"It's the same old story, same old song and dance..."

Oh my gosh, the past few days have been the shittiest I have ever been through! They haven't been bad days, just shitty. Like, literal poop. Poor PJ has had diarrhea the past few days, poor thing! We're hoping it's running it's course, and I think PJ is too! He was in good spirits the first two days, but I can tell it's wiping him out!

Heh, heh. Wiping.


Waves of poo aside, it's been pretty damn boring around here! Which is fine, we have just been bundled up inside doing our best to avoid the cold! Our biggest project has been trying to catch up on laundry, which PJ's poop-splosions have not been helping conquer! I don't know how Pete, PJ and I create such massive piles of dirty clothes, it's unreal! Especially since I'm prone to staying in my pajamas for two days in a row! It's like the Duggars sneak in and make our clothes dirty, because surely two adults and a baby can't cause that much laundry damage!

The other mountain I have been trying to climb this past week, along with the laundry mountain, is the dietary one! I have been watching what I eat for a full week now, recording every bite I chew and staying within the caloric guidelines I set on LoseIt, which is a free app for the iTouch. I had thought about re-joing Weight Watchers but we just can't put out the money right now. LoseIt isn't as comprehensive as WW, but it's free and it does the job! I haven't been a perfect eater (turns out I can't be trusted with a sleeve of Ritz crackers...) but I am down two pounds, with many, many, many more to go. Thirty, to be exact. I'm sure the process would move a little faster if I added in some exercise, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully soon.

For now, I am going to exercise my arms as I fold and put away some laundry, so it will be off of our bed, allowing me to lie down on it.


Hope you all had a good Monday!


"Tardy to the party..."

NOTE: So, yeah, I should have published this two days ago, This is why that horrible song by that lady from that show is my title for my post tonight! Anyway, I had the post all written, and for two nights in a row my son lost his tiny little mind and I never got around to publishing! Thankfully, he's sleeping peacefully tonight and I can get this post up!

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About Me (A Breezy Life...): Howdy! I'm Brie! I'm the wife of a hot firefighter hubby (who is also a nurse!) and the mama to the funniest, sweetest baby boy in the world! Peter Joseph is 14 months old and has been nursing for every day of every one of those months! I like reading, writing, but not 'rithmatic! I replaced that with Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl. Anyway, thank for stopping by- can't wait to meet you!


When my son turned 1 this past November, I could not believe how quickly the year had flown by! He went from being a skinny little six-pound wisp of a newborn boy to being a sturdy, funny, noisy 1 year old!

There were so many changes to think about! PJ says a handful of words and he has clearly chosen a favorite television show (Sesame Street), food (meatballs), and toy (his Fisher-Price Sing-Along Stage)! He is not always patient for diaper changes and, more often then not, will pull off his socks. He adores his friends and cousins and will clap delightedly when he gets them in his sights!

His first year was full of changes, some flying at me two at a time, blazing by at a pace that could make my head spin. Still, aside from his shock of bright blonde hair, there was one constant, and it wasn't until we were doing our bedtime routine the night of his birthday that I realized what it was.

I had been breastfeeding for one year. For 365 days PJ and I had stolen moments for just the two of us, the one task that I knew nobody else could do for him. He thrived with what my body could provide for his, he drew comfort from the act of nursing. It was, without a doubt, the best choice- if not always the easiest- that I could have made for my son.

Now, PJ is 14 months old (sob!) and there's been a lot of question as to  when I will wean him. Right now, there's no set plan. There are times right now when PJ has better things to do then nurse and that's fine. Still, most of the time he still wants to nurse, so nurse we do. I have a vague plan of letting him self wean, and we'll re-evaluate when he turns 18 months old. We take it moment to moment, and I love every single one of them!

"Younger then the mountains..."

Our trip to the Pocano Mountains this past weekend was wonderful and relaxing, but since we mostly stayed inside, the only thing to take pictures of was my sweet baby Boy!

We took this picture...

And more pictures...

And yes. Even this picture.

Note to self- do NOT feed a tired baby anything with tomato sauce on it, as it will double as a face mask when he rubs his eyes with fatigue!

Let that be a lesson.

"Will you just yawn and say..."

My little family is back at home after a wonderful, relaxing weekend in the Pocanos! Pete is in the middle of a six-day stretch of days off and was jonesing to hit the ski slopes, so on Friday we packed up and made the drive during PJ's naptime- and he was even obliging enough to actually nap!

We spent the weekend lazing around the mountain house, skiing (Pete), and shopping (PJ and I!). I was on a bra misson and scored three new titslings! I also got new onesies for PJ- he's outgrown all of his undershirt-y ones! Not the most exciting shopping trip, but certainly a needed one!

We rode up to the Pocanos in my loaner car because mine was- and still is!- in the shop! The dealership service department was waiting for...some part that will fix the...something...either way, the car is still broken! It was kind of a nice treat because the loaner car has a much bigger trunk and slightly bigger cabin, so we cruised in style a Toyota Corolla.

Our non-exciting weekend away was followed up with a non-exciting Monday. It was a balmy nine degrees this morning (Nine. Friggin'. Degrees. Uch. ) so there was no way I was taking PJ anywhere! He seems like he might be teething and was a little cranky, so it was a good day to just hibernate inside! The kid is almost 14 months old and he has TWO TEETH! Needless to say, we're dying for a few more to pop through and hoping that his behavior indicates teeth!

So yes! Our lives are making for some prime blogging fodder right now, sure to excite the masses! Not that I mind- I think the boring, cozy times beat the exciting times any day!


"Through the mirror of my mind..."

I've been drawing a blank the past few nights- I've found myself so tired and unmotivated, I just haven't had much to say. If you're someone that reads my blog with any kind of regularity (although God knows who would!) you know that I have moments like this. This week, it was easier to veg out in front of the television watching Jersey Shore (don't judge) then do anything else.

My weekend is going to be a pretty quiet one, spent with Pete and PJ! My big excitement is going to get a new nursing bra tomorrow! Oh, and mascara, since I just realized mine is a year old! Ewwwww... At any rate, Pete has the next five days off and it will be wonderful having him home so we can finally build the toybox we got for PJ from Ikea! to spend time together as a family!

I am hoping that I will be revitalized and get out of this "blah" mood that's settled over me! I hate when I feel all drawing-a-blank-y. I really love writing and using this blog as an outlet to do so, but sometimes I just have nothing to say. How much can I write about how fascinating PJ's faces/noises/movements/poops/hair/toes/etc are??? Well, I could write about it all day, but it would be mind-numbing for anyone who reads it!

And now, I am going to end this post, since it is full of nonsense, and head to bed!

Good. Night.

"Here in my car I feel safest of all..."

So, I started this blog post yesterday evening. But, then PJ completely lost his mind and I was up with him for an hour and half, much of it spend snuggled on the couch watching the news. He Just. Would. Not. Sleep. By the time I got him back down it was after midnight and I had pretty much lost my will to live, so I forced myself to clean up and do the dishes (three weeks and haven't missed a night!) and then I went to bed. PJ, thankfully, slept through until morning! And the angels sang...

Today Yesterday was a rainy, cold, dreary Tuesday, but I spent every second of it in my pajamas! So, it was a wash.

This past Sunday I went to see my cousin Matthew, his adorable wife Colleen, and their sweet, smooshy, perfect new baby daughter Braelyn! She's 6 weeks old and simply stunning, and we had such a fun afternoon with them! PJ was not at all interested in the baby, he was more interested in chasing their two dogs around yelling "CACK! CACK! CACKCACKCACKCACK!". Everything furry to him is a cat, I guess since we have one and I always point her out to him! Whenever we tried to correct him ("DOG", PJ! It's a dog!"), he would look at us, yell "CACK!" back, and go back to what he was doing.

Weird baby.

Even though PJ is only 13 months, it seems like a thousand years ago that he was as tiny as beautiful Braelyn- it was like holding a very cute wisp of smoke! I could see the look on the faces of my cousin and his wife that only new parents wear; kind of confused, super-tired, and totally in love! It was awesome! Matt and I are a week apart in age and grew up together, and now almost exactly a year apart we've both become parents. We've moved on from one lifetime to the next and it is really, really exciting!

Today...blergh. It was one of those days that was full of extremes, wavering between completely wonderful and stressful enough to make me shit my pants. It was a Sybil kind of day. First, I couldn't find my wallet, but struck off for the coffee shop to meet a good friend anyway. I know. I drove sans licence. Dumb, but I really needed coffee. :-( We went and had a lovely time despite our mobile littles, and made plans to hang out later that night since both of our husbands were working this evening!

When I got into the car to head to the coffeehouse, I turned my key and saw the "Check Engine" light on. Mehhhhhhhhrghhphhhhh... Sometimes, it's a very simple thing, so I headed out to see if I could feel a difference in how the car drove. Right away, I could tell that my little car was struggling to shift into 1st and 2nd gear. Frig. When I got home from the coffee shop, I made a service appointment right away. The only problem? I knew that if my car would be in the shop for more then just a few hours, I would need a rental/loaner car. And if I needed that, I would need to show my drivers licence. Which meant I needed to find my damn wallet!

I was completely annoyed that I couldn't find it- the apartment is the neatest it's ever been and I was still  losing things! I tore the place up looking for it (which is a mess I will clean up as soon as I am done this post!) and had no luck. Where was it? In my car, in a little nook on my dashboard that I never put things into. The culprit? Pete, who had tucked it there after getting my debit card out when we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on the way to my cousins the other day! FARK!

IlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusband...annnnnnnnnd repeat....

 PJ went down for his nap and off I went to the Toyota dealership. I checked in at the service desk and explained what the problem was. The very nice woman who waited on me checked out my info and looked into my warranty coverage. I had purchased the extended warranty when I bought my car (Who knew!) but there was the possibility that whatever was wrong might not be covered. They would run some diagnostic tests to figure out what it was, and if the problem wasn't covered, then the test itself would cost over $100- and that is before they fixed the problem, which would possibly be another huge repair bill! If the problem was covered, the test and repair would be free. So, could I just wait in the waiting area and they would let me know in about 45 minutes?

I sat for what stretched into an hour and a half, slowly losing my mind. Thankfully, the dealership had free wireless, so I was Tweeting my frustrations and worry. A bill car repair bill is going to kill us right now! What is taking so long? I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to poop!.

Thank GOD the repair is covered under my warranty! I was able to get a loaner car at no charge and the repair will be done within the next few days. I was almost tearful with relief! Even better, I got to share my relief over pizza with Michelle while we watched our children bounce off the walls!

Now, PJ is tucked into bed, I consumed the other half of my yummy bagel leftover from the coffee shop this morning, and there's a gigantic "I've been looking for my wallet" mess to clean up!

So, I bid you good night!

"It's funny how we feel so much..."

A funny thing happened on the way to clean the kitchen tonight.

And yes, I know it's funny that I was cleaning in the first place! But this year I am allllllllll over this "turning over a new leaf" shit. And by leaf I mean a broom and sponge. The kitchen has been in a normal, not gross state for two weeks now, which is some sort of record in my very messy little world. But, I digress.

I emptied out a little cabinet in our living room to make room for storing PJ's toys, and in it found a gift bag filled with a bunch of random cards, notes, and other nonsense. Tonight when I was cleaning up from dinner, I opened up the bag and started reading the cards, and found a stack of sympathy cards that many of my friends sent when my brother-in-law Greg passed away in October of 2008. The notes were sweet and sad and touching and they instantly brought me back to saying goodbye to funny, laid-back, 36-year-old Greg.

 Pete and I had only been married a few months when Greg passed- he had stood as a groomsman in our wedding, although by then he was very, very sick. At the time, we didn't think things were ever going to be good or normal or right again. Pete's sister Shelly, my amazing friend and someone I consider a sister as if we were blood, was left to mother their three beautiful girls (at the time ages 6, 4, and 2) alone. We were all at a loss as to how to handle this terrible thing.

Greg has been gone for two years now. We have all somehow managed to keep getting through his loss, and I marvel at the strength of my sister every day. It's not an easy thing, but I don't look at Shelly and her daughters and see a piece missing first- now, I see those funny, sassy girls and my ridiculously gorgeous, stylish sister and then remember that someone is missing. That's mostly due to Shelly and how hard she works to make sure her girls are happy, healthy, and loved. I don't always know what the future hold for them, but they are loved.

The other night, we had tucked PJ into bed and could hear him babbling away to himself over the baby monitor. His babbling turned into the sweetest fit of baby laughter I had ever heard, and I brought the monitor into the other room so Pete could hear. I wondered aloud what on earth could be making PJ laugh like that, and Pete suggested that he was talking to Uncle Greg.

How awesome would that be?

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."

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About ME (A Breezy Life...) - Hey y'all! :-) I'm Brie! I'm a mother, a reader, a Gossip Girl watcher, and my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. I have a beautiful, hilarious, stubborn 13-month-old son named Peter Joseph who is the love of my life and really, the only boy who comes to the yard for my milkshake, since he's been nursing since he was a few hours old and is still going strong! My husband Pete is a super-sexy firefighter/registered nurse combo who is amazingly supportive and rubs my back whenever I ask! I am VERY excited to co-host the Breastfeeding Blog Hop this week! Can't wait to meet you all!

Life With Levi


I had always known I wanted to breastfeed, so when I found out I was pregnant with PJ, my mind was flooded with thoughts of me nursing my son, my shirt neatly folded aside to give my sweet babe just enough eating room, while I looked down at him with a dreamy, serene look on my face.


It didn't really go that way. PJ was born with jaundice that wasn't clearing, so I had to supplement with formula to give his body the sugar he needed to clear the jaundice. So, here's me, already an emotional, slightly confused, brand-new mama, taping a little tube to my boob so I could still teach PJ to nurse while getting the formula into him. Trust me, it was a sight to behold. Still, it both exercises worked, and PJ soon was jaundice free and nursing like a champ!

That hurdle aside, it still takes a bit of getting used to. Engorgement, leakage, pain, soreness- it can all be part and parcel to this breastfeeding business. You plug ahead thought, because you know. Breastmilk is best for baby. It aids in their development. It provides antibodies to keep them healthy and protected. The poops are less smelly!

Oh. And it's worth it.

Seriously. Even thought it hasn't always come easy, I love, love, love nursing my son. It amazed me that I was able to nourish this babe that came into the world a scrawny 6 pounds and morphed into a chunky, healthy, smiling ball of sunshine! Others might have held my baby, changed my baby, rocked him down for a nap or made him smile. But for almost 6 months, it was just PJ and I, working as a team to help him grow in as healthy a way as possible. I could slip him into my arms and steal away, and in those quiet moments, when it was just Mama and baby, I would marvel at how I was built for just this thing, to provide for my child.

Now, PJ is 13 months old. He hasn't depended on my exclusively for nutrition for some time now. Sometimes, he'd rather crawl across the room, laughing his head off, then settle down to nurse. Still, we nurse, in the mornings when he first awakens, a night before he goes to sleep, before his naps, and any other time he needs the comfort of nursing. I know there will come a time when he will be done with nursing, and- perhaps because he is my first child- I will be sad. I cherish the simple moments with my son, even when they are few and far between, because I know it's something that only I can share with him.

I don't think breastfeeding is for everyone. As long as your child is healthy, nourished, and happy, there are many ways to do that, and only one way that's best for you. I know loads of amazing moms with amazing kids who have different, equally amazing ways of parenting. My parenting choice was to breastfeed, and for every way it wasn't like I had dreamed, there were a million ways it far exceeded it.

"A note on the table and a meal in the micro..."

It's a quiet Wednesday night here in New Jersey-Land. PJ is tucked into bed, the snow has stopped falling and now it's just plain old cold, and my husband is trying to play video games on his X-Box until his brains dribble out of his ears! True story.

Our day was equally as quiet as our evening; PJ and I stayed inside all day and admired the snow from the windows of our nice, warm apartment! That's mostly because he doesn't have snow pants {parenting fail}. Hopefully, I can somehow manage to procure a set so our Boy can play in the snow for the first time! Lack of snow play aside, our day was one filled with Sesame Street, snacks, giggles and snuggles!

Pete is finishing up a three-day stretch of time off, and having him home was lovely! PJ loves spending time with his Dada, and I can pee/shower/cook/check Twitter with greater ease then when it's just the babe and I alone! Oh, and I guess I like having Pete around, too! His schedule is kind of all over the place, but three days off in a row is good! Even better? Every 5 weeks or so he has six days off! Which pretty much makes up for the weirdness of his schedule any other time!

Other highlights of the day?
  • Making dinner and eating together as a family!
  • Pete finding a great deal on those stupid Vitamin Waters he loves to drink!
  • Listening to PJ giggle at...well, goodness knows what on earth he was giggling at, over his baby monitor after we tucked him in!
  • Building a piece of Ikea furniture (a little bookcase) and not crying, swearing, or threatening anybody's life
  • Dancing and singing to Barenaked Ladies while I cleaned up dinner!
  • Feeling all neat and productive and -dare I say it???- housewifey!
  • Having both of my Boys with me all day, safe and warm and happy!
Tomorrow, it's back to reality!

Hope your tomorrow is as wonderful as my today was!


"Follow, follow, follow, follow..."

So I thought I would try something new today, as per the advice of my sweet Twitter friend Jen, who writes the blog Life With Levi! Getting to know more people is right up my alley, so let's do this thing!

The Rules are Simple:

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3) Have Fun. Make New Friends, because it’s cool to be popular
About me: I'm Breezy. I am a 30-something mama to the sweetest, funniest, silliest 13 month old boy on the planet! You may call him PJ! I am the wife of a hot, firefighting, nursing hubby! You may call him Pete! I am the owner of the bitchiest cat on the planet. You may call her Gordie! I like to read, sing, write, talk, watch Gossip Girl, and Google random things that pop into my head! Right now? I'm eating green beans! Let's be friends! :-)

"It's just another day for you and me in paradise..."

I'm really weird.

Okay, pick yourself off the floor since I know that statement really knocked you out of your socks. {sarcasm} And anyway, we know that I'm weird- really, the point of this post is that I am also emotional. I tend to have very high highs and very low lows that are juuuuuuuuuuuust short of being fully bipolar.

Just short.

My emotional bipolar-ish-ism tends to make me very vulnerable to things such as A Baby Story, Apollo 13, Nicholas Sparks novels, beautiful music, and watching the news. That last one being a doozy.

I remember my first understanding that the news wasn't just noise on in the background while my mom sipped her coffee in the morning and instead, gave us a window into the good and bad of the world. My parents did their best to shelter me from the bad as long as possible. I remember abruptly being herded into the bathroom when news footage was shown of a local politician who committed suicide in front of a crowded audience at a political event of some sort. My mom later explained that it happened so fast, her first thought was to kick me out of the room instead of turning off the TV! Either way, I knew I had missed something terrible, although I had no idea what.

I remember watching a DatelineNBC-type show maybe a year or so later. The story was about a child who had been beaten to death by her stepfather, and how a number of people and systems had failed her (the mother, also battered, who could not save her child, the teachers and neighbors who looked the other way, the child service workers who mishandled the reports they did manage to receive). I remember feeling increasingly hysterical as I watched this horrific story be told, and when the cameras showed a front step, piled high with stuffed animals, letters, and candles lit in this child's memory, I snapped. I remember asking my mother why people would leave these things- there was no longer a child to play with these gifts or finally read the messages of love in what I'm sure must have been a love-starved, painful life. I started shouting But why? Why give her bears when they couldn't even try to help her? I remember pacing between the living room and dining room, while my mother tried in vain to calm her highly emotional eldest daughter. I stood, hysterical, on one side of the dining room table while my mother stood on the other, screaming He was hurting her and nobody helped her! People pretended she was fine! They waited until she was dead to do anything for her! I had never heard of such a thing, I didn't know people did that to children.

So that high-stung, emotional kid grew up to be a high-strung, emotional adult who knows that bad things happen in the world. Columbine, 9/11, Virginia Tech, Hurricane Katrina- the events of the world unfolding on my TV screen. Even though I am better able to control my emotional outbursts, I still take the news pretty hard sometimes. Since yesterday, my eyes have been glued to the screen while my heart has been in Arizona, with the people hurt and killed in the shootings yesterday morning, again trying to understand why these things happen.

Of course now, it's not just why do these things happen or How are these people ever going to be okay again. Now, my own son plays innocently on the floor, the TV just noise in the background, blissfully unaware that there is anything awry in the world. All he's ever known is comfort, love. Will he have a moment like mine someday, where I will have to be the mother and calm my hysterical child who is leaning for the first time that terrible things happen in the world?

And what in the hell will I say to him?

"Friday night I crashed your party..."

It's a chilly Friday here in our little corner of New Jersey! PJ is tucked into bed after a mellow, pajama-clad day inside with Mama. Mama and Dada are enjoying some down time before we follow our son's lead and head to bed ourselves. It's my favorite kind of time- peaceful, cozy, and quiet.

Actually, it's my second favorite time, because nothing beats when PJ, Pete and I are all together, laughing and playing!

At any rate, this first full week of the New Year has been one of minor victories and a few epic fails! My resolution list is still fighting for completion, but only a few items are making it so far! Thank goodness, one of the items getting by is my resolution to keep things neat around here, goddamnit! Every night, the dishes get done, the toys put away, the rooms straightened up. And it's wonderful. When I get up in the morning, my favorite coffee mug is clean. The paring knife I use to cut up fruit for PJ is not under a pile of dishes in the sink and his high chair doesn't have schmutz in it from his last meal! I know this is hardly a revelation for normal people but for a lifelong slob like me? It's a big deal!

Another big win this week has been getting PJ to nap in his crib instead of his swing. From 3-7 months, PJ just didn't nap. He would cat nap once or twice a day for about 20 minutes but otherwise? Nothing. It was crazy. Finally, right around 8 months, he suddenly fell into a nap pattern with a morning and afternoon nap. It was wonderful. But in our desperation to get him to nap, period, we tried the swing to see if it would lull him to sleep. It did, and we didn't mess with a winner! But, we felt like he's getting too big to nap for 2 hours in the swing. It can't be a good position for his back and neck. So on Monday, PJ was put down for a nap in his own bed. Amazingly, it was a pretty smooth transition! He plays for a big longer before going to sleep, but he's had a solid, 2-hour nap in his crib every day this week! Win!

Epic fail? Watching what I eat. While it hasn't been the usual shovel-it-in fest my snack routine can be, I still have had a lot of crap sneak into my diet this week. But, I am emboldened by my ability to keep things neat for an entire week, so the next step will be working an exercise routine into my schedule. I think the easiest thing would be to do a home workout after PJ goes to bed, but finding a workout that will jive with my living situation (ie., nothing too hoppy/jumpy/bangy). I will find something though! And if you read this, be sure to ask be about my progress a lot, and shame me harshly if I'm slacking!

For now, though, it's off to bed! Poor PJ just settled back into bed after a bout of restlessness (I think he's teething, poor little man) and I want to catch a snooze before he's up again!

Goodnight, loves!

"Don't ever look back, don't ever look back!"

Hi! Remember me? I haven't been around because my ass has been in bed by 9:30pm the past two nights!

Seriously. A few nights of two-hour, middle-of-the-night parties with PJ had me completely exhausted! Thankfully, he has been sleeping very well the past two nights which allowed me to recharge a bit! For someone who usually gets to bed around midnight, the extra sleep was much needed!

Somehow, even in my sleep-deprived haze, I managed to learn a few lessons over the past few days! Amazing, right? But it happened.

The first is that I am trying to eat better. It's a change that I truly need to make. So, what do I have for dinner on Monday night? A burger with onion straws on it. Deeeeee-lish! The next morning? I had a terribly upset stomach and onion straw burps that were nauseating me! One lesson learned. I don't think I'll be junk food-ing for a bit. My belly still is not quite right!

Thank goodness for wonderful friends who send me text messages inviting PJ and I over for some lunch and fun, braving my onion burps and PJ's stinky dipes! There's nothing like the companionship of a good friend to help you feel like a normal person again! That and a nice steamy cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee! Mmmm....

That night, I was still feeling the effects of my Burger Blunder and was ready to go to sleep! Even thought I was tempted to skip it, I made sure I straightened up the living room and bathroom. I have been making an effort to keep things neat around here and had a fairly good streak going, so onion nausea aside, I didn't want to slack off. After I finished the living room and bathroom, I headed for the kitchen, ready to do any dishes that were in the sink and straighten up any mess. When I got there, the most wonderful sight was before me...

Since I had also been making an effort to clean as the day goes along, There was no mess! Since we had eaten out (thanks to an Applebees gift card!) and I had cleaned up after PJ's lunch, I had a bright, shinny kitchen and I could head right to bed! It was like the angels sang!

Second lesson learned.

It's good for me to have tangible evidence of why I should stick to my resolutions! It all sounds good in theory, but when you see the rewards of sticking to them or the consequences of not, at least in my case, it really helps me adjust my actions!

More cleaning, less onion straw!

"So you had a bad day..."

I have to admit, this was not a stellar day for me. (Plus, I truly loathe that stupid song!)

Thankfully, nothing truly terrible happened! It was just one of those days where none of the little things go your way and you just can't shake your funk. A wet, rainy day, errands to run, a darling husband who left your car window rolled down. All friggin' night. And into the next day which was, as I mentioned, rainy.

IlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusband. Aaaaaand repeat...

PJ got so messy at lunch that he was beyond just a wipe of the face and needed a full on bath! I got him, clean, lotioned (he has terrible eczema on his legs so we really stay on top of skin care for him!) and dressed and what did that little ingrate do?

Grunt. Grunt!. {poop}

URRRRGHGHHTHHHH!  He is soooooooooo lucky that I got distracted by the fact his poop made him crack up laughing! I got that cute little guy cleaned up (again) and down for a nap.

Lucky for us, we had an invite to have a New Year's dinner with family! And it was a typical gathering with loads of kids, tons of delicious food, lots of noise and much happiness! I feel very blessed to be able to be a part of such togetherness, especially for PJ!

Still, I was under a dark cloud today, and I'm hoping that tomorrow will find it gone! I hate feeling cranky, even if I happen to be really good at it! I'm such a bitch! :-)

This bitch has cleaned the kitchen folded laundry, and now I've blogged. My evening is complete and it's time for B-E-D!



"You're good to grow..."

One chair. One baby.

I had picked out this bouncy chair for PJ's nursery after a friend bought it for her son! It matched PJ's color and theme perfectly, so off I waddled to three different Target's before I finally found it! I was so excited for PJ to get here and use the little bouncy seat!

PJ- One week and a few days old!

There was many a cold, winter morning that I would rise early with PJ and it would be just the two of us- at the time, Pete hadn't found a nursing job yet and was working very, very late hours at Papa Johns to support our little family. I would let him sleep and bring PJ into our sunny living room. He would sit in the bouncy seat while I sipped my coffee and watched The Today Show. Later, when the cameras would pan the crowd outside, PJ would wave back to all of the people trying to get Matt Lauer's attention! But in those mornings when PJ was his newest, it would be Mama and Boy-Boy keeping quiet company.  

It's a year later, but the mornings are just as cold and the coffee tastes just as good and PJ still waves back at the crowd outside the Today Show studio! Of course now, there's no chance of tucking PJ quietly into a bouncy seat! He's all over the place now, playing with toys, trying to steal whipped cream from my coffee mug, and wanting to blow raspberries on my cheek.

Not to mention the fact that I couldn't fit him into that seat even if he would sit still:

PJ- A year and a few weeks old!
Yup. That kid sure is "good to grow"! How much more growing will he do in 2011?

Can't wait to find out! :-)

I wish all of you, everyone I know and love, my friends and family, the most amazing, wonderful, and successful of New Years!