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"Nothing's gonna stop us now..."

For the love of God, I am not sure what brought it on, but my allergies are completely nuts! I am sneezy, itchy, congested and clogged and it is not fun at all. Last night, I gave in and took two Benedryl and slept like a baby person all drugged out on anti-histamines. The sleep felt amazing, but I woke up with the magic drugs having worn off and back to feeling all allergy-y. So, it seems like my spring allergies are starting a little early this year. Feh.

RIght now is the most peaceful time of our day. PJ just got home from school and is quietly playing and decompressing from his day! When he comes off the bus, we hit the potty and then go through his folder and "talk" about his day. He still doesn't have the verbal skills to truly tell me about what he did, but I can ask questions and try to get an idea. He brought home some artwork today and I had to take a few guesses as to what it might be. I think it's a rock. One thing I didn't have to guess at was another reward for good behavior! It was a rocky first month or so, and it's still far from perfect, but PJ has really grown and is doing so well at school!

Deciding our next step in terms of where we will live has been a hot topic of discussion lately- or, it is when Pete and I have had a chance to talk! He's been working a lot this week! At any rate, we are having a hard time making a decision as to what will be best for our family. I find myself doing a lot of "what if" on issues that we have no way of predicting. Do we move sooner rather then later and put PJ in a pre-school program in a new district? Will we be as happy with it as we are with where he is now? IF we buy where we live now, will we want him to attend the only so-so high school in eleven years? If we move while he's in grade school, is it worth having PJ make new friends after he's become established in a school district? Will Autism make it difficult for him to make new friends either way? And can we ever afford to live in the school districts we are interested in?? Will I have to sleep with one- or both!- Property Bothers to get into a home??? It makes my head spin.

Another hot topic around these parts is getting PJ off the damn pacifier! I can't believe that I am one of those parents who has let his paci addiction go on this long. PJ is three years old, for goodness sake! I had imagined that the older he got, the less interest he would have in it. But nooooooooooooooooooo. Not my little nerd. He goes on a hunt for it as soon as he gets home from school! I tried hiding them, but he took to climbing his dresser to try and get to them! Holy Nimble Monkey, Batman!!! He scaled his shelves like he has suction cups in his palms- it nearly gave me a heart attack the first time I caught him at it! I gave up trying to hide the pacis because it's not worth a potential concussion, but I imagine that we should start saving for braces now. Fail, fail, fail.

Yesterday, pretty much everyone wished my sister Marla and her husband Steve a happy 5th Anniversary. Which is total bullshit because they got married on February 29th which may not be today but it was the day after the 28th which means that today is more their anniversary then yesterday was! So I am bucking what's cool (what else is new) and wishing them an amazing anniversary today! Marla's wedding was easily one of the best days of my life. For one thing, the whole event was just amazing and for another, we are far enough apart in age for me to remember that she wasn't supposed to make it to five years old, much less a five year anniversary. There were challenges then, and there are challenges now. I mean, when they promised "in sickness and in health" they did not joke around. I mean, for real. There's already been enough sickness for a lifetime of marriage! And they don't do it perfect, but they do this whole marriage thing, with the sickness and the life events and the change of original plans, with about as much strength and grace and brave as not-doing-it-perfect can get you. Which is pretty fucking good. I just talked with a dear friend this morning about how hard marriage is even in an ideal setting. It takes work to see the beauty in the everyday, especially when life throws so much in front of you. It's easy to just put on the blinders and forget about what we have. But my sister and her husband do the best they can to make sure they don't lose sight, and that is something to celebrate! So, Happy 5th Anniversary, Marla and Steve!!!

(So, did you see how I had five points for my Friday Five and I spelled out FRIDAY? Seriously. How do I not have a Pulitzer??)

It's the Friday Five, y'all!! I linked up with Joy from The Sowell Life for some end-of-the-week fun! Stop by her beautiful blog and tell that southern gal I sent you!

This is, perhaps, my favorite picture of Marla and I, ever.


Joy said…
Thanks awesome!! Thanks so much for linking up! And have a wonderful weekend!
I love your take on Marla & Steve. Very well written.

Many people I know struggle with the do we move/when do we move in regards to their kids and schooling. I don't envy you.

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