"Oh dear, I fear my comment has offended, Hard to argue, though, when you're too mad to speak..."

Clearly, a hacker disguised as me with a raging case of PMS left that last post. Weird.

"I'm finished, I'm getting you off my chest..."

*I just want to say "I'm sorry" in advance to some of my nicer friends who may read this journal. I am about to say something not very nice. *

One of the things I love about my fiance , is the company he keeps. Pete has some amazing friends, who he loves very much and who love him very much in return. He has friends who would throw down with any one or any thing, who have been there for the better and can stand by at the worst. Pete has some awesome people around him, and having them in my life- even peripherally- is a privilege.

Sadly, though, he has a friend or two (who shall remain nameless) who happen to be complete waste of space. Who let themselves be dictated by immaturity and an inability to be a leader, not a follower. And I feel really, really sorry for you, and not just because you are married to a complete C. Uou Next Tuesday who is completely devoid of personality (unless she has a few drinks in her). I feel sorry for you because you are a spineless loser who has no idea on earth what kind of friend he has.

So bite my ass.

* For those of you who I love, I am sorry you had to read that- I usually do not like to speak badly of other people. I usually don't have to! I am a very lucky person in that way. That said, sometimes people need to be called out, even in my passive-aggressive way I displayed just now. Not to mention that people should really know better then to act like idiots when I am getting my period! The End. *

"You've been so kind and generous...Thank you, thank you...."

Oh my God, my bridal shower was today!!!

So, even though I was highly suspicious, I was still shocked when I walked in the door and saw so many people yelling "surprise!" (and "Happy Birthday!" from the kids gathered in attendance!!) I didn't even eat any of the food because my stomach was just fluttering the whole time, I could not believe all of the effort that was done for me!!

The theme was "My Favorite Things" so there was food from Wegmans (my favorite place), tons of appetizers (my favorite part of a party!), things from Wicked (my favorite show), and best of all, instead of a regular wishing well, guests made a donation to Camp Heartland (my favorite organization!). All of bridesmaids wore cute camp tee shirts, and even had one for me! So, I got to wear my other favorite thing at my shower, which is my jeans!!!

I seriously wish I had eaten more of the food, because there was a TON of it!!! And all of my favorite stuff, like hummus, deviled eggs, CHIPS, spinach dip, sandwiches....oh my God, why didn't I EAT???? Oh yeah, too nervous! But, thankfully, everyone else ate! And, holy lord, the desserts! An unbelievable amount- and my cake was AMAZING!!! Can anyone say "Sweet Eats"? It was just unreal. I know I am sitting her typing about it, but I am kind of in a fog as to the fact that it happened!

Opening gifts was insane!! I swear it took an hour, even though I set aside my usual OCD form of opening presents (carefully opening the wrapping so as not to tear the paper, thereby extending the surprise of what is in there!) and tried to tear into everything as fast as possible!! I never saw so much white tulle in my life- white tulle being the official wrap of all things emerging from Bed, Bath, and Beyond! And my God, we got glasses! Bowls! Bed linens! Towels! And, oh my God, my parents got us air conditioners for our new apartment, and my bridesmaids got us the mixer (Like Martha uses!!!) and they got me COOKING LESSONS from Sur le Table!! Which is genius, since I kept opening kitchen things and having absolutely NO IDEA what they were!!! What the heck is a serving fork?? And why does it only have two tines???

And I almost forgot the last of my favorite things!! All of my bridesmaids got together and made a scrapbook for me! In fact, there was one for me, one for Pete, and an in-progress one of the start of Pete and I's new life together- it has our engagement and engagement party scrapped so far! And, as we all know, scrapbooking is one of my very favorite things, and the books just filled my heart!

And, speaking of heart, our guests raised almost $300 for Camp Heartland, which means more to me then anyone can ever know!

And that was my bridal shower! Mom's Wexler, and Latini, I am so grateful for the gifts you have given me, and not just today! Marla, Meri, Ann Marie, Shelly, Jen, Amanda, Tiffany, and Randi, I can't ever thank you guys enough for such an amazing day! You guys are my whole heart and I love you so much!

And now, bedtime! :-)

"Hold me closer, tiny dancer..."

Well boo. My vacation has come to a close as off....8 minutes ago (It's 12:08am)!An


I can say that I accomplished alot! On Monday, I laid around and didn't even get out of my Nerd's boxers and tank top all day! For a work-a-holic like me, that is a damn accomplishment!! I did tons of laundry and packed up lots of stuff, I met up with my friend Shira and (FINALLY) met her GORGEOUS son Marvin, went to my pole dancing class two times, Got stuff done for the wedding, and most importantly, caught up on some sleep! It was a restful week and really what I needed, and even though I miss my little chickadees very much, I could use a few more days of this!

Tomorrow is when Pete and I get the keys to our new place!! I can't wait to get in there and start "feathering our nest" so to speak! And we need...alot of feathers!!! We need a bedroom set and a couch and a kitchen table and pretty much the whole deal! My stuff from all of my old apartment is just not in great condition, so it'll be off to the store! But, I'm in no rush, we'll get things one at a time and have lots of fun picking stuff out! As long as I have cable! And my new pole (thanks, Tiffer!!!)!

Okay. So, about my new obsession with pole dancing! I had tried it last year for my 30th birthday and Shelly and I totally fell in love with it, so we went to classes together all last summer (and I can not even begin to tell you guys how much I miss my partner in pole! :'-( ) And it's more Cirque du Soleil then Club Risque.....no, really! There is something so graceful about the moves, and for a clod like me, it's like being in another world!! And when you do you first do a move like this:

...Well, you feel pretty bad ass! And that's what I love about it! It's HARD TO DO, trust me on that! I am covered in bruises (sexy, right?). But I wear them proudly, because it means that I tried something kind of hard and felt good while I did it! It's weird to hear someone wax so poetic about frickin' pole dancing, right? But I would seriously challenge anyone to give it a shot!!

And, that's about all I got for the end of my vacay! Tomorrow is moving day and the Triplets 7th Birthday party, Sunday I'm at WCRH, and Monday is back to work with my little chickens (who I miss!!!!). So, a toast to my vacay!! My next one will be as a married woman!!!!!!!