"Breathing is the hardest thing to do..."

The Fitness Wench is trying to kill me. Or, maybe it's not that she's trying to kill me, but more that I suck donkey gonads at yoga. And here's why:

1. I have horrible balance. If I needed to be on one foot, I usually ended up tipping over. Which, yes, I know! I will improve if I keep at it.

2. Holding the poses is boring. What I can hold the pose and not falling over, anyway.

3. Yoga appears to make me fart alot. Sorry I had to tell you that, but I'm shooting for honesty here. I think that's the real reason I never do yoga in public.

4. No, wait. I know the real reason. It's not the farting, but the fact I cracked myself up every time I did!

Sigh. And there you have it. But I will keep trying the yoga (in the privacy of my own home) and try to improve! In other news, it appears I may not be as laid-off as I thought. The staffing person at WCRH called today- right after the layoffs, the census shot through the roof, so they are scrambling a bit for extra hands. Well, duh, I guess, it was bound to happen, but I imagine it was sudden because the census was cruddy for what felt like well over a year. I am deciding if I am going to pick up shifts, since they won't be in my old department, where I honestly loved working.

Aside from the call, today was a pretty standard Wednesday. Anna and Ellie both had classes at The Little Gym, we got in a walk with Emily the dog, and made a yummy pizza for dinner! I didn't get a picture today- instead, please enjoy this video of Anna, Riley and the rest of their dance class doing the tango. Soooo cute!

(Riley in the pink ballet outfit and Anna in purple sweats!)