"Light up, light up, as if you have a choice..."

Whoops. I didn't realize it had been so long since I last blogged! I was trying to get back into the rhythm of writing and did not want to lag but of course, life happens. Now, I'm sitting at the keyboard in a wordy mood, so consider yourself warned. ;-)

It's been a busy time! There have been dental visits for me and a full schedule of therapy for PJ. We said Happy Birthday to (in order) my niece Sarah, my mother-in-law, and my dear husband! There was an amazing bridal shower for my cousin and life-long playmate Jennifer, who is marrying a wonderful, straight-up guy and has the most intelligent children I have ever met (no exaggeration!)! My beloved Flyers gave the much despised Pittsburgh Penguins the beating they deserved and have moved on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, which is quite possibly my favorite time of year!

There were so many of the huge moments that you expect to be beautiful- watching your lovely cousin open gifts with such a thankful, delighted aura that she glowed; watching Sidney Crosby slink off the ice (I know that doesn't sound nice but it's a beautiful thing for a hockey fan!); the look of happiness on Pete's face when he opened the Nerf gun we gave him for his birthday and the even brighter look of him shooting at my cat (it doesn't hurt her in the least). They filled my sometimes secretly aching heart with joy that I could feel.

But, of course, it was the completely unexpected moment on a walk with my son that truly took my breath away. We strolled through the park, and a short walked stretched to longer because, truly, the weather was too gorgeous to even think of being inside. Baths? Later. Bedtime? Pffft. The sun was dripping gold on us, and the grass was strewn with wishes. When PJ stopped to pick one, I grabbed my phone:

No editing. No DSLR. No Instagram. Just a moment so lovely that it didn't need anything fancy to catch it. It's everything I dream of for my Best Boy- a golden life, full of potential wishes to come true.

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you can not hear my voice,
I'll be right beside you, dear...

"I'll love you with every beat of my heart, I swear..."

Stuff I Swore I'd Never Do When I Became A Parent...that I totally ended up doing. 

  • buy toys in excess
  • pick my sons nose
  • use spit to wipe schmutz off of his face
  • let him watch The Wiggles and Caillou
  • let PJ sleep in bed with us
  • be overprotective
  • breastfeed after a year
  • use a Nosefrida
  • feed him chicken nuggets and Kraft Mac and Cheese
  • ...and McDonald's. Friggin' McDonald's. 
  • having long conversations about his poo
  • asking the pediatrician a jillion psycho questions
  • posting billions of pictures of him to Facebook
  • cry on this birthday (it's only been two so far, but still...)
  • be happy every single day that I am his Mommy

(Wait. I totally knew I'd do that last one. And I do! Oh, do I!)

"Roller coaster of love- say what?"

Right now, we are in the midst of a complete Nap Time Fail, as there are a bunch a very loud (albeit, very sweet) men outside wielding very loud chainsaws. My husband can sleep through that with no problem, but poor PJ is being kept up! Fooey. Still, he's not upset, just laying in bed reading a book and resting his body. Looks like an early bedtime tonight!

Today aside, naps have been very successful affairs lately as our days have been full-to-brimming with activity! Easter turned into a four day celebration of egg decorating parties, bunny shows at the library (did you know bunnies can navigate agility courses????), Easter Sunday gatherings and trips to Six Flags Great Adventure with friends! After all of that action, PJ has been one tired little Dude and has fallen asleep almost instantly when laid in his bed! 

Coming off a big win for the Flyers last night this day in particular has been sweet, with PJ having a great therapy session this morning and then behaving beautifully at an appointment to have some blood drawn! After his appointment, Pete went home to go to sleep since he worked last night, and PJ and I met Marla at Olive Garden for a delicious lunch! PJ's amazing behavior continued and lunch was lovely! I was so proud of him! 

Just as an aside, I can never go to Olive Garden with Pete, because he just doesn't get it. He always says "We have so many amazing, authentic Italian restaurants in our area, why would you go to Olive Garden?" Um, duh, you don't go to Olive Garden for authenticity. You go because it's Olive Garden and it's awesome! I don't really think there are people in Milan or Florence eating the Tour of Italy! But, that's my hubby, so I like to save a trip to the O.G. for sister dates! :-)

Now, Pete is off for a few days and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so I am looking forward to some family time together! Perhaps we can even work in a trip to the beach! :-) 

With that, please enjoy this picture of PJ on his very first by himself ride at Great Adventure! 

No, YOU just got Instagram on your phone!

"That's just the way it is..."

It's a lovely, cool, windy mid-afternoon in my little corner of the world, where it also happens to be opening day for our local Little League! Our apartment sits on the edge of a large park and our spring and summer are peppered with the sound of bats hitting balls, children laughing, parents cheering, and future Phillie's being announced over the loudspeaker. It's what comfort and happiness sounds like to me, and I am welcoming it right into my soul today!

Our day started out with my little family all waking in the same bed- Pete came to bed late and apparently, PJ followed him right into our room. Pete says that I woke and welcomed my boys with a kiss and snuggle, but I don't remember it at all and, instead, was surprised to find a bed full of Latini's when I woke!

We had a busy day planned- an Easter Egg hunt in the next town over followed by a bunny show at the library where my sister-in-law runs the 'tween programing! The events we an hour apart, but Pete and I imagined that at two, PJ would gather a few eggs and lose interest, leaving us plenty of time to head over to the library. We figured we had about 30 minutes. The hunt was advertised as having an area for younger children, so we happily headed over with the thought that PJ could collect eggs with other toddlers safely and easily. But things rarely go as planned and when the hunt still hadn't begun 20 minutes after its start time (and also didn't have the advertised toddler area) we turned tail and headed to our next destination with no eggs gathered. :-( I was disappointed and frustrated, but seeing PJ at the library hugging his cousins and smiling as he sweetly pet the bunnies filled my heart, as did watching the fury little bunnies navigate the agility course set up for them! He'll hunt for eggs with his cousins tomorrow and it will be awesome! :-)

Pete and I have decided to get PJ a balance bike for Easter- although this late call means it won't actually be here for Easter. Fail! Thankfully, PJ won't notice, and we are so excited to give him his very own bike as they are among his current obsessions (bikes, trains, motorcycles- pretty much anything that has wheels and moves!)! We are also hoping it will help PJ work on some of his fine and gross motor issues and be an activity that will hold his interest! And in the meantime, we're pretty sure a basket of candy will hold his interest just fine! ;-)

Until then, it's a relaxing evening in store for us! The Flyers play the Penguins in half an hour, hopefully crushing them into the ice, leaving them a trembling, crying mass of broken men. Ahem. Anyway, PJ's superhandsomedude Easter outfit is laid out and ready, there is an Easter basket to be assembled, and there is a mama who knows that even when things don't turn out as planned, it's okay.

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday!

"A little fall of rain..."

Just a quick hello.

It's a damp, cool, cozy night. Pete is at work and my Best Dude is passed out in bed after a fun evening with his cousins. He didn't let the fact that he is the youngest of 8 slow him down, and seeing his love for his family fills my heart with something indescribable. It's wonderful and happy and good

This morning was the annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at Pete's fire department. The room was full and the pancakes were plentiful and, thank God, the coffee was flowing! The fundraiser is a success every year despite the fact that PJ tried to eat them out of business! Seriously, Dude ate four big pancakes and three huge sausage links! His appetite amazes me sometimes! 

I got to spend much of the weekend with my sister Marla, which is always a win. She's started a blog about her battle with Lupus and I am super proud of her. In typical Marla style, it's called Luck Fupus, and it's to be checked out. Also, you all should know that she was very upset when "Livin' La Vida Lupus" was already taken. Go figure. :-)

The Spring Cleaning Frenzy of 2012 continues, and while it's still a hot mess by normal people standards, there is progress being made and I am very much pleased by that! 

Before I hit "Publish" and head off to bed for the night, I want to write down for posterity how much I love my little family, my husband and my son, my Sr. and my Jr. Petes. They are my little island in a sea of madness and I treasure them with all of my heart.

And with that, my loves...

Good night.