"There's no more coming back this way..."

All is quiet here at the Latini Homestead as the last few minutes of 2009 tick away! I wish Pete could be home, but he's committed to work tonight, so it's just the Boy and I tonight, and together, we will welcome 2010!

Well, I will welcome 2010! PJ is not super excited about seeing the ball drop, as you can see! And, just as an aside, could you die for that blonde hair? It's my favorite when he's fresh out of the bath and it just fluffs up like a dandilion!!

So that is how I will count out the last seconds of 2009, with the sweet blonde head under my chin (because I don't think I can resist scooping him up and holding him close as we say goodbye to the year he was born!)!

Time, time, time, see what's become of me...

One day old...

One month old...

"Throw my head back and SHOUT!..."

Holy moly!!

My poor, sweet PJ just had his first official "difficult moment"! The poor thing fussed and cried for an hour and a half! Now, my adorable boy is spent, sleeping all swaddled up in his napper bed and the "soothing vibration" feature on!

That said, even crying and throwing a big fit, PJ is the cutest baby in the world, as can be observed in this post-fit picture:

(Also, please forgive my new-mama habit of talking incessantly about my son! I think these first few weeks, when it's all baby, all the time, there's not much to talk about! Not that I don't find PJ to be completely fascinating, but I know that constant baby talk can be a little grating! Either way, thanks for hanging in with me!)

"'Cause I love you, baby baby baby, baby I love you..."

I found some sanity today!

After what felt like an overwhelming weekend, I woke up today pretty well intent on gathering my emotions and getting ready to enter the world as a parent who does, every now and then, venture out of her apartment!

Thankfully, my pretty new diaper bag arrived today, so I was motivated further by wanting to take it out for a spin, too! So, I packed it up, got PJ in his car seat, and ran errands to Babies R' Us and Target! And it was fine! I didn't lock him in the car or drop him- it felt comfortable and GOOD to be out running errands with my son! It also didn't hurt that loads of people stopped to tell me how cute he is ("He's so tiny! Look at that hair!")! Showing him off was alot of fun!

So, I know I won't shed the shackles of New Mama-hood in one outing to Target. It's hard not to feel wildly protective of this little life that's so dependant on me! But, we all have a life to lead, and PJ's will be a much better one if I can learn to be out in the world with him!

And since I know you're dying for a picture...

(Have I mentioned how much I love PJ's pack & play? They need to make beds for grown-ups with a napper thing!)

"I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me..."

It's Sunday night, and I am inside with PJ, watching the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert on HBO On Demand, and unwinding from a very busy weekend!

This was our first weekend to venture out with the baby, and while it was a great time, I found myself extremely overwhelmed! I guess it's the protective "New Mama" in me, but it was hard knowing that everyone we were with wanted a piece of our son! If he wasn't being passed around, everyone was just looking at him! Believe me, his repertoire of tricks is pretty limited at this age. And people are pretty germy, so I couldn't help but feel a little...well, really? I felt like a lunatic! But, I just chalk it up to still trying out my New Mama Legs and know that it will get easier with time and practice! I can't keep him sequestered in our apartment forever, and there will come a time when I might actually have to 1. put him down and 2. let someone else pick him up!

But I may not do that until he's at least a month old!

New Mama lunacy aside, it really was a very busy, very fun weekend! Last night, we gathered at my parents house to celebrate the second night of Hanukkah! It was so much fun to light the candles with my son and know that he will grow up with this sweet tradition from the Jewish side of the family! PJ also took part in the tradition of learning new, special words from his Mom and Zeyde as we watched the Flyers lose again! UGH!

Sunday, we all gathered at Nan and Pop's (Pete's parents) to have a cousins picture taken as a Christmas gift for the grandparents! Carl, Delia, Grace, Sarah, Riley, Emilia and PJ all wore adorable matching shirts (thanks, Aunt Shelly!) and the photographer, God love him, weathered the storm of kids fighting, crying, not staying still, not looking at the camera, and other such general chaos to get some really wonderful shots! I can't wait to see them!

And now that I have ventured out into the real world with PJ and made it through relatively unscathed, save for a hormonal bout of New Mama Lunacy, I will feel brave enough to expand my horizons and start getting out, because as overwhelmed as I felt this weekend, I am getting even more overwhelmed by the sight of the walls of this apartment!

So, wish me luck! :-)

"...Know this child will be gifted, with love, with patience, and with faith..."

I can't...

...seem to stop staring at my son...

...stop kissing my son...

...seem to catch up on the unbelievable mess our apartment is...

...believe that "Glee" is on hiatus until the spring! WTF???...

...stop singing songs from "Glee" to my poor son, who was also subjected to the soundtrack in utero! Forget Quinn thinking her baby would come out with a mohawk- I'm surprised mine didn't!...

...help wishing Pete was home on this freezing cold night instead of at work, so we could all be snuggled in bed together...

...wait to do just that when he does get home...

...stop rubbing my chin on PJ's fluffy blonde hair...

...help worry that I'll wake up and this will all be gone...

...help feeling even more that I am luckier then I could ever know!

"Inside this ancient heart, you'll always be a part of me..."

So, it's not easy, this parenting thing!

Pete and I seem to pass each other in a somnambulatory haze- we drift around the house, me taking care of PJ while Pete runs the errands I can't until I get the all-clear to drive (just two more days!). We stop to plant kisses on PJ, each other, and in the name of straightening up, move piles of stuff from one end of the apartment to the other!

We laid in bed last night with PJ between us (just snuggling- he sleeps in his crib! I would be a terrible co-sleeping parent, poor PJ would end up out the window by accident!), kicking his skinny little legs and blinking up at us with his sweet, wide owl eyes. If either Pete or myself felt tired, it was certainly the last thing we were thinking of, as we looked at our son and marveled at what we created.

So, we're a little tired. It's a mess in our apartment. I have a UTI (which may be TMI, but still true!).

But I also have a son, a son who was nestled in my arms, smelling sweet from his bath and looking up at me with his trusting eyes. He grew inside my body, and now my body continues to help him grow. He makes faces that look just like the ones his Dad makes when he stretches. Pete and I are hopelessly, completely, head-over-heels in love with this Boy, and life has never been sweeter!

"There's not a word yet for old friends who just met..."

Ahhh...a few free moments to wax poetic about the Boy!

It's quiet right now in our apartment- PJ is asleep in his bouncy seat and Pete is at work. It's almost like any other Friday night I have ever blogged about, and of course, not at all the same, and never will be again!

I can hardly believe he is a week old already! My much-anticipated December baby decided to make his debut in November instead. I went into labor right in the middle of "Glee", as a matter of fact! A few hours later, my newborn son was in my arms! The labor was scary- I was bleeding alot and PJ was not always tolerating the situation as well as the doctors would have liked. But he and I, along with his Daddy, are a great team, and everyone came out on the other side safe and sound!

I found the hospital to be difficult. All I wanted was to be with my Boy, and just when I was about to feed him/change him/nurse him/worship him, someone was there to weigh him/take my blood/check his blood sugar/etc. Arrrg. Getting home was the best feeling in the world!

That was Sunday, and each day we have become more and more comfortable with our new routine and new life! We are tired, and I can admit that alot of the time, we are getting our feet underneath of us! This business of raising a baby Boy is no joke!

Still, I have a hard time putting PJ down- he's in my arms almost non-stop. I look down at his sweet little face and can't believe that this is something that Pete and I created! He makes the funniest little face when he's hungry and starting to root around! He loves to lie on his belly against my chest, and when he lifts his head up with his skinny little neck, he looks like a little velociraptor! PJ is a mellow baby, just like his Daddy in temperament, and only cries when he's really hungry or when we try to shimmy a onesie onto his teeny little bod! We have discovered so much about him (and about each other!) in just a week, and I can't imagine what the next weeks will bring!

We are blessed beyond reason, and I could not be more thankful!

"Large hands life him through the air, excited eyes contain him there..."

Just a quick announcement...

Pete and Brie are so happy to welcome
our son
Peter Joseph Latini, Jr

Thanksgiving Morning
Thursday, November 26th
6 pounds, 0 oz

Came two weeks early with a ton of blonde hair (!), a teeny butt, his father's chin and his mother's eyes.

We both find we are happier then it is possible to put into words, and are thrilled to introduce you to this new version of us!