"In those silent, happy seconds that surround the sound of this event, a parent smile is made in moments..."

I knew it!

Not to brag, but really? I totally knew it!

After a few prods with the ultrasound wand, the baby finally moved into a position that allowed us to see that...

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A boy!!! To be named Peter Joseph Latini, Jr! And if anyone has a good suggestion for a nickname that will easily distinguish the younger Peter from his father, let me know! Because this child is NOT- repeat, NOT!- to be called Junior or, worse, Little Peter!

Because we all know what connotation "Little Peter" has.


That aside, everything continues to go well with this pregnancy! All of my labwork came back with great results, my uterus is mesuring just the right size, and everything in the ultrasound looked fantastic, although we will get the full results later! We found out the baby weighs 1 lb, 1oz already, which puts him in the 90th percentile for weight at his gestational age!! YIKES!!! I am seeing an amazing future for this boy, but not such a geat future for, well...

For my vagina!

But, fear for my girl bits aside, finding out that I am carrying a boy, a SON! Oh, that was the best moment of my whole life! Although I would have been happy with either sex- truly!- I just felt from the start that this baby was a boy, and it makes my heart feel so full to know that my instincts were right! This baby and I, we know each other! And I can't wait to introduce him to the people he doesn't know yet- all of his cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents! All of our fabulous friends and all of the playmates that are waiting for him!

I can't wait to tell him all about his mama's Mom-Mom, and his Uncle Greg, and tell him how they are his own guardian angels and how much they love him, all the way from Heaven!

I can't wait for Peter Joseph Jr to be here!

"Your eyes might be green, or the bluest that I've ever seen. Anyway, you'll be blessed..."

I hope I am not boring anyone who happens to be stumbling across my blog! Getting back into daily blogging involves a warm-up of my writing skills!

Today was just a lovely day! The girls and I had a playdate with my sister's good friend Tracy and her gorgeous daughters Alyssa and Kyla! We were also joined Tracy's sisters, niece and nephews, and hosted by her sweet mom! The kids enjoyed each others company, swimming together, and eating Munchkin's! My gals always love making new friends- the kids got along amazingly and the adults enjoyed each other's company! I was even able to get a little color get some sun and therefore, some Vitamin D for my baby! ;-)

Of course, speaking of the baby, tomorrow is our 2nd trimester ultrasound that will allow us to see if the baby is a boy or a girl...and most importantly, if the baby is healthy- the thing we are praying for most of all! The consensus on what flavor we are having varies. Marla wants a baby girl so badly, she was rubbing Jimmy Choo's on my belly, figuring if she got a kick, it's a girl! So many people have wished us luck and expressed an interest in our tiny, naked little miracle!We feel so blessed to have so much goodwill around us!

With such an amazing event about to happen- news that will change our lives forever!- it is so easy to forget the usual frustrations of life. I will not be spending tomorrow the way I always dreamed I would on the day I found the gender of my first baby. I had always thought it would be a whirlwind of visiting my family to spread the news! It's not going to be the day I imagined, but oh, it will be such a sweet day nonetheless, and just strengthens the resolve I have about what my life as a parent will be like.

It's not secret that our pregnancy came as a HUGE surprise to Pete and I! The news came to us on the heels of alot of chaos in our lives, and our shock was us equal as our joy! Tomorrow's news, the news of whether we will have a son or a daughter? That news will be nothing but sweet!

"The more I live, the more I know..."

Well now! Today was a pretty easy Monday! And it was truly needed- after last week, my nerves needed the break!

The gals and I started the day off with an early playdate with a few of our best buddies! A fun morning at the Discovery Museum was enjoyed by all! After that, the gals and I spent the day at the pool!

But to be honest, all of that is just time filler until our ultrasound on Wednesday!

"I'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm, and I'm just getting warm..."

Oh my gosh!

This has just been one of those weeks- complete drama with bookends of awesomeness on either side!

But, that said, let me rewind a few days to late last week, when finally, FINALLY, I felt the baby moving for the first time! I was so excited- at first, I wasn't sure if it was just gas (sorry! TMI!) but by the next day, there was no mistaking that what I was feeling was a tiny, naked person moving around! Right now, it's just a very faint tap..tap..tap sometimes followed by a big Flop! But, oh, feeling the baby is almost as good as SEEING the baby!! Or maybe better, it's a close race!!

In a few more days, we will find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, and then the real fighting over names can begin we can truly start to imagine how different our lives are going to be in a few months!

Now, on to my fun weekends!

Last Sunday there was a get-together with Pete and myself, Shelly, Carl, and their cousin Heather, who I had met a few times but had never hung out with before! We had the best time hanging out at the Tap Room in Westmont, eating, drinking (Sprite for me, beer for everyone else!), talking and more often, laughing hysterically! I ate way too much and stayed up way too late, but it was just such a good time, and so much fun getting to know Heather better- she's just fabulous!! This particular picture of Shelly, Heather and I is from my wedding!

Fast forward to this Friday night, when we all celebrated the 3rd birthday of my niece Emilia Ann Trefz! The party was at Shelly's and featured a visit from the Mr.Softee truck (Best.Idea. EVER!), much running around and merriment among the kids, and lots of companionable hanging out for the adults! It was one of those magical nights when the kids aren't whining (much), the food is delicious, and the company is even yummier! We even got enjoy yummy BBQ leftovers the next night! And who could believe it- Emilia is three years old!! She's quite a kid, that Emi! She's full of energy and fun and...well, badness! :-) She is one sassy little chick who loves shoes, hummus, and her mama and sisters, and we all get a kick out of her!! Oh, and I stole that picture of her on the beach in Punta Cana from her mother's Facebook page! :-)

So, that was the beginning and the end of my week! Now lets get to the grody, gooey yuckiness that was sandwiched between all of that weekend yumminess! I am afraid if I write the whole thing out, it will have too many swear words to be considered publishable. Instead, I will share the main bullet points of the week:

*horrible weather that kept my gals away from the pool all week
*a visit from a few of Cherry Hill's finest Men in Blue when the Terminix guy set off the alarm system
*feeling absolutely terrified for the safety of my baby and my gals when there was the possibility that termite poison was accidentally pumped into the air ducts,and spending a whole day at the house breathing in said poison
*the Lunatic Carpenter completely LOSING HIS SHIT in front of my gals over, I kid you not, spilled paint
*my mounting impatience for home improvements in general

I know that it really doesn't look like much to deal with, and I know that in the grand scheme of things, it isn't. Trust me. But in the moment, all of those annoying things in succession was enough to have me completely spent by Friday night!

There have been alot of big decisions to be made since Pete and I found out we were expecting, the main one being what we will do as far as my going back to work after the baby arrives. I find that in my heart, I am longing to be able to fully give my all to my family, something I have not been able to fully do for a very long time. But the pieces have not fallen into place yet to allow me to do this and still ensure that my family has all of the things we need. It's frustrating, a little disheartening, and extremely scary.

Still, we soldier on, with our Littlest Solider wiggling away inside of me! :-)

"I think there's something you should know..."

After a long, weird week, I decided to share something that makes me laugh! Enjoy!
(sorry about the language- lots and lots of bad words ahead!!)

"But they told me a man should be faithful, and walk when not able...but I'm only human..."

Just a quickie tonight- I am falling asleep!!

Today was Pete's best friend Bob's birthday! Bob is one of my favorite people in the whole world! He's just a great person, and I adore him! Last year, Bob won the award for the Suckiest Birthday Ever! He was in the middle of a battle against testicular cancer (which he won, thank GOD!), his dog fell ill and passed away, and while he was handling what he needed to with his dog, his cat got out and was killed by a car. Seriously? Suckiest Birthday Ever.

So this year, his sweet girlfriend Stacy decided to really do it up, so there was a big gathering of Bob's friends at a local bar to help celebrate a much happier birthday!

But Bob had one more surprise up his sleeve- he proposed to Stacy!!! So we celebrated a birthday AND and engagement!!! And since just over two years ago, Pete and I did the same thing, it was nice to see the trend continue!!

Yay to happiness!

But, of course, with happiness comes sadness sometimes, and late last night Pete got some terrible news about a friend of his from the fire department who passed away in a very terrible, violent way. It's left all of the people he loves wondering what went so very wrong, and with broken hearts. I have been thinking about it all day, and wondering how I would handle things if I really, truly felt hopeless.

I wish with all of my heart that this horrible thing had not happened, but I think about Pete and I, and all that we have been through and seen the people we love go through. What if we had lost someone we loved the same way?

Oh, God, just hold on to the people you love. Relish in those amazing happy moments and cling to each other during the rough times. Pray hard for the people who may not be as lucky, or who are so deep into a dark place, they don't realize how lucky they are, or can be.

I am making no sense! It's time for bed!!

"Hey you, you're a child in my head...but I swear, you'll be blessed..."

Getting bigger by the day, I can hardly believe it!

"When I'm goin' to the movies, I take up seven rows..."

I stopped by our local Destination Maternity today- I was in desperate need of a bathing suit! I had thought an old one of mine would fit, but not so much! Pregnancy has left me not only with a smallish baby bump, but with gigantic boobs.The combination makes for some difficult clothing decisions!

Now I am not the skinniest of girls. I used to be. Not so much anymore! In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, I was on Weight Watchers and had lost 11 pounds, with my goal being 25!

So much for that! The weight gain is well worth it, but still....

Anyway,so my inner monologue says "I'm not really fat, per se! I'm pregnant! These suits should fit me, no problem!"

Fast forward to me, in the dressing room, tons of adorable suits in the reject pile because I was Just. Too. Big. For. Them. And too big even for the "Large" sizes! I just started my 18th week of pregnancy!!

So this is the suit I got! And it's not that cute in person- or at least on me! I call it the Mumu Suit! I mean, who is supposed to fit in those cute suits? Heidi Klume? It was kind of a bummer!

Don't get me wrong- I am loving the things my body is doing right now! The more my belly takes shape, the more I dream about the little person growing inside! And yeah, I have giant porno boobs right now, but in a few months, they are going to provide nourishment to another human (although the bigger they get the more I think it's a shame I'm not having multiples!)! Pete and I have done alot of things together, but there is a bonafide creation going on in there!

That said, when it comes down to it, I'm a chick. And it's no fun when you can't fit into the cute clothes!

That's my rant! The end!

"Five hundred, twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes...how do you measure a year?"

Pete and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday, along with the anniversary of our country's Independence! And it was a lovely day- the fun Oakyln Township parade, BBQ yumminess, and the gorgeous fireworks display we watched from our now-traditional perch out front of my mother- and father-in-laws house! It was a slow, relaxing day, and it made me happy that we had our wedding on the 4th- we will have a celebratory anniversary every year!

On day 364 of our first year, we went out for a late dinner at Redstone (oh,my God, sooooooooo good! The fondue is my favorite!). The conversation had a serious tone- even though we are so blessed to have each other, we know what this past year has been. I like to call it "weird", Pete just calls it "shitty"! But now that we are on Day 1 of Year Two, I am just happy that we made it through together.

It's not always easy. It's never going to be "always easy". But we have each other to get through the hard times and enjoy every second of the amazing times. We made it through 365 days of a tough year, and now, we are only one day into the next 365. And oh, these next ones hold so much for us!