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"I am older then I once was, but younger then I'll be that's not unusual

"It isn't strange
After changes upon changes
We are more or less the same
After changes we are more or less the same..."
-The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel

So it's been a crazy time since I last sat down to journal back in early April. There have been a few times I have tried to write, but found my head to be so clogged up that the thoughts would not budge. Like that big hairball in the drain that the "other drain cleaner" can never move. How's that for a visual?

The past almost-two months have seen friends and family fall ill, both Pete and I have a birthday, me find a friend I thought I had lost, and lose something else I was hoping to find. It's been some of those stretches of time when I feel like I have learned more and felt more and done more then ever in my life!

Work, mainly, has been what's been taking up my time. With the wedding coming up and my hopes with Pete to have a future together, I have been working pretty much every hour God sends and…

"I know that I am like the rain, there but for the grace of you go I..."

So, thankfully, I have a brand-spankin'-new drivers licence, since I found my birth certificate and social security card the other day (see last entry!). I am such an idiot! And the kicker is that I am just going to have to do it again in a few months when I get married!! So annoying! But isn't my hair getting long? For me, anyway...

So, it's been a long few weeks here! My poor girls have been sick on and off for a month now- Ellie has strep for the third time!!! YIKES! We did manage to get out for breakfast one day after a whole week stuck in the house sick. We went to IHOP to have the Horton Hears a Who breakfast and it looked...well, it looked like this: Yeah, it was gross. But, the girls LOVED it!! What little girl wouldn't love a stack of pancakes with weird, pink and blue syrupy stuff on it? Ew. The girls got to enjoy a great Easter in Tennesee and I got to enjoy a few days off, but we're back in the swing of things this week, strep and all! My poor little mu…

"I am retarded, do do do do do do..."

So, this story pretty much sums up the way the past few weeks have been going:

I have been looking for my birth certificate and social security cards for months. I need to renew my drivers license, which I am ashamed to say is expired. Under normal circumstances this is easily corrected, but in this post 9-11 age, you need like, 900 forms of identification, which include your birth certificate and social security card...

So, I had been thinking yesterday that I need to go get new ones, so I could not only renew my drivers licence but also apply for my passport so I can go on my honeymoon!

Tonight, I was going through my wallet- putting my change in my change jar, cleaning out reciepts, and in a birth certificate and social security card. In the wallet I carry every damn day!!!!! And I have been looking for them for months

It's official. I have lost my damn mind. But, thankfully, I can go get everything taken care of tomorrow!!