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"Sun is in the sky oh why, oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?"

Today was another gorgeous day!

Sadly, we spent part of it couch shopping. Again. Pete and I have been looking for living room furniture since we got married. We have had the WORST time coming to a consensus on what couch we want, and since we are both Tauruses, we are both right about every couch we see!

Thankfully, I think we finally hit gold, and will be purchasing a couch within the next few days. It could not come any sooner, because I am fully tired of this stupid futon we have in our living room! Even my college apartment had a real couch in it!

Finding a couch was a high point of my long weekend, and another high point is that I seem to be starting to feel alot better! I had been having terrible nausea at night, and it seems to be getting better. It's just about 10pm now, and two weeks ago I would be gagging my head off if I attempted to stay up this late! It's so nice to know that I might be turning the corner of feeling crappy! Of course, I might be entering another …

"I got the month of May..."

Oh, long weekend! You are such a tender lover!

I have to say it again- although I really miss my job at WCRH, I am truly enjoying having my weekends to myself! We could certainly use the money, but especially now, the rest and relaxation is proving to be invaluable!

Today was the first day of a long weekend, and it turned out to be a truly lovely day! Pete and I slept in and relaxed this morning, which in and of itself was sooooo nice! With everything that has been going on- Pete needing to study for finals, take his tests, complete his clinical (which were overnight shifts and made him completely nocturnal for three weeks) and get ready to graduate- we have been like two ships in the night! Which is not completely unusual for us (Really. It's not. How the two of us actually managed to make a baby is kind of astounding!) but a bummer all the same!

I digress.

We headed off to Ikea for a sofa scouting mission (Yes, we still do not have a friggin' couch!) that turned out to be a …

"Weep not for the memories..."

I did have big plans to blog last night, but a sudden date with my toilet bowl pre-empted my plans!

Ah, the magic of pregnancy!

As I am feeling much better today, I decided to spend a little time emptying my brain. I seem to be having the reverse of "morning sickness" and the nausea sets in at night!

Yesterday was a typical Wednesday full of business and running about. Usually, Anna has dance class in the morning, and then we enjoy a Wednesday, apres-dance Chik-fil-A date with our good friends. Yesterday, we skipped dance and dates to head up to Archway Programs, the school that I worked at when I first graduated college and where I met Pete, where Shelly and Greg met, and where I made countless friends (it's really too bad it paid so poorly or I would have never left!)!

The school held a memorial service for Greg, who had worked at Archway for at least 10 years. Greg loved his job, loved it, and sometimes, I can't imagine that he doesn't work there anymore, much…

"...and after all the bullshit I've heard it's refreshing now to see that I don't have to pretend..."

Ah, my blog!

I have been looking my computer with longing night after night, but life's events have kept me from the keyboard (more on that in a second!). It's been difficult- I have had so much on my mind and such a full heart that missing my outlet has left me with a clogged up brain. In the past two months, my life has changed in more irrevocable ways then I ever thought possible!!

Of course, there was the loss of my Mom-Mom in March, which has left an infinite hole in my heart. After that, there was Pete's graduation from nursing school, which made that same heart swell with pride and happiness! And in between both of those events, the news that changed our lives forever...

We're pregnant!

It's true! There's a little, naked Latini gestating away in my uterus! Isn't that the cutest little fetus you have ever seen? It was unexpected news for sure, but a greater blessing then I have ever known! We have known since April 5th- in fact, I was in the earliest sta…