"Anyway, you'll be blessed..."

Oh, blog, how I have missed you!

I have been away from my blog for awhile, and as always when I don't get a chance to write, I missed the easy release I get from putting my words down on paper on the internet. OF course, sometimes the release isn't as easy as other times, and that's usually when I find myself not blogging- when I have so much on my mind that I don't know where to start.

So I'll start at the end and go backwards. That won't be confusing at all, right? ;-)

This past Saturday was an amazingly special day for a few reasons- it was PJ's 7-month birthday (my baby is 7 months old!!!) and it was also his baptism! It's so secret that I'm not Catholic (or even Christian, for that matter. I'm Jewish), but my husband is, and I know how much it meant to him to see his son baptised. I can only imagine, after a lifetime of fulfilling the sacraments of his church, what it was like for Pete to have his son blessed in this way.

Pete's Uncle Vince performed the ceremony (he also married Pete and I, along with the sweet and adorable Cantor Ellie Shaffer) and he could not have created a more special way of blessing our son! All of his cousins took part in the readings and we were surrounded by family, all of whom were eager to shower their love on our Boy!

Plus? My sweet Boy looked Hand.Some! He was sooooooo sweet in the outfit his Aunt Shelly gifted him! The only problem was that the air conditioning wasn't on in the church, and PJ tolerates the heat about as well as his father (which is terrible) so he was feeling kind of melty and not his usual bouncy self! Still, the heat aside, PJ looked adorable!! After the ceremony, we all retired to Pete's parent's house, as they were gracious enough to host the party! The adults mingled while the kids enjoyed the kiddie pools in an attempt to keep cool! The food was yummy, the company was even better, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

Still, PJ's baptism brought up alot of emotions for me. I know that there are people who might not have positive things to say about the baptism of our son. In fact, I know that there are people out there who had nasty things to say or felt a certain kind of way about my son's baptism. Look, I won't even pretend that it wasn't a bit strange for me- it's not something that has ever been a part of my belief system or upbringing. But my upbringing is only one half of what came together to create my son, and his father's upbringing and beliefs are just as valid and important. PJ's baptism was more then just the performance of a sacrament of the church, it was his official welcome party into a whole network of people who love him. In a few weeks, PJ will receive his Hebrew name and will enter the same kind of welcoming. There are two very different sides to PJ's story, but they both deserve to be told. And even more then that, despite all of the difference, the main theme was one of love. My son is very, very loved and because of that he is very, very blessed, and that is all that matters. I feel very sorry for anyone who can't see that- it must be a terrible kind of emptiness that is keeping them from understanding. Someday, my son will learn an important lesson in life- you can't please everybody. But that's one of life's more harsh lessons, and in the meantime, I'll do my damnedest to make sure he's only surrounded by love.

PJ with his Mama, Daddy, and his Godparents!

"Oh we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy..."

We have the crazies here!

PJ's baptism is this weekend, and along with that, Pete is working on getting his Pennsylvania RN licence so we can expand his job search, I have been cleaning house trying to get rid of alot of our clutter, and to top it off, it is

Pete and I are taking pre-cana classes, adding to our schedules of late. While we are married in view of the State of New Jersey, we are not married in the eyes of Pete's church. It is, I will admit, not as important to me that the church validates our marriage, but it is important to Pete and that is what's important to me! I actually have lots to say about this, so later, when I have time to settle down a bit, look for a post! :-)

There is much on my mind, as always, and not enough time to devote to sitting down and getting it all out! For now, I need to go jump in the shower while PJ takes one of his famous 20-Minute naps! Then it's off to the mall to find some things for the baptism!

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of PJ in the pool with his cousins!

"How sweet it is to be loved by you..."

It's been a busy few days for my little family, but the time has been sweet!

Sunday was Pete's first Father's Day! Pete always does so much for everyone else, and sometimes he gets lost in the shuffle of everyone else's life, so I wanted the day to be special for him!

PJ helped out by sleeping through the night for the second night in a row! I miss nursing him when he doesn't get up, but he's getting to be such a big boy, it's amazing! We enjoyed some family snuggle time together, and then Pete got to open his Father's Day gifts! He already had one of them- a few weeks ago, Pete was having a rough day so I gave him a gift early to cheer him up, a tee-shirt that says "Property of Peter Joseph Latini, Jr"! PJ picked out a few books for he and his Daddy to read together, and I got Pete a shirt and hat and a cool shower mirror/radio gadget thing! We met with my parents, Marla and her husband Steve at Cheesecake Factory for a delicious brunch (lemon-ricotta pancakes, anyone? Hea.Ven.Ly.) and then we all had an encore performance when mother and father-in-law hosted everyone for dinner! It was a wonderful, family-filled day, and I hope Pete will remember his first Father's Day with happy memories!!

"It's been a long day..."

Sooooo sleepy....

...busy day...

...shopping this morning with PJ...

...lots of Father's Day goodies may or may not have been purchased...


...Barnes and Noble has a new section of educational toys, which can only be a bad thing for me (evil grin)...

...eyes getting...heavy...

...celebrated the baptism of yet another cousin on Pete's side- in this case, a very handsome, sweet, still squishy new buddy of PJ's named Ryan...


...hot day = slightly cranky PJ...

...long drive to and from above mentioned baptism party also = slightly cranky PJ...

...slightly cranky PJ = still too cute for words PJ...


...tomorrow is Pete's first Father's Day as a daddy!...

...and now it's time to get some rest and join my sweet son in slumber...



"And part of this terrible mess that I'm making..."

I just scrubbed the bathroom. So, don't say I never did anything.

Although actually, I really need to do that more often. I don't understand how a room in which we go into to clean ourselves gets so gross!

I am not really what the cool kids like to refer to as a "good housekeeper". It's weird, because in my former life as someone with a paying job, I was a psycho, Type-A neat freak. When I worked in an office, I kept my desk completely organized, and loved to spread my organization everywhere! When I was a nanny, my girls drawers and closets looked like the showroom at Gap Kids. If their parents folded the clothes and put them away over the weekend when I wasn't there, I would re-fold it. Psycho, right?

Still, I could never translate my At-Work Neatness into my Real Life and more often then not, my personal living space is mess. Not super dirty or anything, just messy. Books everywhere. Laundry in baskets, never quite making it into drawers and closets. Flip flops resting here, there and everywhere. An, much to my husband's chagrin and my embarrassment, the occasional errant Q-Tip.

(I have what is known as a "Q-Tip Problem")

I thought that becoming a Stay At Home Mom would transform me into the type of domestic diva who always put dishes in the dishwasher, puts away her laundry, has a place for all those flip flops, and always puts her Q-Tips in the trash. Did that happen?

Not. So. Much.

PJ's room is a beacon of neatness in a sea of mess. His drawers are perfectly organized, his little onesies folded into perfect little squares. His many books are placed on the shelves just so, and his sheets and the cover on his changing table always match. His diapers sit in neat, fluffy little piles in their assigned alcove. What other kind of environment could there be for my sweet, blonde son?

And why is it okay for my own environment to be a mess? The world may never know.

"As I write this letter, send my love to you..."

From the desk of Brie Latini...

Dear Horizon BC/BS,

You suck giant donkey gonads. How you can approve surgery for my son but deny the injection he needs as part of his pre-op standard of care astounds me. Surgery, yes, but a needle that costs all of $100 friggin' dollars, no? Please feel free to bite my once-cute-but-now-saggy-thanks-to-aforementioned-son ass. For the close to $600 per month I pay you to insure my son, you should not only give him the stupid shot with no questions asked, you should send over Taye Diggs to rub my back and dry my tears (since I cry every time PJ gets shot). May whoever made the decision to deny that shot get some sort of weird disease that makes everything you eat taste like monkey poo.

Concerned Consumer


Dear Gossip Girl,

Monday night isn't the same without you. It's lonely. Please come back soon.

Love, Brie


Dear PJ,

Thank you for being such a wonderful baby! You had your six month checkup today and the doctor told us what we already know- that you are perfectly healthy and completely adorable! You took your shots like a champ and always behave so well! You are pretty much awesome!

Love, Your Mama


Dear Lupus,

Leave my sister alone, you big, stupid bully.

Warmly, A Sisterly Sibling


Dear Bed,

I'll be there in a second.

Signed, Brie

"You raise me up..."

We had to raise the Exersaucer to the next highest setting to accommodate my sweet baby Boy's increasingly growing legs!


"Glancing down upon this thing that makes strange sounds, strange sounds that sing..."

So, I realize that to most people, 10-20 seconds of listening to my son laugh is quite enough! "That's pretty cute! So, anyway, those Phillie's are playing like shit lately!" And the conversation would move forward.

Two minutes of PJ laughing may well just be annoying.

Me? I could have listened to this forever...

"Just a day just an ordinary day..."

It's finally Friday!

This has been an exhausting week! Emotional family moments, staying up late for Flyers games (maybe next year, guys!), PJ not sleeping well, and days that have been super-busy have had me two steps from comatose by 8:25pm every night!

But, we made it to the end of the week, and today was truly a lovely day!

It started out with a Bad Mama moment- I let PJ come snuggle with me early this morning so we both could sleep in a bit! I know, I know. Bad Mama! But I don't let him sleep in our bed until the night is essentially over- 6am or later- and we want to try and catch a few extra Zz's! And honestly? I love, love, love cuddling with my sweet boy in the early morn'! So, in we slept until about 8am!

While PJ ate breakfast, a nice, cool breeze was blowing through the kitchen, and I thought about how nice a visit to the park would be! So we joined forces with some of our favorite park friends and enjoyed the beautiful morning at Knights Park! What was supposed to be a quick visit stretched to an hour and a half, and we enjoyed every second! PJ even had a short snooze in the fresh air! The big kids played, the babies acted cute, and the mama's chatted! It was a win.

After the park, PJ and I made our way to Deptford to run a few errands and have lunch with Marla! Mar was having a bad day- her lupus giving her a run for her money, so she left work early and managed to get a late afternoon doctors appointment. It was good to see her and help her kill some time before her appointment. After lunch, we ran to Old Navy, where I bought my giant child a new pair of jeans, as the pairs we own had become man-capri's on him! I also got a few things for me and even picked up a few things for a certain Daddy in this house (shhhhhhh.....)

Back home, I was nursing PJ and catching up on Twitter when saw that I had won a cloth diaper from Kelly's Closet!!! HOW FUN!! I never win anything, so that kind of made my day! My cloth diaper stash is still growing, so having a freebee to tuck away was a nice treat!

We got to spend some time with Pete before he headed off to work, and then PJ had his dinner, bath, story (thanks Aunt Marla for the great book!) and went to bed like a dream! My sweet boy is snoozing, my sweet husband is out working hard for his family, and now the mama is going to end this lovely day by heading off the bed!


"We all need the clowns to make us smile..."

Okay, to start? The season finale of "Glee"? Best. Episode. EVER! Now, I just need to figure out what I am going to do with myself until next season starts! At least when it was on hiatus I was getting the hang of KEEPING MY NEWBORN ALIVE!! Thank God, he's thriving, so I have been able to direct a teeny bit of attention back to my television habit!

Another habit I have is my blogging habit, which I have been neglecting as of late for a few reasons. The first one being that at the end of the day, I find myself too tired to do much but veg out for a bit and then go to sleep. PJ hasn't been sleeping well (I think the change in weather gets to him, which is soooooooooooooo like me and really sucks!) so neither have I! I still love the one on one time that I get with him during the night...but maybe just once a night would be better! :-)

Pete and I did manage to get away last night to see Conan O'Brien's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour" in lovely (ahem...) Upper Darby, PA! I'll tell you, it was hard for me to leave PJ, but Pete and I had a blast and the show was absolutely hysterical!! The show was amazingly high energy and just so much fun! Tina Fay made a quest appearance, and so did some dude from the band Phish, which I didn't care so much about, but he wasn't terrible. Either way, I laughed so hard my face hurt!! And PJ behaved beautifully for his Nan, who was the sitter on duty!

And tomorrow night is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals! I was too cranky and despondent to blog after Game 5, in which the Flyers treated us to a shiteous display of ice hockey! Now, I know it looks bleak, and now it has to go to a Game 7 for the Flyers to win, and for that little scenario to happen, the Flyers have to win Game 6, and THEN win Game 7 in Chicago. Winning in Chicago has alluded them all series.

But Chicago. This?

It's on.


"So we're okay, we're fine..."

Ugh. I have writers bloggers block.

Which is weird, because I have so much on my mind. I think it's just all jammed up, which happens on occasion. At some point, some little thing will squish through and then the rest will just start POURING on out.

In the meantime, it's Saturday night, I have a To-Do list a mile long. I'm watching Juno while Pete is at work, steadfastly ignoring said To-Do list. PJ went out like a light before his usual bedtime, but I fully expect him to be up in a few hours. I'm not unhappy, just pensive.

Still, it's all okay.

"Blowin' kisses in the wind...

PJ has learned a new trick- blowing raspberries!

It amuses him to no end!

The only problem is that it makes feeding him alot like being in the front row of a Gallagher show. You need a poncho, and even though it involves food flying through the air, which shouldn't be funny, it is anyway!


"From the day that I was born I waved the flag..."

So, I actually have alot of deep, thoughtful things I would like to blog about. There has been much on my mind and on my heart lately.

But since it's Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Flyers are trying to FRACKIN' KILL ME HERE, I can't concentrate. It's alot for you mind to handle when you are 33 years old and you have been waiting your WHOLE STINKIN' LIFE to see your team march the Cup down Broad Street.

Anyway, instead, please enjoy this picture of PJ.

Drink in his cuteness while I resist the urge this game is giving me to...well, drink.