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"Our lives are made in these small hours..."

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mine was a crazy one, because finally, it was Marla's Bridal Shower!!!!
We have been planning it for months now, but of course I could not "Blog" about it for fear that she might read it and get wind of it, but thankfully, it's done now and it could not have gone any better!

Marla, weird kid that she was, had a full on obsession with "The Price is Right"!
She could hear that theme music from anywhere in the house and would just come FLYING to the TV! And since she's really not the type for a hearts and flowers type of shower, we went for creativity and had a "Price is Right" theme, complete with Plinko (which my Aunt Sandy gamley climbed up onto a folding chair to play!) and a Showcase Showdown!

The games were a blast, of course, but I think my favorite part was seeing all of those people there to celebrate Marla and be happy in sharing her and Steve's love for each other! She was showered with an aboslute TON of gifts and good wishes! And she had a pretty amazing cast of bridesmaids who helped to plan her shower! Her friends designed the invites, created an amazing boquet of ribbons from her gifts, cooked, helped to orgainize, were fantastic hostesses, and made sure that any mini-crisies were safely averted! Kelly, Marla's soon-to-be sister in law, allowed us all to invade her absolutely stunning, minutes-old home at the peril of her cream carpets (which thankfully, remained unscathed!). I can't thank those girls enough for everything that they did!

The day really was perfect, and I can't help but feel a little bit pleased that I was able to fufill my Maid of Honor duties and give my sister a shower she will never forget. And I hope she never forgets it, because this was it- I don't care if she pulls an Elizabeth Taylor and gets married 7 more times (which she won't, Steve, don't worry! She loves you!!!) because I'll tell ya, I was stressed planning this thing, even with all of the amazing help I had!

So, since I cried through the whole thing, I thought I would post the toast I gave to Mar. Some of it may have been unintelligable due to my horrible bawling, anyway!

I love you Mar!

I sat down to write this toast a thousand times, and in one of the rare instances in my life, I found myself with no words. It’s hard to get down on paper the way you feel when you see your sister- your crazy, larger-then-life- little sister- preparing for one of the best moments in her life!

My first thought was “YES! Let the roasting commence!” And, I do have a few choice stories about Marla to share, from the way she could never get song lyrics right to the time I thought I was going to have to drive 500 miles home from college to save her life because my mom found out she got her tongue pierced! From her many car accidents to how she mooned a rabbi during a nursery school performance. And, my all-time, hands down, favorite funny Marla moment is contained right here in this envelope, and anyone who has a dollar for me can view the contents! (I had an unfortunate picture from Marla's toddlerhood!)

I think that pictures, more then words, are what have been going through my head ever since Marla and Steve got engaged. Pictures of a blueish, sickly kid, a white blonde, fuzzy headed toddler, a skinny teen who went from not having enough to fill her training bra to having her cups runneth over- so much so, a breast implant rumor swirled for weeks! Looking at the pictures closely, you’ll see a child who overcame some amazingly harsh obstacles become a woman who helps other children get through their own. A carefree spirit who dances while she plays Guitar Hero and cries over her tiny patients, who makes up new names for restaurants, such as Filthy McNastys and the Bonehead Grill. You’ll see a picture of the person who is my best friend in the whole world. Steve is a lucky, lucky man! So, raise your glasses and toast our guest of honor, the bride to be, the future Mrs. DeFusco!


shelly said…
aw, i'm so glad it went well brie! looks like ya'll had a fabulous time! yay!

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