"Oh, it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spend it with you!"

So, to start off, I need to apologize for yesterdays blog! I was so tired when I wrote it I could hardly see straight- I don't know why I bothered! LAME!

I'm tired tonight, too, but the evening is so lovely it's somehow energizing me! The windows are open, it's quiet, and the air smells like spring. If I could somehow get someone to deliver me a large cherry water ice it would be perfect!

PJ has been sleeping really well the past few nights, but getting up a little earlier then usual, around 7:30 (yes, I know that's kind of late for a baby!). It's fine with me though, it means that there is more time to spend together! PJ and I usually try to let Pete sleep in since he works to late- this morning, PJ was nice enough to play in his bouncy seat while I took a shower and then we had breakfast together!

Speaking of breakfast, we started PJ on rice cereal! So fun! First, he's a riot when he eats! And second? I LOVE his high chair!! He takes a spoonful of cereal and then the fingers so right in after it! I guess he wants to taste his food and feel it! But, fingers aside, he slurps it right down! It's the cutest thing! He also likes to grab my hand and try to shove it and the spoon in his mouth! We both end up very cereal-y by the time we're done!

After breakfast, PJ took a nap in his swing, and Pete and I enjoyed some time together just chatting at the kitchen table while I drank my coffee. I know it's completely cliche to say, but Pete really is my best friend, and we never run out of things to say to each other! It was very sweet to have some time to enjoy each others company this morning! We get so stressed sometimes, we miss the day to day joys of being married.

Later in the morning, we met our friends Amelie, Maeve, Ezra, and their mama Michelle at Knights Park! We planned on a picnic, but upon inspection of our cabinets I was all Mother Hubbard-y, so we ordered a pizza to the park! So dorky, but it was really yummy and I could tell all of the other park people were jealous! :-)

We walked home from the park and spend the rest of the afternoon with Pete, just playing on the floor with PJ, laughing and enjoying his cuteness! I think we could just gobble that kid up sometimes- I mean, he kept us fully entertained for hours today! I love my little family so much, and it's moments like that, just hanging out and playing on the floor of PJ's room that really fill my heart!

(By the way, PJ is impossible! He used to hate being on his belly, so he would roll over all the time! But now that he doesn't mind it, he's become so lazy, he won't roll at all! He does spin on his belly, but ther then that, he's content to be however we put him down! :-P )

Eventually, Pete had to get ready for work (boo) and PJ and went to visit my friend Shira and her cutey-pie boys, Marvin and Dylan! Shira and I talked cloth diapers! While I am hardly an expert, I was able to show her the diapers I have and tell her which ones I like and why! All of the rest of my friends think I am a lunatic for cloth diapering (even part time like I do) so it was nice to have someone who was interested!

After our visit, PJ and I came home, had dinner (Lean Cuisine for me, rice cereal with a teeny bit of applesauce for PJ!), took a bath, got into pajamas, read a story, and laid PJ down, where he promptly fell asleep due to the effects of all the activity of this lovely day!

My heart is so full today, full of my son, my husband, and the friends I am so lucky to have!

"There's only one thing to do, three words for you..."

I can not stop eating the Starbusts my friend Randi brought over the night! And you have to chew them like a cow, so all day long it's been "choooooomp...choooomp..."


I should be in bed, today was a long day! I got up with PJ at 6:45 and haven't stopped going since! We had a visit this morning from Pete's Uncle Vince, who is helping us plan PJ's baptism. Uncle Vince is a deacon and was a co-officiant at my and Pete's wedding! We asked him for his help in planning a baptism, so he came by this morning to give us the information we needed and also to have some breakfast! Alot of you may know that we are not the neatest people ever, and that I am not much of a housekeeper, so there was a flurry of straightening up before Uncle Vince arrived! On the upside though, it looks nice in here! :-)

Now, all is quiet, Pete is at work and PJ is sound asleep (he only took 3 20-minute cat naps today!!)! And me? It's just a little blurb for today, because I'm about to follow!

Goodnight!! :-)

"A heart full of love..."

I have a belly full of delicious food from McCormick & Schmick's, which is where Pete, PJ and I were taken by my mother- and father-in-law to celebrate Pete's birthday! Calamari, stuffed salmon, coconut shrimp, and an amazing trifle dessert! It made me sad that PJ doesn't have teeth yet! PJ, by the way, was the hit of the bar area, where his Daddy and Pop kept sneaking off to watch the Phillie's game!

I have an eye full of the mess in our apartment, which I should be cleaning instead of watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and blogging!

I have a nose full of the yummy banana nut bread candle I'm burning, which is nice because due to an allergy to bananas, I can't actually eat banana nut bread!

I have a mind full of racing, racing thoughts- thoughts of scheduling PJ's surgery next week, thoughts of what happens if we have to move because Pete can't find a job here, and thoughts about how flippin' annoying it is that American Idol keeps running over and cutting off the last few minutes of Glee, which I DVR for Pete since he works on Tuesdays!

I have a closet full of cute clothes that no longer fit me due to the effects of post-pregnancy/post-stressful year/post-Swiss Rolls.

I have a heart full of my son, my husband, and the friends and family that I love so much.


"It's a damn cold night..."

Things were quiet on this chilly, windy spring day!

PJ had to get some shots, and he took them like a champ! Later in the day, though, I think his legs really started to hurt and he had a rough afternoon before he finally fell asleep, tucked next to his very worried Mama who didn't leave his side!

I spoke with my cousin Matthew, who, at exactly one week older then me, I have known every second of my life! Things are well with him and his beautiful wife Colleen, and to my and Pete's delight and gratitude, he agreed to be PJ's Jewish godfather! Marla, of course, is his godmother, and on the Catholic side, Shelly and Carl, Pete's brother and sister. PJ is truly one lucky, lucky Boy!

There is very fervent, earnest prayer going on in this household. Won't you pray with us? Or do whatever ritual that brings about good things- cross your fingers, knock on wood, etc... We need all of the prayer/positive energy/good karma that we can get!

There was a lovely, long evening with an amazing friend, the kind where you alternately veg out in front of the TV and then talk about important things during the commercials. We are going to make a valiant effort to make room in our lives for times like tonight.

She brought me this:

and it's awesome! Thanks, Randi! What on earth would I do without you?

Now, it's time to head to bed, and wait for my husband to tuck hinmself in next to me. Of course, bed comes after I check on my sweet, sleeping son (three or four times...) and whisper how much I love him.

It was a chilly morning, it's a downright cold night, and the day is done.


"Baby, I'm so glad you're mine!"

Dear PJ,

I can't post a new picture of you because I have no idea what Daddy did with the camera! :-)

Today you are five months old! FIVE MONTHS! That is almost half a year that has somehow gone by in a flash and yet it seems like there was no life at all before you were here!

I think you have done the most changing between the start of your fourth month and today! All of your sweet blonde hair fell out, except for a cute tuft on top of your head, but it's starting to grow back! You have the softest head full of blonde-blonde peach fuzz! You are also getting H-U-G-E! You were almost 17 pounds at your last doctors visit! PJ, seriously? Your thighs are unreal! And those eyes are still as blue as can be, Daddy and I are starting to wonder if it will stay!

You have been smiling for a while, but now you laugh! It's the funniest sound and it's just like music to me! Daddy is the best at getting you to laugh! You are loving your exersaucer and your playmat, even though you are not rolling too much yet!

You still love your bath, still love to eat, and still sleep with your arms above your head!

You are the most amazing son a Mama and Daddy could hope for, and this has been the happiest 5 months of our lives! And as we tell you all the time, you are the best Boy-Boy in the whole, wide world, and we love you so much!

Happy 5 Months!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

"Wouldn't you agree? Baby, you and me got a groovy kinfd of love..."

Happy Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband!

Today my sweet, sexy, firefighting, understanding, patient, hard-working husband Pete turns 32! We didn't get to fully celebrate his birthday, since my niece Sarah also had her 1st Communion today, but on my own blog? It can be all Pete, all the time!

Woo, hoo!

I totally remember the very first time I saw Pete, when I started working at Archway Programs in 2000! I was sitting at my desk at the back of the classroom I worked in, and Pete came in to talk to Fred, the teacher I worked with. He leaned on Fred's desk to speak with him, and I remember thinking how cute he was! ;-) But, at the time, we were both in pretty serious relationships, so I didn't give it much more thought then noticing his cuteness!

That said, we were buddies right away, and I always looked forward to talking with him. And a while later, when we were both single, we were able to be a couple, and the rest is history!

Pete is really, truly my best friend. We are connected in such an amazing way, and even if I didn't tell him everything, he can take one look at me and know when something is up! We talk each other's ear off and never run out of things to say! Of course, we also bicker like champs, and since we are both Taurus', we are both always right! ;-) Pete is selfless in a way that I could never, ever be. In fact, I sometimes wish he would put himself first more. He's extremely hardworking, and no matter how insignificant the job, he makes sure he does well. He has been working himself into the ground to support PJ and I, and I pray every single day- sometimes twice!- that he can catch a break and find a nursing job, because whoever hires him will be lucky to have him!

I am so, so happy that I have been able to be a part of his life for the past ten years- I was 23 when I met him! Our lives have changed in a thousand ways, and he's been my constant through all of it! Now, I look at our son and think about how amazing it is that the culmination of our time so far is reflected in this little person, one with Pete's lips and my eyes!
Happy, happy birthday, Pete! I am so thankful for the 32 year you have been here, and I am honored, blessed, and excited to be at your side for the next 32 and more! I love you so much, and more everyday, and PJ adores you! You are a fantastic friend, an amazing husband, and an awesome father!


"If you only knew what my heart would do for you..."

Drumline is on!!! I lovelovelove this movie! Nick Cannon is the cutest!

Today was a lovely day, it was beautiful out and the day has a slow, calm feel to it! We all slept in this morning- PJ got up at 7am to eat, but quickly fell back to sleep, so we tucked him in next to us and snoozed together (I am not a huge fan of bedsharing during the night, when I sleep more soundly and might roll around, but during daylight, we have been know to nap together!).

Tomorrow it's suppose to rain, but hopefully, it won't put a dent into what will be a very special day, Pete's 32nd birthday and our niece Sarah's First Holy Communion!

It's always times like this when we miss Greg, and nobody more then Shelly and those gals. And how can we not- his first baby is about to have a milestone moment. It's always the first thought to say "...and he's not here to see it", but of course Greg will be there, no question. I am praying that Shelly and the girls, especially Sarah as she takes part in such an important day, can remember Greg sweetly and enjoy the day with happy hearts.

And as for my sweet, sexy, firefighting husband, his own day is kind of intermixed with Sarah's, but I hope he always knows that his birthday is a VERY special day! I can't imagine my life without him, and will always be so thankful that he is born!

Even if it was nearly a year after me, a fact that he loves to remind me of. Brat.

And with that, on the eve of such wonderful things, I wish you all a goodnight! :-)

"Hey, sister, go sister, soul sister..."

(This is a picture from when I was alot thinner!)

Today I got to spend some much-needed quality time with my sister Marla...and the Boy, of course, who loved spending time with his Aunt Marla! We got pedicures, and were able to relax and chat while my sweet PJ was obliging enough to nap through almost all of it, and flirt sweetly with the girls from the salon when he was awake! Then we had a quick lunch and trip to Target before we called it an afternoon!

I can only hope that PJ and whatever child we might produce next are lucky enough to have a friend in each other like I have in my sister. Of course, as kids and teenagers, we didn't have alot to do with each other, mostly because of the 4 1/2 year age difference! But we have always been there for each other and as we both became adults, were able to find friendship beyond just being family! I enjoyed having her look up to me growing up, but truth be told, she did alot better then that- she's more successful, grown-up, and put-together then I could ever aspire to be! And, in being mostly grown up (me) and just about completely grown up (Marla) we don't always have time to just hang out. So, today was...nice! I spent time with my sister and son, my toes are pretty, and I went to Target.

That's pretty much all it takes to ring my bell!

The rest of my weekend will prove to be busy! Saturday will be filled with errands, and then on Sunday we will celebrate both Pete's 32nd birthday and my niece Sarah's (who, along with her sister Riley, has done modeling for a pretty popular bridal designer) First Holy Communion! So, with all of that to look forward to, I think it's just about time for me to get to sleep!


"Anyway, five times 17 is 85..."

The Day in 5

1. We all slept in this morning! It was nice! And of course, by slept in, I mean 9am! And that's after PJ was up at 6:45am to eat, of course.

2. PJ sounds like his nose is getting stuffy again.

3. We had a very quiet day, hanging around the house and intermittently lazing around or doing housework.

4. Finally heard from my parents, who are having an amazing time in Israel.

5. Had a great evening watching "Glee" and "Parenthood" with one of my bestest buddies!

And that was the day.

The end.

"A beam of light comes shining down on you..."

When PJ was born, he had a TON of blonde, spiky hair! Heck, before he was born, the doctor peered in and announced "I see him...he has a TON of hair!".

I was a little less excited to hear about his hair when he was still in my birth canal then I was to hear about it once he was out!

Ahem. Anyway...

Oh, that hair!!! I used to rub my chin against it when I would have his teeny little bod snuggled up to my chest! Old ladies would comment on it! But, as the months went on, that teeny bod got bigger, and that head full of blonde hair got balder! It pretty much all fell out, except for a patch at the top of his head that is getting so long I may have to trim it (and thankfully, his hair is coming back, there is blonde peach fuzz alllll over his head!)!

My sister, PJ's sweet Aunt Marla, suggested that he might look a little bit like the guy from the 80's band Flock of Seagulls (they had a hit called "I Ran" which I sing whenever someone mentions...you know. Iran. Ahem...). Anyway, the singer had this weird hair. I went looking for a picture and found this:

And it made me laugh.

The end.

"Tell me what am I feeling? Well, it's hard to explain."

Welcome, my friends, to my Saturday Night! PJ is sound asleep, Pete is at work (but not working until 2am, yay!), and I am on the couch when I should be folding laundry.

Bad me.

Today was a very quiet, mellow day, marred only by a trip to Whole Foods that sucked from start to finish (traffic-didn't have what I needed-traffic). And for the record? Wegman's kicks Whole Foods ass resoundingly!. I was not impressed at all. But other then that, we did lots of laundry, watched PJ play excitedly in his exersaucer, and just generally hung out. Can't beat that!

Tomorrow is Sunday and the start of yet another week! I have alot of things I am hoping to get accomplished- I am feeling the winds of change blow by, and would like nothing more then to be swept away by them! For now, though, it's just about time for bed!

"It's just my job five days a week..."

It's a rainy spring night here in our little corner of New Jersey!

I adore evenings like this- when I am in for the night and able to just relax and enjoy the sounds of the rain and, even better, the smell coming through an open window! If it weren't for my terrible allergies, spring would be my favorite time of year!

PJ was lucky enough to have a cousin-filled week! I am so thankful that he is surrounded by cousins who all love him! Even the little ones love to play with him and sing to him! We ended our week with some barbecue at his Aunt Shelly's, where PJ got lots of hugs from his Godparents and his Nan! And his Mama got to eat an AWESOME burger!!

The only thing missing? My husband, of course. He works evenings and he does it six nights a week, so he's often left out of alot of family gatherings. It sucks, of course. It's been on my heart alot lately, Pete's struggle to find a nursing job. He has applied to what has to be at least 100 jobs with no luck at all. He gets told that they are looking for BSN's (he's an RN), looking for experienced nurses, hiring internally, etc, etc. He's has his resume looked over and proofread and tinkered with by other professionals. He diligently checks in with recruiters- not so much that he's naggy, but every so often just to keep his name in their head. It leaves him frustrated, angry, and on edge. It leaves me sad and snappish.

We are thankful that he has a job at all- we're not completely blind to what so may other friends and family are going through in having no job at all! His job pays well enough to pay our bills and provide for PJ. After all of his hard work at school though, I know it stings not to have a job yet. And he has to work 6 nights a week to do it, and it leaves us on opposite schedules- Pete works very late hours and has to sleep during the day to get any rest at all. Pete misses PJ, I miss Pete, and we all kind of end up like ships in the night. It takes it's toll.

We get through it, and of course, our sweet Boy always lightens our hearts and our moods! We have each other, which is something, for sure! We know that despite all of this, we are more lucky and more blessed then so many, and we know we will get through this.

So, we soldier on!

"I love your smile..."

It's very quiet here at the Latini homestead- Pete is at work and PJ is sound asleep after a busy, fun day with our friends and family!

(asleep, I might add, after putting himself to sleep without crying or fussing for the first time ever! I heard him play with his paci for a bit, then heard nothing, and when I checked, he was sound asleep in his usual "hold-up" position (arms up!). My baby doesn't need me anymore!! Sniffle...sniffle...)

And now is where I take a second to wax poetic about Facebook! I. Love. It! I love knowing what my friends are up to by reading status updates, I love seeing pictures posted, I love the little "Like" button! I'm not super into all of the games, but as far as feeding my nosey, need-to-know-right-now, ADD temperament? I heart Facebook! It's like an online reunion! Via Facebook, I have made tons of connections with people it might have been easy to lose touch with otherwise. Which is how I connected with my friend Tammy again, which is why we spent two lovely afternoons in a row hanging out! She is only working part time and has two sweet little girls, and with weather this lovely, it was easy to spend a long afternoon at the playground and then have a bite to eat at the The Pop Shop!

After that, we had some quiet time at home with Pete before he left for work and PJ and I headed out to celebrate my mother-in-law Geri's birthday! Pete, PJ and I got her a beautiful bone china tea set- something lovely she can bring out for guests, but replaceable if something breaks, unlike any china that's been in her family for years! Ooooo, and we also got her some chocolate mint tea! I got some for myself, too! :-) Soooooooooooooooo delicious!

And there we have the makings of a wonderful day! I have been a little down about something, deep in my heart, but days like today lift me right on through, and I am so thankful for all I am surrounded by!

Oh, and I am also thankful for this guy:

"Uh, uh, B.I.G..."

The Stats
(as documented at PJ's 4 month check-up...which was actually 4 months, 1 week, but anyway...)

26 inches (75th percentile)
16 lbs, 5 oz (75th percentile)

Can you belive it? This is the same teeeeeeny little 6 lb, 19 in. thing I brought home from the hospital, he's huge!!! The doctor was all together very pleased with his visit, and he even took his shots like a champ! Except for not being a great napper, I'd say he's pretty much perfect! I can't believe that he will be starting solid foods soon!

Although it does mean we get to roll out his sa-WEEEET high chair! :-)

"You can bend me, shape me anyway..."

One of my favorite magazines, US Weekly, has a section called "25 Things You Didn't Know About..." and you can fill in the blank. Tori Spelling, Jennifer Love Hewitt and other such stars. Now, I am a compete celebrity gossip whore, and will read the details of Britney Spears' parenting skills, Paris Hilton's latest lover, and the wanderings of Jesse Jame's penis dog, Cinnabun. But, even to me, the "25 Things You Don't Know..." section seemed to pander a little.

So of course, never one to miss the chance to be self-serving, thought I would try it. So, without further adieu:

25 Things You Didn't Know About...BREEZY!

1. I have to sleep in tee shirts and underpants, because I can't sleep with anything on my legs, even when it's freezing out!

2. I love to take pictures (even before PJ!) and dream of having a better camera.

3. I remember the very first time I ever laid eyes on my husband Pete, and thinking how cute he was!

4. My "stage debut" was around the age of 6 or 7, I played Charlotte in a local summer theatre production of "Charlotte's Web". I had to sit on a beam the whole show and I remember thinking how much my butt hurt!

5. My high school music teacher is one of the most important people in my life!

6. I have a serious book problem. I can't walk into Barnes & Noble without spending at least $50.
7. Not that this is much of a secret, but I am a terrible housekeeper.

8. Everyone thinks that my sister Marla and I speak a secret language, but really, we just quote movies to each other! Still, other people (our mother, in particular) complain that they never have any idea what the hell we are talking about!

9. I like gross, fart-joke type of movies, i.e, The South Park Movie, Superbad, Wedding Crashers, Borat, etc! Oh my lord, when I saw Borat in the theater, I laughed so hard I almost suffocated!

10. I hate feet. I hate my feet, your feet, everyone's feet (ahem...except PJ's!). I don't like pedicures, and will only get one when my feet start to resemble something out of Jurassic Park.

11. I am addicted to Facebook.

12. I am also addicted to cake. Mmmm....cake.

13. I was not the best student. I tended to be lazy when it came to school work and was lucky to have enough brain cells to get by anyway. If I could go back in time, it would be something I would change.

14. I am dying for another tattoo...or two!!

15. I still have the mindset that I can eat anything I want or wear anything I want, as I could when I was...oh, 23!, instead of coming to the realization that I am a heifer and should put down the cake!

16. I love to watch the garbage that VH1 considers fit for public viewing, such as Tool Academy, Rock of Love, Tough Love, Celebrity Rehab, and my all-time favorite, Flavor of Love Girls Charm School!

17. I have terrible fashion sense, but I still know enough to covet Jimmy Choos!

18. I am not artistic, but I think I am very crafty and creative.

19. I can be a very not nice person sometimes, particularly around people with whom I can let my guard down with (mainly, Pete) and sometimes, I am downright ashamed of my behavior.

20. I am a frustrated Broadway singer, and I am shocked that PJ did not come into the world already singing the soundtrack to "Glee", since I sang it at the top of my lungs for most of my pregnancy! And along that same strain, I really, really, really, really hope that PJ can sing!

21. I love, love, love Old Navy flip flops, and buy scads of them in billions of colors every. single. summer.

22. I am a total junk food junkie! McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Friendly's, Papa Johns...bring it on! and in case you're thinking of birthday gifts, I also love Bayards, Ande's Candies, Nerds, and Applebees! :-)

23. In case you couldn't tell, I really, truly, honestly, deeply and profoundly LOVE being a mother! My son is the greatest blessing I have ever known or dreamed of! And you can pretty much say that about being a wife, too, although that, sometimes, does not come as naturally.

24. I have cut back on the amount of coffee I used to drink to an amazing degree! Before I was pregnant, I drank about two pots a day! Now, it's a cup a day and really, sometimes not at all. But I still loooooooooooooves me some coffee!

25. I am still, at the age of 32 and counting, a work in progress. Some days I am thrilled with the woman I am and other days, I feel like I could switch lives with someone in a heartbeat (If I could bring Pete and PJ with me, anyway...). I look in the mirror and see a thousand faces sometimes. And before you think I am going all Sybil of you, it's just that I see what I am and what potential there may be. I hope I can live up to my son!

...and there you have it! Not, perhaps, as interesting as the musings of Tori Spelling, but it's all true!


"But all my words come back to me..."


It's a warm, breezy evening, my sweet PJ is sleeping, my cat is at my feet, and there is peace throughout the apartment!

I haven't been able to sit and blog about anything of substance lately, save for posting pictures of my beautiful son! But there is something about this warm, summery weather that seems to have dislodged a bit of the gunk in my head, and the things that have been on my mind aren't making me feel so sluggish anymore! So, I have decided to briefly touch on the things that have been weighing me down, and will offer up something that makes me happy for each one:

It's been one year since my Mom-Mom passed away. On the eve of her passing, as is a custom in Judaism, I lit a yahrzeit light, a memorial candle that burns for 24 hours. There is no traditional prayer, so instead, I lit the candle with PJ and told him stories of his Mom-Mom, and how he will always be my gift from her, since they passed each other on the way to and from Heaven. It was a hard, hard day for me, and I know Sunday will be for me as well, when we have her unveiling. Sometimes, I can see a glimpse of resemblance to her in PJ's face, and it makes me heart ache that I can't see her enjoy her great-grandson, although I know she sees and watches him always. That is something that makes me happy, even if sometimes it's hard to feel through my sadness.

Pete is still looking for a job, and the fact that we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of his graduation is adding bitterness to his mounting frustration. He's had some leads and some response to his endless resume submitting, but no bites yet. Still, the response has been more then he's had as of yet, and thankfully, we can be happy in knowing that he does have a full-time job to tide us over in the meantime, we still have savings, and we got a BIG OLE' TAX RETURN! CA-CHING! Nobody is going to starve, although I may have to curb my "buying PJ clothing" habit. For now. Ahem...

There had been worry for my sisters, who seemed to have health and job problems looming, but I am happy to report that on both fronts, things do not seem to be as dire as originally suspected. When my sisters (by birth or by marriage) are in distress, it hurts my heart. Good news + happy sisters = happy Breezy. It's simple math.

And lastly, I can't find the boogie snatcher. But that makes PJ very happy!

It seems so funny that the things that had been weighing so heavy were able to be released in a few quick blurbs. But, there. Now it's out. I am going to consider my brain unconstipated and hope that the flow of getting my thoughts out is ready to resume.

Goodnight all!

"In my life I loved you more..."

when left to their own devices...

...PJ and Mama...
...like to walk by the pond in Knights Park...

...love to cuddle...

...and make silly faces...

...but most of all...

....they love to love...