"If I were John and you were Yoko..."

Look! Pete and I are actually together!

Pete had clinical this morning, but, for once, did not have to work tonight! So we enjoyed dinner out at Chili's and now Pete is laughing his butt off at Blazing Saddles while I take a second to blog!

And now, time to watch Pineapple Express!

"Though sometimes I stammer and mix up my grammer, you get what my meanings are..."

I think Friday might very well be the best day of the week! Or, at least today was the best day of this week so far!

My WW meeting went well! I didn't lose a ton, just a pound and a half, but I was still down and that's all that matters! Since I am getting my period, and feeling bloated for sure, I am pretty happy that I lost anything! I am thinking that maybe getting back to the gym this week helped to combat some of my usual PMS symptoms and allowed me to still lose a bit! Now if only the gym could keep me from becoming a complete psycho bitch a little cranky during that time! ;-)

Anna and I got to enjoy another Friday lunch with Randi! Even though Anna was a little off today (I think she was tired from the excitement of having her grandparents there for a visit) we all enjoyed some yummy food at the Silver Diner!

I still did not manage to get a picture of Ellie today, but it was for a great reason- I got done work before she got home from school! Not that it was great that I didn't see her, just that I got to go home.

You know what I mean.

It's very rare that I get less then a 10-12 hour workday, so to be home by 4pm was a very rare treat! I actually got to spend some time with Pete before he left for work! Amazing!

After he headed off to work, I stopped at the market to grab some snacks and then I headed over to Shelly's! We played a cooking game on their Wii (it was disturbing to know I cook just as bad in virtual reality as I do in REAL reality) and then tucked everyone into bed! Once all of the Trefz gals were in bed, Shel and I broke out the veggies, hummus, and Arnold's flatbread (Michelle, you have GOT to thank Janet for giving me the tip on that stuff- it is AWESOME!) and watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", which was hysterical!

Now, it's off to bed, but not before I share this picture of all of the different types of Brie they had at Super Fresh:

But, ahem...we all know there's only one REAL Brie. And she is off to sleep!

(Yes, another BNL quote. I have been listening to them non-stop since the announcement!)

"In a locked and guarded vault, are the things I keep only for myself..."

I am a crappy nanny and did not, as promised, snap a picture of Ellie today. There was a whirlwind of activity when she came home from school- homework, showers, dinner- so the gals could be free of obligation and able to enjoy an evening with their grandparents, who are in town for a night on their way to Florida. By the time I realized I forgot to get a shot of poor Ellie, I was...well, I was home. So I will try, try again tomorrow!

Instead, you will have to make do with this:

This picture is symbolic because while I do have a bowl of conversation hearts next to a picture of us on my end table, we have not have an actual, in-person conversation in almost a week. Oh, the lives of a married nanny wife and a nursing student/EMT/volunteer fireman/pizza dude.

Tomorrow is my third weigh-in, but as I am getting PMS, I may need to hope for a limb to fall off in the night to experience any weight loss. As long as I don't gain, though, I'll be happy. There's nothing I can do about the Joys of Womanhood, so I won't let myself get all hysterical!

Now, it's bedtime!

"I feel fine enough, I guess, considering everything's a mess..."

So, I think today was one of the saddest days I have ever had as a music fan! I was innocently checking Perez on my cell phone and saw the headline:

"Steven Page Leaving Barenaked Ladies."

I know it must seem stupid, but you can not know how sad this made me. I have been a fan of the band for well over ten years and have seen them in concert a number of times! I have always loved their energy, their lyrics, and how the song "If I Had $1,000,000" can always make me smile- it's my happy song! It was the very last song of the night at our wedding!!! Mostly though, I loved the Simon and Garfunkel-esque quality of the combination of Steven Page and Ed Robertson's voices. So even though Barenaked Ladies will still be making music as a band and still have that same amazing creative energy, they will sound very different from now on, and as a fan, that makes me a little sad.


As far as today goes, it was a typical busy Wednesday! Anna had dance class in the afternoon and after a hiatus last week due to illness, Riley was able to join us again! Today was "Bring A Friend" day at The Little Gym, but since Anna's friend is already in the class, we all enjoyed the company of the new friends the girls classmates brought along! There was a Princess (or Prince) theme this week, so the usual craziness of a bunch of little girls in tap shoes looked more like a Princess Mosh Pit today! The class was full to the brim with fluffy pink cuteness!

I promise to post a picture of poor Ellie tomorrow! Now that she is a big 1st grader, I get much less one on one time with her, and thereby less opportunities to take pictures of her! I always feel bad when I try to snap pictures while she's doing her homework!

And in other exciting news, our hallway is done being painted! Even though our walls are old and crappy, it looks fantastic to have bright, fresh color on the walls! The feathering of our nest has proven to be a slllooooooowwwwww process, but as each thing gets done, the more this old apartment feels like ours.

Now I am off to watch the last of the Flyers game and then go to bed!

"Do what you want but you're never gonna break me..."

Tuesday is a weird day. It doesn't quite have the dull, annoying ache of a Monday, when you are returning to work after a restful weekend. It's not like Wednesday, hump day, when you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, or Thursday, the day before Friday, when the weekend is so close you can TASTE it! And Friday, that wonderful say when you end your work week! Tuesday just doesn't have it's own thing. It's not as horrible as Monday and not anywhere near as great as Friday!

My Tuesday had alot of help in making it a good day! Anna and I had a visit from Michelle, Amelie and Maeve to brighten our day and help the afternoon speed by! I tried my hand at making a pasta dish for lunch- hopefully, Michelle wasn't just being polite when she ate it! I thought it wasn't bad, actually! Trying to watch what I eat has inspired me to try and be more creative in the kitchen, which I am actually finding I enjoy! Maybe I do not hate to cook as much as I thought! And while we ate and chatted, the girls got all glammed up courtesy of the costume chest!

Speaking of watching what I eat, I have also made a return to the gym. It's only been two days now, but I am hoping I can make a habit out of getting exercise, the same way I am making a habit of eating better.

Besides, how can I resist the gym when it's chock full of whack-a-dos like I saw today! When I walked in, a trainer was putting a woman through a workout. It must have been pretty grueling because she was moaning and groaning. But not "This workout suck ass I am going to barf" moaning. No. This lady was in a full-on, orgasmic, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally moan. Jeeze.

Upstairs, there was a guy two treadmills down from me who had his shirt hem pulled up through his collar- a sort of half-shirt/bra type of deal. I didn't get to gawk at him very long, as he was ending his workout as I was starting. Thankfully, I had the lady in corduroy's and a turtleneck on the treadmill in front of me to entertain me!


Today is National Pancake Day (and you thought it was just Fat Tuesday!), so the dinner plan with my gals was a pancake dinner. But, their mom got home before I could make them, so I headed out to get my hair done at my happy place, Hello, Gorgeous!, with my favorite stylist Gina! I was in desperate need for a change- I have had the same haircut and color for well over a year, and trying to lose weight, I needed something to inspire me. So, Gina slathered color and snipped away, and the result was this:


"I can bitch, I can bitch 'cause I'm better then you, it's the way that I move, the things that I do..."

Ooohhhhhhhh, LORDY! I had a friggin' wicked case of the Monday's today. It was honestly a struggle to remain halfway civil to anyone who wasn't one of my gals- I was saving up all of my energy for them, I guess. Thankfully though, I am home now, relaxing with Oscar recaps and a "One Tree Hill" rerun.

Yes, I watch One Tree Hill.It comes on right after Gossip Girl. Don't judge me.

At any rate, the week is mercifully on target to shape up now that I have made it through this sluggish Monday. A playdate with Michelle and her gals (as long as her wee rebel adheres to her morning nap schedule), a date with Gina, my hairdresser, so I can do something about this MOP I have growing on my head, our usual busy Wednesday full of dance, friends, and Chick-fil-A, and Marla and Steve's ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! I can't believe it's already been a year! It seems like just yesterday her wedding night was a glittery whirlwind that left me barfing in the bathroom at 4am (thanks again, Sean the bartender)!

So, what could cheer me up more on a Monday then two of my loves? Pete and Gordie? Coffee and a book? A Sweet Eats cake and...me alone in a room with it, fork in hand?

Or could it be my Uggs and my Coach bag?

We are living in a material world, my loves! Goodnight!!

"Well I, I dream days away, but that's okay..."

A Poem About My Day

My day started off at fifteen after 8
When Pete and his friend Walter came to our place and ate.
They were on a break from work. They had a chance
To have some breakfast, then go back to driving an ambulance.
After they departed, I got in the shower
At a little after 9. Then fast-forward an hour-
By then I was dressed, driving, and must confess
I stopped at my parents to borrow their GPS.
I used to guide me on my drive to my friend Amanda Roy's
To visit with her, Arjun her husband, Selina her daughter, and Dylan, their boy!

We had so much fun chatting, and Dylan pretended to be a pirate
Then it was off to lunch at Chili's (and I didn't stick to my diet!).
Back at their beautiful house we relaxed and conversed.
Then it came time to go so I grabbed my purse,
Kissed Amanda, Arjun, Selina and Dylan goodbye
Then hopped in the car and home I did drive!
On the ride I drank coffee, so sadly for me
By the time I got home I really had to pee!
Urine passed, I felt better, not nearly so edgy,
So I washed my hands, defrosted chicken and cut up some veggies!
Pete came home not long after and we had some dinner
While we speculated what stars would be Oscar winners.
Pete's since left the room, he complained of being bored
Since I was engrossed in the Oscar awards!
And since they're still on my blogging now will cease,
So I can enjoy this awards show in peace!


PS- Can you tell I'm obsessed with my Kate Voegele CD? I think my last 4 or 5 blog posts have used lines from her songs! Check her out if you feel so inclined!

"She blinded me with SCIENCE!"

Happy Birthday(party) Riley!

We all had a fantastic day at Riley's 5th birthday party! It was so good to see everyone to celebrate and enjoy the Mad Science show! Our girl- along with the rest of my nieces and nephews- is growing by the second! I remember exactly where I was the day Riley was born (teaching a class to Cooper) and can not believe that 5 years have gone by since Pete sent me a text to let me know she had arrived!

And now, with my belly full of Sweet Eats birthday cake (Weight Watchers be dammed- I skipped breakfast and had a salad for lunch just so I could enjoy a big, honking slice of cake!) and my pajamas on (at 7:20pm), this wild woman is off to relax!

"I got my hands on a miracle..."

Well, well, well! Will miracles ever cease?

I needed a few tiny ones to remind me that life is okay after all, and I managed to get them today!

First, I got out of bed on time, took a hot shower, put deodorant on and got dressed. Believe me, that was a miracle.

I got my gals cuted up and off to school with minimal cussing under my breath. Also a miracle.

I headed off to my WW meeting (sans my wonderful WW buddy who could not make it) and as it turns out, I lost some more weight after all! I was dreading stepping on the scale, prepared to move on if I was disappointed, but instead, I didn't need to be.


I got to enjoy lunch with Anna, Randi, and the wee Mr. Rappaport brewing away inside of her! Ever since I started this job, I have been blessed to be able to spend alot of time with Randi and her girls, since she works from home. Sometimes, just meeting up with her for lunch offers more support then one would think possible! How lucky are we all to have friends to offer us so much with something as little as lunch?

I didn't strangle Anna when I found that she had pocketed the cherries from her dessert in her cheek, instead of chewing and swallowing them like a normal person! That. Really. Was. A. Miracle.


After Ellie came home from school, we had a great time getting showers and into PJ's to have a Pajama Party! It was really my scheme to get two tired little girls settled down early for bed, but whatever. I have all kinds of nanny tricks up stored away!

We had so much fun making a Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, just like the one Anna had at Peace a Pizza yesterday. I kind of pulled the idea of a recipe out of my butt, but to my great surprise, it tasted really good! Pre-made pizza crust, brushed with olive oil, then a layer of ricotta cheese. Add cooked ziti pasta with cheese sauce, then sprinkle with a cheddar/jack mix of shredded cheese. Bake at 425 for 10-12 minutes and voila! Carb-heavy deliciousness! And trust me, for a kitchen adventure that I spearheaded to turn out well is truly a miracle!

And now, after a night of shopping for my niece Riley's birthday party tomorrow, I am home, blogging, and watching Apollo 13 for the nine-trillionth time! What kills me is that I always cry at the end, even though I know damn well they land safely! Oh, my God, the part when they get back to Earth safely and Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) just sits down and busts into tears? Oh,please. But, any excuse to gaze upon the hotness that is Gary Sinise! Feel free to gaze upon his hotness a little yourself. You're welcome.

When I am done, I will get into my own PJ's, get in bed with one of my book in my hands and my husband beside me and my cat howling at the door because she wants in. I will be surrounded by love, and that, really, truly, is a miracle!

"Don't be so afraid of facing every day, just take your time..."

I really,really want a Cadbury Egg right now, and even though it's only 3 WW points and I have them to spare today, I am abstaining. Tomorrows weigh-in should rank somewhere between the Hindenburg and the Thailand tsunami as far as disasters go. I didn't stray from my points this week, but I mostly laid around and didn't drink much water at all, so I am feeling bloated, discouraged, and not at all happy at the thought of getting on the scale tomorrow! Hopefully, I didn't gain- I'll settle for just not having lost.

Today turned out to be a short day with the gals, so I was home by 5pm! That was a rare treat, so I enjoyed my evening of eating leftovers, straightening up, and having a quick visit with Shelly! Next on the repertoire: watching Sober House so I can find out what happened to Seth! Carmen and I have been counting down to tonight's episode all day!! The only thing I am missing is Pete, but Thursdays are his late night at work.:-(

My mom gave me a call after her neurology appointment today. The doctor gave her a definitive diagnosis of Parkinson's, and also made note of some physical symptoms that have already manifested. She'll start some physical therapy and start a course of medication, with a follow up in three months. I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that I am going to be watching another person I love go through a slow burn, after I already watched Greg lose his battle and Mom-Mom going through her own. I'm just not sure where my head is at all- for now, I'm just laying it out here and hoping that at some point, my thoughts will make some sense. And God only knows what this diagnosis will really mean for my mom- we might not notice a big difference until she's 80-something.

At any rate, I am going to resolve to to my best to stay positive so I can do what I do best- support the people who need me and not worry about myself for a while. It may sound...well, it may sound unhealthy, but it's just how I do! Believe me, it's good for me to forget about my own troubled heart and do something for someone else, it's a weird type of pay-it-forward deal.

Sigh. I know I am not really making any sense, so here is a picture of something else that does not make sense. Behold, the macaroni and cheese pizza that Anna consumed for lunch!

PS- I ate the Egg after all. I am such a friggin' willpower-less loser.

"Far in the distance, this is the view from the other side..."

Blergh. So the spoils of my four day vacation were reaped today, as I slogged through a Wednesday that felt like a Monday with two exhausted little girls in tow! I was cranky from going back to work, and my muffins were completely spent after a weekend of skiing! But, we all made it through reletively unscathed, and now I have some time to blog while I wait for the bathroom floor to dry.

Yeah, I mopped. It happens sometimes.

I found my heart to be pretty full today- thinking of so many things. I spent some time todey online trying to learn about Parkinson's Disease. It was alot to take in,and I am very glad my mom will see the neurologist tomorrow, to get more difinitive information and advice. I am trying to take all of this day by day and not leap ahead to the thought of what I might be watching my mother go through.

I know that so often in the past year, this blog has been so melencholy. I am sorry to anyone who reads this blog on purpose (although for the life of me, I don't know why you would) or just happens tostumble upon it. The people I love have been through so much, and seeing them go through it...I want to help so badly but really know that I have no consequence to any of it. I can play the supportive role, but really, truly, what can I do but stand here and watch it all happen?

I have to do something, so I lay it all out here. For me, it's cathartic, and I still harbor the hope that someday, the person who has all the answers will take pity on my sorry ass and leave me a comment that says "Hey, Brie, let me straighten you out. Just drop me an e-mail at iknowitall@straightenbrieout.com. Oh, and of course you aren't fat!".

Sigh. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I think that's enough for tonight. Here's a picture of the place I spent most of my day:

"But even the sturdiest ground can shift and tremble and let us fall down..."

From The Department Of: Really? Are You Friggin' Kidding Me With This:

Just when I think things are starting to even out, something always comes up. It just seems sometimes that the people I love can't catch a break.

My mom has been feeling kind of...well, off for quite some time. It was nothing that was really debilitating, but enough to cause a disturbance in her every day routine. She went through a battery of tests trying to get to the bottom of it, and each test would yield nothing. And to be honest, with all of more critical, in-the-moment stuff that came up with the people we love, I kept forgetting my mom was not feeling well. Saying that out loud Writing that down is a hard thing for me to face- I hate thinking I swept one person's needs under the rug for another.

So, my mom called me tonight and told me they finally have an answer to what is wrong. She has Parkinson's Disease. I was floored. Really floored, like speechless. Parkinson's? Really. After all of those tests, I could not have been more shocked if you said she had Ebola or Tourette's.

(Actually, I think I have Tourette's sometimes.)

Aside from knowing that Michael J. Fox has it, and that Muhammad Ali, God love him, is a shaky mess from Parkinson's. Although he also took alot of punches to the head...anyway, what I was getting at is that I know next to nothing about Parkinson's Disease. I'm not even in the ballpark of being up for Googling it tonight, so I'll have to read up on it tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to wrap my head around the fact that my mother is sick with it, and that she's going to be following up with the proper doctors to try and manage it.


Thankfully, the day wasn't all bad. I enjoyed the last day of my long weekend by making soup, downloading some music by Kate Voegele, and celebrating the 5th birthday of my niece Riley! The poor muffin had been sick herself all weekend, but thankfully, she's starting to perk up and should be 100% for her birthday party this Saturday (Aunty Breezy already handled ordering the birthday cake from Sweet Eats!)! It was a fun night with the gals and hopefully, they are not still giggling in their room instead of sleeping like they were when Pete and I left!

And speakingof sleeping, I had better take my medicine and get some sleep myself. You never know anymore what you might need to rest up for!


"There's an obvious attraction to the path of least resistance in your life..."

Boring day, oh boring day! How I love you!

Today was just that, a boring day, but it was great! I got to sleep in a bit, watch TV, catch up on all of my favorite blogs, clean up the mess in our apartment, and relax with my cat! The best part is, I get to do it all over again tomorrow! Yay!

The highlight of my day was making a meatloaf...well, turkey loaf that did not taste like ass! It was actually really good and a recipe I got from the WW website, so I was able to eat a nice portion and be within my points!

See, that's how boring my day was. I am waxing poetic about Weight Watchers points.

Despite the fact that I sat around all day in a tee shirt, pajama pants and Uggs and have not taken a shower (ahem), I am feeling a little less like some sort of troll living under a bridge. Yes, I am not at my optimal weight, but I am not exactly Gargamel. I just need to remember my resolve to not get lazy and dress like a slob every day (today doesn't count!) even though I have a job that does not, by any stretch of the imagination, have a dress code! A very wise woman advised that everyone should take 5 seconds in the morning to throw on some tinted moisturizer, and I think that is advice I will take to heart!

Although I will never give up my Uggs!

In conjunction with my lovely, boring day with my cat, please enjoy this lovely, boring picture of my cat(just slightly more fun then a Random Water Tower Christmas Tree!).

"I want to tell if I am or am not myself..."

I missed a blog day yesterday!

And I feel ashamed, but after a day of work, all I wanted to do was hang out with Pete for a bit before we both went to bed early.

No euphemisms there. We actually went to sleep. We're not really Valentines Day people!

Today Pete had to work again so I enjoyed a day out with a few of my best girls, Marla, Carmen, and Genesis! We made a trip out to King of Prussia Mall to shop and ogle the expensive stores! We all just about had a fit in the Betsey Johnson- we pinky swore that if we ever won the lottery we'd come back and buy each of us a dress! I was salivating over this cute yellow rose number, but with a price tag of $415.00, I had to walk away. I also almost bought a pair of shoes, but they smallest size they had was a 6 and they were too big. Stupid tiny feet.

Now this is the part when I write something obnoxious and you all love me anyway: I had a great afternoon with the girls, and enjoyed every second of it! That said...well, it was kind of hard being feeling like the uggo amongst my gorgeous sister and friends! I know I am kind of going through a self-loathing period because I am unhappy with my weight. Nine times out of ten, I don't even really think of it in comparison to other people. Today, though, trailing around after all of those hotties...yipes. Tomorrow, I'll be over myself and feel normal again! :-

I get to enjoy two days off coming up! I am really, really excited for the break! For one thing, I feel like I am getting sick, so it will be nice to have a few days to catch up on some sleep! This week, I also plan on getting back to the gym. I had a good weigh in on Friday at WW, so I figure if I add in the gym, I should be able to lose a little more then just dieting. Despite my feelings today, I refuse to get all hysterical about dieting. I'll just follow the WW guidelines and it will come off as it may.

To finish, on the way to the mall today, we passed a water tower that had a Christmas tree on top! It was so random I had to take a picture! Thank goodness we were in traffic! On the way home, the tree was lit! Sadly, we were going too fast to slow down, so you will have to settle for this daytime picture of the Random Water Tower Christmas Tree!

"Know when to fold 'em..."

I am watching "The Wedding Singer"for the millionth time!

Today is finally, finally Friday! Today turned out to be a pretty easy day. I took my chickens out to lunch and then to get haircuts. Except for the fact that Ellie ended up barfing up her lunch, the girls had a good time and their new haircuts made them look SOOOO grown up! And now, I get to enjoy four days off! Yay!

I would write more, but I have so much laundry to do that it's not even funny! And lest you think I am fibbing, I present photographic evidence:

So heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to fold I go!


"We can keep chilling like ice-cream filling, we can be cool in the gang if you'd rather hang..."

I don't know how it suddenly became 11:32pm, but here it is and I still have so much to do.

So,of course, I'm blogging.

(By the way, I have tried to fight the use of the word "blogging", it's just sounds so strange, but I have given in. This is a blog. I am blogging. I have blogged.)

Today was a pretty relaxed day, I enjoyed a morning with Shelly after dropping off the gals, then enjoyed getting my butt kicked at Uno! by Anna! After I said goodbye to my gals, I went back over to Shelly's for dinner and to help tuck her gals into their cool new bunk beds! Shel was nice enough to make me a dinner that was within my...uh...dietary constraints. Read- non-fattening. Anyway, we got to relax and chat for a bit, and I was just reminded again that my sisters are made of steel. I was also reminded of how much we all really miss Greg. As if I needed reminding.

One of my friends, Keith, lost his brother Bob to cancer back in 2003. It was just devastating for his whole family. I have known Keith since the 3rd grade, and his mom Emily is honestly just one of the most wonderful women I have ever known. Bob left behind a wife and a young child, and the whole story just reminds me so much of what we have all gone through watching Shelly and her gals lose Greg.

Keith is participating in the American Cancer Society Bike-a-Thon on July 12th to help raise money for cancer research. He will be riding an astounding 64.6 miles (and I am sorry, unless you are Lance FRIGGIN Armstrong, that's alot of time on a bike!)! Please, please consider supporting my friend in his journey to fight cancer!

You can make a donation online via Keith's participant page by clicking HERE!!

"I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding...I am..."

This has a to be a short one, because I have Valentines to put together for my chickens!!

Today was one of those here, there and everywhere days! I found myself feeling very chaotic and overwhelmed- just a few moments of disorganization and I went in a tailspin!

Fast forward to tonight, when I finally got home and adding up my WW points for the day. Turns out, I was like many points short of what I should be eating for the day! While I don't want to go over, I certainly don't want to under eat, either. I'm glad I didn't resort to grabbing a handful of crap, but being hungry makes me miserable, and there's no reason for that! So, I need to set up a better game plan for days when I am on the go alot!

That said, just take a look at the sun setting over...well Wegman's, where I happened to pull over to snap a few shots:

"Trickling down the page of the most beautiful colors..."

I am blogging while Pete and I discuss our mutual crush on Jillian Michaels. Seriously. I could go the other way for her.

Ahem. Anyway...

Today was a great day because it was a short day for me! My boss had jury duty, so he was home by 4:30 which meant I was done at 4:30! Yee ha! And today was actually a great day- we had another playdate with Michelle and her gals and I made a chicken parm that was not only within my WW point goals, but also did not taste like ass! So suck on that, fat!! And the capper is that I got to come home and spend the evening with Pete!

Even more exciting (to me, anyway) is that my cousinIL Michael came over today and started painting! The color is up on the walls, and even though it's a pretty simple color (kind of a golden beige) it looks SO good and brightens up the hallway already! Later this week Michael will come back and sand and paint the ugly trim! Then, it's the living room, and we'll almost be good to go! It's taking a long time, but we are slowly feathering our little nest!

But, oh, here come my Biggest Loser tears! Where are the tissues......

"Yesterday is right behind me like a loaded gun..."

"Monday again?", she whined.

Not that it should really feel like a Monday, since I worked right through the weekend, it should all just blend together! But there's something about a Monday that is so....Monday-y. It's just a flavor to the day, no matter what the days surrounding it might be like! I always feel a little off my game on Monday's!

Thankfully, today was really pretty good!The morning was quiet and then our friends Michelle, Amelie and Maeve came over for a playdate! With most of Anna's friend in school now, it's been a while since we've had a really fun, friendly, make-a-big-mess-in-the-playroom playdate, so we were all very happy campers! Anna and Amelie played the day away, Maeve re-arranged the magnets on the fridge, and Michelle and I were able to wax poetic about Weight Watchers, babies, Gossip Girl, The Office, and tragic wedding gowns! I have known Michelle for a long time now- as long as I have known Pete, Shelly, Greg and all of my Archway friends! But it's just been in the past year or so that we have had the opportunity to re-connect and it's been so much fun! I always enjoy a great friend!!

I also spoke to Mom-Mom today, she seemed to be having a pretty good day! She was telling my that her physical therapist is "hot" and that she found getting pregnant "really easy- you'll be just like me!". I worry so much, because unless she's getting PT or going to an appointment, she stays in bed. The blockages in her legs are bad enough without adding a completely sedentary lifestyle in to boot, so I wish I could find some way to motivate her to move a bit more. She's just so...sad, I guess? I don't know. Tired? I can't put my finger on it. Sigh...

While I hate to blog more about my WW experience, it's what's on my mind lately! Today was another good day- no slip ups yet! Work is a big, BIG trigger for eating- either out of boredom, temptation from the kids food, or the biggie, emotional eating. So if I made it through on a Monday, I will go right on ahead and take it as a sign that this will work out okay! The weight is not going to fall off all at once, so I just need to enjoy the little victories!

"But if I tell the world, I'll never say enough..."

I am truly amazed that I am able to sit down and blog, because my workday rendered me into a coma, it was sooooooo boring! It was ten....very....long....hours. The highlight was making valentines with one of my teen patients and making this one for Pete!

Thankfully, now I am home,trying not to barf up my 21 points I ate today while I watch the Jonas Brothers sing with the amazing Stevie Wonder. Really, the Jonas Brothers? Singing with a living legend? Really? Blergh. I know the Grammy's are trying to mix it up this year, but oy.

But, salvation! Adele won a Grammy! LOOOOOOOOVE HER, go get her CD now, now, now!

Okay, enough Grammy commentary.

Today was Day 2 of my Weight Watchers Experience and it went well! I am still getting the hang of how to best dole out my points for the day, but I felt relatively satisfied after my meals and snacks today. Not as satisfied as, perhaps, a Ho-Ho with caramel would have made me, but hopefully, that will pass! It's so tempting to just hop on the scale every four seconds and hope that maybe I lost a pound in the hour before, but I know I have a long road to go!

I am also going to try my best not to blog about food and weight loss and how I managed to stretch my points every day! For now, it's what's on my mind because I am so conscious of what I am eating, but hopefully, it will all be second nature soon enough and I can go back to blogging about road rage and my cat!

Speaking of my cat...

"There's still so much to learn, so many dream to earn. But even if I crash and burn ten times a day, I think I'm here to stay..."

Today was a pretty long, drawn-out, boring day! I was at WCRH today and with only five patients on the floor, there isn't a whole lot to do! Even with some of the patients being somewhat demanding, the day just draaaaaaaaaged!

It helped a little that today was the official start of my Weight Watchers campaign! I was able to amuse myself by looking up point values with one hand while I rocked babies with the other! My co-worker asked if I minded having to read labels so much, but it actually speaks to the OCD in me. It's just getting my OCD to trump my lack of willpower that's the problem! But, I made it through day one, and that's the first step!

I know that my lack of motivation/feelings of crankiness/annoyance at other drivers/insert-other-random-malaise-HERE have been a central theme of this blog for the past few months. I am starting by doing something about my weight, and hopefully, I will be ready to tackle some of the other issues soon. I feel like it's finally time to dig my way out of this hole I have buried myself in and remember that I still have a whole world in front of me, and I want to be in a place where I can fully savor each and every day. To take to heart the big stuff and let the small stuff roll. To accept that I am not perfect and WORK with what I've got instead of giving up.

So, as always, thank for hanging in there with me! :-)

"There are moments when I don't know if it's real, or if anybody feels the way I feel. I need inspiration..."

Yay! It's Friday night! Not that I am doing anything to wild and crazy, and Pete's not even here- he's at work! But, I am relaxing with my cat, blogging, and watching the Today show that I DVR'ed so I could see the interview with the mother of the octupletts! She had 6 children already before she had these eight! Oy. Can you imagine more then doubling the amount of children you have in one pregnancy...when you started with six??? Oyyyyy.....

So while my uterus contacts at the mere thought of thought of eight babies bouncing around in there...

My Friday was quite the busy one! I got to to work in time to get my little chickens all cuted up for the cold day, and after I got them off to school and came back to supervise the entrance of the cleaning people and the carpenter, I headed off to Weight Watchers with a supportive friend to join. My most successful weight loss was when I was going to meetings, so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Getting on the scale for that first weigh in was tough,but hopefully, my deep fear of ridicule and embarrassment will keep the Ho-ho's out of my mouth. I just need to remember that now, I have someone to face when I get on the scale.

Anna and I had lunch with Pete and my cousinIL* Michael. Michael is a great guy and is going paint our apartment for us! Yay! Michael, if I do say so myself, is a very handsome kid and was the talk of all the girls at our wedding!! He's hoping to join the carpenters union, so we thought we'd throw some work his way. Not to mention the fact that we sure as hell don't have the time to paint! So it's a win-win! I think if Anna had not been so tired today, her flirting game would have been a little more on point- she was slacking today! :-)

After I picked up Ellie-belly from the bus, we went on a birthday shopping expedition! The gals mom and their aunt share a birthday, which was actually last week! But their mom had been out of town, so today was our first chance to celebrate! My chickens are REALLY into birthday, so we threw a little impromptu surprise party! The gals thought it was hysterical that they got to "kick" the adults out of the kitchen while we set everything up! And shopping for gifts was fun- the girls are really getting excellent taste!! Oh, it was also Emily the dog's birthday. She got Milk Bones!

One thing I indulged in today was a book for myself (shock, right?). When I first saw it I was too embarrassed to buy it, but today, I really wanted the laugh, so I bought it, even though the lady at the register looked at me like I had eight heads. The book is called Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals and even though it's completely twisted, it's really, really freakin' funny!

And in related news, sometimes, I scare myself with the things I think are funny.

Anyway, it's time to wrap it up for tonight! I need to convince Pete that we do NOT need to be watching "Pearl Harbor"- this movie is a piece of crap! Here's a picture of Pete doing a re-enactment of every time he tries to take a picture of me:


"Spinning infinity, boy, the wheel is spinning me..."

Thursday. That magical day that's just one away from Friday! And not only that, all of my shows are on Thursdays! So, how self-indulgent is it that I am plopped down in front of the TV and blogging at the same time. Just get me a handful of Girl Scout Cookies and I'm breaking like, 6 commandments!

But I ate all of the cookies. Foo.

Anyway, the onset of the joys of womanhood (ahem...) have made this a bit of a long week for me! It's so secret that my nerves have been a little psychotic jangled, so add my monthly female sunshine and I am kind of a cranky girl! The wacky weather- warm one second and then snowing the next- isn't helping either. And to make it worse...I just realized I complain way too much for someone as reletively young as I am!!!!!! But, I promise, I am really, really trying to do something about it. It just boggles my mind that I can be so strong in helping other people, but when it comes to myself, I can just let myself turn into an overweight blob who doesn't have any hobbies anymore, and doesn't care that her eyebrows are starting to look like a guys armpit hair.

Oh God, did I just write all of that? Do you see what I mean? Thankfully, I'll be done with...womanhood...in a few days. But that will only cure a few of the problems. After that, it's up to me. Because...womanhood...comes every month, and I can't continue to swirl down the shame vortex!! Tomorrow is step one, and hopefully, it's just one foot in front of the other after that.

And all of the above angst aside, I know that I am so lucky in so many way, the things I have so far outweigh the thing I think are broken. I think all of those are the real reason I haven't gone for the edge of a cliff yet, and really, shouldn't we all be thankful for the people who turn a would-be cliff dive into a fairly harmless bungee jump? Right now, I'm dangling a bit, but I know I'll sproing back up any time now.

Okay, on to other things, like the book that has been my constant companion since yesterday (except for when I re-re-re-re-re-read Twilight in the bathroom because I left it there a while ago...)! Wally Lamb wrote one of my favorite books of all time, She's Come Undone, so I was excited when The Hour I First Believed came out! It's amazing and except for my Twilight bathroom breaks, I can't put it down!

In fact, my comfy bed and my awesome book are calling me! I bid you all a good night!

"Running, running as fast as we can. Do you think we'll make it?"

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Not that it's...you know...snowing anymore. But, thanks to the snow, Pete's clinical was cancelled this morning! I did not have to be with the gals until late morning, so we got to spend the morning together! Since time together can be scarce, this was a welcome treat!

Today was a super busy day with my gals! They both have dance/gymnastics classes, and joining Anna this semester is my niece Riley. So today, I picked up Ry, met Anna, her mom, and the rest of our dance crew at The Little Gym. We all went to lunch, and then took Ry back home! After the girls hung out for a bit, Anna and I headed back to the gals house to pick Ellie up from school, then headed right back to The Little Gym for Ellie's class! After, the gals and I met up with my mom and dad for a quick bite, and then I took the girls back home! It was one of those days when I felt like I was in my car all day! And when I finally got home and wanted to settle down and blog for a bit, well...Gordie has other plans! She muscled her furry little self into my lap, so I stopped to pay her some attention!

We did make one quick stop at Barnes and Noble (sigh...I really have a problem) and I could not resist picking up this book! Pepe was always a favorite Muppet of mine- I mean, how could he not be? Who can resists a big shrimp with such swagger and such a way with words? So, I plunked my money down and had a laugh reading the advice of Pepe! And for shrimp king prawn, Pepe has some sage advice:

Life Choices
Life is a party.
Don't be the piƱata.

What The Mens Don't Understand About the Womens

What The Womens Don't Understand About the Mens

Why Families Matter
They say it takes a village. But when the village kicks you out, only family takes you in, okay.

Well, really. Have truer words ever been spoken (by a prawn?)

Enjoy this clip of Pepe on The Bonnie Hunt Show by clicking HERE!!!!

"So please forgive these few brief awkward lines..."

Can you believe this weather?

Snow was already falling when I woke up this morning and is still falling steadily right now! The flake size has varied, but it hasn't stopped once, and at this point, it's starting to accumulate! I'm rooting for a snow day for the folks I know would enjoy one, but personally...I hope the roads are nice and clear in the morning! :-)

Either way, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning, since my gals mom will be spending the morning with them! And thank goodness- today was a LOOOONG day. Thankfully, the day wasn't bad, just slooooooooow.

Still, it was hard not to feel restful and peaceful when I would glance out the window and see the snowflakes falling. It may suck to drive in it, but when you can just sit and watch the snowfall, it's such a treat!

'Called my name but there's no way in..."

I wanted to get my taxes done early for once but...

"But you'll never see the end of the road while you're travelling with me..."

Today was a quiet day for me, just me and my sinuses for almost the entire day!
I had a pretty full day planned- a family christening, a cooking class, and the Super Bowl! But after having sinus pain and that getting-sick-burning in my nose and throat for the past few days, I figured staying home from the christening would be the better plan. No sense spreading my germs! Especially when I can save them for Pete (evil cackle!)!

My plan was thwarted, however, when I tried to cancel my cooking class and found out I would have to forfeit my payment! Um, no way! So I hauled my little Jewish ass and my yucky sinuses and drove over to Sur le Table to learn how to make some Winter Soups and Breads!

Sinuses aside, the class was really alot of fun! I learned how to make an amazing sourdough bread from scratch (seriously, to DIE for!!) and a New England clam chowder that left me speechless! We also made a minestrone, a bean soup, and dinner rolls! It was all much easier then I expected! I got use a Wustof knife (but it wasn't a paring knife, Mar!)! And one of those thingies you use to scrape stuff off the table! And wear an apron!

One slight problem- I was chopping up an onion and my eyes just started pouring tears! I had never had that happen before! I may not be much a cook, but I have chopped up a few onions in my time, I mean, for God's sake? What else would I put on my lox? But for some reason, these onions really got to me and before I knew it, it looked like I was watching "Steel Magnolia's!".
I kept having to walk away from the table to wipe my eyes! Leave it to me to be the slow kid in cooking class.

I was also the only person in the class to giggle when he said he was using a Dutch Oven to cook the bean soup in. Hee, hee, hee! Dutch oven!

At any rate, the class was a blast and I can't wait to make some bread with my Martha Stewart Mixer (aka my Kitchenaid!)!

Now I am at home, watching the Super Bowl...commercials, doing laundry, and downing Advil to try and relieve the pain in my sinuses! I can't believe it's already the 1st day of February- before we know it, springtime will be upon us! It's just amazing the way that time flies by!

If you think of it, keep my sister(IL) Shelly in your thoughts- she's going back to work tomorrow after taking some time off from work. The whole time Greg was sick, Shel was a superwoman. She took care of Greg, took care of her gals, took care of her students. She really needed some time to take care of her, and I am so, so glad she did! But it'll be weird, getting back into her old routine in this new way- without Greg- so keep her in your thoughts.

And in case you were wondering, a REAL Dutch Oven is below (the yellow pot):