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...So I'll try to rest if you stand guard.

{Random Thoughts}

...After a very disappointing experience, we gave AMC Theaters another try and attended a second, sensory-friendly showing of Monsters U yesterday. My blog post landed in the hands on a senior manager, and after a phone call yesterday, we were open to giving the experience another try. I still think that the staff and management of AMC could benefit from education on how to be meet the needs of a special needs crowd, but on the whole, the experience went well. The movie started right on time, and the few families there seemed happy and comfortable with the setting.

...The Fourth of July was equal parts awesome and sucktastic. PJ had a great day, starting with the parade on Oaklyn. He had a blast waving his flag and cheering for the floats. He was thrilled to spot his father marching with the fire department, and ecstatic to ride in the firetruck back to the firehouse! Pete took PJ for a cook out with his cousins. The kids swam and had a blast, and then after Pete an…

"I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer..."

With Pete not living at home with PJ and I right now, our family time is very valuable to me. Even if it's a struggle to remain civil with Pete, we want PJ to feel secure, happy, and loved. With that in mind, we have tried to plan for Pete to be here as much as it's possible for someone who works nights and doesn't live here. It's not the easiest feat ever executed, but we try to make it work as best as possible as we navigate the damn dark forest that is our marriage.

This past Saturday morning, we planned to attend a showing of Monster's U at our local AMC Theater. The showing was a special, "sensory-friendly" showing, meaning that the lights were kept dim (instead of the theater being in darkness), the sound was to be turned down, and the "Silence is Golden" rule didn't apply. This is a welcome respite for families of children with special needs. We had tried taking PJ to a showing last week. It was an ambitious decision- PJ was tired fr…