"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

Oh my goodness.

Reading yesterdays post, I can see that I was very tired and not making a ton of sense when I was decribing our Pocano weekend! So I will quickly sum it up here and provide some pictures (which, as they say, speak a thousand words!).

Lots of driving
Breastfeeding in bookstores
Cozy family time
PJ cuddling in the extreme
Girls+PJ=Not doing anything remotely cold!
Cooked dinner in every night!
Fireplaces are awesome
Didn't get a flake of snow!
PJ slept like a champ!
Got in some quality Pete and Breezy time
Had a wonderful time, but was happy to come home!

PJ and Aunt Marla!

PJ and Daddy!

PJ playing very contentedly in his bouncy seat!


PJ is the cutest baby in the world. I know I tell you like every post but it is so true! Sounds like you guys had a blast!