"Shower the people you love with love..."

I seriously can't believe it took me this long to sit down and blog about my baby shower!!

Yes! All of my friends and family were there to help celebrate the impending arrival of PJ this past Saturday at my amazing baby shower! I wish I had some pictures, but I was way too farblongjid to even pick my camera up, although thankfully lots of other people got some shots! The amount of love that was showered on our boy was completely overwhelming, and thanks to the generosity of so many, he now has a stroller, car seats, a portable crib, loads of cool baby boy clothes with skulls on them- the list goes on! We went from a teeny bag of baby clothes in my closet to, well...a houseful of baby stuff!! I can't help but picture what he will look like strapped into his car seat, or sleeping under the not one, but two amazing handmade blankets he was gifted, or nestled in his crib while we film him on our camcorder. PJ, not to mention Pete and I, were beyond blessed- frankly, we were all spoiled rotten!

And seriously? All of the work that my sisters did, making favors and games and invites and all of the general planning! Marla hosted the shower at her house, and even though she's a bit of a spastic hostess (she gets bad nerves, LOL!), everyone enjoyed her home and general hostess-ness! I just could not- and still can't- get over the whole thing! It was awesome! I don't think I could ever thank everyone enough for loving our sweet little man so much!

"'It's time for a few small repairs', she said..."

Just a few random observations and comments:

1.Pregnant women should not watch A Baby Story- I am sitting here in tears! Happy tears...and truthfully, I cried when I watched this show before I was pregnant. But still.

2. I will miss my job, miss my girls, and miss working, but I will not miss driving in Cherry Hill! Seriously, with the exception of a few people who I hold very near and dear, what the hell is wrong with those people??? You take your life in your hands every time you get on the road! Or every time you're a pedestrian! Or in my case, every time I think about how people drive there and my road rage puts me at risk for a massive aneurysm!!

Update: Today on Rt. 70 in Cherry Hill, which is a very busy highway, I totally saw a woman flossing her teeth...while she drove. While her dedication to dental hygiene was admirable, really? Behind the wheel. God, I hate Cherry Hill!!

3. I am really starting to look like one of these. Only not nearly as cute. Or graceful.

4. I plan on using cloth diapers, at least part-time, and find that I receive a variety of comments on this decision, accompanied by a ton of eye rolling! You'd think I was going to diaper him with newspaper and razor blades. Sheesh.

5. This amazingly lovely fall weather is really hitting the spot! Our street and the park our house faces out to looks so beautiful, and it makes me happy to see all of the red, gold, purple and orange when I look out the window or pull out of our driveway!

6. I am really, really excited to get PJ's room together!!

7. I can't believe he will be here soon!!

"I'm ok, I'm alright, ain't gonna face no defeat..."

In an amazing turn of events, what a lovely Monday today was!

It started out cold and dark- I can't believe how fast the days are growing shorter! On the mornings I have to be at work at 7am, it's dark most of the way! I even warmed up my car this morning (I think the Automatic Car Starter Fairy is going to have to make a visit soon!)! But, soon enough, the sun came out and it was a beautiful, crisp fall day! And even better? It was a short day for me- I was off for the rest of the day after I got the gals to school!

The rain and chill of the past few days had me in a funk- I can't deny it. It's not news that we're struggling here a bit. Pete is still looking for a job as my own is in it's last few weeks. I am prayerful, positive, and hopeful that things will come together for us, but it's hard for someone...well, someone as controlling as me to have things up in the air like this. I like to have my ducks in a row- my day planner is never not in the same room, I check and re-check my schedule, and I like to be prompt, prepared, and at my best for everything.

But, like I said, the sun came out today and lifted my mood considerably! In the spirit of preparedness, Pete and I went to a class on Labor Basics, where I learned the most important thing is to get a bikini wax at some point before you go into labor!

Yikes. That said, even with all the talk of bloody show and mucous plugs and other such goodness, I still felt excited when I thought of going through it all myself! Although I intend to have much more well-groomed bikini line!! Can you believe I'm 33 weeks along?

Oh, and guess what? Our wedding video finally came!! And we've only been married for 15 1/2 months! Despite the time it took to get it, and the nasty-gram I got from the videographer when I dared ask where it was, it really did come out well!! In fact, enjoy the "Prologue" segment, it's like a music video of the whole wedding. That was, you can show people your wedding video without completely torturing them!

"Alone and bored on a thirtieth-century night..."

I imagine in a few years, I'll be hearing alot of this:

"I'm booo-oooo-oooo-red!"

(the extra syllables will be indicative of any child of mine...)

That aside, since I'm still pregnant and said child does not have the proper use of his vocal cords to declare such a statement (unless I just can't hear it from under the massive amount of pumpkin pancake I consumed today),I'm the one whining about boredom tonight!!

The pumpkin pancakes were enjoyed at a fun girls day out to celebrate the impending birth of a boy (to be named Ezra) for my sweet friend Michelle, where I was far from bored! Even though a "proper" shower isn't the tradition after the first baby, a bunch of Michelle's girlfriends saw fit to have a day out at The Painted Cottage in Collingswood, where we all enjoyed each others company and the yummy food! Plus, Michelle's face when she walked in and saw us all standing there was hilARIous! That part of the day was not boring!

Then I got to come home, and lay around in my underwear (Hey, don't judge me. It was muggy out today and there's alot of me to be hot these days!) and watch Armageddon with Pete while I also did kick counts! That part wasn't boring either!

But then, Pete went to work and there was nothing good on TV and I'm all caught up on the stuff I DVR'ed. So boredom set in! I cooked, but that honestly just bores me more! Stupid domesticity.

Tomorrow, I will again have something to combat my boredom, as the sister-in-law and I are headed off to Atlantic City for yet another Girl's Night Out! Shelly, Ann Marie and I will be joined by cousins Stacy and Heather, who are extremely fun, energetic, and sweet, so it should be a raucous evening! I'll be hurting on Monday (for a number of reasons aside from being out all day tomorrow...I'll go into all of that another time) but it should be well worth it, if for nothing else then the Buffalo Chicken Meatballs at The Continental AC!

Oh, well. I am going to give in to my boredom and go watch TV in bed!!! At least I'll be comfy!!