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"The dusty road that's ahead will be my board and my bed..."

There are only 45 minutes left in this year, 2010.

My sweet baby Boy, who has spent his first full year with us, is tucked into his bed after a fun (early) New Year's Eve celebration with his cousins!

It's been an amazing year- the best year of my life! Becoming a mother is the most wonderful, exciting, challenging journey I have ever been on, and I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for me!

I already know how lucky I am. I have a beautiful, funny, charismatic, sassy, healthy son. I have a husband who sees all my light and loves my dark, as our wedding song said. I have the most loyal, hilarious, sympathetic, wonderful friends in the world. I have a close, crazy, noisy, nurturing family. I wish all of them nothing but the best and most outstanding of New Years blessings!

For them, I want to be better. A better wife, a better Mama, a better human. I want to understand my worth and make sure all of the people I love know theirs. I want to set the best exampl…

"Home, where my thought's escapin'..."

Oh, my goodness! Not to state the obvious or anything, but it's friggin' cold out! PJ is in bed and I have been up and down trying to get some laundry done. I can't wait until the day comes when I don't have to go outside to get to the washer and dryer!

I finally got outside today after being inside for four straight days! Seriously. Four days. I did manage to have some people come here, so I wasn't completely shut off from society! But between the snow and that coming-down-from-Christmas exhaustion you can only know after a bog holiday has passed, I was more then content to just stay inside, snuggle PJ, chat with Pete, and do housework!

Oh, quit yer laughing! I did do housework! I have been kicking ass and taking names! Kitchen. Clean! Living room. Clean (cluttered with the spoils of PJ's birthday and Christmas, but clean!)! PJ's room. Clean! There's still a lot to be done, but I don't feel like the idea of a clean, orderly house is completely in…

"Just a day, just an ordinary day..."

Hello, friends!

Thank you so much for your kind words on this post! Your encouragement really means a lot- I just hope I can live up to it!! My follow-through is not always so great. :-P

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! Our was full of food, family, and noise- as it should be! PJ still doesn't really get the whole "open presents" thing, but he is having a blast with his new toys! Mama got him some old-school, Steve (not Joe, ew..) Blues Clues episodes on DVD and he's loving it! Dada picked out a cool car toy that's almost as tall as he is! He watches the cars roll down the ramps and laughs his head off! Even better, PJ loved gifting his cousins! The kids did a pollyanna and it was hysterical to see how seriously they took choosing gifts for whichever cousin they drew!

Thanks to the snow, we have been able to come down from Christmas with a soft thud instead of the usual sharp plunge! Pete enjoyed four days off and we enjoyed having him home! The snow ke…

"That's what love is for..."

Cousins. Christmas. Love.

A patient, doting big cousin. A happy little cousin, smooshie-faced with joy. A Mama whose heart grew three sizes that day.
Hoping that the holiday was just as beautiful for you and yours! 

"Come on, show 'em what you're worth..."

This time of year always goes by in a crazy whirlwind for me! Everything is so busybusybusy that I don't have time to kind of sit back and realize that the year is coming to an end until it's suddenly New Year's Eve! Last year, we were half-crazed with happiness, Beginner Parent-ism, and lack of sleep thanks to a newborn Peter Joseph, Jr! This year, I think I'm feeling a bit more like a normal person! 

Of course, the end of a year and the start of a new one brings about the inevitable practice of New Year's Resolutions. The thought of an entire, shinny new year stretching ahead of you seems like the perfect jumping off point to create a new you, one who cooks/cleans/doesn't bite her nails/is nice to her mother/stops bad habits/insert other neurotic quirk here ____________.

The combination of that and watching What Not To Wear too much has me thinking a lot about my presentation to the world. I've never been what one would call a fashion plate, and I can b…

"Oh, the sweetest thing..."

You may need to squint, because this much cuteness straight on could damage the eye.

"Well you know that it's going to be alright, when we go shopping..."

Today. Was. Awesome!

I managed to get a ton of holiday shopping done, knocking out gift-getting for 11 people! It was a pretty diverse haul, so there was alot of running around to be done!

Of course, by running around, I mean from my seat in the kitchen, to my fridge, and back again, since I did all of my shopping online! Hee hee! PJ and I never even made it out of our pajamas today! Double awesome! There were tons of deals to be had and free shipping (in plenty of time for Christmas!) to take advantage of, so take advantage I did! I love buying presents but I hatehatehate the malls, shops, and roads this time of year! PJ is getting to that precarious age where he's primed to repeat anything I say, and if his first full sentence is something like


...Pete might divorce me.

Not too long ago, Christmas shopping was a pretty new experience for me! I am Jewish, so there was some shopping for the odd boyfriend ever…

"Well, how was I to know there was a party going on?"

Here we go!
All about PJ's 1st Birthday Pajama Jammy Jam!
This past Saturday we had our big "Family and Friends" celebration of PJ's 1st Birthday! We are blessed to have a large number of both friends and family, so we were surrounded by love and sharing the joy of PJ's 1st year!
I had so much fun making the invites! Actually, okay, it got to be a huge pain, LOL! There were alot of them to go out and they each had lots of little pieces that needed to be put together! So it was a bit tedious, but totally worth it to have handmade invites that featured a paper-doll version of my cute blonde boy in footie pajamas! The insides instructed our guests to get out their favorite pajamas and be ready to bust a move!

And, you've figured it out, right? Pajama party? PJ's? The birthday boy is PJ? Ha! You know I have been planning that corny-ness pretty much from the second we found out it was a boy and we were naming him Peter Joseph! I had been dreaming about this part…

"What's the matter, Mary Jane? Had a hard day?"

Sooooooo tired!

I start alot of my blog entries like that, don't I? It's terrible- maybe this sweet girl can help me get inspired to move my keester (yeah, I said keester) a bit so I can start to have more energy!

Since I, as of right now, just don't have energy, I will have to blog more extensively about PJ's birthday party tomorrow! It will be chock-full of awesome details like:

a sick, clingy-to-his-mama birthday boy! many, many children hopped up on sugar lots of friends and family many, many children hopped up on sugar! tons of love and happiness loads of dancing, playing and running around and, of course many, many children hopped up on sugar!
Despite alot of my anal carefully planned details all falling apart due to poor PJ not feeling well and being in my arms the whole time (and carrying 20+ lbs for three hours is hard- yet another good reason for me to get in shape!), it really was a good time and I can't wait to share it with everyone!
For now, it's time to…

"When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear..."

If you could read the drafts of my blog, you'd see that this week, I started about 4 entries with the sentence "I am so tired..." but then I would get distracted by the television and that was the end of that.

So there you go. My week so far.

It really hasn't been as bad as all of that- there's been some relaxing time with my son and husband, TONS of awesome TV to watch (The Sing-Off and Glee!) , and time at my favorite coffee haunt with some great friends and my usual peppermint mocha coffee with whip and a bagel!

Still, PJ has been sleeping terribly and has added a fever to his repertoire- it had finally broken just before I put him to bed tonight and I am really, really praying that it stays that way because he was miserable today! If he wasn't in my arms, he was crying, so needless to say he spent the majority of the day snuggled with me watching Sesame Street!

And the biggest, nerdiest secret? I didn't even mind! PJ is so active and such a man on…

"Just let me hold you..."

Even a year later, I still lovelovelove PJ's bedroom!

I remember planning it all out, curled up in our armchair with one hand on my belly and the other searching away on my laptop for the perfect paint color, furniture, decor.

I poured over websites like Etsy and Ikea and did searches for ideas. I had settled on an "Owl" theme and had exactly what I wanted in my head- I just needed to somehow get it onto the walls!

I had found the perfect starting piece- an owl on a branch wall decal. It was looking on Etsy for some ideas and stumbled upon the little dude sitting on a branch and centered my whole idea for the nursery around it!

Soon after, I found the perfect furniture at Ikea- clean and organic-looking. Simple and uncluttered. Even better, it was safe (as per Consumer Reports!) and inexpensive. I think the entire room ended up being about $750.  There was plenty of room in the drawers for teeny baby clothes; loads of room on the shelves for books, and in the middle, th…

"So how can I help but to shout and rejoice?"

I can't believe it's already Friday night- this week went by so fast! But here we are, PJ tucked into his bed and a Jersey Shore marathon on the TV for Mama!

Don't judge.

We had a fun Friday that started with a quick trip to the Garden State Discovery Museum with our buddies, followed by a nice, long afternoon nap for Mama, Dada, and Baby Boy! Family naps are wonderful! After that, it was off to Applebees with PJ to meet up with my sister Marla! Applebees is our favorite haunt- it's even where we were when I told Marla I was pregnant with PJ! A friend of hers works there (going to the Deptford Applebees? Ask for Brian S.!) and we always sit at one of his tables, so it's always a good time!

There is less then a month left in 2010 but so much still to do- PJ's big birthday party, parties for friends, my sisterIL Shelly's birthday and pollyanna party, and of course, Christmas and New Years Eve! Last year, PJ was a teeny, brand-new newborn and I was kind of …

"So when you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree..."

It's the first night of Hanukkah!

Last year, PJ was only a week or two old, and Hanukkah went by in a sleep-deprived haze! I don't think we lit the menorah once, and if we had, we would have likely burned down the house in our confusion!

This year, PJ is one (ONE!!!) and even though he still has no idea what's going on, we lit the candles as a family for the first time ever! PJ played with all of the Hanukkah toys his Bubbie got him last year and with the special Hanukkah Little People set his Aunt Jen gave him at his baby naming!

The day even started out well with a visit with some favorites for coffee, pizza, and grown-up conversation (which I had been starving for with Pete working for two days!). PJ played with his buddy E and laughed his head off! It makes his mama so happy to see PJ surrounded by so much fun! This afternoon, my favorite mother's helper Gabby came over to play with PJ while Pete and I got some stuff done around the house! PJ had a blast and I co…