"Trickling down the page of the most beautiful colors..."

I am blogging while Pete and I discuss our mutual crush on Jillian Michaels. Seriously. I could go the other way for her.

Ahem. Anyway...

Today was a great day because it was a short day for me! My boss had jury duty, so he was home by 4:30 which meant I was done at 4:30! Yee ha! And today was actually a great day- we had another playdate with Michelle and her gals and I made a chicken parm that was not only within my WW point goals, but also did not taste like ass! So suck on that, fat!! And the capper is that I got to come home and spend the evening with Pete!

Even more exciting (to me, anyway) is that my cousinIL Michael came over today and started painting! The color is up on the walls, and even though it's a pretty simple color (kind of a golden beige) it looks SO good and brightens up the hallway already! Later this week Michael will come back and sand and paint the ugly trim! Then, it's the living room, and we'll almost be good to go! It's taking a long time, but we are slowly feathering our little nest!

But, oh, here come my Biggest Loser tears! Where are the tissues......


Thanks for your comment! You are super sweet :) I just really screwed myself up by taking this stupid birth control called yaz and ever since I have been off of it I have had a period every other week with pmsing on the weeks I don't have my period with morning sickness included. Every doctor I have been too says that it is me and I'm nervous and making myself sick and it is just so frustrating because I know that is not the case at all. I just wish I could go back in time and never ever take the horrible drug! Girls go through so much hormonally guys will never ever understand haha