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"Ain't about what's waiting on the other side, it's the climb..."

PJ's new thing has been climbing out of his crib! It came out of nowhere- one day he was rattling the door when I thought he was safe, sound and asleep. After that, he became a climbing machine!

That nerd.

As good as he is at climbing, the constant in and out isn't a good thing. He hasn't fallen or hurt himself at all- in fact, he's pretty stealth! Still, his being hurt isn't something I want to risk, so tonight is his last night in his crib. Tomorrow, Pete and I will convert it to a toddler bed and transition him into sleeping that way. It's time. On Christmas Eve, he climbed out and then couldn't get back in so he fell asleep on the floor! Today, he did the same thing, but instead of the floor, he fell asleep in his rocking chair:

It was actually really. stinking. cute. Nonetheless, it's time, and I have only cried once.
So far.
It's my baby's last night in his crib. {tear}

"Hello, my friend. Hello."

So. Very. Tired. It's been a strange few days, alternately hectic and slow; heavenly and harrowing. PJ was sick the week of his birthday and the week after his party! Wait. What? Yup, you read that right! Peter Joseph had a birthday! My baby boy is a TWO YEAR OLD! I have lots to say about that but it will have to be for another evening. That sickness I referred to wreaked havoc with PJ's sleep and when PJ isn't sleeping Mama's not sleeping, either! So, we're a tired bunch here. Either way, I just wanted to stop by my blog on this very windy, warm-for-winter evening to say hello before I head off to bed! Hello! And goodnight. :-)

(that rumble is Dr. Suess rolling in his grave...)

Oh, The Places You'll Nurse! (also known as "Dear Dr. Suess, I Am Really, Really Sorry About This!")
Congrats to you, Mama! Today is your day! You've got a great bra on! You're off and away!
You have brains in your mellon. You have boobs on your chest. You've made the decision that Breastmilk is Best!
Just you and your baby Is how this will go! Just latch, letdown, lunch Will be all that you know!
This breastfeeding biz Will be quite a breeze! You'll whip out your knockers Wherever you please!
But that chest-full of boobs And that melon with brains May sometimes feel like Breastfeeding's a strain.
And sometimes it's hard Things make you say "Fuck!" Like your nips leaking breastmilk Or when you're baby won't suck.
When BF-ing, things happen- And frequently, too! To ALL breastfeeding mamas! It isn't just you!
And when things start to happen Don't worry. Don't stew. Just go right along. You'll start happening too! (Dr. Seuss actually said that part! …