Thursday, December 31, 2009

"There's no more coming back this way..."

All is quiet here at the Latini Homestead as the last few minutes of 2009 tick away! I wish Pete could be home, but he's committed to work tonight, so it's just the Boy and I tonight, and together, we will welcome 2010!

Well, I will welcome 2010! PJ is not super excited about seeing the ball drop, as you can see! And, just as an aside, could you die for that blonde hair? It's my favorite when he's fresh out of the bath and it just fluffs up like a dandilion!!

So that is how I will count out the last seconds of 2009, with the sweet blonde head under my chin (because I don't think I can resist scooping him up and holding him close as we say goodbye to the year he was born!)!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Throw my head back and SHOUT!..."

Holy moly!!

My poor, sweet PJ just had his first official "difficult moment"! The poor thing fussed and cried for an hour and a half! Now, my adorable boy is spent, sleeping all swaddled up in his napper bed and the "soothing vibration" feature on!

That said, even crying and throwing a big fit, PJ is the cutest baby in the world, as can be observed in this post-fit picture:

(Also, please forgive my new-mama habit of talking incessantly about my son! I think these first few weeks, when it's all baby, all the time, there's not much to talk about! Not that I don't find PJ to be completely fascinating, but I know that constant baby talk can be a little grating! Either way, thanks for hanging in with me!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

"'Cause I love you, baby baby baby, baby I love you..."

I found some sanity today!

After what felt like an overwhelming weekend, I woke up today pretty well intent on gathering my emotions and getting ready to enter the world as a parent who does, every now and then, venture out of her apartment!

Thankfully, my pretty new diaper bag arrived today, so I was motivated further by wanting to take it out for a spin, too! So, I packed it up, got PJ in his car seat, and ran errands to Babies R' Us and Target! And it was fine! I didn't lock him in the car or drop him- it felt comfortable and GOOD to be out running errands with my son! It also didn't hurt that loads of people stopped to tell me how cute he is ("He's so tiny! Look at that hair!")! Showing him off was alot of fun!

So, I know I won't shed the shackles of New Mama-hood in one outing to Target. It's hard not to feel wildly protective of this little life that's so dependant on me! But, we all have a life to lead, and PJ's will be a much better one if I can learn to be out in the world with him!

And since I know you're dying for a picture...

(Have I mentioned how much I love PJ's pack & play? They need to make beds for grown-ups with a napper thing!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me..."

It's Sunday night, and I am inside with PJ, watching the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert on HBO On Demand, and unwinding from a very busy weekend!

This was our first weekend to venture out with the baby, and while it was a great time, I found myself extremely overwhelmed! I guess it's the protective "New Mama" in me, but it was hard knowing that everyone we were with wanted a piece of our son! If he wasn't being passed around, everyone was just looking at him! Believe me, his repertoire of tricks is pretty limited at this age. And people are pretty germy, so I couldn't help but feel a little...well, really? I felt like a lunatic! But, I just chalk it up to still trying out my New Mama Legs and know that it will get easier with time and practice! I can't keep him sequestered in our apartment forever, and there will come a time when I might actually have to 1. put him down and 2. let someone else pick him up!

But I may not do that until he's at least a month old!

New Mama lunacy aside, it really was a very busy, very fun weekend! Last night, we gathered at my parents house to celebrate the second night of Hanukkah! It was so much fun to light the candles with my son and know that he will grow up with this sweet tradition from the Jewish side of the family! PJ also took part in the tradition of learning new, special words from his Mom and Zeyde as we watched the Flyers lose again! UGH!

Sunday, we all gathered at Nan and Pop's (Pete's parents) to have a cousins picture taken as a Christmas gift for the grandparents! Carl, Delia, Grace, Sarah, Riley, Emilia and PJ all wore adorable matching shirts (thanks, Aunt Shelly!) and the photographer, God love him, weathered the storm of kids fighting, crying, not staying still, not looking at the camera, and other such general chaos to get some really wonderful shots! I can't wait to see them!

And now that I have ventured out into the real world with PJ and made it through relatively unscathed, save for a hormonal bout of New Mama Lunacy, I will feel brave enough to expand my horizons and start getting out, because as overwhelmed as I felt this weekend, I am getting even more overwhelmed by the sight of the walls of this apartment!

So, wish me luck! :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"...Know this child will be gifted, with love, with patience, and with faith..."

I can't...

...seem to stop staring at my son...

...stop kissing my son...

...seem to catch up on the unbelievable mess our apartment is...

...believe that "Glee" is on hiatus until the spring! WTF???...

...stop singing songs from "Glee" to my poor son, who was also subjected to the soundtrack in utero! Forget Quinn thinking her baby would come out with a mohawk- I'm surprised mine didn't!... wishing Pete was home on this freezing cold night instead of at work, so we could all be snuggled in bed together...

...wait to do just that when he does get home...

...stop rubbing my chin on PJ's fluffy blonde hair... worry that I'll wake up and this will all be gone... feeling even more that I am luckier then I could ever know!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Inside this ancient heart, you'll always be a part of me..."

So, it's not easy, this parenting thing!

Pete and I seem to pass each other in a somnambulatory haze- we drift around the house, me taking care of PJ while Pete runs the errands I can't until I get the all-clear to drive (just two more days!). We stop to plant kisses on PJ, each other, and in the name of straightening up, move piles of stuff from one end of the apartment to the other!

We laid in bed last night with PJ between us (just snuggling- he sleeps in his crib! I would be a terrible co-sleeping parent, poor PJ would end up out the window by accident!), kicking his skinny little legs and blinking up at us with his sweet, wide owl eyes. If either Pete or myself felt tired, it was certainly the last thing we were thinking of, as we looked at our son and marveled at what we created.

So, we're a little tired. It's a mess in our apartment. I have a UTI (which may be TMI, but still true!).

But I also have a son, a son who was nestled in my arms, smelling sweet from his bath and looking up at me with his trusting eyes. He grew inside my body, and now my body continues to help him grow. He makes faces that look just like the ones his Dad makes when he stretches. Pete and I are hopelessly, completely, head-over-heels in love with this Boy, and life has never been sweeter!

Friday, December 4, 2009

"There's not a word yet for old friends who just met..."

Ahhh...a few free moments to wax poetic about the Boy!

It's quiet right now in our apartment- PJ is asleep in his bouncy seat and Pete is at work. It's almost like any other Friday night I have ever blogged about, and of course, not at all the same, and never will be again!

I can hardly believe he is a week old already! My much-anticipated December baby decided to make his debut in November instead. I went into labor right in the middle of "Glee", as a matter of fact! A few hours later, my newborn son was in my arms! The labor was scary- I was bleeding alot and PJ was not always tolerating the situation as well as the doctors would have liked. But he and I, along with his Daddy, are a great team, and everyone came out on the other side safe and sound!

I found the hospital to be difficult. All I wanted was to be with my Boy, and just when I was about to feed him/change him/nurse him/worship him, someone was there to weigh him/take my blood/check his blood sugar/etc. Arrrg. Getting home was the best feeling in the world!

That was Sunday, and each day we have become more and more comfortable with our new routine and new life! We are tired, and I can admit that alot of the time, we are getting our feet underneath of us! This business of raising a baby Boy is no joke!

Still, I have a hard time putting PJ down- he's in my arms almost non-stop. I look down at his sweet little face and can't believe that this is something that Pete and I created! He makes the funniest little face when he's hungry and starting to root around! He loves to lie on his belly against my chest, and when he lifts his head up with his skinny little neck, he looks like a little velociraptor! PJ is a mellow baby, just like his Daddy in temperament, and only cries when he's really hungry or when we try to shimmy a onesie onto his teeny little bod! We have discovered so much about him (and about each other!) in just a week, and I can't imagine what the next weeks will bring!

We are blessed beyond reason, and I could not be more thankful!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Large hands life him through the air, excited eyes contain him there..."

Just a quick announcement...

Pete and Brie are so happy to welcome
our son
Peter Joseph Latini, Jr

Thanksgiving Morning
Thursday, November 26th
6 pounds, 0 oz

Came two weeks early with a ton of blonde hair (!), a teeny butt, his father's chin and his mother's eyes.

We both find we are happier then it is possible to put into words, and are thrilled to introduce you to this new version of us!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'This is the story of a girl..."

These past few days have been a whirlwind of business and emotion! I can hardly believe I gave been able to keep up with it all, and I somehow get the feeling that there's so much more ahead of me!

I finally started to pack my bag for the hospital! I have my pajamas and toiletries together, and, most importantly, a big bag of lollipops, since I hear that's the only thing you will be allowed to eat during labor! ;-) One more run tomorrow and I'll have picked up everything I need! I also started washing PJ's clothes, so they can be put away and wait for his arrival so he can fill them! And, by the way, Dreft detergent is the best smell in the world! I'd wash all of our clothes in it if it wasn't so frickin' expensive! Thankfully, his furniture is also just about put together, so the clothes will have a place to live when he's not wearing them!

With all of the fervent activity in our apartment- putting furniture together! Thinning out my closet to share with the Boy! Making room for new things! Making room for a new life!- I observed to Pete that it's like we never lived here before this week, when we are expecting PJ's arrival any day now! And, I imagine, after he is here, it will feel like there was never any life at all before he arrived!

Aside from all of that, yesterday it was made official that Mom-Mom's house isn't Mom-Mom's house anymore. It belongs to a new family who will (hopefully) bring new life to it- and perhaps even replace the pink carpeting Mom-Mom loved so much. ;-) It makes me sad to know that the legacy I have always known that house to hold is over, but it makes me happy to think that there is a new one beginning for a new family, and I wish them all of the things I gained from those walls and the people who passed through them.

It's really kind of funny, the timing of it all. A few days after I said goodbye to Mom-Mom, I found out that I was pregnant with PJ, and now, a few days after saying goodbye to Mom-Mom's home, I am awaiting PJ's arrival. It's no secret that our pregnancy was a bit of a surprise to Pete and I, but I also think it's no surprise that maybe, this boy and Mom-Mom know each other better then I thought, because they have crossed paths many times already.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I can see your star shinin' down on me..."

Thank goodness I had such a lovely night last night- it was a good lead in for what turned out to be a hard day today.

The decision was made a while back to put my Mom-Mom's house in Philadelphia up for sale, and despite the housing market it sold pretty quickly, to a family with children, which is nice. My Mom-Mom, grandfather Benjamin, my father and my uncle moved into that house when it was brand new after living above their bar on South Street- I think my dad was about 8 or so, which means that for the entire life of the house, until now, it was inhabited by Wexlers! I'm ashamed to admit I'm a little fuzzy on exactly how old my dad is, but I know for SURE he's in his 60's.

That's alot of time and alot of Wexler in that house.

My grandmother was the last one- my grandfather passed in the very early 70's, my father married and moved out, and my Uncle Gary passed away not long after Pete and I got engaged in 2007. Mom-Mom was always a very independent woman, but I think she loved having my uncle there with her, and she was a person who always had an open house.

Of course, the bulk of my memories of that house involve spending Saturday nights sleeping at Mom-Mom's, watching Golden Girls in her big big bed, with Mom-Mom always on the far right, Marla in the middle, and me banished to as far to the left as possible because I kicked in my sleep so badly! The next morning, I would walk to the Burger King right behind her house and bring back breakfast for everyone!

I thought I outgrew wanting to stay overnight at Mom-Mom's, and after about the age of 12, did it less and less and eventually not at all anymore. I thought I was growing up and had things to do.

Ugh, teenagers are so stupid. But, oh, if you knew Mom-Mom, you'd agree that it wasn't such a dumb assumption to think she's be in that house forever.

Of course, that's not the way the story worked out, and in a few days, it will be a new family occupying that house in Philadelphia. To get ready for them, we were at Mom-Mom's house, cleaning the last of her things out of the garage. Her house itself had already been cleared out (long story) and most of the evidence of her life there, aside from the whispers from the walls, has been stripped. There were a few treasures in the garage- some pieces of furniture, some fabulous items of clothing that still hold her smell, some letters and other random bits of her story.

I walked my son through the house, feeling him kick inside me as I went from room to room. I thought about all that I received from that house in my lifetime, and all of the things he will miss in it's absence from his life.

I can only hope that, thanks to all of the things I gained from my life in that house, I will be able to give this boy an amazing life, with a new tradition just for him.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"'Cause no one can deny, this love I have inside..."

Tonight was one of the lovelier Saturday nights that we've had in a while!

Usually, a Saturday night, unless it's the rare occasion that I have plans, involves me at home relaxing alone while Pete works a late night at his job. But tonight it was filled with friends, family, food and fun as we finally got around to celebrating Pete's graduation from nursing school and earning his state licence!

The kids (all ten of them!) ran around and had a great time together, and the grown ups had a wonderful time socializing! And it was great to see Pete, who is so often cast in the supporting role, be the center of attention and the reason we were all gathered there!

I know that his frustration at not having found a job yet is mounting, but despite all of that, he worked very, very hard to get through school and to pass his boards, and I know without a doubt there is something for him and that it will come his way soon.

In the meantime, I just know how lucky I am to have him!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Here's a little song I wrote..."

Just a quickie tonight- had my 37 week (!) checkup today! PJ is head down, and my blood pressure is down too! It was very slightly elevated at last visit, so that made me very happy! I am negative for Group B strep, everything is measuring the way it should, and about two weeks from now, we'll have a baby boy on the outside of my body! Yee ha!

And hopefully, he will have a completed nursery, too! :-P

Also, I would like to thank VH1 for all of the awesome countdowns they have had this week- Top 100 1 Hit Wonders of the 80's, Top 100 Songs of the 90's, Top 40 Hotties of the 90's...I have enjoyed them all!!!

And that's the end.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"What you gon' do with all that breast, all that breast inside that shirt?"

So what are you going to do with those lumps? ;-)

I only ask because of the recent news stories concerning the new recommendations on breast cancer screenings- recommendations that reduce the number of preventative screenings suggested for women in the younger bracket of diagnosis, from age 40-60.

The US Preventative Services Task Force (who according to does not have any oncologists on it's panel) is suggesting that mammography causes "risks" such as anxiety over the need for further testing, discomfort of performing the test itself (ie, breast compression), and the idea that the results if a mammogram are inexact, and further testing could conclude that there is no breast cancer. There is also the suggestion that there are not "enough" lives saved by mammography in women ages 40-60.

The Task Force is also coming down on breast self-exams, stating that these exams, recommended monthly by cancer experts, do no good.

You may ask "Why does Brie give a crap about all of this? Why isn't she just whining about her last trimester, as usual?"

My family has a significant history with breast cancer. My maternal grandmother, Minerva, died of breast cancer in her 40's,leaving my own mother motherless at the age of 8, only to watch all of her aunts succumb to the disease as she grew into an adult, the last being my Aunt Evelyn when I was a sophomore in high school. The daughters of all of those beautiful women have fought breast cancer (with the exception of- by the grace of God- my own mother). My amazing Mom-Mom, my father's mother, fought and beat breast cancer in her 70's.

And despite the fact that my mother has been and remains free of breast cancer, despite the odds against her, she doesn't just sit back and rely on her luck. She has been amazingly proactive in the fight against breast cancer, taking part in a number of groundbreaking studies and medical trials.

I have seen first-hand that being proactive can be a lifesaver in the case of breast cancer. Will detecting cancer very early be a 100% guarantee that a patient will be cured, or not have a very aggressive form of cancer? Of course not. Nothing is 100% when it comes to medicine, and anyone who thinks so is fooling themselves. But, that said, I have spent half a lifetime surrounded by amazing women who have been willing to fight cancer toe-to-toe by being proactive, educated, and aggressive in their vigilance over the disease.

(Also of note, this article discussing the incidence of breast cancer is teens and tweens. Young women are developing breasts at an earlier age compared to decades before, and as long as the tissue is there, there is a risk of cancer, although much less so then in a fully grown adult, of course.)

Obviously, this new research is not going to be the be-all and end-all of breast cancer prevention and treatment. It will require women to be more communicative with their physicians in determining the need for mammograms and other preventive measures such as genetic testing. Making sure the lines of communication between a women and her physician can only be a good thing. You are only one person, and it is just as much up to you as it is up to your doctor to determine the best course of medical care for you.

Read some of these articles. What is your opinion?

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Your love is better then ice cream..."

Sigh...I am having a teenage girl moment as I totally ogle Taylor Lautner- otherwise known as Jacob from Twilight- on Jay Leno! Which has a few problems- it makes me feel like I am supporting both pedephilia and bestiality, as he is both- what? 18 years old and plays a werewolf! But really? He's just lovely (wicked smile!).

Moving on...

I have been trying and trying to find my little, soon-to-be-born, half-Jewish baby a decent outfit for Christmas! As most of you know, I'm Jewish, but Pete is Not. That said, I am blessed enough to be able to spend Christmas day with both Pete's family and my family, who are always included! A two-religion household can be complicated, but it makes the division of the holidays a snap! :-)

Anyway, I have been searching for the right outfit for the Boy, but everything I find is too ugly or too cutesy! I did find an Amy Coe outfit- black, with a skull wearing a Santa hat- but it was vetoed by my husband! So, the search continues!

Speaking of the holidays, they are just about upon us! Thanksgiving is in like, two weeks, then Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years! It's one of the best times of the year for me- I love all things festive! And to think, somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and possibly during Hanukkah, our little one will arrive!

I think that's enough rambling out of me for today! It's off to bed for this chunk!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Do I wear you out? You must wonder why I'm relentless and all strung out..."

Well, we're getting there!!

PJ's room is slowly coming along! We spent alot of time prepping the walls, which were, in a word, crappy! They were painted this gross, deep red color, and there were a million holes in the wall. So it involved alot of spackling, sanding, priming, and most importantly, patience!! But, we got it done and now the first coat of color is up and it looks amazing! Painting should be done by tomorrow, and his furniture should be in by Thursday, which means I will finally be able to put all of this things away!!

Yippee!!! The mess is driving me nuts!

Of course, I feel like I should elaborate when I say "we". For one thing, my sister-in-law came over on Friday to help us get started with priming the walls, which we were inanely thankful for! And for another, since my blood pressure was slightly up at my last doctors visit, I would get to paint for a whole ten minutes before Pete made me get a drink of water or take a break (for the record, he also made me wear a face mask, which seemed to serve to make me breathe in my own breath- ew!)! I also had to miss a housewarming party for my sweet friend Mandy because it was deemed too far a drive.


I am starting to fully understand the cranky, last few weeks of pregnancy aura all of my girlfriends who have children adopted when they were at this stage! No wonder everyone thinks the birth of a child is a such a miracle- it marks the end of pregnancy! To be fair, my pregnancy has been pretty easy, and I have enjoyed all of the milestones and excitement and kicks and wiggles and squirms! I was even lucky enough to have pretty mild side effects! But now? Now I'm just a tired, fat girl with a pelvis that feels like it's coming unglued! Nice, eh?

Thank goodness this place is starting to come together and I have something to take the edge off of my crankiness! :-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Even if I knew my place, should I leave it there?"

Our apartment is in complete chaos!

There are baby things stacked and stashed everywhere! There are piles of books hidden in every nook and cranny! Displaced items float about with no rhyme or reason!

It's driving me a little bit crazy.

But...we primed and spackled the baby's room today, so there is a light at the end of this insanely messy tunnel! Tomorrow, we will put the color up, then the decals, then we can bring in the furniture (and put it together...damn Ikea!) and finally, there will be a place to put everything!

And PJ is not allowed to arrive until after this is all done, of course! ;-)

Which of course is only about 3 1/2 weeks away! ARG! And of course, pretty much everything but his arrival is going crazy! All we can do is stay hopeful, put things back and find them a place as we can, and await meeting our baby boy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes la la la life goes on..."

Today was pretty great, as it turns out. Weird, but great!

Waking up this morning without having to set my alarm was, of course, wonderful! I sat in bed and watched the Today Show and never really felt like someone who wasn't working anymore- it could have been just any Saturday.

Pete was awake shortly after and we got started on clearing all of the junk out of what will be PJ's room. Believe me, this was no small task. Can we talk about how many books I own? It's insane! I cleared out the bookshelves to move them away from the walls to paint, so now there are books stashed EVERYWHERE! On our dresser, nightstands, bedroom TV stand, living room cabinets, under the bed, in the bathroom...get the idea? I. Own. Alot. Of. Books!

I even bit the bullet and got a huge box of books together to donate to the local library. I am not one to part with books, but I quickly realized that my book habit and a baby together might take up too much room! Someday, when we have some extra funds, a Kindle might be in my future! Lots of books in alot less space!

There were alot of moments today when I would just look at Pete and say, "I'm not on vacation, I really just don't have a job..." and mention how weird it was. He let me rant on and off for a while and then said, "That's not what's bothering you- you're upset because someone else is taking care of your girls".

A few minutes later, the girls mom called to see if we could reschedule the dinner plans we had for tonight- both of the gals were sent home from school sick! My gals were sick...and someone else was taking care of them.

So, you know. I cried.

But, the tears were short-lived, although it was on my mind all day. We kept busy getting the room cleared out, and tomorrow we can start prepping the walls to be painted! Pete and I had a yummy dinner together (chili, rice, cornbread and salad, soooooooooo good!) and now I am blogging while Pete catches up with yesterday's episode of Heroes. There's a calm vibe here, even though our place looks like a hot friggin' mess as we begin this new transition.

Soon enough, the baby's room will be done, the furniture built, and all of his sweet baby things tucked away and ready for his arrival! Our own things will be back in their places, and once PJ actually arrives, we will all be in our rightful places.

Including me. :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

"This is my now, this is my today..."


I can't believe it! Today was my last day with the gals!

It turned out to be a mellow one, since Ellie was taking her turn as the sick kid this week (Anna was home all of last week!). We spent the day relaxing and watching Cake Boss On Demand- Ellie was impressed with way she could possibly parlay her love of art into cool cakes!

I was completely floored when Anna's teachers all wished me well with tons of hugs and topped with gifts for PJ! I was beyond flattered, felt so blessed, and almost burst into tears right there, but held myself if check since it was only the start of the day! If I had started crying then, I would not have been able to stop for the rest of the day!

So, instead, I started crying about ten minutes into the drive home.

Well, come on! How could I not? There were parts of that job that drove me absolutely insane, the drivers in Cherry Hill being just the tip of the iceberg. But for better or for worse, for almost four years, those gals were my morning, noon, and night. And while I am so, so excited for this new transition in my life- one that will see my own son in my arms in just a few short weeks!- it makes saying goodbye hard!

But, it would seem that the theme of this year is transition. So, away we go.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Must be the clouds in my eyes..."

Um, NO, I am not blogging because I feel ashamed of myself for having watched iCarly for the past hour!


Anyway, what a pleasant Sunday this was! Pete and I had our usual breakfast date with my parents at Ponzio's (Marla and Steve couldn't make it- she has been bogged down at work due to all of the cases of H1N1, so scary!), where I ate myself into my usual breakfast coma! Then, after a quick trip to Target (where Pete and I may have bought yet another outfit for the baby...), we came home to just relax and enjoy the gorgeous sunlight and warm breeze coming though the windows!

And nap. Ahhhh...

After our siesta, I got the idea to get all of PJ's clothing organized by size. I don't know where my fear came from that we might not have enough clothes, because We. Have. Tons. Of. Clothes! It's unreal! For at least his first 6-9 months, it's not likely that we will need any more then an item or two here and there!

It was a relaxing day and it's now unwinding into a quiet evening. Pete is at work and I have been trying to tackle a few minor projects like laundry, dishes, etc. Tomorrow is my last day of work, we're going to welcome a son in just a few short weeks, we are in the throes of the last of the warm, fall weather, and on a day like today, it's pretty hard to be pessimistic!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"She's convinced she could hold back a glacier..."

Looking at this gadget on my Google home page has been an every day occurrence ever since I became pregnant. Even before we were telling people, I watched the tiny spinning fetus count down its development from conception through gestation with excitement, a little fear, and loads of anticipation!

Today, when I looked at the gadget and saw the countdown at 30 days, there was just one thought that tenderly crossed my mind:

"Ho-lee fa-rEEEKIN' CRAP!"

Seriously. Holy freakin' crap! We are going to be parents in a month! A month! Which means we've had almost 36 weeks to make the changes we need to make-painting his room, ordering furniture, getting jobs... How did we get here without getting ANY of these things done??

Oh, yeah. My Jewish fear of jinxing my baby's well-being and the horrific economy.

So, maybe it's not all our fault. But, my Jewish sensibilities are quickly succumbing to my Type-A psychosis, and with a month left, the fear that we won't have everything we need for this boy- this boy I love soooooooooooooooooooooo much already!- is practically choking me on a daily basis!

I think that part of the problem is that on Monday, I'll be going through another big transition for me- my last day of work! It hasn't quite set in yet that I won't be seeing my gals on a daily basis, which is likely due to the fact that I have every intention of seeing them as often as possible! We went for our usual ritual of tea and haircuts yesterday (clearly the picture is pre-haircut!), and it's a ritual I would love to continue! Missing them isn't really a huge factor, it's more about the fact that Tuesday morning, I am going to wake up and I won't have a job. Well, a job that comes with a paycheck, anyway! And with Pete not having found a nursing job yet...that's when the panic sets in!

So for now, aside from being panicky, I remain hopeful, prayerful, contemplative, and a bit stressed. Add that into being large, and it's alot.

But this boy is all worth it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Shower the people you love with love..."

I seriously can't believe it took me this long to sit down and blog about my baby shower!!

Yes! All of my friends and family were there to help celebrate the impending arrival of PJ this past Saturday at my amazing baby shower! I wish I had some pictures, but I was way too farblongjid to even pick my camera up, although thankfully lots of other people got some shots! The amount of love that was showered on our boy was completely overwhelming, and thanks to the generosity of so many, he now has a stroller, car seats, a portable crib, loads of cool baby boy clothes with skulls on them- the list goes on! We went from a teeny bag of baby clothes in my closet to, well...a houseful of baby stuff!! I can't help but picture what he will look like strapped into his car seat, or sleeping under the not one, but two amazing handmade blankets he was gifted, or nestled in his crib while we film him on our camcorder. PJ, not to mention Pete and I, were beyond blessed- frankly, we were all spoiled rotten!

And seriously? All of the work that my sisters did, making favors and games and invites and all of the general planning! Marla hosted the shower at her house, and even though she's a bit of a spastic hostess (she gets bad nerves, LOL!), everyone enjoyed her home and general hostess-ness! I just could not- and still can't- get over the whole thing! It was awesome! I don't think I could ever thank everyone enough for loving our sweet little man so much!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"'It's time for a few small repairs', she said..."

Just a few random observations and comments:

1.Pregnant women should not watch A Baby Story- I am sitting here in tears! Happy tears...and truthfully, I cried when I watched this show before I was pregnant. But still.

2. I will miss my job, miss my girls, and miss working, but I will not miss driving in Cherry Hill! Seriously, with the exception of a few people who I hold very near and dear, what the hell is wrong with those people??? You take your life in your hands every time you get on the road! Or every time you're a pedestrian! Or in my case, every time I think about how people drive there and my road rage puts me at risk for a massive aneurysm!!

Update: Today on Rt. 70 in Cherry Hill, which is a very busy highway, I totally saw a woman flossing her teeth...while she drove. While her dedication to dental hygiene was admirable, really? Behind the wheel. God, I hate Cherry Hill!!

3. I am really starting to look like one of these. Only not nearly as cute. Or graceful.

4. I plan on using cloth diapers, at least part-time, and find that I receive a variety of comments on this decision, accompanied by a ton of eye rolling! You'd think I was going to diaper him with newspaper and razor blades. Sheesh.

5. This amazingly lovely fall weather is really hitting the spot! Our street and the park our house faces out to looks so beautiful, and it makes me happy to see all of the red, gold, purple and orange when I look out the window or pull out of our driveway!

6. I am really, really excited to get PJ's room together!!

7. I can't believe he will be here soon!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"I'm ok, I'm alright, ain't gonna face no defeat..."

In an amazing turn of events, what a lovely Monday today was!

It started out cold and dark- I can't believe how fast the days are growing shorter! On the mornings I have to be at work at 7am, it's dark most of the way! I even warmed up my car this morning (I think the Automatic Car Starter Fairy is going to have to make a visit soon!)! But, soon enough, the sun came out and it was a beautiful, crisp fall day! And even better? It was a short day for me- I was off for the rest of the day after I got the gals to school!

The rain and chill of the past few days had me in a funk- I can't deny it. It's not news that we're struggling here a bit. Pete is still looking for a job as my own is in it's last few weeks. I am prayerful, positive, and hopeful that things will come together for us, but it's hard for someone...well, someone as controlling as me to have things up in the air like this. I like to have my ducks in a row- my day planner is never not in the same room, I check and re-check my schedule, and I like to be prompt, prepared, and at my best for everything.

But, like I said, the sun came out today and lifted my mood considerably! In the spirit of preparedness, Pete and I went to a class on Labor Basics, where I learned the most important thing is to get a bikini wax at some point before you go into labor!

Yikes. That said, even with all the talk of bloody show and mucous plugs and other such goodness, I still felt excited when I thought of going through it all myself! Although I intend to have much more well-groomed bikini line!! Can you believe I'm 33 weeks along?

Oh, and guess what? Our wedding video finally came!! And we've only been married for 15 1/2 months! Despite the time it took to get it, and the nasty-gram I got from the videographer when I dared ask where it was, it really did come out well!! In fact, enjoy the "Prologue" segment, it's like a music video of the whole wedding. That was, you can show people your wedding video without completely torturing them!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Alone and bored on a thirtieth-century night..."

I imagine in a few years, I'll be hearing alot of this:

"I'm booo-oooo-oooo-red!"

(the extra syllables will be indicative of any child of mine...)

That aside, since I'm still pregnant and said child does not have the proper use of his vocal cords to declare such a statement (unless I just can't hear it from under the massive amount of pumpkin pancake I consumed today),I'm the one whining about boredom tonight!!

The pumpkin pancakes were enjoyed at a fun girls day out to celebrate the impending birth of a boy (to be named Ezra) for my sweet friend Michelle, where I was far from bored! Even though a "proper" shower isn't the tradition after the first baby, a bunch of Michelle's girlfriends saw fit to have a day out at The Painted Cottage in Collingswood, where we all enjoyed each others company and the yummy food! Plus, Michelle's face when she walked in and saw us all standing there was hilARIous! That part of the day was not boring!

Then I got to come home, and lay around in my underwear (Hey, don't judge me. It was muggy out today and there's alot of me to be hot these days!) and watch Armageddon with Pete while I also did kick counts! That part wasn't boring either!

But then, Pete went to work and there was nothing good on TV and I'm all caught up on the stuff I DVR'ed. So boredom set in! I cooked, but that honestly just bores me more! Stupid domesticity.

Tomorrow, I will again have something to combat my boredom, as the sister-in-law and I are headed off to Atlantic City for yet another Girl's Night Out! Shelly, Ann Marie and I will be joined by cousins Stacy and Heather, who are extremely fun, energetic, and sweet, so it should be a raucous evening! I'll be hurting on Monday (for a number of reasons aside from being out all day tomorrow...I'll go into all of that another time) but it should be well worth it, if for nothing else then the Buffalo Chicken Meatballs at The Continental AC!

Oh, well. I am going to give in to my boredom and go watch TV in bed!!! At least I'll be comfy!!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Put me in, coach - I’m ready to play today! Look at me, I can be centerfield..."

PJ enjoyed his first Phillie's game last night...and no doubt learned some new words from his Daddy! Thankfully, the Phillie's won, it was a gorgeous (if a bit chilly!) night, and all parties involved had a great time!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Purpose, it's a little flame that lights a fire under your ass..."

The past week has been a slow one for me...brain wise! Which is why I wasn't blogging very much last week! I have loads on my mind, per usual, but have also been feeling the low energy of the third trimester. The lack of energy has been winning out, so my thoughts have stayed put in my brain.

Personally, I think that sometimes, the fewer of my thoughts that are out in the world, the better. But hey, you could totally be on E-bay or or even this page, instead of reading this blog (although I fully recommend the last one for a good laugh!)

That said, I am always glad you are here!

So, to set about the daunting task of unloading my brain, I'll start with the fact that I am 30 weeks pregnant today! That's 3/4 of this pregnancy down, and 10 weeks to go! I can't wait to meet this boy!!

The arrival of the boy, however, does not come without its anxieties, despite the fact that this is the happiest I have ever felt (despite the heartburn!). My working part time has been a big strain on our budget (even though it has also been a huge ease on my sanity!). Poor Pete has been working himself into the ground helping to make up for the gap, and we are doing okay, amazingly. We have been watching our spending very carefully, and it has been a lesson for the both of us, who sometimes can be careless with money.

Thankfully, Pete finally got his letter from the State of NJ saying that he is board certified to practice as a Registered Nurse, which finally makes him eligible for open positions in the area. So, we made his resume and cover letter all pretty, and he has been working the internet like a fiend applying for jobs. So, I would be most thankful to you for keeping your collective fingers crossed!

There is so much to talk about, and I am going to do my best to unload a little bit as the week goes on. In the meantime, I am going to relax, enjoy Ultimate Cake Off, and enjoy feeling PJ squirm away!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"When I wonder what could make the needle jump the groove..."

In a weird change of events, I am so happy that it's Sunday! It's the start of a new week, all fresh and shiny!

Not that last week was truly horrible, it had it's up and down moments for sure. And I know that some people I love had an even worse week, with things ranging from asthma attacks to the death of a parent. Since I hate seeing the people I love go through tough times, all I could do was pray for them.

Comparatively, my week of relative blah-ness was not as bad. It was more the nebbishy effects of pregnancy making me feel tired/crabby/huge/uncomfortable, and thus, taking some of the bounce out of my step. Thankfully, I had a quiet, restful weekend, spent some quality time with both sets of parents today, and feel like tomorrow, I will feel a little more in touch with the world!

Tomorrow, I will be 30 weeks along- almost there! This little man has been squirming and kicking and pretty much making his presence known! PJ's kicks keep me going, and always make me smile, I guess it was designed that way because otherwise, there would be no incentive to feeling like this! ;-) Well, other then having a healthy son in the end, of course! That's what I keep telling myself when the heartburn sets in!

For now, it's time to take my cranky butt to bed, and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed for the new week ahead!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Whisper in my ear a wish..."

Woo! I am tired!

Today ended up being a fantastic day! While Pete is off at the Firefighters Convention in Wildwood, I figured I would spend my weekend home, missing him, feeling fat! However, the day ended up being a great time- although I still missed Pete!

Pete's cousin Christine got married today to her longtime boyfriend Wayne. It was a beautiful day for a wedding! Since Pete is gone, Shelly was my date, and even though we got a little lost on the way to the ceremony, we got there in plenty of time to see Christine and Wayne be married! Wayne even wrote the song that Christine walked down the aisle to! It was a gorgeous song, but even if it hadn't been, how romantic is that?

After that, we enjoyed the reception, at what was by far the most fun table at the wedding- Shelly and I, Pete's cousin Greg and his sweet fiance Julie, and more cousins, Stacy, Heather, and Heather's husband John. Stacy and Heather, if their current careers ever run out, could be those people who work on cruise ships, getting people to dance and have fun! We all just had a great time laughing and dancing! PJ was even serenaded by Heather a few times! :-) I wish I had pictures, but my camera doesn't take very good pictures in banquet-type rooms- too dark! But, it was a beautiful day all around!

Now, it's time for bed- Pete comes home tomorrow!!! YAY!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Baby boy not a day goes by...I see you in my dreams..."

Oy. Today was one of those days.

Thankfully, I managed to stay calm and get through the things that kept insisting on tripping me up. That's a good feeling, even if the day was crappy!

I did not get a chance to get to the computer yesterday, but it was a much better day! I had my 28 week checkup- 28 weeks!! I am to the point where I go in for a checkup every other week! It's hard to believe I only have 11 1/2 weeks to go before I meet this little man.

Of course, I say "little man" euphamistically- I am measuring at 30 weeks, and although it's not cause for alarm yet, it could mean I won't have a 5lb,4oz baby like I was! That said, I felt the first slip of the ladder for my dreams of a natural childbirth! At our 20 week ultrasound, he was in the 91st percentile for weight!


But, big or small, he will get out of me somehow, and I just pray that he's healthy and wonderful when he makes his debut! And, you know. That my girl bits live to squeeze out another one! :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves..."

A quickie tonight- sobbing over "The Biggest Loser" season premiere has left me spent! Well, the sobbing, and the continued cultivation of my girl-crush on Jillian!

Today was a pretty good day- the gals got off to school without a hitch, the weather was warm and breezy and lovely, and I enjoyed the afternoon with my husband along with an absolutely delicious 40 minute nap! It was a beautiful day, and thank goodness, since it's supposed to rain all week!

Rain works for me though, because it's been pouring for almost all of my pre-natal appointments, and they have all, thus far, been good! So I am hoping the rain will bring continued good luck for my appointment tomorrow, since I am going to do my glucose test, and get a RhoGam shot to combat my stupid negative blood type! So, loads of fun on tap for tomorrow,but it will all be worth it if PJ continues to be healthy!!

Keep my sister-in-law Shelly in your thoughts- she goes back to work tomorrow after the summer off, and in the days ahead will be facing some hard, hard things. So send her some good vibes.

And now? I'm off to bed!

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Frozen by the hands of time into a permanent Monday..."

This blog that I have been following posts a little web-get-together or sorts every Monday, and since I get to have a leisurely Monday morning today, and since the sun is shining and a cool breeze is blowing through my living room, I thought I would indulge in a little audience participation today! Why not?!?!?

So,here we go...

Since I am only the most dedicated of nannies, and a devoted work-a-holic, who has had a full-time job and, until very recently, a full- and part-time job, I am not finding my new status as someone who works part-time to be...well, amazing. All of this sudden attention I am able to give to my own life- i.e., keeping our apartment neat, completing my baby registry, not spending money on take-out because I am too tired to cook- should bring deep shame to the work-a-holic I spent so many years cultivating!!

Should, but kind of doesn't!

I also did not incur the wrath of my husband by scooping out the kitty litter box in my pregnant state. Despite the fact that Gordie is an indoor cat, I wore rubber gloves, and washed my hands vigorously after, I would never fly in the face of the experts who wrote "What To Expect When You're Expecting" by daring to shovel cat crap in my knocked-up state! :-)

Speaking of ways to terrify my husband, I did not strike fear in his heart by asking if he could help, perform some landscaping in some delicate areas of my estate, as they are no longer visible to me. That would just be too much to ask of even the most devoted husband- although really, would you get out a chainsaw and cut down a tree in front of your house with a blindfold on?

And only a weirdo would be excited about going to the doctor every other week, even if it does mean that as of today, I am 28 weeks pregnant and as such, am that much closer to my due date and in need of more frequent medical monitoring! I mean, really. How many times can a person listen to their babies heartbeat before it starts to get old?

I am only the most sensitive of sisters, one who can offer a healing word when my sister is in need. And as such, when Marla was looking for slogans for her Lupus Walk team, I did NOT offer up such insensitive ideas like "Lupus: It's Why My Face Looks Like This" or "Lupus: Making Marla Miserable Since 2008", or my personal favorite "Lupus: It's Not A Secretion From Lou's Cut" (ahem. Get it? Lou Pus? Lupus? Oy...)

And, to round things out, when I was finally able to get a Girls Night Out at Applebee's with my best gals, Marla and Carmen, I did NOT, save for a few bites, polish off an entire order of spinach and artichoke dip,complete with sour cream and salsa, by myself. Because, even for a pregnant lady, that's just wrong! Even if it was served up by Brian, our Favorite Applebees Server!

I did not, would not, could not have done any of these things! :-)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"I love you like a fat kid loves cake..."

Today was truly a perfect Sunday! I got to spend time with Pete, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I got a few things around the house done, ran some errands, finally managed to get my sister-in-law Ann Marie's birthday present to her, and rounded out my day with a visit to Randi and Greg's to celebrate their daughter Natalie's 4th birthday!

Randi sweetened the invite by letting me know they were having a Sweet Eats's cake, but I would have gone over anyway!

Really! :-)

With all of the talk about change that I have been doing, tonight made me happy in the realization that I have had, have now, and will continue to have such amazing friends in my life, to share fun milestones like our children's birthdays, and even to share the times when life is hard. If you're lucky, your friends are the constant in a lifetime of changes, and the best you can do is to hold them to you as tightly as possible!

And now? Back to the VMA's! :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"I probably should mention the 7 things that I like..."

A few points to make:

1. Working part-time for the first time in years is making my days blur together a bit! It was amazing only having a two-hour workday yesterday, but now I feel like today is Sunday instead of Saturday!

2. I am entering a sort-of nesting phase, I think. I suddenly feel motivated to clean the kitchen! Start to organize PJ's room! Keep a well-stocked fridge! The problem is, the OCD freak in me wants it all done nownowNOW! But the pregnant lady can only handle one thing at a time. Today, it was the kitchen and a bonus trip to Target!

3. If I really am going to be home more, the quality of what's on television is going to have to increase exponentially!

4. If I can't see my bikini line anymore, can I just pretend it's not there? Or do I need to send a crew in?

5. Why is there loud music blasting through Collingswood at 10:37pm?

6. Pete and I need alot of things to come together for us this month, and it's already the 12th! So keep your fingers crossed for us!

7. On Monday, I'll be 28 weeks along! Only 12 more weeks to feel him kicking inside of me, and then a lifetime to watch him kick his way through the world!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my windowpane..."

Ah, a cool, rainy Friday afternoon!

Of course, the rain would not be quite as attractive had I not had a surprise afternoon off, as I did today! With that surprise came the luxury of not having to go back out into the wet when it was time to pick up my girls, so I am enjoying it!

My first week of part-time work turned out to be busier then I thought it would be! Having less time to be at work allowed me to run errands and do things around the house! The last time I had a part-time job was when I was 18, but I seem to be falling into the routine with relative ease!

One thing I managed to do was go back and complete our baby registry! With the exception of a few minor items, I think we are pretty much set with a complete list of things we are wishing for! I had no idea how overwhelming it would be- I have worked with babies for years,and yet somehow, walked into the store and became a complete retard! But, for my second go-round, I made sure I was well-fed and took my time looking around! I'll run the list by a few experienced-mama friends of mine, but I think we did okay!!

I also got to spend some time with Pete. Right now he's still working nights, so for the longest time, we would only see each other in the mornings! Having the opportunity to come home and spend time with Pete has been wonderful! He has spent the week looking at job postings and re-writing his resume so it mentions that he is a licenced nurse! I am just praying that he will be able to find something in a reasonable amount of time- our finances are fine for now, but if our plan for me to stay home is going to work, Pete will need a nursing job! So be sure to keep your fingers crossed!

And now, I am going to complete my Friday by relaxing a bit more, then going out to meet my best girls at our favorite meeting spot! :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"That was quite a show, very entertaining, but it's over now- go on and take a bow..."

Does it make me a bad person to launch into a huge bitch session, despite all of my blessings? I feel like sometimes, I have no room to complain.I have people I love, friends and family I adore, a healthy boy growing away in my belly, and the income to afford a roof over my head and a phone that allows me to check Facebook. So, if I were about to heave a big sigh and start ranting, would that make a horrible, ungrateful person?

Well, if it does, tough taco's. It's my blog! ;-)

Aren't I sweet?

Ahem. was just one of those days I felt like I was off of my game, even though most of the circumstances surrounding the day were completely out of my control. Feeling like I am not 100% frustrates me, so this day may not have had a chance from the get-go! It started off with Ellie's bus never showing up! Another mom at the bus stop was nice enough to drive her to school,but that left poor Anna, resplendent in her new pink and silver dress, to be late for her first day of kindergarten!

After all of that confusion, the day seemed to just slowly chip at my nerves, with one little thing (and some bad news for Pete that was a bigger thing) after another. It was only one bad day smushed within a bunch of awesome ones, but sometimes, that's all it takes to send me into a funk.

I tend to be someone that is resistant to change- I like to have familiar things surrounding me. Even in my dating days, I was one of those girls who had long relationships. I always had a hard time moving on from one job to the next. I never believe things are over, even if it's long after the fat lady has sung.

Lately though, I find myself longing for change. I am looking forward to the newness that the next few months will bring to my life, and I find myself easing out of my old one with relative ease. Even at the end of a trying day I can be excited, because the day- icky as it was- is over and brings me a day closer to something new.

I am 99.9% sure that this post makes no sense at all, and I attribute it to my cranky-ass mood! For now, I am going to download some music from "Glee", get myhusband, who is asleep on the couch, into bed, and get ready for a new day tomorrow!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"'Cause we are living in a material world..."


Pete and I made our way to Babies 'r Us today to set up our registry for PJ!

Turns out, Babies 'r Us is a pretty big store.

Despite all of my research, list-making, question-asking, and general lusting aftr all things baby, I quickly found myself overwhelmed.

Then I got hungry, and that was the end of that.

We'll try again tomorow.

Friday, September 4, 2009

"...I"m getting close, closer to the prize at the end of the rope"

In a rare turn of events, I am sad to see that it's Friday.

This week, I had a much-needed vacation from work, and what a sweet week it has been! I still have three more days off, but the end of this week feels like the white flag being waved at the end of a NASCAR race! It's time to pull the car over.

We began the week in Margate, since Pete was taking his NCLEX-RN Exam on Tuesday in Atlantic City. It made more sense for Pete to be in Margate, which is only 15 minutes from AC and allowed him to relax the day of the test, instead of having an hour drive there and back. Not that I can say he relaxed- he spent most of his time walking around the house, picking things up and putting them down again! But, he left to take his test and was gone for the afternoon,and I went to the beach, as you can see from my last post! :-)

Once he got back, all we could do was wait for the results, so Marla and Steve came down to meet us and we went to Maynard's for somefood, and stayed to play Trivia, which was a blast! And the boys had...a few beers. Ahem. Anyway, we spent the next day at the beach, then headed home!

We, managed to relax the next day, even though we knew the results would be posted that day! The only glitch was that the house we live in is being completely rewired,and the very sweet electricians that were here had to shut off power to different parts of the house, which included where we have our internet router connected! Thankfully, Pete was able to access the website from his phone, which displayed this on its screen:


Pete not only passed, but he passed in the least amount of questions required- you can take as few as 75 questions or as many as 265 to earn enough points to pass, and his computer shut him down at 75! He owned that test, and I could not be more proud of him!! Even if he's spent the time since trying to make his brains drip out of his ears by playing video games!!

Pete's passing aside, this week has been like a gift. Pete and I have had time together just to relax and be ourselves and enjoy each other- time that is usually far and few between. It makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel, that all of our hard work will soon come to hand over some rewards!

That, or we will bicker so much when we finally go create a baby registry tomorrow that we get divorced!

Either way? Best. Week. Ever!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"So much to say..."

Anna has been letting lose with some absolute zingers lately, so I thought I should share:

"I want to be a police woman when I grow up, because they get to drive fast!"

(at the pool)"That's my nanny over there in the black dress. She doesn't have a bathing suit on because hers doesn't fit. But she's not fat.She's pregnant!"

(said very loudly in a quiet tea house)"If someone ever tried to get me,I'll kick him in the PENIS!"

"Brie, if the baby throws up in your belly, does that make you throw up?"

"Hey, pregnant lady. Don't pee in your SKORT!"

Ellie: "I can't wait to go to second grade and learn things!"
Anna: "I'm getting a bikini this weekend!"

Brie:(reaches for diet Coke)
Anna: "*tsk* Ba-ree! Babies are NOT supposed to have soda!"
Brie: ( puts soda back) Sigh...

"You can't swallow your gum when you have a baby in your belly, because babies that small are too young for gum!"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"So we're okay, we're fine..."

For a first day of vacation, today was certainly...well, it was completely uneventful, and except for the fact that there was nothing on T.V, I did not mind a bit!

One thing I have realized, though, is that hard work is an amazing thing, but within that hard work, there has to be some time for a person to recharge, or else the batteries run completely out. I have worked two jobs on and off since I was 19, and the last stretch was for over 5 years when I worked weekends at the children's hospital. Not THE Children's Hospital. Another one.


So for over 5 year, most weeks, I was working 7 days a week, averaging 60-80 hours per week. And I just did it, because I liked my job, valued the extra money, and took a weird sort of pride in my work-a-holic-ism. I didn't notice that I was tired because I didn't slow down enough to be tired. And I only took a day off is someone needed me,not because I thought I myself needed a day or two.

But then, back in March, I was laid off from my second job, lost my Mom-Mom, and found out we were pregnant, all within a month! Suddenly, my weekends were mine, although over the first few months, I spent them first nursing a broken heart, then nursing the overwhelming exhaustion I was feeling in early pregnancy!

After that,something weird happened. Those mornings I did not have to jump out of bed to go to work I would lay in bed and read a book. Or if I was lucky enough to have Pete there, spend the morning relaxing and talking. Mondays became very different because I was both recharged and feeling the sharp difference of a day of rest vs. a day of work.

This morning was one of those days when Pete and I were both home and had nowhere to go this morning. We lounged in bed, enjoying the morning cool enough to not need the air conditioner, feeling PJ kicking inside of me, with Pete complaining about how every time he tried to pull the covers up during the night, I kicked them off. Time ticked slowly, and there was no place that we needed to hop out of bed and go to. And I couldn't help but think how vital this type of time has become to me!

I know I have had time on my mind lately, but today, I was thinking more in single moments then in big chunks. Either way, each minute is bringing me closer and closer to something wonderful!

Friday, August 28, 2009

"All of this is more then I've ever known or seen..."

It is August 28th, and the summer is essentially over!

It went by in such a strange blur! At the start of the summer, I was still in my first trimester, Pete had justgraduated nursing school, I had a whole summer to look forward to with Ellie and Anna, and there were alot of decisions to be made!

And now here we are. I'm almost out of my second trimester, Pete's about to sit for his state certification, I had my last full day of summer vacation with the girls today, and a number of big decisions have been made!

The biggest decision is that I am going to stay home with PJ after his arrival,for as long as our finances and my sanity can handle it! After all, I've had at least one job, usually two jobs, since I was 16 years old! That said, this is our first child. We don't own a home yet, and live in a simple manner. This may be our only chance to have one of us stay home with our child(ren). By the time we are ready to further expand our family, we will hopefully own a home and have the larger expenses of raising a family, and it's likely I will need to go back to work. It's time I consider to be a gift and I can't wait to enjoy every second of it!

Of course, this decision meant that I had to tell my gals that I won't be their nanny anymore. They didn't seem too suprised- Ellie's 1st grade teacher just had a baby and explained to her class that she would not return to teaching upon the baby's arrival, so Ellie is under the impression that this is just the way of the world! That eased the news for now, although I figure that come November, I will realize just how hard it will be handing over the care of these gals to someone else! After four years, they feel a bit like quasi-daughters!

It's funny- I have been thinking about this summer, the way it has flown and the changes it has held, but it's nothing compared to how my life has changed during my almost four years with the girls. I started out in my own place, only to move back home at an age I never imagined I would be. I became enaged, got married, and now am preparing to have my first child. My sister was married, and Pete's family welcomed Emilia, Robbie, Thomas and James. I watched Greg suffer during a long illness and succumb to it 10 months later, and six months after that said goodbye to Mom-mom. Four years filled with so many terrible things and even more amazing blessings! Four years that sometimes feel like they have been a lifetime!!

Tonight, I sir here enjoying the rain and feeling a very active PJ scrabbling around inside of me,and I wonder how many lifetimes are ahead. Goodbye summer, hello, next chapter...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Home is just another word for you..."'s a relaxing Sunday night here at the Latini homestead! Pete is off at work, and I am laying on the couch, blogging and watching "Kendra" on E! as PJ kicks away inside of me! Well, let me rephrase, because I guess if Pete is working and PJ is kicking, I am the only Latini in this household that is truly relaxing!

Lucky me!

This was a weekend filled with fabulous-ness! What weekends are really made of! Friday night Pete and I headed to the movies to see "Harry Potter", which was...only okay. I am one of those picky readers who never likes the movie as much as the book! But, it was a night with Pete and even though I fell asleep towards the end of the movie (ahem...) it was nice to be together!

Saturday! There was no way I was going to fall asleep on Saturday night, because we were at the Elton John and Billy Joel concert at Citizens Bank Park! I had seen Elton twice before and Billy once, but to see them together for a night of amazing music was awesome!! Almost four hours of the songs that have meant to much so me my entire life! I kept telling PJ he was meeting his unofficial godfather's- Papa Elton and Uncle Billy! Everything about the night was perfection- my favorite performers, a cool breeze, a gorgeous view of Philadelphia, and my best boys in the stands with me! :-)

Today, Pete and I slept in! I slept until 10am, I haven't slept later then 8:30 in forever!! We relaxed this morning, had breakfast, and enjoyed the early afternoon storm! After that, I went over to Shelly's sweet friend Kathy's house! Kathy is an AMAZING friend to Shelly, one of Pete's high school crushes (!), and just a nice, sweet, stylish, wonderful person overall! When Kathy offered me the chance to lay claim to some of her maternity clothes (after I told her I coveted them and asked nicely if she felt like parting with any!) I jumped at the chance!! And now, thanks to Kathy, I have a full closet of maternity wear...and sent a big pile off to another of Shelly's friends...and set some stuff aside for a pregnant girlfriend of mine...and still have a bunch of stuff left over! Holy cow!! I guess that's what happens if you have three gorgeous sons like Kathy does- you build up quite a collection!!! And all joking aside, I could not be more thankful!

To wind up the evening, I had dinner with Shelly and the gals at Buca de Beppo (sooooooooo yummy!), and Shel helped me go through all of Kathy's clothes while Riley and Emilia tried on all of my shoes! Trust me, really, if you had seen the massive amount of clothes Kathy gave me, you'd need help too. Since the only help Pete can offer while trying on clothes is a vague "Huh? Oh, yeah, you look hot...", it was nice to have Shelly to voice her opinion!!

And now, here I am, the clinging to the last shreds of Sunday while I blog and watch "Chelsea, Lately"! Hope your weekend was a wonderful!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"In those silent, happy seconds that surround the sound of this event, a parent smile is made in moments..."

I knew it!

Not to brag, but really? I totally knew it!

After a few prods with the ultrasound wand, the baby finally moved into a position that allowed us to see that...

It's a Boy | It's a Girl | I'm Expecting hi5 Comments

A boy!!! To be named Peter Joseph Latini, Jr! And if anyone has a good suggestion for a nickname that will easily distinguish the younger Peter from his father, let me know! Because this child is NOT- repeat, NOT!- to be called Junior or, worse, Little Peter!

Because we all know what connotation "Little Peter" has.


That aside, everything continues to go well with this pregnancy! All of my labwork came back with great results, my uterus is mesuring just the right size, and everything in the ultrasound looked fantastic, although we will get the full results later! We found out the baby weighs 1 lb, 1oz already, which puts him in the 90th percentile for weight at his gestational age!! YIKES!!! I am seeing an amazing future for this boy, but not such a geat future for, well...

For my vagina!

But, fear for my girl bits aside, finding out that I am carrying a boy, a SON! Oh, that was the best moment of my whole life! Although I would have been happy with either sex- truly!- I just felt from the start that this baby was a boy, and it makes my heart feel so full to know that my instincts were right! This baby and I, we know each other! And I can't wait to introduce him to the people he doesn't know yet- all of his cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents! All of our fabulous friends and all of the playmates that are waiting for him!

I can't wait to tell him all about his mama's Mom-Mom, and his Uncle Greg, and tell him how they are his own guardian angels and how much they love him, all the way from Heaven!

I can't wait for Peter Joseph Jr to be here!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Your eyes might be green, or the bluest that I've ever seen. Anyway, you'll be blessed..."

I hope I am not boring anyone who happens to be stumbling across my blog! Getting back into daily blogging involves a warm-up of my writing skills!

Today was just a lovely day! The girls and I had a playdate with my sister's good friend Tracy and her gorgeous daughters Alyssa and Kyla! We were also joined Tracy's sisters, niece and nephews, and hosted by her sweet mom! The kids enjoyed each others company, swimming together, and eating Munchkin's! My gals always love making new friends- the kids got along amazingly and the adults enjoyed each other's company! I was even able to get a little color get some sun and therefore, some Vitamin D for my baby! ;-)

Of course, speaking of the baby, tomorrow is our 2nd trimester ultrasound that will allow us to see if the baby is a boy or a girl...and most importantly, if the baby is healthy- the thing we are praying for most of all! The consensus on what flavor we are having varies. Marla wants a baby girl so badly, she was rubbing Jimmy Choo's on my belly, figuring if she got a kick, it's a girl! So many people have wished us luck and expressed an interest in our tiny, naked little miracle!We feel so blessed to have so much goodwill around us!

With such an amazing event about to happen- news that will change our lives forever!- it is so easy to forget the usual frustrations of life. I will not be spending tomorrow the way I always dreamed I would on the day I found the gender of my first baby. I had always thought it would be a whirlwind of visiting my family to spread the news! It's not going to be the day I imagined, but oh, it will be such a sweet day nonetheless, and just strengthens the resolve I have about what my life as a parent will be like.

It's not secret that our pregnancy came as a HUGE surprise to Pete and I! The news came to us on the heels of alot of chaos in our lives, and our shock was us equal as our joy! Tomorrow's news, the news of whether we will have a son or a daughter? That news will be nothing but sweet!

Monday, July 27, 2009

"The more I live, the more I know..."

Well now! Today was a pretty easy Monday! And it was truly needed- after last week, my nerves needed the break!

The gals and I started the day off with an early playdate with a few of our best buddies! A fun morning at the Discovery Museum was enjoyed by all! After that, the gals and I spent the day at the pool!

But to be honest, all of that is just time filler until our ultrasound on Wednesday!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"I'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm, and I'm just getting warm..."

Oh my gosh!

This has just been one of those weeks- complete drama with bookends of awesomeness on either side!

But, that said, let me rewind a few days to late last week, when finally, FINALLY, I felt the baby moving for the first time! I was so excited- at first, I wasn't sure if it was just gas (sorry! TMI!) but by the next day, there was no mistaking that what I was feeling was a tiny, naked person moving around! Right now, it's just a very faint tap..tap..tap sometimes followed by a big Flop! But, oh, feeling the baby is almost as good as SEEING the baby!! Or maybe better, it's a close race!!

In a few more days, we will find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, and then the real fighting over names can begin we can truly start to imagine how different our lives are going to be in a few months!

Now, on to my fun weekends!

Last Sunday there was a get-together with Pete and myself, Shelly, Carl, and their cousin Heather, who I had met a few times but had never hung out with before! We had the best time hanging out at the Tap Room in Westmont, eating, drinking (Sprite for me, beer for everyone else!), talking and more often, laughing hysterically! I ate way too much and stayed up way too late, but it was just such a good time, and so much fun getting to know Heather better- she's just fabulous!! This particular picture of Shelly, Heather and I is from my wedding!

Fast forward to this Friday night, when we all celebrated the 3rd birthday of my niece Emilia Ann Trefz! The party was at Shelly's and featured a visit from the Mr.Softee truck (Best.Idea. EVER!), much running around and merriment among the kids, and lots of companionable hanging out for the adults! It was one of those magical nights when the kids aren't whining (much), the food is delicious, and the company is even yummier! We even got enjoy yummy BBQ leftovers the next night! And who could believe it- Emilia is three years old!! She's quite a kid, that Emi! She's full of energy and fun and...well, badness! :-) She is one sassy little chick who loves shoes, hummus, and her mama and sisters, and we all get a kick out of her!! Oh, and I stole that picture of her on the beach in Punta Cana from her mother's Facebook page! :-)

So, that was the beginning and the end of my week! Now lets get to the grody, gooey yuckiness that was sandwiched between all of that weekend yumminess! I am afraid if I write the whole thing out, it will have too many swear words to be considered publishable. Instead, I will share the main bullet points of the week:

*horrible weather that kept my gals away from the pool all week
*a visit from a few of Cherry Hill's finest Men in Blue when the Terminix guy set off the alarm system
*feeling absolutely terrified for the safety of my baby and my gals when there was the possibility that termite poison was accidentally pumped into the air ducts,and spending a whole day at the house breathing in said poison
*the Lunatic Carpenter completely LOSING HIS SHIT in front of my gals over, I kid you not, spilled paint
*my mounting impatience for home improvements in general

I know that it really doesn't look like much to deal with, and I know that in the grand scheme of things, it isn't. Trust me. But in the moment, all of those annoying things in succession was enough to have me completely spent by Friday night!

There have been alot of big decisions to be made since Pete and I found out we were expecting, the main one being what we will do as far as my going back to work after the baby arrives. I find that in my heart, I am longing to be able to fully give my all to my family, something I have not been able to fully do for a very long time. But the pieces have not fallen into place yet to allow me to do this and still ensure that my family has all of the things we need. It's frustrating, a little disheartening, and extremely scary.

Still, we soldier on, with our Littlest Solider wiggling away inside of me! :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

"I think there's something you should know..."

After a long, weird week, I decided to share something that makes me laugh! Enjoy!
(sorry about the language- lots and lots of bad words ahead!!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"But they told me a man should be faithful, and walk when not able...but I'm only human..."

Just a quickie tonight- I am falling asleep!!

Today was Pete's best friend Bob's birthday! Bob is one of my favorite people in the whole world! He's just a great person, and I adore him! Last year, Bob won the award for the Suckiest Birthday Ever! He was in the middle of a battle against testicular cancer (which he won, thank GOD!), his dog fell ill and passed away, and while he was handling what he needed to with his dog, his cat got out and was killed by a car. Seriously? Suckiest Birthday Ever.

So this year, his sweet girlfriend Stacy decided to really do it up, so there was a big gathering of Bob's friends at a local bar to help celebrate a much happier birthday!

But Bob had one more surprise up his sleeve- he proposed to Stacy!!! So we celebrated a birthday AND and engagement!!! And since just over two years ago, Pete and I did the same thing, it was nice to see the trend continue!!

Yay to happiness!

But, of course, with happiness comes sadness sometimes, and late last night Pete got some terrible news about a friend of his from the fire department who passed away in a very terrible, violent way. It's left all of the people he loves wondering what went so very wrong, and with broken hearts. I have been thinking about it all day, and wondering how I would handle things if I really, truly felt hopeless.

I wish with all of my heart that this horrible thing had not happened, but I think about Pete and I, and all that we have been through and seen the people we love go through. What if we had lost someone we loved the same way?

Oh, God, just hold on to the people you love. Relish in those amazing happy moments and cling to each other during the rough times. Pray hard for the people who may not be as lucky, or who are so deep into a dark place, they don't realize how lucky they are, or can be.

I am making no sense! It's time for bed!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"When I'm goin' to the movies, I take up seven rows..."

I stopped by our local Destination Maternity today- I was in desperate need of a bathing suit! I had thought an old one of mine would fit, but not so much! Pregnancy has left me not only with a smallish baby bump, but with gigantic boobs.The combination makes for some difficult clothing decisions!

Now I am not the skinniest of girls. I used to be. Not so much anymore! In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, I was on Weight Watchers and had lost 11 pounds, with my goal being 25!

So much for that! The weight gain is well worth it, but still....

Anyway,so my inner monologue says "I'm not really fat, per se! I'm pregnant! These suits should fit me, no problem!"

Fast forward to me, in the dressing room, tons of adorable suits in the reject pile because I was Just. Too. Big. For. Them. And too big even for the "Large" sizes! I just started my 18th week of pregnancy!!

So this is the suit I got! And it's not that cute in person- or at least on me! I call it the Mumu Suit! I mean, who is supposed to fit in those cute suits? Heidi Klume? It was kind of a bummer!

Don't get me wrong- I am loving the things my body is doing right now! The more my belly takes shape, the more I dream about the little person growing inside! And yeah, I have giant porno boobs right now, but in a few months, they are going to provide nourishment to another human (although the bigger they get the more I think it's a shame I'm not having multiples!)! Pete and I have done alot of things together, but there is a bonafide creation going on in there!

That said, when it comes down to it, I'm a chick. And it's no fun when you can't fit into the cute clothes!

That's my rant! The end!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Five hundred, twenty-five thousand six hundred do you measure a year?"

Pete and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday, along with the anniversary of our country's Independence! And it was a lovely day- the fun Oakyln Township parade, BBQ yumminess, and the gorgeous fireworks display we watched from our now-traditional perch out front of my mother- and father-in-laws house! It was a slow, relaxing day, and it made me happy that we had our wedding on the 4th- we will have a celebratory anniversary every year!

On day 364 of our first year, we went out for a late dinner at Redstone (oh,my God, sooooooooo good! The fondue is my favorite!). The conversation had a serious tone- even though we are so blessed to have each other, we know what this past year has been. I like to call it "weird", Pete just calls it "shitty"! But now that we are on Day 1 of Year Two, I am just happy that we made it through together.

It's not always easy. It's never going to be "always easy". But we have each other to get through the hard times and enjoy every second of the amazing times. We made it through 365 days of a tough year, and now, we are only one day into the next 365. And oh, these next ones hold so much for us!