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"I'm noddin' my head like 'Yeah'..."

{...things on thursday}

Holy hell, my allergies are insane. I just took two Benedryl, so I had better type fast. Please excuse me if this disintegrates into incoherent rambling.

Actually, I should be fine. That's pretty much my norm.

Sadly, mucous has been a focal point of our week. PJ has been fighting some sort of upper-respiratory...thing, and the Nosefrida (it only seems gross until you try it. Then it's awesome.) has been getting a workout. The poor dude hasn't been sleeping well but, despite that, has been in a good mood all week and, as far as I know, has been having a good week at school. We even had a trip to the dentist that went very well! PJ cried a bit, but was such a good boy! His teeth were proclaimed to be in great shape, all of his molar are FINALLY in (No! More! Teething!), and his good behavior earned PJ a new set of Thomas the Train socks!

Damn it. So Sleepy.

I don't know if it's related to his feeling under the weather, but PJ has been off …

"Thursday, I don't care about you..."

1. It's Friday, so it's my day off from the gym. I have been alternately cleaning, checking Facebook, and watching the Today Show and noticed that NBC seems to feature Flo Rida a lot. What is that all about??

2. A long weekend plus a short school week means it's already the weekend again! Hooray! Being a SAHM with a husband who works hours that aren't M-F, 9 to 5 takes a bit of the edge off of the excitement of a weekend, but having a son in school puts it right back! I love looking forward to those two, blessed, non-rushed mornings at the beginning and end of every week!

 3. Tomorrow night I'll be meeting up with some of my best girls for dinner- two of my oldest friends! Life being what it is, we don't get the chance to spend time together as a threesome often enough. The last time we hung out, we met at Great Adventure and waited in line for so long, we only rode one ride! But we talked and were present, which was the main thing. Plus, we got a picture …

"Let's go to the and me!"

{...things on thursday}

I can't believe it's already Thursday- it happens to me every time it's a short week due to a holiday. This particular Presidents Day weekend was a tough one to say goodbye to. We had such a busy, fun weekend that I thought it would be difficult to get back into the swing of our normal schedule, but thankfully, this week has been relatively smooth. Good reports from school and great behavior at home, family dinner time, and some great Flyers hockey (ahemfinally)!

Our last day of break was something of a momentous Mama moment for me. It was a big first for PJ, something I had been looking forward to for a long time. PJ joined all of his big cousins for his very first movie theater movie!
I was a little nervous, as PJ was kind of spazzy energetic at our pre-movie pizza lunch. I had visions of a tantruming PJ wanting to run up and down the steps of the theatre while angry movie patrons shot me dirty looks and made snide comments about my parenting, w…

"And if you court this disaster I'll point you home."

(stream of consciousness)

We are three-fourths of the way through our long weekend, and while the first two days were fun, relaxing, and dreamy, today was just...long. It wasn't at all bad, but it just dragged. 10am felt like the middle of the afternoon. We had plans for the evening to celebrate our niece Riley's 9th birthday, but it took so long to get there!

The celebration was an easy gathering of cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Pete even stopped by before he had to leave for work to wish his best girl a happy birthday. Riley is a special, beautiful girl, there's just something about her that steals your heart- not unlike the rest of my nieces and nephews, but there's a mix of vulnerability and strength in Riley that just kills you. She mama-hens PJ with such tenderness and he loves his "Wylie" in return. Another year of Riley is something worth celebrating. In fact, if it weren't for Riley, I wouldn't have PJ. True story.

I have a h…

"Cast me gently into morning..."

Today was mostly awesome and a little frustrating.
It was the start of a four-day weekend for my sweet Dude
And he obliged by sleeping in until 7:30am,
Snuggled in between his Mommy and Daddy.
Yup. He comes into our room late at night,
Usually closer to early morning,
And it's okay with me.
He's my one and only and he won't be little for much longer,
So I cherish his need to tuck himself under my arm and snuggle close
As the sun starts to rise.
Anyway, I digress.
We enjoyed a lazy morning of
Pajamaed snuggling
Scrambled egg eating
Coffee sipping (just me on that one)
Today Show watching.
We relaxed and savored a rare, non-rushed Friday.
PJ filled his afternoon with some family time,
As big cousins doted in him and adults chatted.
Aunt Marla even stopped by to loan me a camera
As mine is currently MIA.
We came back home to get ready for our evening
And I got a call from our insurance company.
Back to earth I fell.
"Bla bla bla in-network providers b…

"The gift of gab is the gift that I have..."

Today, I am...

   ...tired, and a little sore, but proud of myself for getting to the gym as often as I have.

   ...thrilled that PJ had a great week at school last week and started of this one with a great day, too!

   ...still needing a new pair of sneakers. My feet hurt.

   ...excited for tomorrow! :-)

   ...disgusted with the way the Flyers played tonight.

   ...enjoying PJ's new obsession with body functions, particularly burps and farts! It's kind of hilarious!, so proud of my sister Marla, who is the cover girl for the Cardiac Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in celebration of Heart Month! excited to have picked up Green Mountain Breakfast Blend coffee for myself as a treat! YUM!

   ...dying in anticipation of my baby Boy's first-ever school Valentine's Day party!! I ordered him valentine's from, and can't wait to have them printed!

   ...wishing it was warmer. I am longing for outside and for some p…

"When the world is cold, I will feel a glow..."

Today was a quiet, stay-inside-in-pajamas kind of day. The Nor'easter juuuuuuust missed us, and we got a dusting Compared to the many inches of snow our northern neighbors are contending with. PJ has been fighting some sort of respiratory...thing. Congested sinuses and runny nose And while he's not running a fever or anything He's definitely missing some of his usual bounce<\i>, Leaving him cuddly and giggly and snuggly. One of my favorite moods. Pete slept off his shift and PJ and Mama snuggled. PJ chose water and a Thomas book while I sipped a coffee and watched Yard Crashers. If I ever saw Ahmed in a Home Depot, I would tackle the crap out of him  Until he let me take him home. True story. Anyway, PJ took an early nap, Mama watched the Flyers game, And our day went on in the same strain. We stayed warm and happy in our little home. Can't beat that! 

"I'll take you frame by frame it..."

Things On Thursday
Something very strange finally happened for me today- I felt the elusive Exercise High I have heard so many fitness enthusiasts go on and on about! I have to be honest  and admit that I hate exercise. I do it because I should and because I don't want to be a fat ass more than I don't want to exercise, although it's by a small margin. If I wasn't worried about crap like Familial Hyperlipidimia or cankles, the Swiss Rolls would win every. single. time. So I slog through trips to the gym, hating every second of it save the company of my sister on the days she can join me. I have been at it for a month now and before today, nothing. No high, just cranky. Until today, when I decided to try the Beastie Boys station on Pandora and, like a gift from God, my workout had the soundtrack of the Beastie Boys, Run D.M.C, House of Pain, Biz Markee, Beck, Violent Femmes, Naughty By was like every song was a message from God saying "Breezy! Don't …

"Ain't nothin' wrong if you wanna do the Hump all night long..."

It's a cold Hump Day Evening, and I am currently indulging in three of my favorite luxuries- blogging, nighttime coffee, and The Shawshank Redemption. I don't think the hubs enjoys watching it with me because I pepper the dialogue of of movie with explanations as to why a certain scene is different then the book. Watching movies with book nerds must suck a bit. At any rate, after this bit of indulgence I need to buck up and clean the kitchen before I go to bed.


Despite the fact that my kitchen looks like a war zone, it has been an amazing week so far. Every day has been solidly good, and really, you can't beat that. The good streak actually started last Friday  (a story I am so excited to tell you about!) and has followed me into this week. PJ has been having an excellent week at school, there's been quality time and quality talks with friends, and visits to the gym every day this week, the latter being just enough to make me feel productive and less making me l…