Monday, April 27, 2009

"Your betrayal ought to make this breakdown no trouble at all, so let the rubble fall..."

(just to note, there are no actual betrayals in the making of today's blog, I just really love that line!)

So for the love of God, who turned up the friggin' heat??? It's April!!! My allergies do not approve. I am dire need of a dose of good,old fashioned, 72 degree days, still-cool-enough-for-jeans SPRINGTIME!!

We all know what a fan I am of television (hey, don't judge me- I read alot of books!) so I was so sad to learn that Bea Arthur passed away! Golden Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows (The Wonder Years being my number one, in case you wondered...), as it was part of our sleepover-at-Mom-Mom's ritual. Marla, Mom-Mom and I would pile into her bed and watch Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia fling insults and cheesecake at each other. I didn't get the jokes until I was older and re-discovered Golden Girls in syndication, but Mom-Mom used to crack up at it! I remember thinking that when I grew up, I wanted to eat cheesecake in my robe with my girlfriends and talk about stuff. I wanted to be like Blanche (not slutty so much as pretty) but now I know I'm more like Dorothy- a smart-assed wise mouth who could fling sassy remarks with the best of them but knew how to be strong for her friends. And Mom-Mom...she was the best of all of them. Smart like Dorothy, sweet like Rose, gorgeous like Blanche, and wise like Sophia.


Shelly said...

steven and i have to apologize--i think we accidentally killed her! we were talking about hilarious golden girls was and were trying to figure out who was still alive--we decided that bea arthur was dead and the next day she was. oops! ahhhhhhhh

sam said...

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