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"But you're so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine..."

November 26th, 2010

My dear, sweet Peter Joseph,

We can't believe this day is here- you are ONE YEAR OLD!

 This year has been the most amazing time of our lives! Your Dada and I were so surprised when we learned that you were going to be arriving, but it was the sweetest surprise we have ever known and one that we needed more then anything!

I knew pretty early on in my pregnancy that you were going to be a boy- I just felt  it in my heart! The ultrasound wasn't a surprise to me, but oh, hearing the official declaration that we were having a son was so wonderful, so overwhelming, so joyous! I carried my ultrasound pictures with my everywhere (still do!) and would wonder what those teeny hands, feet, and face were going to look like!

The night you were born was a whirlwind- at 8pm Thanksgiving Eve, I felt fine. At 9pm, I sat down to eat dinner (chicken and rice) and watch Glee! And by 10:30pm, I was calling Dada to take me to the hospital! Just a few hours later, you wer…

"I'll keep you my dirty little secret..."

These are my confessions...

I ate all of PJ's Goldfish crackers. I don't like wine, but we registered for pretty wine glasses when we got married, so I drink Diet Coke out of them. It annoys Pete to no end when I drink Diet coke out of the wine glasses. I really, really need to shave my legs. I open a new box of cereal before the last one is empty. I love to write poetry, but while I want to write like (my hero) Bernie Taupin, I usually end up with something that reads as if Taylor Swift went on a crack binge. My brother-in-law Greg passed away a little over two years ago, but I still have his cell phone number saved into my phone. Every now and then I go to erase it, but end up not able to do it. There's banana on the floor from PJ's breakfast that I haven't swept up yet. It's 2:49pm. This blog post still makes me laugh my head off. I'm getting baby fever in the worst way lately- I think it's because PJ is about to be one and the year just went by so damn…

"Those were the best days of my life..."

I decided to take a break from eating my son's Goldfish crackers {shame} and window shopping/potentially Christmas shopping on Etsy to blog about eating crackers and window shopping.

You're welcome.

Today was a pretty easy day spent with my little family! I let Pete sleep in since he starts nights this week (boo) and will have to start getting used to being nocternal. That meant a quiet morning with PJ in which we ate breakfast together, sang along with the CD of Sesame Street music his Aunt Marla got him (it says his name!!), and practiced "walking" before his morning nap!

Thankfully, I was also able to be in Get Shit Done mode, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning out our desk, doing laundry and straightening up PJ's room! There's still a TON  left to do, but hear me now: ItWILL be done by Thanksgiving so we can gear up for the holidays! That means having a house that's clean and orgainzed so we can set up our tree/Hanakkah decorations and have enough room …

"Run and tell the angels that everything's alright..."

Ah, Saturday night!

Pete and I tag-teamed some time out tonight, my taking the first shift for a quick night out with my friend Michelle, and Pete taking the second shift to catch a comedy show with our friend Adam! Even though we could surely use some Breezy-Pete time, we are both happy to have had some free time to ourselves tonight! I know I certainly enjoyed the chance to share appetizers and conversation without having to pluck children from under the table between sentences!

Today was actually a very sweet day and a great ending to what turned out to be a busy week! It started with our shopping excursion on Sunday and ended today with an almost-soccer game (my niece Riley was supposed to have a game but it was cancelled), lunch out with my sister-in-law, nieces, and our Aunt Susan, and then our split-shift nights out tonight!
On Thursday we managed to squeeze in some time for a family portrait to put on our holiday cards! Sadly, it doesn't look like PJ is going to support …

"I need a sign to let me know you're here..."

This past Sunday my sister Marla, PJ, and I spent the day together- a Mama-Sister-Aunt-Son-Nephew Day!

We had big plans to go to Neshaminy Mall so I could shop at the Crazy 8 store there, and then we were going to visit my Mom-Mom's grave, since the cemetery she is buried in is right next door to the mall. We hadn't been there since her unveiling this past spring, and since we had what might have been the last beautiful weekend before it gets cold, the timing seemed perfect.

I shopped my brains out at Crazy 8 (Love. That. Store!) and got PJ a sweater I'd been lusting after for him, plus a few other items! We had lunch together, shopped a bit more, and PJ even got to take a mini-carousel ride! He was less then enthused- the ride was before lunch and (not unlike his Mama) he gets crabby when he's hungry! Aunt Marla gifted PJ with an early birthday present, a CD of songs sung by Elmo and other Sesame Street characters that's personalized with his name, so PJ hears El…

"But then I just smile, I go ahead and smile..."

Today made me smile!
It started off with some mama chat with dear friends, drinking coffee, watching the littles play, and enjoying each other's company!
While I was there, I found out that my cousinIL Jen's husband is home on leave from Afghanistan! I had just been chatting about what an amazing job she does with her husband gone so much of the time when Pete called with the exciting news!
When I got home, PJ napped and I hopped on Facebook. I love Facebook! I admit it! It's a drug, and I'm addicted! And today, I found out that another cousinIL, the amazing, outrageous Heather, is having a little boy!
We went out to dinner, just our little family, and ran into some friends just finishing theirs! PJ started clapping furiously when he saw his friend Ezra! Dinner was yummy, PJ ate like a horse and behaved like an angel, and a number of people stopped to admire our sweet boy!
With the babe tucked into bed and Pete relaxing in front of TV, I hopped back onto Facebook to dis…

"I've simply gotta march my heart's a drummer!"

I... feeling so content after a full day of friends and family in my little apartment! It feels so cozy to have people you love in the place that you live!

...managed to get a lot done today, thanks to the amazing mothers-helper-ly assistance of my niece Gabby! She's the oldest of PJ's 13 cousins and did an awesome job today!

...really, really, really need to get PJ's birthday invites done!

...can't wait to sleep on my clean, crisp, Dreft-y sheets tonight! Ahhhh.... so happy that Pete has the day off tomorrow so we can have some family time!

...was looking at pictures of a very tiny Ezra and PJ and it seriously made my heart ache and sing at the same time! How did our boys get so big so fast?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

...can't figure out how to get PJ's hair to stay up in spikes or a mohawk. Someone suggested hair wax and I think that might be the ticket. Plus, it doesn't have alcohol! super-excited that Marla got a Cricut and can't wait to ha…

"Three, oh it's a magic number..."

I totally stole this from my sweet friend Michelle (with a few modifications!).  Get the handcuffs- I'm a blog thief!
3 Favorite TV Shows 1. Glee! 2. Parenthood 3. 30 Rock
(truthfully, I watch alot of television, but this is my general top 3!)
3 Favorite Places To Shop For Clothes 1. Old Navy 2. Express 3. Target
3 Favorite Places To Shop For Clothes For PJ 1. Crazy 8 2. The Children's Place 3. Target
3 Least Favorite Shows 1. Aqua Team Hunger Force (what the hell is that about????) 2. anything on Fox News (sorry, Pete!) 3. afternoon Judge shows (Judy, Joe Brown, etc. Take your pick)
3 Favorite Movies Of All Time 1. Slap Shot 2. A League of Their Own 3. The Muppets Take Manhattan
3 Favorite Books Of All Time 1. Anne of Green Gables 2. The Stand 3. The Ramona Quimby series
3 Favorite Websites 1. Perez Hilton 2. Facebook 3. Cakewrecks
3 Favorite Thing About My Husband 1. How he's ridiculously nice, friendly, and laid back 2. His dedication to his family/friends/fire department/anything he cares about 3. Hi…

"Sunshine, go away today..."

Today was a rainy day, but for us, it was one of those days when you don't even mind!

Pete was off again today, so we got to spend the morning together as a family and snuggle while we watched Sesame Street (PJ's favorite!)! I especially love when PJ and Pete can get some Daddy/Baby Boy time together- PJ worships him and it is the sweetest thing you ever saw! When Pete has 12-hour shifts two days in a row he doesn't see PJ for two day straight, since he leaves for work before he's awake and gets home after he's in bed, so I try to let them have as much one-on-one time as possible when Pete is home!

I did interrupt family time to meet up with some friends at the Pop Shop, where they were holding a "Super Hero Party" to celebrate school's being off today! It was a little hectic and our server was struggling a bit, but the kids all loved it! PJ and I were joined by my friend Randi and her three (Natalie, Gabrielle, and Adam) and my friend Tammy and her…

"Just what God needs, one more victim..."

So, I've put the bat down and have decided to stop beating myself up over yesterdays debacle when I was locked out of the apartment. Although it doesn't make me feel better about making such a stupid mistake, I know I am part of a very large club of mama's who have made similar ones. All you can do is pick yourself up, try to remind yourself that you are, indeed, capable of raising your child, kiss your baby and move on!

Besides, my sister reassured me that even though I managed to lock myself out of my apartment with my sleeping baby inside that I'm still a better mama then Britney Spears during her lower points.

Um. Thanks?

After sleeping off the effects of yesterday (having brought PJ to sleep with me around 4am when he woke up and seemed like he was gearing up for another two-hour awake-fest) we all were together as a family this morning since Pete is off until Friday! We took PJ for his flu shot (he took it like a champ, he's such an awesome baby!) and spent…

"Time and time again I can't please myself..."


This day has been horrible. Seriously. It's been nothing but one giant parenting fail after another for me, and I am just thankful that my sweet son is safely tucked into his little bed!

It came on the tail of another tough night with PJ. He has been sleeping terribly at night- up and down, tossing and turning, and often up for hours at a time. It's not out of character for him to get up a few times a night, but he is often super-easy to get back down. Just a quick dose of boobie and he's out like a light again. This has been a whole new ballgame, and it's Wearing. Mama. Out. His two bottom teeth have finally made an appearance (and they are suuuuuuuuuuper cute!) so it could be teething. Or Ebola. God knows.

Breakfast, at least, was a win! PJ tried a waffle and found it to be delicious! So there was that. After that, though, it was all downhill. PJ was fussy and grumpy for most of the day, and wouldn't take a morning nap. We found out the place we wanted …