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"You can't stop the avalanche as it races down the hill..."

Some random things while I wait for Pete to come watch "Heroes" with me (we had to DVR it because we could not watch it together on Monday night!!)

1. As I Twittered, I like to drink soda out of the fancy wine glasses we got for our wedding! I hate wine, I think it tastes like sour butt. The closest thing to wine I like to drink is Boone's Farm Wine, and I had to stop drinking that because...well, really, because nobody over the age of 21 actually drinks that dreck! So, what's a girl to do? I hate wine, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our pretty etched Mikasa glasses! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Diet Coke. So, there you go!

2. Anna has really been into listening to Broadway music when she's in the car with me! She's learned pretty much all of the words to Legally Blonde, and now she's moved on to Hairspray! Every now and then I hear her singing "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now" when she's playing with her Barbies and it's the funniest thing ever! It kind o…

"I was a baby when I learned to suck, but you have raised it to an art form..."


Why do you make me do it? Why do you make me have to go on (blogged) rants and say horrible words like "C. U. Next Tuesday", "psycho bitch" and "whore"?

This is a special message to people who continue to enrage me, to act as if they have a black abyss inside of their body, where there should be, oh, say, human organs! To the people who should know better, who have, in fact, been in a place so dark themselves that they should know first hand what it is like for others to be in the same place. But, I guess some people are so selfish and so disgusting and so truly horrible they will never see the way they are. I honestly just feel sorry for people like that.

I put a piece of poetry up on my creative writing blog, you can feel free to check it out, it's pretty much sums up the way I am feeling.

In the meantime, good luck with your life. Not that you know what you are missing, but you have been written off for good.

(And no, unless you already know who…

"You may need me there to carry all your weight, but you're no burden I assure..."

It's Tuesday, and the week has already been an unbelieveable one!

Greg went back into the hospital on Sunday, when the visiting nurse that came to Greg and Shel's house, took his blood pressure and found it to be too high. So, off to the ER we went- straight to HUP this time, in the hopes that his neuro docs would be willing to re-evaluate him.

I can't go into too many details about our experience- mainly because there is only so often I can use the words "retards", "douchebags", and "useless". We were there from just before 5pm until after 3am, and it was a long night of questions, tests, chaos, and craziness. I do want to say however, that our ER nurse Megan was absolutely outstanding and our anchor. If it hadn't been for her, a horrible night would have been even worse. All I can say is that I do not think HUP is a very nice place. Greg is back as an inpatient now, and hopefully will be home is a few days. And, as usual, I can not help …

"I'll get right back to you once I get my disguise on"

Some randomness:

1. My amazing friend Mandy got married this weekend! I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridemaids, and it was such a pleasure to share in Mandy and her new husband Taylor's day! The wedding was a blast, even though her adoreable dad Hanry didn't get to hear the Chicken Dance! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed being a part of Mandy and Taylor's love! And Mandy looked GORGEOUS!!! I think she would have worn her dress on the plane ride to their honeymoon if she could! I can relate- I didn't take my wedding dress off until 5am!! Even though it was hot and weighed a thousand pounds, taking it off meant the fairy tale of the day was over. And Mandy really was an absolute princess on her wedding day! I was so happy for her!

2. Greg is coming home from the hospital on Tuesday! He's been there for just under a month, since right before Pete and I got back from our honeymoon. He's changed so much from his illness- if Pete and I were getting marr…

"It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday"

So, this has become my Monday evening ritual while Pete is doing fireman stuff.
I watch this:

And then, in order to cleanse my filthy soul of the smut of Gossip Girl, I watch this:

After all of that fun, I'll do some cleaning (tonight's project, the bathroom- how does that get so grody so fast?), give my cat some lovies and then head off to bed.

The only problem is that right now, I head off to bed by myself on Mondays. And, to be honest, most of the other days of the week. I don't know why I expected marriage to completely change things, but we are on completely different schedules. Our honeymoon feels like a THOUSAND years ago, not three weeks ago! And, of course, I know that it could be alot worse- my heart is so heavy with all of the sadness and hurt and worry and sickness surrounding the people that I care so much about. So I try to hang in there but sometimes it is SOOOOO lonely.

Thankfully, there are the few moments that we do get to spend that mean so much. So much h…

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

I just thought I'd share some more honeymoon pics! On this week of everyone going back to school, I thought it might be fun to think back to our vacation!

This was the lobby of the resort! It was all open air and had a huge staircase that lead down to the main area, where you could set up trips, visit the bar(s), and have meals at some of the restaurants! We were greeted with a glass of champagne as soon as we got off the bus!

Our room! It was humongo!!

Sometimes you just need to show off your coconuts!

It's a Giant Chess Board!

We took alot of pictures of ourselves!

...and lots of pics of the creepy crawlies we saw! This guy was one of my favorites! I put our room key (the size of a credit card) down next to him to show how teeny he was! I have no idea how this little guy made it all the way to the third floor!

We took tons of pictures of the gorgeous Dominican beach, where we spent many hours relaxing, swimming, talking, and enjoying many frosty beverages!

We got to meet so many fun…