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It’s Week 13 of the BFing Blog Hop!

Topic: Fertility and Sex

Share your experiences, feelings, or concerns about how breastfeeding affects fertility or your sexual relationship with your partner.

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Life With Levi

The Slacker Mom & Diary Of A Devil Dog Wife

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Life With Levi


Wow. We have two pretty heady topics here. I didn't think I would have very much to say. Turns out, I did.
The topic of fertility has always been a tricky one between my husband and I. When we were married, I was 31, and although we didn't plan on trying to have children until we had been married for a year, I was worried that the closer I got to 35, the more difficult it would be for us to start a family.

Of course, anyone who reads this blog knows that we were married less then 10 months when we became pregnant with our son Peter. Needless to say, we were surprised, but after the intital shock wore off, we were ecstatic! Now, PJ is 16 months old, I will be 34 in May, and we are thinking of trying for another baby at the end of this year. Despite our accidental surprise conception of PJ, I can't help but wonder if it will be just as easy when we are actually trying for another baby. Right now, I am not prepared to let that fear rush our decision to have another child. Still, it's often on my mind, despite the fact that I am healthy, my cycle is still very regular, and there is no real reason to think that I won't be able to conceive.

Although I have yet to set an actual plan as to when I am going to wean PJ, I think it's highly unlikely that I will still be nursing him when Pete and I try for baby number two. Breastfeeding or not, however, I don't think nursing would cause any obstacles in conceiving. My cycle returned very early, when PJ was just three months old, despite the fact that he was exclusively breastfeeding. At the time, I was totally annoyed (oh, I lovedlovedloved not getting my period while I was pregnant! It was wonderful!) but now that I am starting to see the glimmer of another baby in my eyes, I am happy that my body returned to "normal" with ease!

For the time being, or at least for the next couple of months, we aren't thinking about another baby and, instead, are enjoying having PJ as the center of our lives! We are both completely in love with our son, and sometimes, it makes it hard to focus on each other as husband and wife. Especially in my case, as I sometimes find it hard take off my Mommy hat to put on my wife one (or take it off, har har...). As a stay-at-home-mom, my focus is on caring for my son and tending full time to our home. Being PJ's mother is the most amazing this I have ever experienced and I find everything else coming in a distant second...and this includes being a wife. When my husband (finally was lucky enough to have) found a nursing job and began working nights, we started to live on completely separate schedules. He needs to sleep during the day and is working when I'm in bed and when he's off, his inner clock is still thrown off. It makes it difficult at best to focus on us as a couple and after the privilege of being PJ's mama all day, well...sometimes it's hard for me to find the motivation to try.

I don't think it is because of breastfeeding that it can be hard to connect in a "marital" way with my husband (although in the early days of nursing, there was a lot of "Jesus, don't touch them, are you out of your mind??? Those bitches are killing me!"). Nursing in and of itself was extremely important in our method of  parenting, but it wasn't a barrier between us. It was more the all-encompassing pull of parenthood and, in particular for me, being a mother. I have thrown myself so fully into it that it can be very difficult to make room for anything else.
It is something that I need to work on for sure. It is possible to be a great mother, a great wife, and a great me without one thing taking away from the other. Finding a well-rounded me can only help the people around me. Breastfeeding, mothering, tending to our home, being a wife- those are all only compnents that make up a whole, and it's possible to give to all of those components freely and still have them be equal in importance. It's all a learning experience, part of this crazy journey that we're all on, and I wouldn't want it to be any other way!
How lucky we all are to have this forum as a means to support and encourage each other!

"And he's watching us all in the eye of the tiger..."

So, this happened.

Pete and I took PJ to a favorite spot of ours, the Garden State Discovery Museum. It's a huge building filled with kid-friendly, interactive exhibits the includes a mini-Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey rink, a newsroom with a working camera, news desk, and a blue-screen weather report station, a construction site where little builders can help build a house, and many other fun stations! There is even a special, gated-in area for toddlers and crawlers to explore!

We were in this area following PJ as he raced from the playhouse to the two-story barn to the ball pit! Since the area is specifically for smaller children, we can usually allow PJ to race about to his hearts content while we trail close behind him. For the most part, even if there is an older child hanging out while a younger sibling gets a turn to play, parents and caretakers make sure the tenor of the room matches the needs of the toddlers.

An older child was playing in this area. He was running around in circles- down the slide, through the room, up the stairs and back down the slide. The woman who he came in with was sitting disinterestedly on a bench, not watching. Coming of the slide, the kid lept up and began to race away and ran smack into PJ, knocking him to the ground. The kid kept running without missing a beat and PJ, scared to death, started to cry. He was fine, just scared. Accidents happen, no big deal. Still, as the caretaker of the older child, do you

A. apologize and take your child to an area more appropriate for someone his age?

B. Stay, but remind your child gently that this is really an area for younger children and that he should slow down a bit? Or

C. Ignore your still-racing child, the crying baby, and the annoyed parents of the crying baby and stare into space like nothing is happening?

The adult with the child chose option C, which kind of blew my mind. I wasn't upset so much about PJ being knocked over. The place is teeming with kids and accidents are bound to happen. I just don't understand when people do not watch the children in their care. The kid in question was a lot bigger then PJ and was going at full-tilt when he ran into him. There was a huge museum with areas appropriate for a kid his age- he should not have been there in the first place. Still, knowing the adult he was with had at the very least reminded him to be careful of the babies and not run would have made me feel a little better.

I understand that there are many different styles of parenting/child care. What do you think? What would you have done in our place? What would you have done if you were the parent of the older child?




"That's just the way it is..."

A Whole Lot of Random

There is only 15 minutes left and then this weekend will be over were only 15 minutes left of the weekend when I started this blog post, but then PJ woke up and needed his mama. For hours. Yawn.  I am now going to edit this post so it makes sense for a Monday morning.

This weekend was a cold one! I don't know why I'm always amazed by the way the winter tried to hold on, because it does that Every. Single. Year. We have a week or so of sunshiney, warm, water-ice type of weather and then BAM! Friggin' snow flurries. I hate it.

Pete just left on a fire call while I was blogging. Bah.

I did some grocery shopping with my oldest-bestest tonight last night. We were long, long overdue for some Brie-Randi time. Randi went back to work a few months ago after being home for almost two years following a lay-off. She's a very competent, capable woman and it's exciting to see her back in the workforce, but it means I see her much, much less. So we had a great time tonight, wandering around Wegmans while we gabbed and shopped.

My son turned 16 months yesterday on Saturday. Sixteen months old!!! How the hell did that happen??

It was really, really exciting for me to be a guest blogger at the Cloth Diaper Geek! Despite the barrage of verbal diarrhea you get from this blog, I really enjoy writing (especially about things I love like cloth diapers!) and it was fun for me to have the opportunity to share in a new forum! (By the way, Jen and Jenn, I love you two so much for leaving such nice comments!!!)

I. Will. Finish. Cleaning. Our. Bedroom. THIS. WEEK. Seriously.

My dad continues to be well as he recovers from his ("minor") heart attack. His follow-up went very well and soon enough he'll be back to playing baseball and going to his calculus class!

Some things PJ think are delicious: mangos, chicken, meatballs

Some other things PJ thinks are delicious: plastic hangers, my hair, his socks

Pete and I have a mile-long To-Do list that I am really hoping we can put a dent in before he goes back to work on Wednesday night. It starts with getting our taxes done (finally!) tomorrow today. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a halfway decent refund. That year that it took Pete to find a nursing job took a huge chunk of (and by huge chunk I mean "all of") our savings. A good return would help use build some of that back up.

Coffee and toast is pretty much the perfect breakfast for a Monday morning. Especially when you are finishing a Sunday Night blog post.

Hope your week is a wonderful one, friends!!!

"The sun will rise, the long day is over..."

Cloth Diaper Geek I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Julie over at the Cloth Diaper Geek ! It was so much fun to do this and "speaking" with Julie was great! She's super nice and you should all go check out her blog, and my post! It's all about starting a cloth diaper stash when you're poor like me! :-)

Yesterday was a long, tiring, frustrating day. It's always hard when Pete goes back to work after his long break and I found myself missing him a lot. He works night, so not only do I miss him when he's actually at work, but also during the day when he's sleeping off his shift. It sucks, sucks, sucks, and I try to be as patient as possible because A. Pete loves his job and actually likes working nights and B. after NOT having a job for so long it's hard to hold a grudge!

That was a catalyst for my bla-ness, and adding to that is PJ being in full-swing teething mode. My sweet, sunny boy is completely out-of-sorts, and I know it's adding to how I am feeling. PJ is so uncomfortable, it's just pathetic. He's not napping well, and I think he may be bumping his mouth in his sleep because for three days in a row, he's woken up from his nap in a complete state of meltdown and it takes him a long time to return to something close to normal.

So yeah. It's all getting to me a bit.

Hopefully, it will get better because Pete switched shifts with a co-worker who needed to make a schedule change. It worked out because now he will have four more days off! During his time off we got a ton done around the apartment, so I am looking forward to this extra time to finish things up and also get a few other tasks done, like having our taxes done and cleaning out our (super-gross) cars.

For now, I am done with this onslought of whinny blogging and will wish you all...

...goodnight! :-)

"I'm gonna let him fly...."

It’s Week 12 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop

Topic: Weaning

Share your thoughts about weaning – experiences, fears, advice

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So when it comes to the topic of weaning my son PJ, this is pretty much my attitude thus far:

In case you missed it, that's a cat covering it's ears. Add in me going "Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...I can't heeeeeeeeaaar yoooooooooouuuu..." and you have any conversation my husband and I have had about weaning PJ thus far. Verbatim.

PJ will be 16 months old by the end of this week. I've mentioned before that my original goal was to nurse him for a year and then see where we stood. A year and then some has passed and while PJ is not nursing at the same frequency he was, we still nurse about 3-4 times a day. On occasion though, there's been times he's just not interested, and I get the feeling that he will soon start to self-wean in ernest.

Although we set a vague date to wean PJ at 18 months, I am inclined to let him wean on his own completely. PJ sets his own demands for when and how long he wants to nurse and really, he always has. I breastfed on demand from the beginning so it's something we are all used to. In my little mama's heart, I am not ready to take the initiative to start the weaning process, so it seems to be a better fit for both of us to let PJ lead the way. For me, I feel like I don't want to take the option to nurse away from PJ before he's ready.

The thought of weaning PJ is very hard for me. For nearly 16 months we have nursed every single day. It's time that is only for PJ and I- nobody else can share him with me when he is nursing. He is my first baby and when he is weaned, that will be it. It will be the first chapter of our lives together that will come to a permanent close. I had never dreamed that nursing my son would be such an emotional journey. He might be ready to wean soon...

...but his mama isn't!


Every single morning, after PJ and I have our breakfast, we retire to the living room. While PJ plays with his toys and runs off the energy he stored up sleeping all night, I sip my coffee and watch The Today Show. My watching partners have changed over time, but the routine has been the same for as long as I can remember.

So this was the scene when we learned that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away. Celebrities die every single year- how else would that montage they run at the Oscars always have a time slot? Still, the flash of violet across my television screen and the news that she was gone made my heart ache a little.

When I was younger, I adored Elizabeth Taylor. Of course I had seen National Velvet, and knew of her colorful lifestyle. To me, she was a movie star of the highest caliber- not a bombshell in a hot, Bridgette Bardot sense, but stunning in a way that made you think God was just a teeny bit unfair to the rest of us. Everyone is born with a nose, two eyes, lips and cheekbones. But her face. It was perfection.

Her stunning beauty aside, I was enamored with the glamour of Elizabeth Taylor. Those red lips against her dark, dark hair and perfect skin. The beautiful figure swathed in amazing clothes, and the fingers dripping with diamonds. It all seemed so effortless and easy. I didn't know anyone in real life who could even come close to measuring up to her glamour.

Or maybe I did...

Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop at Club Harlem in Atlantic City
It's been two years since my Mom-Mom has been gone, and I miss her every single day. She showed us how to be giving, to be hard-working, to be opinionated and to stand up for ourselves. Mom-Mom taught us to save some money from each paycheck and to moisturize our skin every night.

Mom-Mom taught us that, for a very few, that effortless glamor really does exist.

"So we're okay, we're fine..."

Just a quick hello to say that my father is home from the hospital! He's feeling just fine and looks great considering that two days ago, there was a big wire thing in his heart! He is feeling a little freaked out that he has to carry around nitroglycerin and he was mad that he had to miss a few days of the advanced calculus class he's taking.

Yup. I said calculus. He's taking it for fun. I kid you not. He also plays on a baseball team. He's a funny guy.

And I'm really, really happy and thankful that he's home, he's happy, and he's fine.

"It's the heart that really matters in the end..."

It's been a very, very, very long week here for my little family!

The best part of the week was that the weather became progressively nicer as each day went by! Today we enjoyed it at its pinnacle- 75 degree weather; perfect for playgrounds, open windows, and maybe just a long-sleeved tee shirt! It was rainy for a few of those days, but that rain just means that springtime is a'comin'!

And not soon enough.

We danced to our mutual favorite song, Tiny Dancer
by Elton John, at my wedding.
 The hard part of my week was that my father had a heart attack. My mother called me on Wednesday to let me know that he had some chest pains and that they were getting them checked out. Initial testing put him in the clear, but then very late that night came word that the second round of testing showed that he did, indeed, have a heart attack. Our local hospital arranged for him to be transferred to a bigger-yet-still-local hospital for a cardiac catheterization Thursday morning. The procedure was performed on Thursday afternoon and the news was really as good as it could be. He did have a very, very small blockage that was removed with ease. His other major arteries were completely clear and it did not look like there was any permanent damage to his heart. It's not working at full capacity yet but some rest, followed by a return to exercise and a careful diet, will get it back in fighting shape.

The good news is that even though he did have a heart attack, my dad didn't ignore the pain. He got it checked out and now the blockage is gone. If he had ignored it, that "small" heart attack could have been followed later by one that was much worse and able to do more damage. His procedure was painless and quick, and he is feeling great! It all could have been much, much worse then it was and believe me. We are counting every last damn one of our lucky stars!

Still, it was really scary. Really fucking scary. My dad is in amazing shape (he's in WAY better shape then I am and that's not an exaggeration!) but he's not a young man, he will be 70 on his next birthday. Heart disease run in the family and it's what, ultimately, took our amazing Mom-Mom from us almost two years ago. By the time she was my father's age, Mom-Mom had already had a quadruple bypass. Her son has fared much better. But his heart attack suddenly made it very real that my father is aging. His mother died of massive heart failure at the age of 87. That wouldn't even get my father to PJ's college graduation. Which is pretty much unacceptable.

Being faced with the mortality of someone you love is a difficult thing. Yes, we are all born and we all die. This is life's constant truth and one that isn't likely to change. For now thought, in the face of mortality, I am going to give thanks in every way I know how that it's not my fathers time just yet.

He does, after all, have a grandkid he needs to enjoy!


Goodnight, friends!

"Ticking away the moments..."

How To Beat Your Child At The Daylight Savings
"I Am Going To Mess Up My Sleep Patterns For Two Weeks Over An Hour Change On The Clock"

Step One:
Get up in the morning per usual on the morning of daylight savings.

Step Two:
Take your child to a birthday party at a local children's play-gym.

Step Three:
Watch with enjoyment as your child climbs/hops/rolls/jumps/swings/wiggles/giggles.

Step Four:
Repeat Step Three as much as humanly possible of the course of an hour.

Step Five:
Place comatose child in bed at standard bedtime.

And there you have it!

"This is what you need, I'll give you what you need..."

It’s Week 10 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop

Topic: Breastfeeding Products

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Boobie Swag!!!

I adore gabbing about all things baby gear and all things breastfeeding! Stuff is just fun, and while I can't tell you what will be perfect for you, I can share the things that were (and still are!) invaluable to me!

1. My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow- Oh, I love, love, love the My Breast Friend! For me, it blew the Boppy right out of the water! I loved that it strapped all the way around and provided awesome lower back support! PJ had plenty of room to lie and nurse, and the pillow was right under my breasts which kept me from slouching! The pillow was firm and sturdy, it didn't slip away from my body and PJ didn't roll towards or away from me! The cover was easy to whip off and wash and had a little pocket to hold breast pads, wipes, burp cloths, my cell phone/iPod, and so on!

2. Playtex Nursing Bras- I had horrible luck with nursing bras, mostly because I simply couldn't afford to shell out $50+ for a good, quality one! Then Playtex and the Crossing Outlets stepped in and saved the day! The bra is affordable anyway at around $27 bucks, which isn't too shabby anyway. Still, if you can find a good deal, go for it! I was able to get two bras for $16 each plus a third bra for $1 at the outlets! I got the bra in both under wire and wire-free and I love them both! No, they aren't as cute as Victoria's Secret, but they work!

3. Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump- Unlike my good friend Jen and a lot of other working mama's I know, I have not been a big pumper. I used mine mainly to keep a small supply on hand in the freezer and to pump if I was going to be away from my son. When I do need it, the pump works amazingly well, and wasn't too hard on my lady lumps! It pumped quickly and efficiently and even has a setting to help stimulate let down.

4. Bebe au Lait Nursing cover- I had tried just throwing a blanket over my shoulder to cover PJ and myself when I had to nurse, but I just wasn't coordinated enough to manage PJ and my own clothing without the cover slipping off. Enter the Bebe au Lait! It has a strap to go around your neck to keep the cover in place, has a ring to hold the cover away from your body so you can glance down and easily see your baby, and was large enough to cover everything, even when PJ was a squirmy worm! They come in loads of gorgeous patterns- I even found one to match my diaper bag! I could throw it in the wash with PJ's laundry and it came out perfect every time! It even has terry cloth corners to wipe errant breast milk from little chins or even the occasional rouge Mama booger ( Not that that happened to me. Ahem. )! It can just scrunch up and get tossed into your diaper bag and takes up minimal space!

5. Wint-O-Green Life Savers- Um, whaa? Why am I talking about candy? Well, it's because nursing makes you thirsty, and sometimes, being thirsty makes your mouth taste like ass. Yup. Ass. Sometimes there just wasn't enough water in the world for me, and of course there was the problem of not having enough hands to manage PJ, my clothes, my nursing cover, etc. Or worse, I has already sat down to nurse and there wasn't anybody around for me to boss around ask nicely for a glass of water. A handful of individually-wrapped Wint-O-Green's in my My Breast Friend pocket ( See? I told you that came in handy!) and I was good to go until PJ was done eating or I could order a nice, cold glass of aqua from the hubs!

There are loads of other things, from having a stool to put under your feet while you nurse to having cabbage leaves to put on sore hooters! I am sure that all of the mamas in this weeks hop have some item that's an exclusive favorite of theirs! The fun is to read  the entries and see what these mamas have in common and also, what new things they have to recommend!

In fact, all of this talk about stuff has made me decide to have


I will be giving away a Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover and a bag of Wint-O-Green Life Savers for a breastfeeding mama out there that can use them!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me your top three color choices for your nursing cover, and the name of the little one you will be covering up! I will choose a winner with random.org ! For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter OR follow this blog and mention that in your comment! I will choose a winner on Thursday, April 7th (making Wednesday, April 6th the last day you can enter!), which will also be the first Breastfeeding Blog Hop for that month! Ooooooo!!!

FUN FUN FUN!!! I'm so excited!!!!!! So make me go all squealy and enter, enter, enter!!!

Disclosure: So, since I am kind of a blogging nobody, it should come as no surprise that I am NOT being sponsored or compensated by Bebe au Lait or Wrigley's Life Savers. They do not know or care who I am and are not affiliated in any way with this blog or this giveaway. I will be purchasing said items with my own money from our local Buy Buy Baby store. While I think that store is full of awesomeness, the feeling is not reciprocated and Buy Buy Baby also is not in any way affiliated with this blog or with this giveaway! Entries will be numbered in order of receipt, and if that person also follows me on Twitter or on my blog, they will be also be the next consecutive number after the original comment. This will be the extra entry you can earn by also following me on Twitter/my blog. Do you have a headache yet? No? Awesome!! Let's do this thing!

"If your time to you is worth saving..."

This blog is brought to you tonight by My Husband Pete, who is nice enough to let me use his computer to blog despite the fact that I gave mine Ebola. Mind you, I am ONLY allowed to blog. No Twitter, e-mail, Perez, NHL.com, or online shopping. In other words, no fun.

I am very lucky to have a Certified Computer Geek in the family, my awesome brother-in-law Steve, who swooped in to pick up my laptop and rid it of its horrible ailment (and somehow managing to keep my files, pictures, and music while doing so. Awe. Some.)! And I shouldn't call him a geek, since his vast computer knowledge allows he and my sister to live in a home much larger then I will ever own! :-)

It has been a very quiet week here. Between my allergies and the terrible weather, we have been hanging out at home quite a bit. It's miserable out right now, but I am hoping for a break in the weather so we can get out for a bit tomorrow morning! The beginning of March is pretty much the worst, but at least all of the weather madness means there are better days ahead! Last spring and summer, we would take PJ for a walk almost every night after dinner. It's exciting to think that those days will be here again soon-and this time, all three of us can walk if we want!

So this is kind of a boring blog post, but it's what we've been up to! Tomorrow, when I have my computer back, I'll be able to post as part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop, which I enjoy! In the meantime, I hope everyone is nice and warm inside and having a great night!

"AIDS, AIDS, AIDS! Everybody has AIDS!"

I had to use that song from "Team America- World Police" because I couldn't find a song with the word "Ebola" in it. For the record, even though I have the sense of humor of an extremely profane 6 year old boy, I hated "Team America". Mainly because I think marionettes are friggin' creepy.

Anyway, you may wonder why I was looking for a song about a deadly disease to use as my post quote. The reason would be that my trusty laptop has what appears to be the computer version of MRSA or Ebola or some other such virus. The machine has completely lost its mind and now I am blogging from my (as yet unscathed) iPod.

Tedious? Oh, yes. Yes, it is.

My computer issues managed to push me over the edge from slightly crabby to insanely miserable. Still, I managed to not drown my sorrows in Girl Scout Cookies and, instead, used my angry energy to clean the bathroom! The result is that we still have cookies in the house and out bathroom no longer looks like you would catch e-coli if you took a whiz in our crapper.

It's win-win.

But since blogging from my iPod is pretty much a big pain the the ass I'm thinking it's time to say...

Good night!!

Good night!

"These are the days when you wish your bed was already made..."


I am totally cranky today. I admit it. I fully have the Monday's. Well, that and a horrible case of allergies! It was hard to keep up with my little Bug-a-Boo today with my nose all stuffy and my head all cloudy! Thankfully, PJ was obliging enough to take a good nap this afternoon so I could also indulge in one!

I had been looking forward to Pete having a few days off, but it looks he might be offered some overtime, so it might be a while before he has any extended time off- at least a week and a half! Boo. Still, I just try to remember that the extra money will be good for our bank account and that when he does have time off, it's for a few days at the time and makes his long work stretches worth it!

My sister started a new position today in the Cardiac ICU! It's been her dream job and she was very happy to see this day come! She said the day was hectic and crazy and exciting and that it went very well! I'm pretty much ridiculously proud of her!

That's pretty much it for today- super-exciting, right? I know it's these shining moments when I come to my blog to bitch about my allergies that keep you all reading, right? :-)

At any rate, how was your Monday? I hope it was great!!

OH! We do have news! PJ has two more teeth coming in! That will bring us to a whopping FIVE TEETH!!! Exciting stuff! ;-)

Good night!!

"Right now..."

Right now....

...the Flyers are getting their asses whooped on national television against a team I hate with a passion. It's not making me happy.

...PJ is resisting his afternoon nap as hard as he can! Yipes!

...Pete is sleeping off his shift last night! He works again tonight and then he's home for three days in a row! Yippee!!!

...my belly is still full from the "Loaded Potato Omelet" I had this morning at Ponzio's! Potato, bacon, cheddar cheese and chives stuffed into an omelet and topped with sour cream. It's pretty much the best thing I ever ate.

...I am glad I met my family this morning for breakfast where I consumed said omelet! I think I will host breakfast next week instead of meeting out, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to contain PJ in his high chair!

...I am enjoying the rainy, pearly grey goodness of a wet March afternoon!

...I am cursing silently in my head because the Flyers just gave up another GOD DAMNED GOAL!!!! ARGGGGHHHH!!! Why does their power play suck today????????

...I am going to turn off this horrible game and go do something productive!

What are you  doing right now????

"Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me..."

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Life With Levi


Oh, those first few days of being a new mama!

It can be a wonderful, overwhelming, exciting, exhausting, powerful time- the first minutes, hours, and days of being a new mother! I didn't know until it happened to me how amazing the time would be. Getting to know my son wasn't always easy- I was tired, sore, and of course, completely new at this! All I wanted in the world was to measure up to the task of mothering this gorgeous new life my husband and I created! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were my parenting skills. My journey to parenthood is one that  changes each day and evolved with each new challenge that I face. So although I am still learning, here are a few things I wish I had known in advance!

The hospital can be a difficult place to get to know your baby

The staff at the hospital I delivered PJ at was very good, but I still found it hard to get into a rhythm with my son. It seemed like every time I settled down to nurse, someone came to check my stitches, weigh my son, take blood (PJ had jaundice) or ask a question. I was encouraged to try nursing as often as possible, but rarely given a damn minute of peace to do so!. If this happens to you, don't be discouraged! Take what you can from the experience of being in the hospital (the nursing help, the support of a lactation consultant, the free diapers...) but don't get frustrated if you don't leave with a perfect breastfeeding routine in place. It takes patience and it takes practice and those are two things you will better cultivate in the comfort and quiet of your own home!

Pee is the Holy Grail of breastfeeding

No matter how many books you have read or classes you have taken, the fact remains that you and your child are new to each other, and the routines and techniques that you both create might be completely different to what you thought it would be. In my case, it was my flat nipples and getting PJ to latch on. His method of latching didn't seem right to me at all, but it didn't hurt me, he ate like a piggy, and at the end of the day I had a cute little pile of pee-filled diapers to show for my efforts! In those early days when the baby doesn't smile and certainly isn't able to vocalize a detailed list of his needs, pee output in your guide. If you see some pee, your milk's flowin' free!

Use your lifelines

Got a question? Feeling frustrated? Are you convinced your child is starving and that if you don't start spouting some goods soon you are going to start screaming until someone brings you some Enfamil and a whiskey sour? Whoa, there. Take a deep breath. Phone a friend. At a playgroup? Ask the audience. It's 2:26am? Hop online and find a chatroom. Were YOU breastfed yourself? Call your mom! Remember the first bit of advice? This takes practice. And along with that, be willing to ask for help along the way!

Foundation is key

Get a good nursing bra. Seriously. Your bra is going to get a lot of action now, even more then it did in your sluttiest of slutty phases, and in the same way you receive it from your friend, receive good support from your bra! It will save you money in the end, since you're less likely to have to replace a good nursing bra, and it will provide you with invaluable comfort for your Dinner Drops.

Establish your crutch

I'll just say it. Without my iPod, I might have lost my mind in those long, sleepless nights of nursing my son! Even at 3am, I could tuck my son to my breast with one arm and use the other to read perezhilton.com. It kept me awake, it kept me company if I decided t let my husband sleep, and it kept me connected. It might not be an iPod, but find something to spoil yourself with during the time when your world revolves around nursing.

Enjoy this time

Unlike anything else in the world- changing diapers, giving baths, reading stories and singing songs- breastfeeding is the only thing that you alone can do for your child. It's real, powerful, and wonderful, and even in the most frustrating of times, let yourself relax and remember that in this moment, it's just you and your baby.

And there you have it. Like I said, I am not an expert of parenting, but I do know what worked for my son and I. Even if you end up just laughing your head off at my stupidity, I hope laughing helped!