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"...she calls me 'cause I'm still awake..."

PJ is tucked into his bed, sound asleep, and let's all pray together that he actually stays asleep tonight! Unlike last night, when he woke up at 1am and found it completely unreasonable that his father and I did not want to get up and play! Seriously, folks. He wasn't sick, isn't teething, didn't wet through his diaper. PJ just felt having his day begin at 1am. Thankfully, he passed out eventually (after being up much of the night), sprawled across our legs at the foot of the bed. What kind of bag of crap is that????

So, I mean it folks. On your knees. Pray for heavy eyelids and free-flowing melatonin.

Of course, PJ was superdupercranky all morning which was perfect because he had two therapy sessions today. Gah. Dude was miserable, but thankfully, he took a monster nap and rebounded nicely!

Pete had to work tonight (it's his crappy week) but my sister Marla, PJ and I headed over to a yummy local place called The Tortilla Press. They were having a fundraiser for r…

"You're my shooting star..."

This was just one of those days. PJ's therapy session this morning felt endless, as PJ made it clear that he had no earthly interest in doing anything remotely suggestive of what his therapist wanted him to do. It gets right in my head because I don't know if it's the Two or if it's the 'Tis (Yes, I refer to his Autism as The 'Tis. It makes me laugh and sometimes I just need to fucking laugh). I feel like if autism wasn't in the picture he would just be a regular, two year old boy who is contrary in his two-ness. But we have this diagnosis and sometimes it just seeps into everything we do and it sucks. giant. monkey. balls. 
Half an hour after his therapy session, we went out as a family to the market and the kid who was being impossible was charming every person in the place! A laugh and an "Oh, hi!" to the deli lady got him a slice of cheese as a reward ("Cheeseyummycheeseyummy...") and the ogling of cakes in the bakery got him a cook…

"I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth moves slowly..."

For a Monday, today wasn't bad.

I woke up with an allergy headache, but was thankful for Pete who got PJ up and fed. With Pete working nights, mornings can be a struggle, so I was thankful for the effort on his part to let me sleep in an extra 20 minutes.

PJ had physical therapy and we met his wonderful therapist Christy at a local playground, where PJ climbed, ran, swang (swung?), balanced beamed, robe bridge walked, and rock climbed to his hearts content. His gross motor skills, while still not perfect, have improved enough that his PT has been cut back to once a month! So today was our last bi-weekly visit from Christy! We even met up with a few dear friends who came to keep us company! The day was warm and sunny but windy, in fact, it's been howling all day!

After the park we stopped by my in-laws house so PJ could see his Nan and Pop and hang out with his cousin "Wwwwwahh-beee" (translation: Robbie). The boys are so funny together, and Robbie is usually patient …

"If you need a lift..."

It's late Sunday night and we are finally getting settled down from the day. Just in time to go to bed. :-P

The past week was a combination of fun, busy, emotional and harried and this week promised to be more of the same. PJ has therapy every morning this week, and there's the usual array of play dates, family time, and various adventures! It's also Pete's sucky week at work: He works every other day so that means he sleeps before and after each shift, so his "day off" doesn't really start until he wakes up after sleeping off the shift from the night before. So, if he works Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, you can figure out how much we see him over the week.

It sucks. Although starvation and eviction, I'm sure, suck much harder, so we suck it up. (Can I use "suck" a few more times?)

We had made an appointment to see a geneticist a few months ago on the advice of the developmental pediatrician that follows PJ for his autism care. Pet…

"Summah- summah- summertime!"

Our Summertime To-Do List
With the weather being so amazing I can't help but dream about summertime! Since PJ has been born summer has been such a wonderful time for my little family! As he grows we are able to add more things to our list of things to do, and with 80 degree weather coming tomorrow, it makes me eager to get started! 
Join the neighborhood pool Visit Sesame Place Get PJ his first bike Eat outside as much as possible Lots of after dinner walks Lots of water ice Trips to Margate Beach Mummers concerts in Collingswood Splashing in the kiddie pool with friends PJ's first trip to Storybook Land Summertime visits to the Poconos Fireworks on the 4th Lunch outside at The Bistro in Haddonfield Running through the sprinkler Playground time with friends Dinner with family Lots and lots and lots of happy :-)

"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me..."

A Bunch of Random Crap. Because, why not?
We changed PJ's bed over, fully, to a "big boy" bed (ie, a toddler bed with both sides open now!). He seems to be doing just fine, but hasn't lost his penchant for falling asleep in random places in his room. He's not falling out of bed, rather, I think he just gets up to play and ends up passing out. 

Pete's car died quite a while back, and he has been driving his father's truck ever since (thanks, Dad L, for that!). He finally decided to go look for a new car but in true manfashion is on a quest for the Perfect Deal. Which means he has been looking for a car for friggin' weeks! I just don't get it.
Here's how Brie shops for a car. 
1. Look at some cars. 2. Pick a car. 3. Sign the papers. 4. Whee! New car!
Simple, right?
I am on a quest to really, truly do some Spring Cleaning around here. With the changing of PJ's bed came the realization that we have too much crap, so away it has to go. A few ba…

"Talk about the weather..."

Oh, springtime. How I missed you! Although I can't really complain too much about this past "winter"!

This week has brought sunshine and seventy-degree weather and play dates and dirty little boys in the bathtub at night! Each day has been more lovely then the next and I am so thankful for all of it!

A few weeks ago, PJ was officially diagnosed with Autism (a little more about that story here) and although it was a difficult pill to swallow I find that it hasn't completely poisoned our life. It just tastes a little different, and that is okay. As like like to joke, it's not like we can return him! That dude is here to stay! And thankfully, he is here. PJ has been making amazing progress with his therapy and we could not be happier! Pete and I are fighting like tigers to keep our best boy connected to this amazing world. :-)

I'm still not able to really talk about it very much, except for a very, very few people (oh, and you know who you are...) aside from my …

"Paaaaaarty all the tiiiiiiime!"

My sweet, sassy, silly baby boy is TWO YEAR OLD!

And yeah, so that happened over atwo three months ago! Better late then never!

Everyone we love gathered on an unusually warm December day to celebrate PJ's second birthday!  His Aunt Marla and Uncle Steve were stupid gracious enough to host the fete, and God love their bravery because we partied with close to THIRTY kids and a houseful of adults! There is no such thing as a small party with our families, and it is overwhelming but mostly wonderful!

We decided to hold a mid-morning party so that all of our younger guests could party 'till they dropped with the hope that they would drop at nap time! :-) So by 10am, most of our guests had arrived and were rearing to go! The only problem was that our entertainment had not arrived! We had hired the folks from My Gym of Cherry Hill to set up tons of activities for the kids, but they got lost getting to my sisters house which made them very late! Thankfully, they rebounded beautifully…