"My toes just touch the water..."

Peter Joseph has been having an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

Yesterday was the Collingswood May Fair! It was a hot, muggy day, but that didn't stop thousands of people from streaming onto Haddon Ave to enjoy food, games, and shopping! We ran into sooooo many of our friends and family! Even though PJ was really too small to take notice of much, he was looking at everything and enjoying the Mommy/Daddy time! It was wonderful to have the whole day together as a family!

The Flyers dropped Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals to the Blackhawks, but the Phillie's did have a perfect game pitched by Roy Halladay! We need to replenish PJ's Flyers wardrobe, as he outgrew all of his outfits! But, he has plenty of Phillie's clothes to tide him over!!

This morning we enjoyed some more family time (yay!) with a walk through Collingswood and then a drive over to Haddonfield for some breakfast! PJ had a bunch of firsts there- his fist time in a "big boy" high chair and his first time ordering off a grow-up menu! It was just applesauce, but apparently it was the best tasting applesauce ever because it left him very happy! It was a beautiful morning- the perfect day to enjoy the company of my husband and son! And to enjoy a Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and Nutella!

Yeah. It was that good.

Pete had to work, but we went to Nan and Pop's to spend some quality time with the cousins! The kids are all so sweet with PJ, and he seems to love them right back! We chowed down of some BBQ goodness and PJ had his first dip into the swimming pool!

What a chubber!

Soon though, PJ was rubbing his eyes, a sure signal as to when the day is coming to a close! And now, on this warm evening, PJ is tucked into bed, and his Mama is about to collapse into hers!


"That's me, I just keep them in stitches..."

Ten Things About My Friday

1. We started out the morning with a breakfast date at The Pop Shop with Randi and her brood, and then met up at the Knights Park playground with my good friends Michelle (with two of her three kiddos) and Tammy (with her two gals)! It's so wonderful to have friends to spend a Friday morning with!

2. I watched the HBO documentary on The Broad Street Bullies and found I could not sit still- the infectious spirit of the 70's Philadelphia Flyers made me even more pumped for tomorrow night's start to the Stanley Cup finals!

3. Which reminds me, PJ needs more Flyers gear! ;-)

4. I got to meet Mr. Ryan Joseph, the son of Pete's cousin Greg and his lovely wife Julie and the latest entry into the mass of children that seem to continually enter Pete's side of the family! :-) About 4 months younger then PJ, he is a sweet Boy with masses of dark hair and the still-squishy face of a newborn! The time between the boys, right now, seems like a million years!

5. My mom got a new job! Yay, her!!

6. Tomorrow is the May Fair in Collingswood! There's a ton of food, fun, and shopping and I am SO excited to have PJ to share it with this year! !

7. Marla got me addicted to this game called "Words With Friends", it's kind of Scrabble-ish! If you have an iPhone or iTouch, download the app, it's free! Then, challenge me to a game, my game name is MamaBreezy!

8. PJ tried peas. PJ loves peas. PJ scarfs peas. Peas = Yum. And I sure am glad he loves them, because I think they smell like ass.

9. I am in desperate need of a pedicure.

10. I am off to bed! Good night!!

"There's somethin' special on my mind..."

Dear Peter Joseph,

Oh, sweet Boy! You are six months old today! I don't know where the time has gone, but here we are, half a year into the most amazing time of my life and of Daddy's life! You have changed so very much this past month! All of the blonde hair that had fallen out is growing back so fast! Speaking of growing, that's one things that has not changed! You are growing at a rate that astounds me, and your Daddy and I both love to tickle your chubby little feet and belly and kiss your round little fingers and face! You are outgrowing your clothes with breakneck speed (but of course, your Mommy has no trouble getting you clothes!).

You have become so active! Even though you still won't roll over (and really, little Man? That's just lazy!) you manage to scoot about on your belly! You are sitting up like a big boy, and you pull yourself up to a stand whenever you have a pair of grown-up hands to help you, and you love to bounce, spin and play in your exersaucer! You jump, laugh, and shriek with glee whenever we put you in it! (And while we're on the subject, you also have to wear a bib when you're in your saucer because you drool! In fact, you pretty much drool like a basset hound all the time anymore!)

You also started solid foods this month! So far, you have tried rice cereal, carrots, applesauce, sweet potato, and peaches and you Love. Them. All! It makes your Mommy laugh when you make "Mmmmmmmmm!" sounds and shout at me between bites if I'm not fast enough! You're not the neatest eater the world has ever seen, but you loooooooooove your food!

PJ, you never fail to make us smile, and we can' help but realize every day what an amazing blessing you are to us! Happy Half-Year, my sweet PJ! You are the bestest Boy-Boy in the whole world!


Love, Mommy and Daddy

"Brain like a parking lot...the traffic in my head..."

Just a few random thoughts...

The weather is getting warmer, like this time it means it.

Some more discouraging news concerning Pete's job search. He's starting to think things are never going to go his way, and it makes me feel awful to see him becoming increasingly despondent. It's especially hard because he works so damn hard to take care of us and still sees a loser when he looks in the mirror. All of this is out of his control and he takes is so to heart.

Glee is awesome.

Having company is a good thing, because it keeps me motivated to keep this place neat! And in the coming weeks, we're getting a new living room floor and new blinds! Could it be that after living here for two years next week (!) that we are thisclose to having a put-together place?

I finally got PJ's 5 months pictures done...two days before his 6 month birthday! But, just-under-the-wire counts, and they turned out TOO STINKIN' CUTE for words!! I don't know why I bother bringing the coupon because I end up getting so many extra pictures! Next month, we'll do a family portrait, I'm so excited!

And the biggest news of all this week?


The last time they went to the finals was in 1997, and I had to watch them get spanked by the Red Wings from a hotel room in Erie, where I was on a visit to what would be my future college! I cried when they lost! I have waited 33 years to see a Cup come to Philly- could it be possible that my son will see it in his first year of life? One can only hope! ;-)

And with that? Goodnight.

"And that's the way love flows, that's the way it goes on a Saturday night..."

Screw you, Rolaids, because you know what spells relief??


For the first time is almost two weeks, PJ went down to sleep without a hitch! And even if it's just for tonight, I'll take it! It's been so hard watching my obviously exhausted Boy struggle to fall asleep the past few nights! So even one night of reprieve is a welcome change for this worried Mama! It must be his super-de-duper-cool, glow-in-the-dark pirate pajamas! :-)

Sigh. I love that Baby Boy!

Anyway, today was a truly nice day (if kind of humid and muggy!). We had a quiet morning at home that featured all three of us enjoying a nap together! We did laundry, played with PJ, and Pete ran errands to the farmers market for some local yumminess and to Toys R' Us to pick up a gift certificate for his cousin's daughter, whose 3rd birthday party PJ and I attended this afternoon! Said party was a great time, the Flyers won, and then, fast forward to right now, where PJ is sleeping sweetly and his Mama is waiting for Pete to get home from work!

For a week that was so filled with tension, stress, and frustration, today was a sweet epilogue. With tomorrow being the fresh start to another week, I am just hoping the sweetness of today can carry over!

And now, what I need to "carry over" is the pile of laundry on my bed to my closet!


"Ever since he touched my hand I knew that near him I always must be..."

Oh, lovely spring evening, how nice it is to see you!

Today was a better day then the past few- alot of the tension of the past few days has been shunted off to the side for now, if not completely forgotten. Pete and I pretty much realize that the situation we find ourselves in is out of our hands, so we are trying to just let it go and hope for the best. Goodness knows we have more pressing issues right now to think about- good, bad, and otherwise!!

Some of it is nothing new, like Pete's continued search for a job. He was mildly comforted by the fact that very, very few people from his graduating class last year had found jobs, either. Pete went to celebrate this years graduating class and was able to catch up with alot of his also-unemployed friends. :-P If I were in this years graduating class, I would want to hang myself!

We are also planning a baptism for PJ! It's a little on the weird side for me, but A. I know that Pete wants to see his son baptized and B. he will also be having a bris/naming in a few months, when he's healed from his surgery. If PJ were a little older, I'd worry about his being confused, but for now, we are looking forward to celebrating both sides of PJ's family and history!

The poor kid will have his whole life to be confused! :-P

(An aside- my husband just called to tell me that someone placed an internet order to his pizza-delivery place of employment. The person's order? Soda. Just soda. Which makes me see that A. Pete REALLY NEEDS TO FIND A NURSING JOB and B. some people are just fa-riggin' morons!)

Something that, amazingly, is going well here? Cloth diapering! Who would have thought? I was pretty committed to giving it a try the whole time I was pregnant- I really like the idea of having a chemical-free alternative to diapering PJ, even if we only used it part time! I started out with just a few diapers, trying it out sporadically. I was tripped up when the first detergent I tried (Tide) gave PJ a rash. But, I found a new detergent, have added some diapers to my stash, and PJ is almost always in cloth at home and now I am trying to use it more outside of the house. My goal is to get to the point where the only disposable we use is the one (or two) he wears overnight. Now that I have the hang of it, I really find that I like cloth better. It's super-soft, chemical free, keeps PJ super dry (today's cloth diapers are amazing, they work just like a disposable), and they are really very cute! I am totally not anti-disposable, I think it's just a choice families make, like organic vs. not and such. Right now, I am coveting this diaper...

...for obvious reasons! :-) There are a thousand ways I wonder if I am doing right by PJ, but at least I have one thing I can feel good about even on my shakiest Mama day! And with PJ still not sleeping great, there are alot of them!!

My thoughts tonight were a bit random, sorry about that! I find that lately, from one moment to the next, my life is random! The constant? My love for these two dudes:

"Trying to find an honest word to fine the truth enslaved..."

Deep breath...

I am feeling a little more Zen then I was earlier, thanks to a stop at the Pop Shop with my sister(IL), my nieces, and a dish of ice cream with Whoppers sprinkled on it!


All in all though, it was a difficult, tension filled day, punctuated by the fact that my poor son has been sleeping terribly lately, both day and night, and our little New-Parent brains are just at a loss as to how to help my sweet baby Boy get some rest! Thankfully, he's sleeping well now and will get a good nights sleep tonight! Pete's at work, so Mama is enjoying the quiet- not even then TV is on!

And as for everything else going on in our lives, we're just going to hope for the best (I can give anyone who drops me an e-mail an idea of what's going on). Like I said before, sometimes things just suck but we have been through much worse before and have come out for the better on the other end. All we can do is pray that for once, the thing that is fair and is right is also the final outcome. I just hate seeing Pete feeling so down and frustrated, especially when he works so hard to take care of us and be such an amazing father and husband. The effect that all of this is having on him is what makes me the most upset.

Still, like I said earlier, there are so many amazing ways in which we are blessed, not the least of which how lucky we are to have each other and that sweet, silly baby Boy of ours! We have that no matter how "not perfect" everything else may be and for that I couldn't be more thankful!

"Makes me wanna scream..."


The following is a rant.

UGH. Sometimes, life is just so unbelievably unfair. That your future can be held in the hands of someone who wants to hurt you, pretty much on a whim, is even more unfair. To have to live on pins and needles for goodness knows how long, to either be okay or completely defeated in the end is unfair. And, just for me, the fact that I can't specifically talk about what is on my heart right now is really unfair.

And nobody knows as well as I do that life, sometimes, is just freakin' unfair. We have always tried to deal with it the best we can and still live our lives as happy as possible, always aware of the blessings around us- our son, each other, our family, our friends. We do have so much to be thankful for, and we try to be every single day.

Sometimes though, something happens that is so hurtful, frustrating, stupid, unreasonable...that you feel like it could all slip away.

So, we'll just hold on tight for now and hope for the best.

"But guts only eat, and sometimes they repeat on you..."

It's late.

I ate a sandwich earlier.

Now, my stomach hurts.

Pete asked if I could be pregnant again.

He's a friggin' riot, isn't he?

Now, it's time to take my hurting belly and my unfunny husband and go to bed.

The end.

"The only thing that counts is that I won't sleep..."

Lordy, lordy, lordy.

Today was just one of those days that kicked my ass! PJ had an awesome night last night, only getting up once to nurse for about 15 minutes. All that sleep must have made him feel like a big man, because today?





Oy, vey. We tried rocking, swinging (in his swing, not like, by his feet or anything!)snuggling with him, laying him in his crib. He's not a big napper, but today he was just a hot mess- getting more tired and miserable by the second but just fighting sleep SOOOOO hard. In desperation, I finally buckled him into his car seat and took him for a drive, and even that only worked for about half an hour! He was in a great mood after his dinner and during his bath, and fell asleep pretty easily. But he would cry as soon as I tried to lay him in his crib, which is unusual even for my spoiled baby! It took a long time for him to settle out and finally fall asleep- he must have been exhausted!!

It was one of those days when I felt like motherhood was kicking my ass. It wasn't until my poor sweet Boy was finally sleeping peacefully that I thought that maybe I wasn't ruining his life by thinking I could raise a kid!

So, tomorrow a new naptime routine will commence. And quit laughing. I am totally going to make this happen! PJ should be napping...by college. :-P And nap or no nap, is he not the most gorgeous thing you have ever laid eyes on?

Ahhhh....love that Boy, even when he won't sleep!

"Her life in a nutshell..."

Get yours at Wordle.com

"Mama said knock you out..."

Best. Headline. EVER... (at ESPN.com)


LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! One of the, if not the, best games I have ever seen in my life! Flyers become only the third team in NHL history to come back from a deficit of 3 games to none to win the series!! It was a history-making game and hopefully, will propel the Flyers right past the Montreal Canadians and into the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Because how great would it be for the Flyers to win Lord Stanley's chalice in PJ's first year of life?


"Blank stares at blank pages, no easy way to say this..."

We all slept in late today- even PJ!
Of course, the reason PJ slept late was because he thought it would be so fun to be happy, laughing, and awake from 10-11:30 last night!
This might also be the reason my sweet little Boy was kind of punky today.
We all lazed around today until it was time for Pete to go to work.
After he left, PJ and I continued to laze. :-P
I need to pick out invites for PJ's baptism.
Ironically, I also need to select invites to his bris/naming.
Half Jewish, half Catholic babies have alot of parties, it turns out.
The Flyers came back from being down 3 games to none to force a game 7!
That made me very happy!
The son of a friend of my husband's is in the hospital- won't you pray for him?
Can you tell yet that I am feeling very random?
I hope PJ has a better day tomorrow- when he's sad, I'm sad.
It's funny how, now that I am a parent, my emotions can ride so much on the happiness and well-being of one little person!
Right now, though, I have a headache.
I am going to go take some Advil and hop into a hot shower to make it go away.
Then I am going to get into my pajamas, check on PJ, kiss his head, and go to bed.
There, I will wait for Pete to join me after work.
That's all I've got.

"Caught a lite sneeze...

Okay, so next to the day I gave birth to my son and the day I married my husband, today might be the happiest day of my life.

Why? Because I just found out that Neil Patrick Harris is going to be on "Glee" next week!!

NPH!!!!!!!!!! I looooooooooves me some NPH!

So, anyway.

This weather is kicking my ass right now- it's the Ballad of Springtime for me. The weather gets hot, the weather gets cold, the weather goes nuts and I get sick. It's a 24-hour sneezefest. And God forbid I sneeze while I'm nursing PJ. He'll stop nursing, turn to look up at and give me a look like "Really? You really need to do that while I'm eating?"

It's actually pretty cute. As is everything he does.

The day itself, aside from being sneezy, was very quiet. PJ slept beautifully last night, and it seemed like the past few wakeful nights had caught up to him. He still catnapped today, but a few more times then usual (including a nice, cuddly nap with his mama). He went to bed right on time and is sleeping peacefully again!

I caught myself being completely blown away at how big he's getting, and so fast! I can't decide if I am longing for his first words, first steps, but then I want him to be a cuddly baby forever! Ah, the great quandary of motherhood!

I think I'll go ponder it from my bed! :-)

"This girl only sleeps with butterflies..."

Well, PJ must have not been willing for Mother's Day to end, because he was up for much of the night last night, leaving me a tired Mama today! It was one of those days when I feel thankful that I can correctly name things like chairs, and my husband's name.

It's Pete, right?

But, exhaustion aside, it was a lovely, quiet, chilly day! It started off at The Treehouse with my favorite Coffee-Mama's, whose company always makes my usual peppermint mocha taste that much more delicious!

Speaking of delicious, I enjoyed a wonderful nap with my sweet baby Boy! I guess we're co-nappers around here! :-P It's a luxury I can enjoy while my lazy little chubber doesn't roll- when he does, we'll have to 86 the duo naps! Until then, I love snoozing with PJ snuggled in my arms! We both seem to rest well when we're together!

Later, our friend Adam stopped by to watch the Flyers game (they won!) and hang out for a bit, so in a rare occurrence, I had two adults to talk to tonight! With Pete working evenings I am usually alone after PJ goes to bed, so it was a very nice change of pace!!

And there you have it! Not an exceptional day by any means, just a pleasant day that I was able to enjoy with some sweet people! Still, since that nap only served to take the edge off my sleepiness, I am off to bed! Hopefully, both PJ and I will get some sleep!

Goodnight! :-)

"You taught me everything..."

On my 1st Mother's Day, I was...

spoiled beyond belief

given a poem written by my very clever son
(with a little help from his Daddy, I'm sure!)

loved, loved, loved

well-fed at a delicious brunch at Brio with a
representation of some of the most amazing women ever
(my Mother, Olga; Mother-In-Law, Geri; sister, Marla; Sister-In-Law, Shelly; and Marla's Mother-In-Law, Rosemary and Sister-In-Law, Cindy)

spent dinner with a gaggle of nieces and nephews

able to enjoy a quiet, relaxing afternoon at home with my wonderful Boys

given a gift from my husband that meant so much to me, and filled my heart with the love behind it

reminded today, as I am every day, how amazingly blessed I am to be PJ's mother

I hope every Mama out there, especially the ones I love so much (and you know who you are, I hope!), had a wonderful Mother's Day, surrounded by their daughters and sons and the people they love!

"My mind is soaked in words..."

Well, just when I was about to feel completely defeated by this day, PJ finally went to sleep after being restless for a while, and the Flyers won in OT to stay alive in the playoffs (I do still heart former Flyer Mark Recchi, even if he did tie the game for Boston to send the game into OT!)!

And yes, I am surrounded by baskets and baskets of clean clothes that need to be folded, hung, and put away. And yes, my kitchen is a damn disaster. And yes, there are so many things on my mind, just going through the spin cycle.

But, today I did manage to at least put the laundry in the washer and dryer, even if it's not folded. PJ's room is sparkly-clean, and I made him yummy baby food with my own two hands!. Hey, stop laughing. I really did! Carrots and applesauce, as a matter of fact! And they both taste good! It feels good to know for sure that what is going into PJ's belly is good for him!

Not, of course, that my nearly 18 pound 5-month-old seems too choosy about what he eats! :-P

Anyway, it bodes well to remember the good things before I let myself become entirely ready to give up on life!

Oh, and a quick mention: most of you know that I am absolutely obsessed with the Twitter account @shitmydadsays, which quote the philosophical musings of the authors 74-year-old father! They are filled with gems like:

"Waking up when you got a baby, you feel like you drank a bottle of whiskey the night before, except the shit's in someone else's pants."

Well, the dude who writes the Twitter feed, Justin Halpern, got a book deal! And the book is hysterical! I cried, I laughed so hard reading it! I love books that are just full of unbridled funny like that, so I highly recommend this one!

And that's all I've got for tonight!

"How sweet it is to be loved by you..."

Oh, for the first time, I feel sorry for people who don't live in New Jersey- it is SUCH a lovely night!

Today was one of those days that just kind of melts into the others- we didn't go anywhere or do anything special. In fact, I am still in the tee shirt I slept in last night! Which is kind of slovenly but a fact nonetheless! At any rate, one good thing about life is that even during the times that seem very vanilla and plain, there can be sweet moments!

Like PJ and Mama snuggling together for a nap, and noticing for the first time how big he is!! I mean, I always realize how huge he is when I am lugging him around :-). But today, snuggled up to me, he just seemed like such a big boy! His sleep sounds are so cute-

suckasuckasuckasucka(that's his paci)

The best is when he chuckles in his sleep! It's like winning the lottery!

We got a package from an aunt and uncle of Pete's with a sweet gift for PJ and the nicest note! It was just so loving and heartfelt that it warmed me to my soul! PJ was already in bed by the time I got to the mailbox, so I can't wait to give him his new, soft blanket tomorrow!

Making some weekend plans with a friend is wonderful! Especially when there is coffee involved!

Even more fun, I heard from my girls today! Ellie and I share the same birthday, and we missed each other on the actual day, so she called today to wish me a happy birthday, let me know she got my message, and excitedly tell me that a girl in her class broke her arm! Anna chatted about school and asked for PJ! I will get to see the girls on Saturday at Ellie's birthday party! I can't believe she's 8- the girls were two and three when I started watching them!

And now, after a quiet night in which I did not even turn the TV on, it's time for bed! Soon, Pete will come home from work to climb in next to me, and my little family will all be under one roof- the sweetest thing of all!

"You're everything I need and more, it's written all over your face..."

My son...


...needs to learn...

some table manners!!!!

(Please note PJ's schnazzy bib, and the fact that I still can't get him to smile when I take his picture! My shutter is too slow by the time it takes the picture, he's done smiling and has moved on to examining the shinny thing in Mom's hands! Which is why I need a fancy camera. Obviously.)

"Splish splash, I was taking a bath..."

This picture cracks me up! Look at that chunky little monkey!

The books he's reading is a souvenir from what was just a lovely day with my little family! We had a quiet, lazy morning at home all together, then in the afternoon, set out to run some errands. Pete did some well-deserved clothes and shoe shopping, and I got to do some book shopping thanks to a birthday gift from my son and my husband! Even better? They were both with me while I did my shopping! PJ got to do some shopping for baby food at Wegman's! Or, well, you know. I picked out some baby food while he looked cute in the Baby Bjorn. Our day wound down with a walk through the park, and both of PJ's parents home to tuck him into bed!

A whole day with my amazing husband and sweet son were just what the doctor ordered! It's too bad that tomorrow is back to reality!

"Baby, now that I've found you I won't let you go..."

Pretty much ever since I turned 25, I have hated my birthday. And it's all Oprah's fault.

The day of my 25th birthday found me single (but harboring a wild crush on a certain firefighter I am now married to!) after ending a very long relationship. That day's Oprah was all about women who had held off on having children to pursue a career, only to his their 30's, try to conceive, and have trouble because THEIR EGGS HAD ALL DRIED UP AFTER LEAVING THEM WITHOUT SPERM FOR SO LONG!!!!

My head started to spin. It was ugly.


and on and on, ad nauseum. Like I said, it was ugly.

I spent most of years 25-29 lamenting what I didn't have (husband, baby, a recent model car...)and while I usually kept my emotions in check, sometimes, my ugly side would rear it's head. I had alot to be thankful for, but I didn't always see it.

Then my 30's arrived- the years that seemed to be a step away from eating cheesecake with Sophia and Dorothy. Strangely, they were good. I got engaged. I got married. There were some tough times, too, but I found I was better equipped to handle it, or at least learn from it. Thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two ticked on by, and then I became a mama.

So today I turned 33, and when I woke up this morning, it was to the sound of PJ chatting away in his crib, letting me know he was ready for the day! And if any of this had happened when I was pining for it in my 20's, then PJ would not be here. All of this is happening now because it was supposed to, and now that I know better, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So there you have it. Older does equal wiser.

Happy Birthday to me!

"That may be all I need...driving slow on Sunday morning..."

Sunday Seven
(did you see how I used alliteration there to make the fact that I am going to be lazy and use bullet-points to describe my day seem all schnazzy?)

It's still super warm out! We busted out the AC today, which annoyed me more then anything! Just when our gas usage goes way down, the electricity usage goes up! Damn you, PSE&G!

My parents are safe at home after a three week trip to Israel and Egypt. To sum it up, Israel=Win, Egypt=Dirty and weird, but the pyramids and Sphinx are awesome!

We celebrated everyone being home by having lunch here with my parents, Marla and Steve! Sandwiches from WilJax are the best- so delicious! Especially when your sister leaves half of her turkey bacon wrap at your house and you can eat it for dinner (sorry, Mar!)!

This is random, it doesn't really have to do with my day, but lately I have been eating alot of PB&J sandwiches.

I have a Barnes & Noble gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I know exactly what I am getting: "Sh*t My Dad Says" by Justin Halpern, "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" by Chelsea Handler, and anything else that tickles my fancy! :-)

PJ is sound asleep, rocking yet another cute pair of warm weather pajamas that say "Handsome Like Daddy" because, you know. He is.

In 58 minutes, it will be my 33rd birthday. Gah.


"It's gettin' hot in here..."

It is warm here in NJ!

The weather went from being super chilly to flippin' hot in just three days! Number one, I hate that kind of up-down weather, because it's murder on my sinuses! Number two, I have recently discovered, is that PJ is just like his father.

He's no good in the heat.

It should not come as a surprise- when I was pregnant, PJ would pretty much just give up on life whenever it got hot. He would go from kicking me to death to sleeping in there ALLLLLL day. Which, of course, would freak me out. I would sit down to do kick counts and he'd kick me juuuuuuuuuust enough to get by! I'm sure I don't have to tell you how well that went over with the paranoid first-time-pregnant lady.

Yeah. That well.

So, anyway, PJ spent much of the day kind of punky. I'm sure part of that is because he only took two 20 minute naps between 8am and 8pm (sigh...), but for the most part, you could tell the poor little dude was just hot. I think that tomorrow, we will have to commence with the turning on of the air conditioner!

Still, the good thing about the warmer weather? These super cute, glow-in-the-flippin'-dark pirate pajamas that PJ is rocking!

Yo, ho, yawn. A pirates sleep for me.