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"Almost unreal, yet, it's too soon to feel yet...close to my soul and yet so far away..."

Could there be a better line from any song ever written to explain how you feel when you "meet" your baby while he or she is still residing inside of you? I always loved that song from the Muppet Movie- I was re-introduced to it at Camp Heartland. I have been scouring the internet for the video of Gonzo singing the song with no luck, so in the meantime, just check out the lyrics and fall in love!

Now seriously, would you look at that profile?

That's our little bean at 12 weeks- we did some testing for a few diseases (all tests were negative, whew!) and got to have an extra ultrasound! I'm kind of mad, because my next one won't be for a while, and right now, while I still feel less baby and more constipation, an ultrasound has been my only "real time" connection to what is going on in there!! Still, as long as everything continues to be good news and health, baby can stay quiet for just a little longer!

Thankfully, now that I am done with the first trime…