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"My feet is my only carriage, so I've got to push on through..."


So tired.

Allergies are terrible, and I don't have a definitive answer as to what is safe for a breastfeeding mama to take for some relief.

Pete still can't find a job, or even get an interview, and is becoming increasingly frustrated and down. Where are we going wrong in his job hunt? Any suggestions?

I am worried about a few of the people I love most in this world.

The sweet new buds on the trees bring some hope, but in this discouraging, allergy-clouded funk, it's hard to notice the fresh beauty of it all.

So, why go on at all?

What on earth could remind me that it's a good old world after all?

Oh, yeah! There's that!

...and suddenly, it was all okay...

"Goodnight, my angel, now it's time to dream, and dream how wonderful your life will be..."

Dear Peter Joseph,

You are four months old today, my sweet boy! I can hardly believe you are already 1/3 of the way through your first year! It has gone so fast, and at the same time, I can hardly remember a time that you weren't here!

You are growing so fast that it astounds us! Your Daddy and I look at you and wonder how this sweet, smiley, raspberry-blowing beefcake could be the same sleepy, squishy, six-pounder we brought home from the hospital! You seem to be changing right before our eyes, and we love more each new thing the days bring!

You don't like to nap much lately, but you are still sleeping at night like a champ! We just hope some of your Daddy's DNA kicks in soon and your nap schedule turns out just as smooth as your nighttime one! When you do get up at night, it's hard to resist your smiles and giggles and put you back in bed! Any other time, though, your smiles and giggles stop everything! You are starting to get such a funny little personality, and even t…

"The words get in the way..."

I can't think of any other example of why I haven't blogged except to compare it to when you get really, really constipated, and you want to go, need to go, but every time you sit down to go?

Nothing comes out.

That's how I have felt the past few weeks. Mentally constipated. I have had much on my mind and my heart, and yet somehow have had no words to talk about them. Lately, everything has been on the surface for me, nothing too deep, nothing too serious.

(and of course, I don't have to pretend that this boy makes me happier then I have ever been in my whole life! He has this belly chuckle that just slays me! He can't quite get his paci back in his mouth on his own yet, but we're thisclose! He's making raspberry's with his spittle now. He is clearly a genius of a level as yet unknown in our time.)

So, I still don't know exactly what I want to say or how to say it. Which is weird for me- this has always been my place to vent unbridled. In the meantim…

"We're just one big family..."

Oh, happy day!

It really was a happy day today! PJ really seems to be getting over his cold and was the most happy and cheerful I have seen him in days! We slept very well last night, woke up very sweet and smiley, and had a solid 2-hour nap. He had been cat-napping for days and would be passing out and miserable by early evening, so it made me happy to see him resting comfortably throughout the day!

We ran some errands to shop for a birthday gift for PJ's good friend Gabrielle's birthday party, and for his Mama to hit up Old Navy for the "Sundown Gown" sale! Pete kept yelling at me to go- apparently, I didn't jump on the dress sales early enough last spring, didn't get what I wanted, and "bitched about it all summer". Ahem. So, off we went. A few things for PJ might have fallen into my cart, also (for example, the center outfit from the ad, including panama hat...). Just sayin'...

Marla came by for a visit after work, and got in some good, quali…

"There's never a wish better then this..."





all photos by Michelle Bottalico

"Rest your head close to my heart, never to part..."

Another beautiful day! A girl could get used to this! ;-)

We had a lovely breakfast with my mother- and father-in-law! It was nice to have guests here, and even nicer for PJ to spend time with his Nan and Pop (who I truly need to make an effort to see more- or, bring PJ to see them)! PJ is still a bit punky and shaking off the last of his cold, but he made a valiant effort to be his usual cute, sweet, smiley self!

The weather has been amazing, so I strapped PJ into the Baby Bjorn and we took a walk through Collingswood! PJ loved it- he kicked his legs and could not stop looking around! Personally, my favorite scenery was looking down and seeing the breeze ruffling my son's blonde hair! It was one of those moments where I just can't believe he's mine! PJ has been on a bit of a nap strike the past few days, so it was gratifying when our jaunt into the fresh air left him knocked out cold for a good two hour nap! Nap aside though, he's been tired the past few days (darn col…

"Look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love, love..."

Add up the following...

Waking up to a sweet, smiling, much less stuffy PJ


An apartment that honestly looks like a normal, grown-up living space again


Spending a relaxed day with my husband


A walk outside with my son and his Daddy on a gorgeous day


The arrival of a big box of cute, soft, fluffy, fun cloth diapers for PJ's cutey-patooty little behind


Having open windows all day and into the evening


Knowing just how lucky- truly lucky I am to have a beautiful son, a wonderful husband, amazing friends, a loving family, and just enough comfort to enjoy it all



"Don't know much about your life, don't know much about your world..."

It finally happened. Something that would strike fear in my Psycho New Mama heart!

PJ has a cold.

Don't make fun of me- you should actually be impressed that in all of my New-Mama Psycho-ness I haven't had the child flown to the Mayo Clinic yet! The first night, the poor kid was so uncomfortable! Just as he would settle down to sleep, I would hear "SNORT...sneeeeeerrkkkk...SNORT SNORT.....WAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" and that would be the end of sleep! Thankfully, it's two nights later and even though PJ still has that stuffy, puffy face you get when you have a cold, he's much more comfortable! Aside from the fact that he is probably going to end up on a therapists couch after too many run-ins with the bulb aspirator, aka "The Boogie Snatcher"! PJ...uh, really hates that thing! ;-)

PJ's cold has been the finale of what was a very busy week, which included coffee with my Coffee Mama Friends, a trip to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate a successful poop on the pott…

"When I grow up, I wanna be famous...MTV, diggin' on me..."

I have had this song stuck in my head all day, I have no idea why- maybe because I saw that one of the Pussycat Doll's is going to be on Dancing With the Stars. Who knows? Anyway, that song is on repeat inside of my head and it's driving me nuts!

That said, I can't help but think back to what I wanted to be when I grew up. As a very young kid, I wanted to be a scientist, and there was a phase when I wanted to be the first female Philadelphia Phillie! I was a weird kid. I always like to sing though, and from the age of 10 until about the age of 16 or so, I wanted to be this:

And you can quit laughing! Back in the day, Debbie Gibson was pretty cool! Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but when you're 11 and you dream about being a singer, someone who write all of her own songs and plays the piano and is famous for doing so and only a few years older then you is the coolest person in the world! I used to try my own hand at songwriting (and if you read this blog and know my s…

"Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself..."

It's been a quiet Monday here after a pretty busy weekend! PJ was exhausted when I put him to bed- I don't expect to hear from him for a while!

I can't believe it's already March 1st! For one thing, it means that my sister Marla and her husband Steve have been married for two years! Oh, well, sort of. They were married on February 29th, 2008, so we can fudge the exact day a bit! Either way, I still think their wedding was one of the best times of my life! And even though by two years, most people realize that marriage is not all rainbows and butterflies all the time, they have realized that the work you have to put into marriage is totally worth it! I love seeing them evolve as a couple and as individuals, and I wish them two more plus two more plus a million more years together!

Plus, I need to stay on their good side- if we're ever homeless, I'm heading straight to their place! They have a gorgeous house!! ;-)

My weekend was a sweet one, filled with friends an…