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"Ain't-a that good news!"

Ooooohhhhhhh my goodness. Sooooooooo much to talk about!!!

I have been avoiding my blog like the plague because I had a sort-of secret. And since I couldn't talk about it in detail, I just avoided talking all together, because it would have just been me dancing around the things I really wanted to talk about! And what I wanted to talk about was that

We are so amazingly happy- it was a long, hard, frustrating job search for Pete and it was hard to see him feel so defeated as each day went by without any bites on his resume. Like I mentioned before, he wasn't alone, either. Lots of nursing school grads are having a tough time finding positions in what used to be an extremely in-demand field. But about two weeks ago, an offer was made to Pete and yesterday, the offer became official. Which means I can officially babble about it to my hearts content! I couldn't before that because, you know. That's jinxy.

During my self-imposed exile from blogging, there were so many oth…

"In the end, we will only just remember how it feels..."

Today was an almost-perfect day!
It started off with PJ waking up pretty early, but the past few days, he has been sleeping very well at night and even better, has been taking a morning and afternoon nap pretty routinely! Which is awesome! So he doesn't sleep as late as he used to, but it's a trade-off that's worth it! This morning, my sweet little man was up at 6:30am!
We had breakfast together (Cinnamon Toast Crunch for me, Cheerios's and a banana for PJ) and then got ready to go to our very first Mommy and Me class! My lifelong friend Randi gifted us with the set of classes as an early naming gift, and the best part is that she's taking the class with her son! So the four of us are taking a swim class! My little fishie had a BLAST! He was a riot, laughing and splashing and squealing with happiness! How lucky are we to have friends that love us enough to give us a gift like that, just so we could be together and share this with our sons??  (The answer to that is…

"Heaven bend to take my hand and lead me through the fire..."

I am in another one of those moods where I find I have very little to say, even though there's much on my heart. I hate when I find myself in these states of mental constipation. It's not that the past few days haven't been filled with fun, friends, and family- They have, and I know, as always, how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many amazing people! But for now, there's too much on my mind. I'm wishing for our luck to change. Wanting to be a better Mom/Wife/Daughter/Friend/Sister. Trying to be above the stupid, petty things. Missing some people very, very much. So, it leaves me without words sometimes. (Stop laughing. It's been known to happen, even to me.) Thankfully, the days have been full of cool, friend-y loveliness, and I'm not able to dwell until it's time to sit in front of my computer screen. I'll be heading to now.

"You'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky..."

We have been so busy! The days have been so full and as a result, the nights come quickly and find me tired! So, please excuse my blogging lame-ness- I will be back to normal soon! In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of PJ:

"Summer's never looked the same..."

Sigh, it's back to reality as my husband is out laboring on Labor Day!

It was such a sweet weekend with my little family! Pete had the weekend off, so we got to spend some much-needed family time together with our Boy and with each other! The weather cooperated by being cool and lovely- the perfect accompaniment to the playground, walks, and time spent each pizza with family on the back deck.

Last night, I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. It was bliss.

But, today was a bit warmer, and tonight, Pete had to go back to work. Boo. Tomorrow is going to be downright hot while so many of my friends will are kissing their littles goodbye and sending them off to the first day of school! Selfish me is so happy that I have a few years before that day comes for PJ! I still like having him all to myself!

Still, I think I will practice getting a good nights sleep on a school night and head off to bed! This is the official start of September!

"In the still of the night..."

Oh, that darn To-Do list! It's haunting me! There's soooo much to do, and I am on a tear- that list is getting done!
So, it's just a quick hello today, and a brief chat about going to the pool today with somesweet friends! PJ had a blast! He was a riot! The pool has a big "splash pad" deal with fun fountains and was very easy for even my little one to navigate! (When Pete finds a job, we are totally getting a membership there next summer!) And navigate he did- he was crawling and splashing and kicking and bouncing and loving the water! He didn't stop for a break for over an hour! Where does such a little guy get so much energy? And the big plus? An almost two hour nap and a soundly sleeping baby boy at bedtime! Score. :-)
So now, with the house so peaceful, it's back to that To-Do list, starting with getting the invites to PJ's baby naming addressed! We won't have guests unless they know to come! I'm off to deal with invites and envelopes And wish you all…

"I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee..."

It's hot out again. Blergh. I am so, so ready for fall! Despite the heat, however, today turned out to be a lovely day and allowed me to take a break from all of the stress we've been under lately!

(and seriously? it's stress with a capital "S". stressstressstress. and it sucks.)

A sweet friend who had moved away was back in NJ, so we had a coffeehouse reunion of sorts to welcome her back for a bit! The kids played and the mama's chatted, and I had a delicious hummus melt and and even more delicious mint mocha iced coffee with loads of whipped cream! It was an easy afternoon of friendship and just what the doctor ordered! Plus, PJ was a total stud and managed to steal a kiss from a certain young hottie (ahemAmelie) he's good friends with! :-)

It was a lovely start to a month that I am hoping will be full of change for us. PJ is already on board- he's changing so fast I can hardly keep up! His Mama and Daddy need to hop on the train with him! At this…