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I'm every woman, it's all in me...

Being the southern New Jersey girl that I am, Virtua Hospital has always been a mainstay for us. My husband got his first (and only) job as an RN with Virtua, so they feed and clothe us, essentially! My son was brought into the world at a Virtua Hospital and had surgery at a Virtua Hospital as well. My first mammogram was done at Virtua, and all of those were done with care and professionalism. Personally, Virtua has been a very important player in the health and well-being of my little family.

Outside of the walls of our home, Virtua plays a part in the health and well-being of the entire southern New Jersey community. Through community outreach, social media outlets, and wellness centers throughout the area, Virtua reaches out to make sure that local folks have every opportunity to be healthy, happy, and cared for medically.

The Virtua Women initiative promotes health, fitness, sexual health and wellness by helping women "be well, get well, and stay well". Offering Personal Health Navigation, classes and events, and fitness and spa services, Virtua Woman is the total package for women's health in southern New Jersey. After browsing the spa services, I have spent the better part of the evening hounding Pete about his employee discount!

This year, on November 2nd, 2013, Virtua will host the 9th Annual Women's Health Symposium at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Past keynote speakers have been the divine Bette Midler, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, and Geena Davis. This year, Virtua will up the star power even more as the effervescent Goldie Hawn heads up the keynote address. As a career woman and mother, she will bring an outstanding perspective to the theme, Live Healthy Ever After. And, okay, she was totally my hero when I discovered Laugh In reruns on Nick at Night!

Also speaking this year is John Gray, Ph. D, author of the New York Times Best Seller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Dr. Gray has penned 17 books and is considered an expert on communication and relationships. Beyond the two stellar keynote speakers, the Symposium will host breakout sessions on topics such as "The Price of Beauty", "Live Mindfully", and "Bust Embarrassing GYN Myths". Attendees will also enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch, boutique shopping, and free health and wellness assessments!

Let's face it, ladies. You want to go. And, I have the best news ever! You can win a chance to go! And not just regular tickets to the event, but you can win TWO VIP tickets that include all of the Symposium events, plus preferred seating for the keynote addresses and a photo opportunity with Goldie Hawn! It would be the perfect Girls Day with a good friend, and winning two tickets will get you there!


Let me tell you! Just go to the VirtuaWoman Facebook page by clicking HERE!HERE!HERE!
and fill out the form. 

IMPORTANT!!! Please be sure to use the Promo Code "breezylife" when you fill out the form! 

When you enter, I get a chance to win, too! Then we can all attend together and talk about how cool we are after we meet Goldie! After you enter, take a look at the event schedule and let me know what sessions you would choose to attend by leaving a comment below. I am looking forward to the "Live Mindfully" session in particular!

Good luck friends!!

Disclosure: {...a breezy life} is partnering with Virtua Woman to help promote the 9th Annual Virtua Women's Healthy Symposium. I am being provided with tickets to the event in exchange for sharing information about this upcoming event, including promotion of the VIP ticket giveaway. That said, all of the opinions are my own, in all truthfulness as I am exceedingly grateful to Virtua for 1. paying my husband for his services as an RN so we can eat and 2. being the place where I delivered my son. 


~Dawn~ said…
Woo hoo! I entered... Every year, I want to go to this and I never do. I pass the billboard in the morning; really serves as a reminder. :) Not gonna lie; I think I'm interested in the Gyn Embarassing Myths.

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