Sunday, May 27, 2012

"In that great street, carnival..."

Grrrrrrr. I am in a terrible mood tonight, and the beer I had after PJ went to bed isn't helping. It's a shame, because today was actually a wonderful- albeit hot- day!

Today was the annual May Fair in our little town! It's a huge street fair down the main street that has tons of fun craft stands, bands, food, kid rides and activities. It is one of my favorite days of the year! I was pregnant for my first May Day and imagined what it would be like to bring our baby over the next years! Our first year, PJ was only 6 months old, and I was so happy and proud walking our cute, chubby little blonde dude around! Last year, we spend May Fair with PJ's cousins, and got to enjoy both the fair and cousin time!

This year, PJ was finally old enough to really particpate, and it was such a good time! Pete had to work tonight, so we went as a family in the morning! The day was already warm and humid at 10am, but we strolled the fair together, checking out the stands and putting PJ on his first fair ride, the choo-choo train! He looked like such a big boy as he rode with the other kids! My brave boy jumped right on!

Choo choo!
We came home at lunch time because 1. Pete needed to go to bed and 2. PJ needed to go down for a nap! After nap, PJ and I headed back to the Fair! We created sand art (PJ labled and chose each color and helped me pour them in! I was soooo proud of him!), tried out the bounce house, and danced to a band playing 80's music! He also might have consumed an entire bag of cotton candy, so look for tomorrow's blog on pink poop. :-)

 It was a fun day and it, as always, left me so thankful for my little family!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Tonight, we are young! So let's set the world on fire!"

Today... boys slept in a little, cuddled up in bed while I made breakfast. It was the sweetest thing ever.

...PJ had a great therapy session. He is improving and growing before our eyes!

...we had a train-filled, Munchkin-filled, Mama-chat-filled, toddler-hug-and-kisses-filled play date today with some dear friends and it was wonderful!

...PJ took a long nap while the sky opened up this afternoon- I haven't seen it rain like that in a long time!

...while Pete got ready for work I giggled with my best Boy over chicken nuggets and strawberries.

...PJ and I enjoyed a frozen yogurt date with the Oldest/Bestest and her littles. I sometimes, still, can't believe that it's not just Randi and I meeting to gossip and laugh. We are totally grown-ups now. So strange.


...Pete is at work. Boo.

...There is no hockey on. Double boo.

...PJ is tucked into bed after utilizing the trampoline to work off his frozen yogurt high! He looks supersuperhandsome in his new jammies from his Bubbie!

...I got a load of laundry done.

...I got one load of laundry down, but still have twenty bazillion other household tasks to do. Fail.

...I am happy that tomorrow is Friday and Pete will be home!

...I have the song "We Are Young" stuck in my head after being serenaded by Randi's girls! :-)

...I am lucky.

"I see you've come so far to be right where you are..."

Today was a simple, sweet little day. Pete worked last night so he slept for a bit of the day, but knowing that he'd be home with us tonight gave me something to look forward to.

Summer is thiiiiiiiisclose and the days have been increasingly humid. My, ahem...heat-sensitive men are already feeling the effects, and when Pete woke up from his nap, he said "You are not cooking tonight, there will be nothing turned on in that kitchen."

Sounded good to me. Instead, we took pizza over to his parents house so we could take advantage of their lovely back deck for some alfresco dining! As it turned out, my sassy little nieces were there and PJ was in Cousin Heaven. PJ sat with Riley (who is also Pete's goddaughter) and played so sweetly that I didn't even dare to jump up for my camera and risk breaking the spell. They chatted about cars, ran through the yard, and socialized on the steps. Riley looked so happy to have her youngest cousin all to herself and PJ looked ecstatic to have all of her attention. It was so cute and they were so funny and the moment just tucked itself right into my heart!

The kids ate pizza and chicken fingers and even though it wasn't exactly a nutritional win, there was a breeze blowing and everyone ate until they were stuffed. The kids enjoyed these gross blue popsicles, even PJ, who got mad at me when he realized that he couldn't also eat the stick. By the time we got home, PJ was filthy and full and tired! We bathed, pajamed, and tucked into a bed a very happy little boy.

Now, it's the first few minutes of Thursday and there's still so much more to look forward to this week- play dates and time with family and a huge street fair in our town on Saturday! It's such a sweet time, right now, and it makes me so happy!

Happy Thursday, friends!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

"I'll do my Sunday dreaming..."

Sunday Stuff...

Today is my Mom's 60th birthday! We enjoyed brunch at The Main Street Mansion and celebrated her day! I ate so much that I could feel my stomach pressing against my sternum, and PJ ate his weight in fruit, bagels, and whipped cream! Everything was delicious and the day is beautiful- what a wonderful way to wish a Happy Birthday to my Mom!

I can't believe it's already mid-May! I don't know where this year is going but it's going by fast! My baby is two and a half! How can that be? Mid-May also means that summer is around the corner! My mom and my sister are planning a trip to the outlets tomorrow to do some clothes shopping! I am on the prowl for summer things for PJ because the poor dude has nothing! Also, I need a bra. All I have left are nursing bras and one push-up from Victoria's Secret!

The weather reports are calling for rain and as I type, there's a breeze blowing in some darker clouds, but I am hoping it holds off because my sister-in-law Shelly is having everyone ever for BBQ tonight! PJ loves seeing his cousins and I love eating Shelly's barbecue!! Er, I mean, I love seeing my sisters- and brother-in-law. That too.


I am cheating on this blog with a new piece of work. Many of you know that PJ was recently diagnosed with Autism.We don't let Autism consume our lives and I didn't want it to consume my blog, but I did need an outlet for all of the snark I had building up inside of me. It's a complicated thing, this Mammahood, and being the parent of a "special needs" child makes my thoughts complicated. And so, a blog was born. It's called The Dreaded 'Tis  and it is, essentially, the story of our life with Autism. With some funny. And the occasional "F" word.

My sister Marla has been keeping up with her blog, Luck Fupus, and I am really, really proud of her! There's been a few times that she has started to blog and abandoned it soon after, even though she's always had a great story to tell, even before Lupus. In the same way this blog has done for me, it's helping her connect with people who understand and can offer friendly commiseration! This whole Lupus deal sucks, but I've always said the sucky stuff makes for the best stories later, and I am really proud she's telling hers!

I am going to wrap this up with the most genius idea ever. Really, I hope you're sitting down for this shit, because I am about to blow. your. mind. You know how the ice cream truck just kind of wanders around the neighborhood, and if you're wanting some ice cream, you have to hope you get lucky enough for the truck to get within chasing-it-down distance?
 Well, what if instead you just text your address to an ice cream dispatch of sorts that then sends the ice cream truck right to you???? The driver can go from sale to sale to sale instead of hoping to come upon someone who wants ice cream by chance, and you can guarantee that the truck will come your way!! This is genius, people!! GENIUS!!!

You're welcome! ;-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"It's you and me in the summertime..."


I am very, very tired today after a restless night with PJ.I do love me a good thunder and lightning storm, but the one that hit us around 1:30am woke my sweet dude with some loud rounds of God bowling. One loud clap had PJ hightailing it into my bed before the flash of lightning had disappeared! He tried his best to snuggle close and go back to sleep, but once awakened, he tossed and turned all night. I might have been able to doze had the flailing hands/toes/elbows/etc of said tosser not prevented me from doing so.

Now PJ is napping on this warm Wednesday and I thinking about how warm it really is and that I really need to go shopping for some summer clothes! I can't believe it's already mid-May! Last summer was wonderful- we swam and and beached and play-dated and Pocono-ed to our hearts content! It was the first summer that PJ was big enough to actually do things and every day filled my heart!

I am looking forward to this summer, too, but now we have all of PJ's therapies to work around. We can't take advantage of Pete's flexible schedule and hop down to Margate for a few days. I know it will still be a golden summer with my golden Boy, but in my heart, it feels a bit like we downgraded from 24 carrots to 14. Still pretty, but not the same.

Tonight, summer was relegated to the back of my mind as we enjoyed an impromptu after-dinner play date with some dear friends! It was a gorgeous, slightly-steamy evening and we watched our littles play in the still-bright sunshine! PJ only rode his bike for a few minutes but put on his helmet with no problems, so it was a small victory for me to add to our growing tally.

Growing . I think that is what we will be doing this summer. Getting used to PJ's diagnosis and realizing that we are still on a path to happy, no matter how things turn out. I have to try to be brave and leave my heart open to all that the madness of summer has to offer.

The best way to start? Buying poor PJ some summer clothes!!! It's off to the online stores for me!

Good night, friends!

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Now the years are rolling by me, they are rocking easily.I am older then I once was, but younger then I'll be- that's not unusual..."

Before I get started, can we all just take a second to swoon over the magic that is Simon and Garfunkel? Really. The wordsmith that Paul is? That magical, lilting voice of Art's? If you've been here before you've noticed my habit of using song lyrics in all of my posts and, more often then not, there's a Simon and Garfunkel lyric that speaks right to what I'm feeling that day.

At any rate, we are all older then we once were, but I am especially as I turned 35 yesterday. Gah. Thirty-freakin'-five. That seems to be the age where you're supposed to start being serious about battling crows feet and for the love of GOD don't have a baby because your eggs are dried up and it'll have eight heads!

Ahem. That might be a bit dramatic. But still...

Thankfully, this new season opened it's blooms with much less turmoil then all of that. In fact, my week has been full of the kind of kindness and love that I couldn't have built up to at 16 or 21. In typical Me fashion, I spent so much time dreading what 35 would bring that I forgot what 35 already gave me. I'm such an ass.

As it happened, the week has been wonderful (Flyers losses aside. Boo.)! A few weeks ago, this happened when I tried to take PJ to get a haircut. At the time, it was very hard on me, and I hadn't been able to screw up the courage to try for another haircut. In the meantime, PJ looked like a very blonde, silky Cousin It. So, my dear friend Michelle offered to cut it for me. She cuts her own handsome son Ezra's hair and was willing to brave PJ's possibly insane behavior. I was nervous he would claw her eyes out, and she was nervous I would hate his hair! Still, we faced our fears and set a play date/shear date and when I arrived, Michelle had baked birthday cupcakes with a Flyers there and made a delicious lunch to celebrate my impending 35-hood!
Handsome before...
After our bellies were full, we sat PJ down and dove in. And, you know. He cried. Angry, sob-y, boogie- and despair-filled cried. And perhaps because she already has three kids, or because I had warned her beforehand that it might get ugly, it didn't phase Michelle. She didn't look at him like he was possessed or make cutting comments. I held PJ's hands still and Michelle steadfastly plowed through his insane amount of hair and soon enough, my Best Boy had a superduperhandsomedude haircut! And seriously. I mean handsome.

Handsome after! Making his "cheese" face!
I couldn't express it at the time because A. we were in the midst of trying to clean ALL OF THAT HAIR off the floor (Seriously. So. Much. Hair.) and B. I would have started to cry like a lunatic. It was the willingness to help me out, when I couldn't face stares or comments about PJ's behavior (which, in retrospect, was not all that bad. Pete's mom told me she had to let his hair grow out at one point because he was such a flaming pain in the ass as a kid when it came to haircuts, and nobody put him on the spectrum). It was, simply, kind. It was kind and I thankful. I don't even have the words for it.

So, I may have to start worrying about crows feet and dry eggs, and yes, I may have to worry about people not understanding PJ and having something nasty to say about it. I never have to worry that we all won't have amazing, loving, understanding friends and family around us, who will love my wrinkled eyes and my extraordinary Boy.

Happy Birthday to me!