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"Be true to your school..."

We are halfway through PJ's first week of school. It's been fairly uneventful in that he hasn't peed his pants, started a brawl with another student, or suddenly became able to recite Hamlet. Uneventful, but still surprising in ways that I didn't expect:

I've cried every day.

Yup. I sobbed on his first day, and sobbed on his second day when he rode the bus for the first time. And I cried today on this third day, too. I know I'm crazy, but this is a huge change for all of us, and I am still feeling so very emotional about it all! I still can't get over that I kiss my Boy goodbye and put him on a bus to school. That's such a big boy thing to do!

About that crazy...

Okay. So, it turns out I'm even crazier then I imagined. Because yesterday, after I put PJ on the bus, I drove over to his school to stalk watch him get off the bus. I know. I know, okay? It's crazysauce. And I promised I'd only do it once. It actually helped a lot- I saw him get off…

"You are perfect to me..."

Three years ago this morning, I had been up all night, having brought my son into the world at 4:11am. By 6:45, I was on the post-partum floor and my hours-old son was in my arms.

At 6:45am this morning, I was coaxing my son awake, wishing him a happy birthday and snuggling him in his footie pajamas.
At 7am, three years ago, I was struggling to find an even tenor in my breastfeeding skills and wondering, briefly, if this kid would ever eat.
At 7am this morning, a giggly 3 year old settled in at the table to eat train-shaped french toast, with banana-and-M&M wheels and whipped cream smoke.

At 7:45am, three years ago, I dressed my 6 pound newborn in a tiny white onesie and swaddled him in a soft, white blanket.
At 7:45am this morning, I got PJ dressed into his school clothes- a waffle-knit orange top and dark-wash, baggy carpenter jeans.

At 8:20am, three years ago, I snuggled my brand-new boys in my arms and, with the naivete of brand-new motherhood, swore to never let him go.


"You're right here in my sight..."

Last night was the official start of the holiday season in our little town. Trees were lit, Songs were sung, And a jolly fat man climbed down from atop the municipal building with the help of our local fire department. Today was the first of two holiday parades! We got bundled up an headed out to get a good spot on the sidewalk! A certain bad baby I won't name kept taking his gloves and hat off. Grrr. But the parade began with the roar of motorcycles and didn't slow down until the end!

For a little town, Collingswood knows how to throw a parade! Local groups walked with handmade floats tossing candy to the children in the crowd...

Several groups of Mummers (a phenom near and dear to those local to Philadelphia!) strutted by sequins flashing and banjos plinking, stepping with the flair only Mummers have! 
Oh, I hope that PJ loves the Mummers as much as I do!

After the parade, we came home to eat lunch and warm our hands. Later in the afternoon we headed to a local church w…

"I've got a fever, got a permanent disease..."

Oh, y'all.

Wipe your screen with some antibiotic ointment or Febreze or something, because I'm feeling an onslaught of Emotional Ebola coming on.

We're midway through PJ's last week of Early Intervention. Monday was the end of Occupational Therapy and today was our next-to-last session of Developmental Integration. His last day of speech was today and after that, one last day of DI.

I think of this journey we've been on since last October and I feel so much. I see the progress PJ has made, going from saying a small handful of words to having a huge vocabulary, a bunch of simple sentences, and singing songs ("Rowrowrowrowrow...boat!"). He went from mindlessly lining up cars on our TV stand to being able to play simple board/matching games. He went from being in his own space so much of the time to being able to smile up at his therapist while doing an activity.

We all sat in our living room, through a full set of seasons and then some, and worked toget…

"Down the hills and 'round the bend, Thomas and his friends!"

I am one beat mama, but oh, the day was worth it!

PJ doesn't quite get future plans yet, so even though I have talked about meeting Thomas all week, he really didn't understand what was coming. It was just this mama who was too excited to sleep last night, and who woke long before her boys to excitedly pack a bag for our day trip while she sipped her coffee. Potty seat? Check. Change of clothes in case of an accident? Check. Wallet? Snack? Camcorder? Check. Check. Check. And most importantly, the tickets for our date with Thomas? Double check, and checked again!

It was a slightly subdued toddler that we loaded into the car (thanks for nothing, you wretched cold!) and with a turn of the key we headed towards Lancaster County and the East Strasburg Railroad. While PJ snoozed, the scene before us went from suburban (our neighborhood) to urban (Philadelphia), and after a long stretch of highway, we were surrounded by farms, deep in Amish country. We passed a tiny school house, wh…

"Say goodbye to not knowing when the truth in my whole life began..."

Okay, friends. I am going to indulge in one brief moment of venting, and then I will move on. Please excuse the unhinged stream of consciousness that is about to ensue. In 3...2..1...

Gah. I am feeling very discouraged and worried today. As is the grand tradition of this time of year, PJ is sick. My poor dude has a terrible cough, a streaming nose, irritated eyes and has been running a mild fever. I cancelled his Early Intervention therapy today and yesterday because he's sicky and I don't want to risk his therapists passing germs to other kids and/or getting sick themselves. It's his second disruption to his therapy in as many weeks, as "Superstorm" Sandy kept his therapists off the roads for a few days. It is additionally frustrating because we only have a few days of therapy left before he starts school! I am nervous enough about the transition without adding extra to it!

We also have tickets to take him to see Thomas the Train, in person, this Friday! As in,…

"Noises I play within my head..."

Things on Thursday

...The woman involved in this letter, from what I understand, had the location of her home put on the internet and has had people contacting her place of employment, calling for her to be fired. C'mon people. Aren't we better then that? She wrote a thoughtless letter. About Halloween. And yes, it trivialized the tragic events of a weather disaster that hurt so many of our NJ neighbors. Still, I don't think she was malicious, just thoughtless. Get it together, people.

...Ever since the storm, PJ has been insane. He's been super-hyper and crazed, and Pete and I are at a bit of a loss as to how to handle it. We know that part of it was the disruption of his routine- we didn't have therapy for most of last week, as we were stuck in the apartment for as much time. But aside from that, he laughs in our face if we try to discipline him. My only guess is that being developmentally delayed means that we are entering the Terrible Twos-ish behavior now. Fr…

"Rock you like a hurricane..."

An open letter to a fellow mother:

Dear Ms. C,

You posted the following editorial contribution to the South Jersey Times regarding the recent storms to hit NJ and the surrounding area and the subsequent changes to Halloween and Trick-or-Treating:

To the Editor:

I am was very displeased with Gov. Chris Christie’s Executive Order to delay Halloween to Monday (Nov. 5). I am also displeased with our local governments for bowing so quickly without seeing what was best for their specific towns.

The area we live in was spared from the devastation, yet the entire state was lumped together as a giant disaster area. It didn’t matter that my town had already come up with an alternate plan, or that other towns had already assessed damages and realized that it was safe for our children to go and carry out their traditions.

Never before have I felt the presence of the government in my home as loudly as I did on Oct. 31. I found it very contradictory to the motto of our country. I did not feel free.


"...but I don't even run from the rain."

It's Sunday night, and... was daylight savings, also known as The Longest Damn Day of the Year. I remember when it was the best day ever because I could get an extra hour of sleep! But, those days were before motherhood and now, daylight savings means an extra hour of Toddler Madness. Oy, vey. Good thing it's also an extra hour of cuteness!

...before bed, PJ and I snuggled and watched "Monster's Inc.", his new favorite! He loves to tell me everything that is happening on screen ("Sully brushing teeth!") and, to my great amusement, calls Mr. Waternoose "More Feet!". The movie is being re-released next month and we are hoping it will be PJ's first theater movie!

...we have a very busy week coming up! Pete will be working for much of it, so I just hope for things to go smoothly and with ease! Even though it sometimes feels like our routine is disrupted a bit when Pete is home, I mainly miss him when he's not and feel thankful to…

"Be strong, walk on..."

We fill our time on the weekends with low key stuff, usually. Laundry. Groceries. Quite time with family. We stay in our pajamas until lunchtime. Our weekends are sweet around here, but not earth shattering. Which is just how I like it! But sometimes... You power up with yummy food and great company and tons of Girls Night Laughter...
When your sisters hair falls out from the effects of Lupus you get your inner Katy Perry/badass on And dye your own hair purple in solidarity.
(And sometimes it takes a double process bleaching and two tries at getting it purple.) Some weekends, the threat of a hurricane looms Cloudy and ominous, and you tell the storm to go f*#k itself Because you need to fight Lupus that weekend. You see a rainbow at 7:24am When rainbows have no business being awake and you know something amazing is about to go down.
You walk alongside your sister Who wears a purple wig to cover her failing hairline, Boasting your own purple-haired hue. And with thousands of other …