patience that blows me away. I know that Pete is still a little uncomfortable with the whole "cheer leading is for girls" thing, but on the whole, we are thrilled with what this experience has given PJ so far. 

Oh, and also? I know the stereotype is that cheer is for girls, but there are some fiiiiiiine looking men who are on the floor helping some of the other teams with the gymnastics aspect of the sport. I'm not sure who they are, but day-um. If he chooses to use them, I have a feeling this activity will help fine-tune PJ's future lady-schmoozing skills! 

...There is still time to win TWO VIP TICKETS to the 9th Annual Virtua Women's Health Symposium! If you haven't entered, you can click the link at the top of the page, below my blog logo (see it up there?) and use the promo code "breezylife" to enter! It sounds like an amazing day of learning, shopping, fun and fellowship with all kinds of women from all over southern New Jersey, plus OMIGOD GOLDIE HAWN!! I'll be there, along with my plus one, so don't let this chance pass ya by!! 


I love heading upstate to my aunt's house - she's out of the Pokes technically and lives in the Endless Mountain region near the border of NY, but the change of scenery is excellent.

I've been meaning to see 42.
Gwen said…
I loved 42, even though it was sometimes difficult to watch.

I adore your Mr. Tea mug!

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