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"I'll meet you any time you want in our italian restaurant..."

PJ's first Halloween has come and gone! It was such a fun day! PJ got to Trick or Treat with his cousins along Haddon Ave in Collingswood, and I was gratified that 99.99% of people knew that PJ was spaghetti and meatballs and not a scarecrow! Only one drunk-ish lady insisted he was a ball of yarn and wondered "where's the cat?"


I can't believe that next year, PJ will be walking, may have an opinion on what his costume will be, and will want to eat his candy (drat)! I am just so happy that we got to enjoy it as a family!

"Day by day I wake up for you..."

It's a chilly Friday night and the end of what turned out to be a lovely week!
Monday: Swim class with Randi and Adam- our next-to-last class! It's been so much fun watching our boys splash together!
Tuesday: PJ's 11-month "anniversary"! Oh, how the time with my sweet Boy has flown!
Wednesday: Unusually warm and rainy, enjoyed an iced coffee at The Treehouse!
Thursday: Saw the amazing Shades of Poe show at the historic Collings-Knight House in Collingswood, NJ! If you read this blog and live nearby, try and catch this show! Not only were there recitations of some of Edgar Allan Poe's best works by some talented actors, there's a tour of the house, too! It's worth it just to see the actor who did The Tell-Tale Heart. He was astoundingly good!

Friday: More coffee with some of our favorites, and a wonderful visit at their house! PJ and Ezra got to cultivate their bromance while the Mama's chatted! Later that night? Dinner with Pete's parents, since we…

"Let your eyes sparkle and shine..."

Dear PJ,

You are 11 months old today! It's so hard to believe you are thisclose to being a 1-year-old boy!

The biggest change this month is the appearance of two teeeeny little bottom teeth! You hung onto that gummy, sweet smile much longer then all of your friends, but some cute, sharp little teeth have poked their way out! To your Mama, it's bittersweet- seeing those teeth just tickle me right down to my soul, but I also know that it's the end of your "baby" face and the beginning of your "little boy" face! My heart is filled with joy to see your bright, alert, observant child face, but oh! How I will miss that squishy little baby face!
(aaaaaaand cue the tears!)

You are what they call an "Active Baby"! If you're not asleep or strapped into your high chair, you are allllllll over the place! You love to crawl all over the place, and you are no 'fraidy cat! You're just as comfortable getting around the coffee shop, Nan and Pop'…

"But then again, it feels like some sort of inspiration..."

I love when Monday's turn out well! Of course, as a stay-at-home mom, there's no real reason that Monday's should suck for me anymore, but there's just something about a Monday that can make you feel all blergh. Thankfully, today has been full of awesome thus far! PJ's next-to-the-last swim lesson, a lovely pre-lunch walk with my little family, and now the pearly coolness of impending rain while my sweet boy naps!


All of this comes on the heels of an awesome weekend! It started on Thursday with PJ's first official haircut! It was WAY overdue- he was looking like the baby of Justin Bieber and Gary Busey with that shaggy-shagfest going on! PJ was great and the lady who did the cut was awesome! She just plugged away no matter which way PJ turned his head, so we ended up with a smart, handsome looking guy in about four minutes! I didn't even have time to cry!! The stylist could not believe how thick PJ's hair is- thank goodness he takes after his …

"Yes, I know what you think of me, you never shut up..."

(this is a long one.)
Woo! Two days in a row of Tori Amos! Can you tell I'm moody???

(by the way, her album Little Earthquakes is one of my all-time faves. every song is right on point for me. it's one of those perfect albums.)
Anyway, it's Friday and the end of what has been an uneventful week for us! PJ and I were both sick for most of it, so there was a lot of pajama-wearing, Sesame-watching, boogie-dripping, cough-cough-coughing for me and my sweet one! I just flat out had a cold, but I am wondering if PJ's malaise wasn't due to something else- mainly, the two bottom teeth I see coming in! Finally! It's teeth for sure this time, I can see them coming and they feel sharp when he noms on my hands! I am hoping by his 11-month birthday they will be here!
For now thought, it's (finally!) time to rewind to his 10-month birthday, which was the day of his baby naming! It was cloudy and cool- perfect weather for having a bunch of people over!!! PJ looked sooooo c…

"I've got something to say, you know, but nothing comes..."

Okay. Go ahead. Scold me.

Really. Make me feel shame. I have been the laziest blogger in the whole world this month! And there's so much to talk about! PJ's baby naming! Pete's first day of his new job! PJ's swim lessons! His first haircut!

But, as I am prone to do, I just find myself in one of those moods where I don't have much to say. I hate when I get like this because I always miss the freedom of blogging and getting out everything that's on my mind! Still, when I get into one of these writing funks, I sit down at the computer and just...nothing.

I'll allow myself one more day of nothingness, then it's back to it! This blog is almost like an old friend- I can pour out my soul and not be judged, scoffed at, or scolded no matter what I have to say or what I have done. And I so want to tell you all about PJ's baby naming- what a wonderful day!!

So, I will see you tomorrow. Let's call it a date.

"A new, fantastic point of view..."

Dear PJ,
Just a few days ago you turned 10 months old, and your Mama does not know where the time could have gone!
You are now thisclose to your first birthday, and we are having so much fun planning your party! And as it turns out, your 10 month birthday was an extra-special day outside of your "anniversary" as it was the day you received your Hebrew name, Gedaliah Aron. I will tell more about the story of how we chose your name, but know that we hope you always carry the strength, grace, kindness and generosity of those you were named for!
You continue to change at a rate that is leaving us breathless! You are suddenly so tall, having shot up since your last doctors visit! All of the cute 6-12 month clothes I picked for you are going to have to swathe some other baby, because you have outgrown most of them before you even got to wear them! You have lost much of the baby roundness you had and are really starting to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out- a trait you clearly do not get from your…