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"Sappy, pathetic little me..."

It's Sunday, the start of a brand-new week. Thank God.

By last Thursday I was, pretty much, at the end of my rope, and kept thinking about Sunday as something I had to make it to.

"Holy crap. Okay, I just need to make it to Sunday. It will be a brand-new week..."

So, here we are on Sunday and it's been (thus far) just what we needed- a quiet day where I can catch up on a few things around the house, watch the Olympics, and play with PJ. PJ, who thankfully, is napping! I know that sounds mean, but seriously. Dude needed a nap.

As it turns out, today is not just any Sunday, but the last Sunday of July in 2012. I have no idea how that happened. This year has been going by so fast that I find myself breathless. In two days, it will be August, one year since we first made the phone call to Early Intervention and started this new journey with our son. One year down.

Holy crap.

At any rate, this week will, with luck, be less hectic, but there is still quite a number of t…

"Eight days a week..."

It's Thursday afternoon, and it's supposed to be be storming outside, but it's sunny and HOT! I feel kind of ripped off. I was looking forward to come coffee, thunder, and lightning while my boys are asleep. Oh, well. At least, thankfully, there's coffee! I had a crack-of-dawn toddler today so I need the extra jump!

I can hardly believe it's only Thursday. It's been a long, busy, emotional week for me, and the thought of two and a half more days seems a little daunting! There have been parties and gatherings, swim lessons and therapy, meetings and errands. We've been here, there, and everywhere and it's been a mix of fun, emotional, and exhausting!

On Sunday we celebrated my niece Emilia's 6th birthday with a Madagascar-themed birthday party that included a face painter, balloon artist, and cotton candy! PJ has a blast running around with his cousins and assorted "big kids" and the adults were able to enjoy the good food, wine (lots of w…

"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..."


Oh my lord, I'm so tired. I have been sleeping terribly lately, despite the amazingly cool, open-window weather that I have been craving since the first heat wave started. I am a lover of all seasons, but cool, fall-like weather is my favorite, so this break in the heat has been a welcome one!

After a tense few weeks between Pete and I, things are slowly starting to get back to a more positive place. This marriage thing, this parenting thing, this compromise thing...they're no easy feat. I don't think it's easy in the best of circumstances and it can certainly be difficult in the harder times. Take two people like Pete and I- two stubborn, textbook Taurus people- and it makes the mix a little spicier than most. So, sometimes, we stumble in the marriage/compromise department. Things are good again, having moved from angry to civil to loving, but this time, I think we're going to use a lifeline to make sure things have a better chance of staying this wa…

"Maybe it would be cool if I rocked it old school..."

In five minutes it won't be Sunday anymore.
I should be in bed because PJ has been sleeping like crap,
  so if tonight is like the past few nights, he'll be up in an hour or two.
My poor dude.
He's one of those kids who, when he gets tired, gets revved up.
This statement will only make sense to some of you-
PJ is just like Anna in that way!!
We visited my parents tonight and he hopped all over the place like a
   (very cute, blonde, chatty) monkey on crack.
My mom made us baked chicken and roasted potatoes.
PJ ate a few slices of cheese, a bowl of fresh fruit, and some ice cream.
I guess that's somewhere between a complete nutritional fail and a wash.
Anyway, the more tired he gets the more trouble he has settling down.
Thankfully, he fell asleep with relative ease tonight.
Here's hoping it sticks.
Yesterday we spent the morning and afternoon with
   my good friend Carmen and her nephew Noah!
We had plans to go to the beach but stupid Mother Na…

"Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday..."

On my sister Marla's blog today, she made the observation that people tend to blog about what makes them happy on Fridays. Being Friday the 13th, it's not just any ordinary Friday, of course, but she's not really a horror movie fan so she went with the happy theme. I think I'll follow suit:

Brie's Friday the 13th List: Stuff That Makes Me Happy
1. The way PJ says "Salty" (a character on "Thomas and Friends") "Sauuuullllteeeee" It's. So. Cute!
2. The fact that even though we see each other at least twice a week, Marla and I spoke on the phone for over an hour today!
3. This neatness kick I've been on lately. Or, rather, how nice everything looks when it's clean in here. The cleaning in and of itself is stupid
4. PJ full-out, hysterically laughing at the Talking Tom app on Pete's phone. Also, how sweetly and beautifully he asks for the use of the phone!
5. That after months of nagging, begging, and cajoling, I finally g…

"It's like a heat wave burnin' in my heart!"

Holy crap, y'all. It is hot out! Over 100 degrees today, so we are all staying in!

It's been busy as usual, with all of the hustle and bustle of summer upon us! The usual suspects- play dates, therapy, family time- have been joined by days at the pool, birthday parties, vacation and holiday celebrations,and the milestone of mine and Pete's 4th wedding anniversary! Pete had some time off so we were able to spend a few days with PJ in Margate, staying at the house that has been in my mother-in-law's family since she was a little girl. It is a blessing that we have such a treat to share with our family, since a beach vacation would be out of the realm of financial possibility for us otherwise! Often it's filled with family, but this week it was just us (much, I'm sure, to PJ's chagrin, since he loves him some cousin time!). PJ always seems so at home there; he slept in one of the beds like a big boy and had a blast running up and down the long hallway and beh…