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"Three, oh, it's the magic number, of yeah, it is..."


I can hardly believe it! While I find myself missing the sweet, scrawny boy we brought home in November, PJ has a new surprise for me every day, so the sting of seeing the days go by so fast is mended by the new joys he brings me! Today he was grasping the toys on his bouncy seat and pulling them towards him! He is at his most smiley when he wakes up in the morning, almost like he is as happy to see Pete and I as we are to see him! He is so funny and sweet and it doesn't seem like it's possible that three months have gone by already! It doesn't feel like there was anything before he was here!

Of course, the morning started off with some excitement- Pete's fire pager went off early in the morning, calling his department to fight a fire that turned out to be right next door to his brother and sister-in-law's house! YIKES! The upstairs of the home was destroyed, but nobody was hurt and thanks to the hard work of the Oaklyn FD, the fire did…

"Hello, I've waited here for you everlong..."

Today's Top Ten!

1. My sweet boy has a touch of reflux, which is why he has been acting "teethe-y" lately! A trip to the pediatrician this morning helped us figure that out, so he's going to take some kiddie Zantac to help his belly feel better!

2. At said trip to the doc, we found out PJ weighs 13 lbs, 12oz! He has officially outgrown the newborn options on his Pack n Play, so Pete and I...well, packed it! We will resurrect it when PJ starts to crawl and needs a playpen, but for now, we're replacing it with his as-yet-unused swing! And I only cried a little. :-)

3. We managed to get to the Treehouse for a lovely morning with my lovely friends! Peppermint mochas taste even better with good conversation!

4. I got PJ's dresser and closet all organized with his new 3-6 months size clothes! And I only cried a little when I packed up his 0-3 stuff! :-)

5. Grilled cheese tastes better when you share it with your husband!

6. Pete and I are compiling a list of things we n…

"Remember all the things we wanted..."

Oh, my goodness! I am beat!

And I didn't even leave the apartment today, but it was a busy day nonetheless! The very talented and sweet Michelle Bottalico came by to have a photo shoot with PJ! Michelle shot my and Pete's engagement photos and did our wedding, so it felt right to have her come and photograph our son! She has also done some shoots for other friends and family members, and she even did a shoot with me as a gift for Pete (some of those shots are even up on her site!!!)!

So it was alot of fun to see her again and have our baby boy in front of her lens! It was tricky sometimes- PJ to too old to be as malleable as a newborn, but not old enough to follow commands- but all in all, PJ was an adorable model over a long shoot and I was so proud of my boy! I can't WAIT to see the pictures, I am so excited! But both Boy and Mama are very tired tonight!

And with that, I leave you with some parental wisdom from my favorite Twitter account, @shitmydadsays (an account held …

"Look at this photograph..."

I just looked around my apartment and saw something amazing...

It's like, 82% clean!

Trust me, 82% is a pretty good number considering what condition this place has been in since PJ came home! Having Pete around for a three-day weekend was a huge help! We really plugged away and got alot done! We even managed to have my parents over for dinner tonight! Even though PJ was a little punky (I swear he's teething!) his cuteness still won out for Bubbe and Zayda!

Now, all I need to do is either stay at 82% or try to raise my average, instead of letting a new mess creep in where the old one I usually do! We'll just say that before PJ, I was a pretty crappy homemaker, and now that he's here and garners so much of my concentration...yeah. It's bad.

Either way, the 18% of mess that's left is going to have to wait, because tomorrow, the lovely and talented Michelle Bottalico is coming to take PJ's picture! Michelle shot Pete and I for our engagement pictures …

"We are family..."

"S'why I'm easy...easy like Sunday morning..."


Today was a lovely, relaxing Sunday! After a busy couple of days, it was so nice to not have to rush anywhere or do anything specific! After two long days, poor PJ was beat, so after he woke at 7am for some breakfast, he snoozed on and off until 11am! Pete slept in, too, so I lounged in bed and watched a Law & Order marathon while I waited for my two favorite boys to get up!

The rest of the day consisted of Pete and I trying to straighten up our cyclone of an apartment! The work went by with much more ease since, for once, we were both home at the same time! Laundry and cleaning got done, and both were much-needed! We're not done yet, but we're the closest we have been to a normal living environment since before PJ was born!

Speaking of PJ, my little man sprouted overnight, it seems, and has outgrown much of his 0-3 months- size wardrobe! All of a sudden, his onesies are too short and too tight, his jeans are man-capri's, and his chunky neck overflows from his …

"In my life, I loved them all..."

What a sweet day, filled with family and friends all celebrating Riley's 6th birthday! The food was plentiful, the cake was delicious, and the children were noisy- all in all, a typical family party! Riley was feted in a most wonderful fashion and a great time was had by all!

PJ even made a new friend!

That's Sammy there on the left! What a face!

Riley's birthday will always have a special place in my heart- last year, Pete had to miss her birthday party because of nursing school obligations, and so he made his absence up to his godchild in the sweetest way ever. And, later that night...well, let's just say that nine months later we were blessed with PJ! Ahem...

It's funny, but I was looking over my blog post from her birthday last year, and I had mentioned the changes from her 4th birthday to her 5th. Riley's 4th birthday was celebrated in the hospital when Greg was in for his biopsy, and by her 5th birthday, Greg was gone. A few weeks after that, we said goodby…

"If I had to live my life without you near me the days would all be empty..."

Holy crap, I can't believe it's Friday!

And it's the end of Friday at that! This has been a week that was alternately busy or boring, depending on the day. It started with a baby shower and will end tomorrow with my niece Riley's birthday party! And I don't have pictures to show you of any of it because I left my camera at the baby shower! Duh. So, when I get it back tomorrow, I'll have an array of party pictures to show!

Pete has the weekend off, and we are so looking forward to some much-needed family time together! He worked late every night this week and it makes for two married people who don't see alot of each other, and subsequently, a Daddy who does not get to see enough of his son! We have some things to do around the house, but the weekend is mostly going to be about us!

So, for now, it's off to bed, with the promise of a fun weekend ahead of me!

"I'm glad it's your birthday, happy birthday to you!"


Our sweet, sassy, stubborn, sensational niece turns SIX today! I can't believe it! I remember clear as a bell the day she was born, getting text message updates from Pete while I taught a class on HIV at Cooper! Riley has brought nothing but fun ever since, and her Uncle Pete, cousin PJ and I wish her the happiest 6th birthday ever!

We love you, Riley!

"I used to live alone before I knew ya..."

Today was yet another day that I spent in my pajamas!

It's pretty pitiful- if I don't have anyplace to go, I just hang inside with PJ all day! My mom stopped by, so I did manage to have some human contact aside from Pete and PJ, but there has been a sharp decline in my motivation to put on regular clothes on a daily basis! Without having a job to go to, I have gone from merely style impaired to completely slovenly!

Of course, I would take a slovenly life with PJ over a stylish life without him any day! But, I can't help but think that if Stacy and Clinton saw me in my usual garb these days, they would just skip right over the makeover and shoot me in the head!

PJ would get a pass though, since I always dress him and he always looks cute! :-)

My lack of fashion ambition is just the tip of the Mama iceberg for me, since I am still trying to figure out how to keep the baby alive and attend to other parts of "life as usual"! As I have mentioned repeatedly, our apartme…

"These dreams go on when I close my eyes..."

The world is such an interesting place!
Sometimes, you don't want to close your eyes for a second,
because you might miss something!
I have felt that way ever since PJ was born- I could gaze at him 24/7!
PJ, on the other hand...




A nap!

(PS- I love him!)

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

Oh my goodness.

Reading yesterdays post, I can see that I was very tired and not making a ton of sense when I was decribing our Pocano weekend! So I will quickly sum it up here and provide some pictures (which, as they say, speak a thousand words!).

Lots of driving
Breastfeeding in bookstores
Cozy family time
PJ cuddling in the extreme
Girls+PJ=Not doing anything remotely cold!
Cooked dinner in every night!
Fireplaces are awesome
Didn't get a flake of snow!
PJ slept like a champ!
Got in some quality Pete and Breezy time
Had a wonderful time, but was happy to come home!

PJ and Aunt Marla!

PJ and Daddy!

PJ playing very contentedly in his bouncy seat!

"It's time for the good times..."

It is so sweet to be back home, with my boy tucked into his bed, my cat purring at my feet, and Pete to be home from drill to snuggle in our own bed with me!

Of course, to get to come back home,you had to have gone somewhere first, and we were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in the Pocanos! My sister and her husband were able to join us, along with Pete's dad, and all in all, it was a relaxing, fun weekend! The drive up was a challenge- we hit alot of traffic, to say nothing of the perils of a long drive with a two month old! We made a stop at a Borders Books on the way so we could all get some caffeine and I could nurse the Boy (who, of course, garnered many an admiring glance!)! But, we made it to the Pocano's and spent the night relaxing! PJ got a bath in the sink and then was tucked into the same Pack n' Play that just about all of his cousins have slept in before!

The next day, the boys all went skiing, and Marla, PJ and I hit the outlets for some shopping! We bun…

"Waiting for the moon to come and light me up inside..."

Brace yourselves!

Rumor has it that a pretty big snowstorm is about to hit our area! I wish I could say that I was excited, but truly, I am really, really over snow this year! Thank goodness I don't live in Minnesota or something! But really, the amount we have received her in NJ is more then usual, and I am tired of it! I am so ready for spring!

Ironically, we will be heading north to the Pocano's tomorrow, well before the storm is supposed to start, and that area is not expected to get much snow at all! I am so looking forward to the change of scene and time with Pete, even if I am a little nervous that PJ will not be happy in unfamiliar surroundings! Hopefully, we can get some shopping done, which considering how much I have done since his arrival, PJ should be quite comfortable with! ;-)

And that's what I have to look forward to on this chilly Thursday evening! I hope your weekend holds just as much promise, whether you're planning on hunkering down inside for the sno…

"Somewhere in a burst of glory sound becomes a song/I'm bound to tell a story, that's where I belong..."

It's a quiet night here at the Latini home!

PJ has been in bed for an hour now, and Pete is (of course) working, so it's just me stirring, missing both of my boys!

In a few days, we will be heading up to the Pocano's for a long weekend, along with my sister Marla and her husband, Steve! You can't imagine how excited I am for this time with Pete and my sister! Pete works nights, so often I head off to bed by myself, so just to have him there next to me when I go to sleep will be so wonderful! Marla has been working and going to school two nights a week, so it will be nice to catch up on some sister time!

But, of course, the psycho new Mama in me is really nervous about traveling with PJ! Will he be able to sleep in the Pack n' Play? What if he gets sick? How much should I pack for him? Can he handle the car ride? Are the germs different in the Pocanos? And I know the answers are Yes, He won't (and if he does, his Dad and Aunt are nurses and there are doctors/hosp…

"My life would suck without you!"

Oh, happy day! The type of day that is bright and shinny after a long conversation with a great friend! The type of friend who, even after a long time apart, can pick up with you right where you left off!

My friend Kim and I met many moons ago, when I worked at Cooper and we shared an office! We have been friends ever since and even though we went our separate ways career-wise, we have always stayed in touch! As office-mates, we would have long conversations, and still can just gab away like we never stopped! It had been quite some time since we had a chance to do so- since before my wedding! So there was much to catch up on, and catch up we did! It was a great time with a great friend- the kind of visit that leaves you energized and feeling good about the world!

It makes me thankful for all of my friends. I have been so lucky, all of my life, to have the kind of friends that I think other people would be envious of! The type of friends that I have known forever, who have been there f…

"Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!"

Pete and PJ aside, these are two of my favorite men-
Stephen Colbert
and Cookie Monster!

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cCookie Monsterwww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorEconomy

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cStephen's Missing Peabodywww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorEconomy

Now, seriously. How can that NOT make you happy????