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"At last, my love has come along..."

Love, thy name is Coach.

Behold, the new bag I got at the Coach Factory Store in AC! An absolute wonder of a deal!

Original price: $368.00
My price: $175.00

I think I am in love...

"Haven't you always wanted a monkey?"

Well, it's back to reality!

Pete and I got back last week from our amazing honeymoon in Punta Cana! The time went so slowly for once, and we got relax and spend some much-needed quality time together, since in the real world, was are usually like two ships passing in the night! I sometimes worry that our only fertility problems will be making time to actually HAVE sex!

Um. But anyway...

We stayed at the beautiful Dreams Resort and loved it from the second we walked in and someone put a glass of champagne in our hands!! The staff there really spoiled us, and everyone there was so sweet and fun and friendly! We spent ALOT of time just relaxing, either by the huge freeform pool or more often, by the beautiful Dominican beach! The water was so warm and clear, and the waves were gentle. Dodging coral was kind of a new experience for us, but we managed somehow and really enjoyed the beach! Plus, there was always someone to bring you a frosty beverage if you needed one! My drink of choice …

"We are the champions...."

Michael Phelps is really frickin' hot. That is all.

Go USA!!!

"And there ain't no way that you'll take it away..."

My goodness! What a time is has been!

I am a married woman! And despite the fact it took me over a month to finally sit down and journal about it, our wedding was an amazing events peppered with only the types of things an event involving Pete and I could have! That includes almost burning the place down with a flaming football. Seriously. :-P

But, even having to put out a fire while wearing a thousand-dollar wedding gown could not damper the evening for us! Getting ready was all kind of a blur- I was nervous! It was a whirl of flowers, dresses, pictures, and little girls! And, speaking of all of our kids (we had ten in all in the wedding!!) they were all REALLY good and seemed to be so excited!

Before I knew it, we were all lined up at the top of the stairs. I knew Pete was at the alter waiting, and it was honestly such a surreal moment! After all of the angst of planning this insane event, a big part of me was like, "Yeah baby!! Let's DO this thing!". Then I was walking…